Menu Plan Monday ~ Oct 19th


Hello!  Thanks for joining me here! I’m so happy to see so many of you taking the time to plan your meals and have an organized week.  Woohoo!  We had quite a few newbies to Menu Plan Monday last week and I just want to say a big welcome to all of you.  I hope you found your week ran so much smoother with a few minutes of advance preparation.

I’m actually going to keep this pretty short today as I’m not feeling so good.  I’m thankful that I have you guys to hold me accountable with my own meal plan because it would be so easy to put it off.   If I did though I’d be paying for it all during the rest of the week so it’s so much better that I just push through and get er done 🙂

Oh and if you are a fan of Taste of Home like I am, be sure to come on back tomorrow for a little contest I’m going to have.  Should be fun!!

Here’s what we’ll be eating this week:

Monday: Enchilada Casserole (a family favorite)

Tuesday: Ham-Noodle Bake

Wednesday: Pork Chops and Apples with Maple Sauce served with rice and broccoli

Thursday: Leftover Buffet

Friday: Chicken Caesar Wraps

Saturday: Quick Homemade Pizza

Simple Supper Sunday

If you are still stuck for recipe ideas please check out my Family Favorites Recipe Index.


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39 Responses to Menu Plan Monday ~ Oct 19th

  1. 1
    Rita says

    Enchilada Casserole is a family favorite here as well! Hope you have a wonderful week.

  2. 3
    Heather says

    Pork Chops with Apples looks really good. I may have to rethink my menu this week. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  3. 4
    Candi says

    Your menu sounds tasty, as always. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  4. 5
    [email protected] says

    Sounds like a great Fall lineup!
    I hope you are feeling better, seems like everyone in our house is coming down with something.
    Thanks for hosting!

  5. 6
    Trish says

    I hope you feel better soon! It’s no fun to be under the weather!

  6. 7
    Megan says

    Thanks!This is my first time being a part of this and it looks fun and very helpful! 🙂 Look forward to swapping recipes with everyone!

  7. 8
    Jaz @ Odd Mom says

    I actually just picked up my first Taste of Home magazine the other day, because I keep seeing it mentioned here in the blogosphere.

    I almost made Enchilada Casserole this week, too – I make it differently, though.

    I hope you get feeling better soon!

  8. 9
    Alison says

    Sorry you’re not feeling well. Get some rest…I hope you feel better soon!

    Your menu plan sounds wonderful…as always.

  9. 10
    Alea says

    Enchilada casserole sounds wonderful! I think it will be on my menu next week.

  10. 11
    Cynthia says

    Just wanted to come out of lurkdom to let you know how much I love your site. I’m a second generation menu planner & still enjoy getting fresh inspiration from all the wonderful menus here.
    Please take some time for yourself & get some rest & hope you feel much better soon.

  11. 12
    Daisy says

    I’m loving the Enchilada Casserole! I haven’t made that in a while and I think I have everything in my pantry for that. I might be adding that since I’m just making my list now.
    Thanks for providing such a great forum.

  12. 13
    Nat says

    Finally made the cheesy stuffed meatloaf last week…was delish!!!

    And just finished off the crockpot ravioli YUMMO!!

    Hope you are feeling better soon…

    Love MPM

  13. 15
    SnoWhite says

    Hope you’re feeling 100% soon! Your menu looks tasty — homemade pizza should make it on our menu again soon 🙂

  14. 16
    Elizabeth Coutts says

    Just posted my first MPM – (only mains) Thanks for your site. God bless from Australia

  15. 17
    WendyGK says

    Saving that enchilada casserole for next week. The teens love the chicken Mexican casserole I make and eat it for breakfast. They should like a ground beef version, too.

  16. 18
    Amy says

    My kids are all about the ham lately and I think I could just eat leftovers right out of the container. The noodle bake looks great! The whole week’s menu sounds delicious. Thanks for the organizing help, it’s much appreciated. 🙂

  17. 19
    Stephanie says

    I am sorry to hear you are feeling bad. I hope you get to feeling better soon!

  18. 20
    Buffie says

    The ham noodle bake looks really good. I’ve been craving ham so I think I’ll have to try this one soon.

  19. 21
    Rona says

    I hope that you feel better soon. Looking forward to the Taste of Home tomorrow.

  20. 22
    Dawn says

    The Ham and Noodle Bake sounds like something my kids would enjoy and I have some in the freezer – might have to try that for next week.

    My sweet dish this week is Honey Baked Chicken and we also have Pork Chops with apples but with garlic and thyme instead. Pork is such a yummy fall winter dish.

    Hope you get some rest today and I’m also glad that I blog my menu as it forces me to stay on track as well.

  21. 23
    Angie (Losing It and Loving It) says

    It’s been a while since I posted MPM but I did get it up this week.

    Your chicken caesar wraps sound sooo good. Have a great week!

  22. 24
    Gudrun says

    well, the colds are starting to appear in our house, so I have a menu of mostly soups and stews, which I hope will be appealing to the sickies at home! And then I can always freeze the leftovers…

  23. 25
    Becky L says

    This week it’s pork loin and potatoes on Monday, chili in crockpot and home made biscuits on Tues. That’s it so far. Will figure the rest of it out this afternoon. Am just bouncing back from being sick and low on energy for a week and putting up with a crazy computer issue. Now I’m having issue with my blogspot. Think it’s them not me. But it’s early in the week so hopefully things will get better.

    Stocked my lader yesterday from sales that were at Fred Meyer. Soup on sale with coupon for $1.00 and found some tomatoe sauce I needed and now it’s full and so is my meat area in freezer. I love all the sales that happen when I have money to do it. Awesome!

    Take care and have a good week.

  24. 26
    Becky L says

    Drop by my blogspot and see the creamy turkey ravioli recipe I blogged last week. You all might like it. Sorry I should have put this in my post above. :<

  25. 27
    Leslie says

    We’ll be using the crockpot today and tomorrow. First it’s Porky Stew on Monday, then we’ll have crocked polish sausage, rice, and steamed green beans. We’re also enjoying apple dumplings, apple ice cream, and quick apple pie this week.

    I’m cooking a lot from my new favorite cookbook, “Southern Living’s Busy Moms Weeknight Favorites”. Stop by Menu Maker Mom to check it out!

  26. 28
    Greta says

    I like your idea for the homemade pizzas. I didn’t realize it is so easy to make the crust. Now I don’t have an excuse for ordering pizza…do I?! Thanks!

  27. 29
    LuAnn says

    *eek* can’t remember if I posted a comment here or not…got any recipes with ginko? *lol*

  28. 30
    [email protected] says

    you always have such yummy ideas for meals!! looks great!!

  29. 31
    Kathie says

    I have to go check out that enchilada casserole recipe–I love taste of home too…I subscribe to their simple and delicious magazine–it’s great!

  30. 32
    Melanie says

    I’m thinking instead of the pork chops I was going to do, I may make those pork chops and apples with maple sauce too. They sound wonderful!!

  31. 33
    Cara says

    Hope you feel better soon! Thanks for organizing Menu Plan Monday this week even though you’re under the weather. 🙂

  32. 35
    Mama Bird says

    I really enjoy menu planning it has helped saved $ and your link keeps me on task! Thanks!! Please ck me out when you get feeling better!!

  33. 36
    Ketherian says

    I was a bit late in coming up with this week’s menu; especially since I’ve not had time to shop this weekend. Every so often I can go about a week (or two) without a serious shopping spree. This week I expect only to pick up a few perishable items as I need them.

    Now if only I could reduce the number of condiment/sauce bottles in my pantry by about 1/2; I’d be happy. Hrm. Maybe I should try to “eat down my condiemnt/sauce bottles” next week.

  34. 37
    Ketherian says

    I hope you feel better soon.

    My menu’s up – this week I tried to get inspiration from the over-abundance of condiments in my fridge. Hopefully, by Saturday, there’ll be less mostly-empty bottles in my fridge.

    Wish me luck.

  35. 38
    Aiming4Simple says

    I love that Teriyaki Chicken recipe too. I may just pop it into next week’s plan. =)

  36. 39
    The Jesse says

    hi 🙂

    my menu is not that great this week (birthdays, out of town) but i’m making lasagna tonight (my fav) and can’t wait!!!


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