Kid’s Chores ~ Create a cleaning bucket

Please welcome today Sandy from the very cute blog, Organizing with Sandy.  Love the pretty buckets Sandy 🙂


Having kids helping you can be a chore in itself. Making it fun can help to make it easier to have them help you. Using colors can help to encourage them. It can also help to encourage us!

I make each child a cleaning bucket. It puts them in charge of something and will make them feel more responsible.  You can make it very simple.  Find a fun colored bucket or basket with handles of some kind.

Everyone is going to feel better about picking up a bright colored bucket instead of dirty grungy gray or black one. You can find them for very little at a dollar store and I have seen them at Target in the Dollar section.

For younger children or children who may not be as responsible to handle a spray of some sort…these wipes are wonderful. They can clean the bathroom, kitchen and even dust their rooms with them.(I wouldn’t use them on real good wood though) You can also spray a rag yourself with a dust spray prior if you don’t want to purchase these. They may be a little extra expense, but it is not like you are using them full time for your cleaning.

The older kids can have a bigger carrier with more cleaning supplies.  Having the cleaning supplies ready and accessible can make it much easier and actually encourage them to clean.

For us: I suggest that you keep several cleaning items in each room you use them. If you keep your windex, toilet bowl cleaner and comet downstairs in the laundry room..and your upstairs bathroom needs a quick clean up…then it more than likely won’t happen as often as if the cleaning supplies were accessible.

I suggest keeping in each bathroom:
*mirror cleaner
*toilet bowl cleaner
*sink and shower cleaner
*rag or sponge
*paper towels

Make yourself a fun bucket! We can have fun cleaning too can’t we?

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15 Responses to Kid’s Chores ~ Create a cleaning bucket

  1. 2
    dona says

    We already do this, but I have another tip to share that I have found most helpful. I have cleaning buckets designated for parts of my house.
    One is labled bathroom and it contains all the needed supplies along with a list taped to the side. The list is a complete TO DO LIST for the bathroom. The list is written in a good order to do the job as well. Like cleaning the toilet, then the bathtub, then the sinks, mirror, mop floors etc…. and lastly take out the trash.

    I then have a living rooom bucket and a family room bucket. The kids switch on what room they are responsible for and they have the to list with them 🙂

  2. 3
    LouAnn says

    wow – I love Dona’s idea of having different totes for different rooms with the directions taped on them. I am going to do this!

  3. 4
    Laura says

    Dona, that is a great idea!!

  4. 5
    Lowbudget says

    I love this idea. I only have one son, but I can see where he could pick up the different buckets and I could make them for different rooms. Great idea. Thanks for the posting.

  5. 6
    se7en says

    These buckets look so fun!!! I just love the bright funky colors!!!

  6. 7
    Becky says

    sounds like a plan!!! I’ll try it. I’ve already got some stuff in bathroom and in kitchen. My daughter has some in her bathroom but not sure what. I guess withc cleaning supplies closer to bathroom it would tend to be cleaned more often. Oh my go to the kitchen to get cleaning supplies then get sidetracked by a phone call or finding something else to do on the way!! :p

  7. 8
    Tamara says

    wow such fantastic idea. I might just have to go out and organise this during the weekend.

  8. 10
    Kris says

    Even better is to use “green” cleaners. Vinegar and water can be used for many things. Baking soda is great for scrubbing. This way, it’s safe for the kids, too.

  9. 11
    Karen says

    Oh, I like this idea!

  10. 12
    Sharee says

    My son is four and LOVES spraying anything. I think I might get a lil vinegar and water and let him do the mirror in my room and wipe down his toys w/ wipes… Cool idea, never thought of before!

  11. 13
    Kari Fischer says

    I LOVE this idea! My kids are still young (only 4 and 2 and 2 months) but they are getting to the age where they want to help clean up. This idea (combined with Dona’s FABULOUS idea, maybe with pictures) would allow them to help, making my life so much easier! Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. 14
    Rachel says

    Great idea…my boys would love having their own cleaning buckets 🙂


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