Command Central Round-Up & Giveaway

** Updated to add: Winner is Jamie of Grace (upon Grace)! **


Hello friends!  As you know this month through Org Junkie’s Monthly Organizing Round-Up we are tackling our Command Centers in time for starting the school year off on the right foot.  I had totally hoped to spend some more time on this topic than I have but with everything going on I just haven’t been able to.   So this month I want to do things just a little bit differently.  In order to offer you as much inspiration as possible and because I think this is such an essential part of EVERY home, I’m going to go ahead and put up the Mr. Linky today and open it up to anyone who would like to share what they do to keep their homes running efficiently.  How do you manage the school papers, schedules, to do’s, etc.?  Show us a picture, describe how you do it, share any special products you use.

I’m hoping this will compile a big list of Command Central ideas to highlight the many various ways there are to organize in this area.  No one way is right or wrong.  We all have different needs and requirements, so hopefully you’ll find something here that will inspire you to create something for your own home, if you haven’t already.

The Prizes:

One random participant will receive BOTH of these fabulous prizes:



These are two of my favorite products for organizing my week.  The first one is the Week over Week Dry Erase Magnetic Calendarthat I use for multiple purposes.  I love it!

The second prize is an AWESOME tool for organizing very important papers.  It’s called the Fridge File and you can read my review about it here.  The winner will be able to choose between the white or blue one.

Both of these tools keep my day organized and running very smoothly.

The Rules:

* your post link does not have to be current

* you must include at least one picture of your command central in your post – this month “before and after” pictures are not necessary.  Of course these are the most inspiring of all so if you have them please share.

* please link directly to your command central post and not to your home page to make it easier to find in the future

* please link to this post within your post so others can also see the list of ideas for inspiration and encouragement

* I reserve the right to delete any links that don’t follow the posted rules

* deadline to have your link submitted for prize consideration is Friday, September 4th by 6:00 pm PST.  Draw will take place shortly thereafter.  The winner will be chosen from the Mr. Linky list below by random generator.

That’s it!  Please encourage others to link up if they have a post they’d be willing to submit.  The more ideas we get the more inspiration we provide.  Here is a quick twitter update if you’d like to use it:

Check out the Command Central Organizing RoundUp at @orgjunkie. Link up & share your own ideas & pictures. Details here

Thanks everyone!

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28 Responses to Command Central Round-Up & Giveaway

  1. 1
    Tammy says

    Thanks so much for helping me get my life and home organized! You have been quite an inspiration!!

  2. 2
    Ally0005 says

    I just did a great Command Center for my kids school stuff. Will get pictures and post it this week.

  3. 3
    Jarnette Smith says

    I will have a two part organization & time management post with pictures to hopefully help and encourage other moms before beginning their school year… It is a blessing to share what has worked for us and see what others may be doing that we could further apply in our home.

    Blessings ~ Jarnette @–>—

  4. 4
    Jennifer Y. says

    I am so excited about this round up! I need some more ideas. I am currently working on some other areas of the house, but just bought a new (large) large calendar to keep track of our activities. I got a large desk calendar with blank dates so I can start using it now. The dry erase ones don’t really work for me as I like to plan at least 2-3 months out.

  5. 5
    Becky says

    My tip for staying ahead of the game is to clean up the kitchen at night, including dishes being washed. Clothes that are washed need to be folded by the next day. Keep newspapers to a minimum that’s on the couch, 3 days max. Clean up papers, mail, anything laying on floor now. Anything that needs put away, put it away, if it’s sitting there the next time you enter the room. Bed unmade, pull covers over it. Alittle bit of clean up here and there makes less mess. I’m a confirmed “pile it” but still work at keeping things to a minimum and recycle as much papers/magazines that I can. No school aged children as mine are grown. But always had them keep their rooms clean and homeschool supplies in certain containers. I still harp at my adult daughter that lives with us to keep up her end of the cleaning bargain in her room and our shared office.
    Have a good rest of the week!!

  6. 7
    Autumn says

    I love all the ideas that come from your Round Ups… can’t wait to see what’s next!

  7. 8
    Tanna says

    I am loving all of these entries, for the roundup! Don’t count me in for the prize I am just in it for the fun 😉 I just have to tell you I completely loved making over my command center new clipboards = bliss!

  8. 9
    Becky says

    Do I need to have a blog to enter the Round Up Giveaway? I just found your site a couple weeks ago and I love it. I laughed out loud when I read about you and a your containers. When people tell me I am organized, I sometimes say that “my containers have containers and I have baskets, just for my baskets.”

  9. 10
    [email protected] says

    My command center needs an overhaul! I am so excited to check out these links!

  10. 11
    mary b says

    I was just working on a Command Center post & remembered to come on over & link up to your post!
    Ooops… I must have hit enter too soon & my post linked to menu plan. Sorry.
    Here is the real one:

  11. 12
    Kayren says

    I love the Peter Walsh [IN]PLACE SYSTEM you reviewed a few months ago. That’s what I’m using now and linked up with. Thanks!

  12. 13
    kay wolter says

    Never seen this site before amazing I need help with all My crafts of rubber stamps and scrapbooking with no cash…smile HELP love site

  13. 14
    franticmommy says

    I posted this link because this part of the house is MORE than a snack cupboard. It IS`our Command Central. In that handy dandy organizer we have drawers of woners manual, coupons, reciepts, bills, birthcards and a birthday list, extra parts of toys and appliances, and of course..treats! I like it because it fills the space and gives me tons of organizing options.

  14. 15
    Stacey says

    Love the calendar and your blog!

  15. 16
    Joyce says

    Whew! Barely made it again…and it seriously didn’t even take me that long to work on our command center. I should get a headstart on next months…maybe…wasn’t there a post about procrastination? haha


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