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Well ladies I think I’ve met my match…my container, bin, basket match that is.  Oh boy are you in for a treat today as the lovely and talented Laurie, from Tip Junkie, takes you on a tour of her home.  She’s definitely an organizing junkie herself and her post here is causing me to drool silly all over my keyboard.

Thanks Laurie for sharing your obsession with us all and giving me a huge “fix” for the day!  🙂


Hello fellow Junkies! I’m Laurie from Tip Junkie and I just adore Laura. I am excited to give her the day off and guest post for her today. As you’ll see in this post, I’m a closet bin-aholic as I love storage boxes! If I can’t find exactly what I want – I’ll even make my own.

Here are a few space saving ideas that I’ve done in my home over the past year or so. I hope you’ll get a few frugal ideas and some over-the-top ones as well.

1. Add extra shelves to give everything a home.

My poor hubby has had to add shelves to every closet in our house. It not only adds a lot more storage space but it also allows you the extra room to keep it beautiful.

Those green boxes hold my off season clothing.

2. Large decor bins are really pricey, so I made my own baskets. I bought cardboard boxes and hot glued fabric onto them to match my master bathroom decor.

The fabric boxes hold my hubby’s off season clothing, 72 hour kit for emergencies, and glass housewares we got for our wedding that I can’t bring myself to get rid of.

3. Pick a fun color theme to make your closet fab.

I converted my guest bedroom’s closet into a craft closet by using the color scheme hot pink and black. I labeled all the baskets and have more baskets and storage hiding under the black/white fabric.

4. Make picture labels to help organize toys.

Picture labels serve two purposes: To allow kids to help clean up faster on their own and make rotating easier.

I keep the majority of my boys toys in the attic. Every so often, I’ll rotate the bins from the toy room and grab a few new ones from the attic. This system is painless as I can easily tell what’s inside with a quick glance.

Tip: If you have young children, you can minimize the clutter by storing toys on a high shelf for adult access only. When your kiddo wants a toy to play with, they can easily point it out. Don’t forget to replace it with one that is already out.

5. Tubs and bins actually add space to your pantry.

I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical that bins would #1 add space and #2 be effective in a pantry. It seemed a bit unnatural at first. However, after having this system in place for almost a year, I can testify to you that my pantry still looks like this picture today. It works!

It has also solved another problem with my boys called “last snack”. My sweet hubby got the boys hooked on having a last snack before bed. Since having a “treat” bin and a “snack” bin – I eliminated the ongoing debate of having oreos (and other sweet treats) right before bedtime as they are only allowed something from the “snack” bin.

I hope you’ve been inspired with some new organizational ideas for your closets. It’s made such a difference having beautifully decorated and organized closets in my home. Clean up is easier and I’m more motivated to keep my closets neat and pretty.

What closet tips do you have?

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35 Responses to Closet Space Saving Ideas

  1. 2
    ter says

    I should try making some fabric boxes too!! what a great idea!!! what kind of boxes did you use to make them? I guess they would have to be quite sturdy?

  2. 3
    misty says

    yes, I’ve used bins in my pantry for years and it’s true!
    Great tips!

  3. 4
    Ashley says

    Love this idea! Do you have any advice or ideas for a pantry that is long and narrow? I absolutely hate it but we are a military family and live on-post so I don’t have a lot of options. 🙂 I am an organizing junkie myself and have been really trying to find a way to organize it. I would probably have to have long and narrow bins and then have them stacked in front of each other on each shelf. Btw, my pantry is only 6 long and narrow shelves so I’ve had to take over another cupboard area in the kitchen for canned goods. Makes me crazy! 🙂 Thank you!

  4. 5
    Amy says

    My husband and I are building a new house. We are getting very close to moving in! Love these new ideas!

  5. 6
    Kim says

    Okay, thank you! I now have closet envy. Oh they say ours is a “walk in” closet but I beg to differ. Only one person can “walk in” at a time and you can touch all 4 walls while you stand there. No my friend that is not a “walk in” closet! LOL
    We so need a closet makeover. And if that ever happens I am going to blog to high heaven about it! LOL
    Great tips though for those people who actually have a “walk in” closet!

  6. 7
    Mrs. Smith says

    Beautiful! I bet a walk in closet makes life so much easier…sigh.

  7. 9
    vicky says

    What is a 72 hour kit? Love the tips and hints!

  8. 10
    Amanda says

    I’m with Kim! Serious closet envy going on here!

    We’re looking to move in the next few months and I can’t wait to start over with organizing.

    Thanks for the tips!

  9. 11
    Carye says

    Fantastic post! I got some great ideas from this and I can’t wait to implement them. Unfortunately I have very small closets (type with small door) and space truly is limited but I think a few of these tips would really work.

    Thank you!

  10. 12
    JessieGinAZ says

    I love pictures of real families organization that is working for them (not catalog pics that just look good because they aren’t really being utilized) Thanks for all the tips 😉

  11. 14
    Ginny says

    I re-did our closet recently. It is filled with large containers for storage. It’s working out really great and staying neat and put-together.
    After reading this post, I’m so glad I did it the way I did!
    Thanks for posting.

  12. 15
    Ginny says

    And I love the way you make your own boxes. How creative!

  13. 16
    Barbie says

    WOW, these are fabulous tips. I would have never thought of making my own baskets using cardboard boxes and fabric. I have a ways to go in the organization realm, but I love all of these tips!

  14. 18
    Jennifer says

    well I am pregnant and “taking it easy” and I already have a long list of wants/needs to get done before the 3rd baby comes but this is definitely an inspiration as to both my pantry and my bedroom closet I also have a “walk in” that I can touch all four walls when I am in it can’t use it at the same time. I will have to take some pics and show before and after on my blog… next week this weekend were going camping lol.

  15. 19
    Susan says

    I’m moving into a new home next week, and want to start off with an organized pantry. I had never thought of using bins and baskets in my pantry, but LOVE them, so LOVE the idea. Could you tell me some things that yours organize/what items you have divided up like that?

  16. 20
    Nicki says

    OH gosh I feel ashamed my walkin and pantry are just terrible…….I am going to make changes you have inspired me, THANKYOU.
    I would like more details on the pantry, I have a semi walkin, with HUGE deep shelves that are difficult to deal with, I guess in the boxes you can stack one behind the other right?.
    The idea about the snack box is great a friend of mine suggested it and it works great, I put it on the top self that only my DH and I can reach.
    GREAT tips,
    Hugs Nicki

  17. 21
    katrina says

    Why do I get the feeling my house would fit in that walk in space??? Well several of my rooms probably would. I thought I mighta been able to get some ideas but I guess I need something on how to store stuff when you have no room. I wonder if anyone knows about that

  18. 22
    Alyssa says

    WOw I’m impressed.

  19. 23
    Becky says

    I love all the organization. Thanks for the inspiration.

  20. 24
    becoming minimalist says

    i’m in for the “snack bin.” is that something i can store next to my television? just kidding… kinda.

  21. 25
    Megan Buhler says

    Love the ideas! I’m going upstairs right now to put treat and snack bins in my pantry.

    Also, genius idea to make your own baskets from cardboard boxes. I love the look but have definitely balked at paying the in-store prices.

  22. 26
    Amy says

    I use bins in my pantry and I love it!! Using bins and baskets keeps food from getting lost in the back of the pantry and we all know what happens to food that gets lost in the back of the pantry (it expires and gets thrown out).

  23. 27
    Ad K. says

    Love your fabric covered boxes! I had my husband add an extra shelf to my craft room closet and will be adding extra shelves to my walk-in soon. These boxes will be great for my sweaters and seasonal nightwear. Also wonderful for those gift items we pick up early at great prices. I’ll be off to the fabric store soon. TFS

  24. 28
    Laurie says

    Thank you all so much for your kind comments! I have had so much fun organizing my closets and I’m glad a couple other people have been inspired as well.

    I will say that some of these pictures make the closets look larger than they really are. Don’t be discouraged if your closets are small – just do what works for you.

  25. 29
    Candi says

    Glad I’m not the only one who puts plastic tubs in the pantry. I use them in the cabinets too! Love all your ideas!

  26. 30
    Sparrow says

    I also loved your ideas, but I need more info on the panytry. How do you categorize everything into a few boxes?
    Thanks for your ideas!

  27. 31
    Sue says

    My husband and I rented an apartment for a few months after we got married. No linen closet, so we put up wire shelves on a strange angle wall behind the bathroom door. I used small and large white bins…One small was for first aid, another bin stored shaving supplies for my husband, etc. That way, I always knew which bin we needed. Keep going!

  28. 33
    Zee Marks says

    Great tips. It helps to have some storage containers that are labeled to make it easy for you to find stuffs when you need it. In that way also it is easier to let out one old useless thing when you are getting yourself a new one. That’s always the case for organizing. When you have a new one to add you have to take away an old one as well.

  29. 34
    Kathy says

    Great ideas. I would take it one step further and build in a closet system. I do like how you organize everything.

  30. 35
    Ways to Save Money says

    Nice. Those extra shelves really add a lot of space. I tried that recently with my closet and it add lots more room.


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