Link-Tastic ~ The Makeup Edition!


Keeping with our theme this month, here are a collection of links to help you with all that makeup purging and organizing you are doing.   You are doing it aren’t you?  No?  What’s the hold up girlfriend?  Maybe these links will give you the push you need.  I’ve added a number of videos this week because well they are my favorite.  I’m a visual girl what can I say :)  Enjoy!

How to Organize Makeup @Apartment Therapy

Videos ~ How to Organize Your Makeup @MonkeySee (4 separate videos)

21 Ways to Store Your Makeup @Makeup and Beauty Blog

Video ~ How to Organize Hair and Makeup Products

Video ~ How To: Organize Your Makeup @Real Simple

I’m also hoping to have a post up this week showcasing some fabulous organizers and containers that will help you keep your product stash under control.  Stay tuned :)

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5 Responses to Link-Tastic ~ The Makeup Edition!

  1. 1
    Gina says

    My daughter recently got married. I don’t normally wear makeup but boy did the announcement of this event cause me to shutter. I actually went though my drawer and threw stuff out it was so old and then bought new – not a lot and a pretty bag to keep it in. Since it has been so long, I had a MaryKay lady come over to help. What fun!

    okay, I lied about the bag. I’m still looking for something that will fit in my drawer and my suitcase.

  2. 2
    LuAnn says

    Maybe if I read and watch some of the links above, I can get some good ideas to organize as I pick up items. The only “makeup” I have at the moment, is a sponge-on lip color from Avon, I think. It is somewhere in my car. Yikes!

  3. 3
    Carmen@GetOrganized says

    Hey Laura – Thx for keeping us honest! Makeup is a tuffie. If you’re interested in eco-friendly purging, you can take ANY brand of beauty products to Origins for recycling. The program’s pretty much worldwide, except it’s a no-go in Canada and Puerto Rico, so it’s not an option for you, unfortunately. :( But maybe something US-based readers could use? For more info, go here:

  4. 4
    Cherylann says

    I only have enough make up to fit in a very small makeup bag. The only thing I wear regularly is eyeliner and powder. But I also have foundation, lip gloss and eyeshadow. I don’t wear mascara, b/c I have really long lashes.

  5. 5
    Veronica says

    I have hoarded makeup for years. Literally – I had things that I could remember using in high school. Anyway – after this challenge, I decided to go through my makeup and I ended up letting myself keep 4 different looks. I have a Mary Kay Roll Up Bag (I don’t know if they still have them but I’ve seen them on ebay) It has 4 compartments so I put 1 look in each compartment. I just hang it in my closet and keep the look I’m currently wearing at my sink in the bathroom. Yayy for me — my makeup is finally organized. :)


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