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I’ve been wanting to put together a camping checklist for awhile now but since we hadn’t been camping in many moons I  just kept putting it off.  Well last weekend we decided sort of spur of the moment that we were going to be wild and crazy and just do it (we tent camp so the weather has to be VERY cooperative for us to even consider it).  I got out my clipboard and went to work organizing for our adventure.  I was definitely in my element.  Nothing like the feeling of being a cruise director in my own home as I walked around pretending to be on very official business.   It so doesn’t take much to amuse me :)

All our camping gear is stored under our basement stairs so as I pulled it all out I jotted down on my handy dandy clipboard what we typically take with us out to the bush campground and typed it all up fancy schmancy for the next time we go….which will most likely be never considering camping, as it turns out, is so not how I remembered it to be (if you didn’t get a chance to read my camping story, you can find it here).

But how comforting it is to know that should a sudden case of amnesia overcome me and I conveniently forget that camping in a tent is a slow and tortuous event, well at least I’ll be prepared with a list.  The fact that I have medications on there should not be lost on you.  Or the fact that I have included my hair dryer and straightener.  There are just some things that this girl can not part with even for the sake of nature :)

So if you happen to be a braver soul than I (and God bless you for it),  please feel free to use my camping checklist by clicking on the link below.   And for real kicks, try putting it on a clipboard and bellowing orders as you walk from room to room.  It’s really so very exciting!

Camping Checklist

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11 Responses to Free Printable Camping Checklist

  1. 1
    purple moose says

    Ha ha, so do you plug your hair dryer into a currant bush? *yuk yuk* sorry, it’s a classic joke around here and I could not resist.

    I love the idea of camping, but the reality–esp with small children!?–is really tough. Plus, it rains most of the summer and camping in the rain is just horrible.

    But I’m glad your trip was good!

  2. 2
    Laura says

    LOL, good question! I can be pretty resourceful when it comes to my hair. I’ll find electricity somewhere..he he.

    Well let’s just say the trip was fun for the kids :)

  3. 3
    Leigh Anne says

    My 19 year old daughter and some of her friends are going on their first solo camping trip this weekend I gave her the checklist to help her pack. Thanks! It’s great!

  4. 4
    NikiG says

    Thank you for posting this :) We’ve been camping a couple of times this summer and every time I say “we need to make a checklist” and still haven’t done it! Yours is GREAT!! We’ll def be using it ;)

  5. 5
    Kati says

    Thanks for the list! We are going on our first family camping trip later in August and can use all the help we can get! :)

  6. 6
    Sue says

    Oh my!!! How funny are you? We’ve been tent camping as a family of 5 + dogs and guests at times… for over 10 years now. We love it. Organizing for a camping trip… yup, I’m good at that. We laugh & because we have it down to a science – even down to packing the van & open trailer. I created a list about 6 or 7 years ago. It’s laminated & it’s in with the camping stuff. We usually camp for 8-10 days at a time & we camp BIG. One year we had a 30×40 tarp over our area because it rained. We looked like a huge circus group. Yes, I know… we are the crazy ones. But we love it.

  7. 7
    Becky says

    We’ve camped in the past. Usually it was a church camp weekend trip. It was an adventure but we don’t do it any more. The walls seem thin and you can hear alot when you are trying to sleep or something wakes you up!! Oh well, at least is keeps the rain out and kinda fun when we did it. Now it’s motels when we travel or KOA and their Kamping Kabin. They are usually out of town so you really have to know how far from your destination you are going to be. I’ve done that and it’s not always been close to town we want to visit. Oh joy of travelling!!!!

  8. 9
    Jessica says

    I love the checklist but organizing it all is a task any ideas how to put it all together in containers bags etc?

  9. 10
    Lyndey says

    oh i agree with you sue!! we have three boys 10, 8 and 3. and two dogs. we camp at a boat to shore campground that has no road access or running water or toilets or any electricity. we have a small 16ft ski boat and we haul our tents and all our gear and stay in hail storms. we also have it down to a science, usually go for five days every three weeks. lifetimes of memories we are making!!

  10. 11
    Linn and the Kids says

    I am a closet orgjunkie. My friends and family knows I go slightly to the extreme when I plan a trip. This is the best list I have seen in a long time. This is my favorite website and I plan to use it often. Also, my kids are two little Minpins named Bean and Martini and they appreciate when I don’t forget their stuff!


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