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Since we are concentrating on our vehicles this month, I thought I’d re-post this one from the archives. This is how I organize my own van although keep in mind I no longer have a baby but a toddler so things do look a little different now.

Remember the baskets I purchased just the other day? Well I finally came up with a great use for the second basket. I decided to use it for the baby toys in the van and it is just the perfect size. I am so happy because I was using a different basket before but it was just way too small. Don’t these toys look so nicely organized and tidy sitting in their beautiful container like that…..yah right….don’t let me fool you….by the time we get to wherever it is we are going you can find these toys literally thrown all over the vehicle…sigh….but at least clean up is a snap.

Since I was taking a picture in the van anyway I thought why not show you how I organize the area between the driver and passenger seats. We have a mesh netting type thing that came with the van that hooks to the sides of the seats….inside this I have three baskets….two are for CD’s (one for grown up CD’s and one for the kid’s music) and one bigger basket for all the miscellaneous crap essentials that you need while driving.

Here is a close up shot of the CD baskets. They are awesome…I purchased four of them at Zellers many years ago but have also recently seen them for sale at Staples.

Okay so now let me go through the red basket with you because I know you are just dying to know what I keep in there…lol.

  1. First in a separate container (inside the red basket) I have a mini hairspray (for last minute emergencies!), hand lotion, bandaids, Nutrigrain bars and a pen.
  2. In another separate container I have our sunglass cases, gum and a package of tissue.
  3. Then I have a big ol tub of wet wipes because as all moms know you can never have too many of these.
  4. Next to the wipes is my coupon case. I like to keep the case in the van so it is one less thing to remember to grab as I’m going out the door. I don’t like to keep it in my purse because I keep my purse to a bare minimum….in fact my purse is just one of those wallets on a string.
  5. Finally I have my emergency baby feeding kit which contains a bib, facecloth and spoon and no I haven’t used it yet but I like to be prepared…lol.

The bigger kids have another container for their electronic games and gizmos that slides under the seat in the back. Sorry I forgot to take a picture of that one.

There you have it and as you can see even our van can’t escape my freak like obsession love of baskets!

Originally published January 25, 2007

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20 Responses to Organizing your vehicle

  1. 1
    Wendy Sice says

    I just had an obsessive cleanup at my house. Check it out! xx

  2. 2
    coleen says

    I’m not nearly as organized but I also keep a travel sized deodorant in the car. It has come in handy at times. :-O

  3. 3
    Katie says

    I didn’t even know that the car was up for round-up this month. I cleaned mine out on Saturday, washed it today. I definitely needed some inspiration for the toy organization.

  4. 4
    Laura says

    I should also mention that for safety reasons you should be careful of objects that could go flying in case of an accident. We use to push the toys under the seat, I just pulled them out for the picture. However we no longer even have that basket in the van because we don’t have baby toys to cart around with us anymore.

    Just thought I’d better add that bit of a safety alert. Carry on :)

  5. 5
    Ann says

    Very nice! What kind of van do you have? It looks like my Grand Caravan and I was wondering if 2 CDs would fit across the seats like that next to each other. I had another container there but recently pulled it out to go to the carwash and never put it back.

    One thing I recently fixed up and put in was a “trauma first aid kit” after an experience that you can read about on my blog. It’s for an emergency where someone could be in a car accident – or as I experienced over Memorial Day weekend, a stabbing victim – and I need gloves and something absorbant for lots of blood. I got a first aid bag for free at Target last week with the purchase of 3 first aid items and I have surgical pads, 4X4 gauze and gloves. I can grab the bag fast as I run out to take care of someone. Yeah, I’m one of those who gets into the frey! :)

  6. 6
    Laura says

    Yes a Dodge Grand Caravan but an older one…2000. Yes first aid kids are definitely important aren’t they. I have two stashed underneath the driver’s seat. Sounds like a scary experience you went through, yikes!

  7. 7
    Mrs. Wright says

    Where’s your 12 pounds of french fries and garbage all over the floor!? Now I’m scared to post the before picture of my van, lol!

  8. 8
    Beautiful Calling says

    I have the exact same bin in my van that houses my littles ones books to read while they are in the car. (in photo #1).

    My car could use a good cleaning but it is pretty organized. Finally an area that won’t require too much work LOL.

  9. 9
    Creative Triplet Mom says

    Man, I had no idea you were doing car cleaning. I’m a bit behind reading my blogs. But let me just tell you I had this wild idea the other day to clean out my car. I came home dropped my cell phone and keys in the kitchen. Then ran for the vacuum to do my car. While outside vacuuming my kids starting crying because they couldn’t get into the house. What? Yes, I was locked out of the house. Keys and phone inside as I mentioned before. Neighbors not home. Also couldn’t remember my husband’s cell number because everything is programmed into my phone. Luckily we have a lock box (the ones that realtors use when selling the house) on the door with the extra key. But again I was at a loss as for the pin number. I tried every number I thought it could be. It took me about an hour to remember the code and get into the house. Anyway, the moral is to always have a list of phone numbers both in the car and in the garage in case you get locked out.

  10. 10
    Sarah says

    Love it! It never would have occurred to me to blog about vehicle organization. I might tackle that one someday soon. I have systems remarkably similar to yours, believe it or not (and I think you’ll believe it!).

    I found a pack of 3 baskets at Wal-Mart for something less than $3 (maybe $2.79?) that are the perfect size to slide under the low van seats, for the kids to organize their toys. At one point, the system was, one basket per kid and each of the 3 was responsible for their own basket. That didn’t last long. Now they’re just a nice place to stash the toys.

  11. 11
    Tonya says

    I love your blog! I am an organizing freak!! lol I am now following for sure!

  12. 12
    Patricia says

    shucks! We just got back from vacation, and I cleaned and organized the van before we left. 2 bags of garbage and 2 laundry baskets of stuff – out! I forgot it was June’s round-up. Can I still participate with the “after vacation” accumulation?

  13. 13
    Lori says

    Very nice! My cars are in dire need of a reorg.

    Another safety thought – I live in the South where it gets HOT HOT HOT and even HOTTER HOTTER HOTTER inside your car. Not sure if your hairspray is an aerosol can but in hot temps that thing could burst!! Just a thought to be careful what you plan to keep stashed in your car if you live in extreme climates!

    Love your blog!

  14. 14
    Barb says

    I like to have a swiffer duster in the van – I can use it on the dash whenever it starts to look dusty. Works like a charm :)

  15. 15
    Ashley says

    I was wondering do you have tips on organizing a car with a toddler? And what exactly to keep stocked in the car at all times?

  16. 16
    Susie says

    I learned from another organizing guy to clean the car of trash while getting gas. It makes a huge difference!


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