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I adore the blog, Home Sanctuary and so of course when Rachel Anne announced she would be putting together a Company Girl gift book featuring a selection of photos about girlfriends, I immediately knew I wanted to be part of it.   Rachel Anne made a call out for photo submissions and I knew just the photo I wanted to submit.

I have been best friends with a very special person for over 27 years.  She is an amazing friend and I am so grateful to have her in my life.   The picture I entered was taken by her son as we celebrated New Year’s Eve just this past year.  I love how it captures not only the silliness of the moment but also the love and comfort that comes from knowing each other as we do.   (I’m the one on the left and yes that is my big mouth)


There were over 300 photos submitted for this contest and now the voting has begun.  The winner’s picture will earn a guaranteed spot in the Company Girl gift book.  This is the point that I ask if you would please please take a moment to go over and vote for our picture.  It would mean the world to me to be able to present this book to my girlfriend with our picture included as a token of our friendship and how much she means to me.

All you have to do is click on the blue button below and it will take you to our submission page.  Simply clicking on the tiny yellow star below our picture is all it takes to cast your vote. Voting ends this Sunday, June 28th (midnight, CST).   THANK YOU SO MUCH!


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13 Responses to Company Girl Photo Contest

  1. 2
    Amy Bayliss says

    I just voted for you, Laura!

    That is a great pic!

  2. 3
    Jenny says

    Of course I’ll vote for you and M.
    Love this pic of you gals!

  3. 4
    Rachel Anne says

    I just love this photo…and the great story that goes with it. My favorite photos are the ones that capture that “spark”…the love and friendship like yours and your friend’s.

    Thanks so much for submitting it and for telling your readers about it!! You’re the best.

  4. 5
    Christa says

    I never like to vote for something ‘just because’, so after looking through the photos I’ve decided that you two truly deserved a vote! The image is fantastic, and that you’ve been friends for so long is surely a testament to Love!

  5. 6
    abbie says

    That is a wonderful pic! I just cast my vote for you. But I had to scroll through the pages of pics, you are page 16, to get to you. There are a lot of great pics. (I wasn’t able to land on your page via the button above.)
    Good Luck, I am really hoping you win too!

  6. 7
    Becky says

    ok, I voted. Lots of cute photos in there. Liked the girls lined up on the ocean shore wearing white dresses. That was a favorite too. But I love your photo with friend too. Hope you win!!

  7. 8
    Becky says

    Yes, I voted for you!!!

  8. 11
    Heather Siani says

    Congratulations on your win!!


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