Free Printable Kid’s Toy Labels

In continuing with my free download series, today I want to offer you a collection of printable toy labels to help you organize all your child’s toys.

Kid’s Toy Labels

To see these labels in action please visit my cubbie post.  I printed the labels off and had them laminated so they stand up over time to the abuse of little fingers :)

Enjoy and happy organizing!

PS:  Please visit my downloads page for a complete list of all my free downloads.

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17 Responses to Free Printable Kid’s Toy Labels

  1. 2
    Meredith says

    This look great! I have labled toy bins, but the pictures are very rough hand drawn by me… with no artistic talent! They are also starting to fall off, and I was thinking about replacing them.

  2. 3
    Kris Berry says

    This comes at a great time! I just found a toy organizer that I can live with and have been thinking about labels for the bins (although my kids are only 16 months old). These will come in handy! Thank you!

  3. 5
    Abbie says

    I love these printable labels! They are so cute. I took photos of a single toy, like a doll, or a car to make labels. I was going to wait until my youngest doesn’t put things in her mouth any more before printed them, laminating them, and affixing them to my toy bins. I had thought that I might go the velcro route, but I am concerned that they will quickly become unattached. I like your string/hole punch idea! Thanks for the tip!

  4. 6
    StuffMomsWant says

    Have I told you I love your site? Well I do! The downloads are great. I’ve used the grocery list and menu planner template and I’m planning on using the family travel checklist next month. Things like these are such lifesavers. Thank you!!

  5. 7
    A Mom Anonymous says

    Not really about the labels but I need some advice on LEGO storage! All those little peices… ugh. I need something inexpensive and easy. Any brilliant ideas? C’mon, I know you have some!! ;)


  6. 9
    maggie says

    I couldn’t find them! And I desperately need labels for toys! what am I missing?

  7. 10
    maggie says

    it’s ok…sorry…found ’em! ;-)

  8. 11
    Sarah says

    It’s almost funny. One of the only ways that I’ve really gotten my act together was with labeling the kids toy bins. Although I found you the other day, I just followed the link to your cubbie post and see that I do something very similar. I took a small group of the toys and took a picture. On one side it’s just the picture, on the other I wrote on top of the picture the words that go with the label, in a color that matches the bin. I find that when I can actually get my kids to put the toys away, they remember which toys go in each different colored bin. Dark pink=doll house, purple=barbie, orange=cars, etc. Now, I’m off to read your “empowering” posts to see if I can get any additional tips for getting them to actually use the system they help set up.
    (PS my labels are in ID badge holders from Wal-Mart and tied on with yarn)

  9. 12
    Toys says

    thank you, Laura!
    Things like these are such lifesavers.

  10. 13
    cara says

    Thank you so much!!!

  11. 14
    Karen Sorey says

    I am a “Mimi” , Mamaw or Grandmother, sounds like an old person, which I am NOT! W…e have 6 children ranging in age from 18 to 35 and 6 grandchildren, ages 1 to 14…we had 3 born last year within months of each other.. the older ones are 8, 10 & 15. I have enough toys (some are from when my oldest children were little) to start a daycare! I have an entire bedroom set up as a playroom, using the huge closet as a toy room. I have been desperately looking for picture labels for the bins that are reader and non reader friendly. I think these will be perfect for everything from the “Princess” Dress ups to the Thomas the Train (of course, legos, lincoln logs & “the budding artist” supplies. Thanks…just keep your fingers crossed that I’m not the one putting everything back when they go home!…LOL

  12. 15
    emme says

    i love organizing my toys


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