Menu Plan Monday ~ April 6th


Hello lovely ladies (and any men that may be joining us!).  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  I’m struggling with my mobility right now due to some old sciatica issues that are flaring up.  Sitting is the worst so this post is going to take me a long time to write as I will have to keep getting up to walk around.


Last week’s recipe highlight definitely goes to the Makeover Creamy Italian Sausage Pasta.  So delicious and definitely one that I’ll be adding to our Family Favorites Recipe Index!

Do you remember the Pork Chops Stuffed With Feta and Spinach recipe I was going to try last week?  So didn’t happen.  I couldn’t get past the first step of cutting a slit in the pork chop because apparently my pork chops were a little too thin.  Oh well, I slathered on some BBQ sauce and baked them in the oven instead 🙂

How many of you love to read food blogs?  I especially love looking at all the beautiful mouth watering food pictures.  If you were to recommend ONE food blog which one would it be?


Monday: Black Bean Quesadillas served with spinach salad

Tuesday: Almond-Crusted Chicken served with perogies and broccoli

Wednesday: Daughter’s 12th Birthday ~ at her request we are having slow cooker Hearty Hashbrown Dinner, Caesar Salad and No Bake Cherry Cheesecake.

Thursday: Leftover buffet

Friday: Teriyaki Sirloin Steak (yay hubby is breaking out the grill!) served with baked potatoes and grilled veggies

Saturday: Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup

Sunday: Easter dinner which will include: Ham with Pineapple Sauce, Special Twice-Baked Potatoes, Salad, Creamy Corn, Focaccia Bread and for dessert Strawberry Banana Trifle



Menu Plan Monday guidelines and banner selections are here.

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69 Responses to Menu Plan Monday ~ April 6th

  1. 1
    Betty says

    Thanks for your Blog, it has really helped me stay focused.

  2. 2
    Homemaker Barbi says

    Lura, I absolutely LOVE that your daughter chose a crockpot meal for her birthday dinner! Makes us all proud *big grin*!

    Homemaker Barbi / Danelle Ice

  3. 3
    Rita says

    That trifle looks wonderful!

  4. 4
    Laura says

    Danielle, LOL…would you believe it’s her very favorite way to have Shepherd’s Pie. I sub in frozen peas/carrots for the veggie mix the recipe calls for.

  5. 5
    Kayren says

    I’m going to watch and see what everyone says for their food blogs, because I don’t really know any good ones. I love the pictures, because it helps me know if the recipe is one I really want to try or not. I’m such a visual person.

    Hope your back starts feeling better soon!!!

  6. 6
    Laura says

    Kayren me too, I have to see a picture which is why Taste of Home recipes are my favorite. The pictures are so great and I definitely need to see why I’m aiming

  7. 7
    Nicole says

    You’re menu looks great! If I have to pick one blog it would be I’m there all the time. And I love to check out everything at too. Have a good week and I hope your sciatica feels better soon!

  8. 9
    Michelle says

    Oh Laura the Almond Crusted Chicken sounds so good.Thanks for hosting every week.

  9. 10
    Heather says

    Finally! I’m getting started with MPM. What a great selection of menus already. I hope this is just the first of many ways to get my life organized. :o) Thanks.

  10. 11
    Wendy says

    That trifle looks lovely. What happened to my trifle bowl? I think it’s lost in the black hole in the basement. I better get over here and get myself organized.
    I have tomato soup and grilled cheese on my menu, too. Great minds…..

  11. 13
    3 Peas in a Pod says

    Hi Laura!

    I’m new to your Menu Plan Monday. I’ve been planning my menus for 3 weeks now and I love it!! Thanks.

    Much love from NJ,

  12. 14
    Joelle Folian says

    Your menu looks great this week! I too am happy that hubby is cleaning up the grill, I love grilling season!

    Have a great week!

  13. 15
    Terri says

    I just reached in and swiped my finger through that trifle! Yum, it all sounds good! Happy Birthday to your Daughter!


  14. 16
    Bethany says

    I think I just might stop by on Easter! Have a great week and wish your daughter a happy birthday!

  15. 18
    Jena OrganizingMommy says

    Hey sorry about your sciatica issues. I went to a massage therapist for my issue like that, and it really helped. Basically, there was tightness in the quads, and it was affecting the other side. Also, I do some stretching in pilates that really helps that area. You lay on your back with one leg bent like you are sitting in a chair. The other leg is underneath it, like a lever, lifting it closer to you. The higher you lift the underneath leg, the more of a stretch you get. Then you switch sides.

  16. 20
    Marianne says

    That trifle looks so so SO good! Please send some my way!! 😉

    Thanks for the chance to link.

    I have to say, I like any food blog that tackles the difficult — I’ve seen some amazing cake-making blogs that just boggle my mind. Wish I had the linkies to share!!

    Have a great week!

  17. 22
    kat says

    Your Easter dinner sounds wonderful

  18. 23
    SheilaG says

    We’ve been cleaning out the grill, too! I can hardly wait to get started grilling, especially roasts on the barbecue. But right now all we have is rain!

    My kids absolutely love crockpot meals, especially my one daughter, because she finds the meat so tender.

    Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

  19. 24
    Ginger says It looks like you have a delicious menu planned for the week! Can I come over for supper? 🙂

  20. 25
    [email protected] Menu Mama says

    As far as food blogs go, I have really enjoyed Erin’s $5 dinners and The Crockpot Lady. My blog is sort of a food blog and I get great ideas from them!

  21. 26
    Nikki says

    Thanks for sharing the creamy corn recipe! Now, I know what I’m taking the the Easter Dinner we were invited to:)
    A food blog I enjoy reading is Small Red Kitchen.
    It is creative and shares a lot of great practical tips!

  22. 27
    Amy says

    I LOVE Kate’s foodie site Cooking During Stolen Moments. She has mouthwatering pictures and is the most amazing cook! I link to her recipes for MPM all the time (I have two this week!).

  23. 28
    shevigirl says

    Your menu looks wonderful! I enjoy reading food blogs when I’m not hungry myself or else I want to eat everything in site! The site I use the most and subscribe to is $ I love her site! I also love that she cooks gluten free! It helps me choose menus when we are having company because several of our family members can’t eat gluten.

  24. 30
    Vanderbilt Wife says

    I’m also a big fan of Cooking During Stolen Moments! Man, I love those yummy pictures. Also The Pioneer Woman Cooks, $5 Dinners, and many others!

  25. 31
    Gudrun says

    I am excited about this week – we have Dandelion Greens in our CSA box, and I am going to try to make a souffle tonight. Hope it works out!

  26. 32
    Elizabeth says

    It’s still a little cold to grill here (it’s snowing!), but I’m going to be saving some of the recipes I see today for use later!

  27. 33
    Tami says

    Hope your feeling better soon!

    Your menu sounds great, and I can’t wait to try your Italian Sausage Pasta recommendation.

    Have a GREAT week!

  28. 34
    Angela says

    Thank you for hosting! I have a birthday girl at my house this week, too.

  29. 35
    Susanne says

    So sorry you are in pain, Laura. Them sciatica flare ups are awful. Praying it resolves itself quickly for you.

  30. 36
    Casey says

    Your trifle looks scrumptious!! And I really like your family favorites. I need to make a list of ours too. That really is a wonderful idea! It would be ecOnomical too!

  31. 37
    Elizabeth says

    Ooooh, do you mind if I steal the idea of your wonderful Easter strawberry dessert? It looks like Heaven!


  32. 38
    mom2fur says

    I hope your daughter has a wonderful birthday. Wow, 12…practically grown up! And she’s got good taste, too. That casserole looks delicious.

  33. 39
    purple moose says

    Love the grill!! We’re doing that this week too.

  34. 40
    Ashley says

    I stopped doing Menu Plan Monday for like 2 or 3 weeks and I felt like such a bum! You keep me motivated!!

  35. 41
    Elaine says

    I posted my menu, I’m listed at #312. I do find that doing this helps the family and I so much during the week even if I have to move something to a different night. Of course it helps if I make sure that I have a list of what I need buy at the store – I speak from experience. 🙄

  36. 43
    Emily says

    I’m excited to be getting back into doing this. I always enjoy looking at others ideas. 🙂

  37. 44
    Robin says

    As always, thanks so much for hosting this. It has been way too long since I have participated. I’ve missed it!!!

  38. 45
    Kim says

    Thanks so much for your site!. I am starting to get my life together-and I read your posts daily. My first blog entry is listed in your meal plan Monday list!

  39. 47
    Jennifer says

    I may have to try that trifle – it looks yummy!

    I would have said Pioneer Woman for my favorite food blog, but since it was already listed, I’ll go with another of my favorites. It’s called Confections of a Foodie Bride. Here’s the url: (I can’t remember the code to make the title clickable!)

    The pictures are great, and the recipes I’ve tried from there were amazing!

  40. 48
    Dawn says

    Thanks for hosting Menu Plan Monday. I’m hoping it will help me to eat at home much more often.

    You’ve got a great site here. SO encouraging!

  41. 50
    Creative Triplet Mom says

    Sorry to hear about your back. I too had some back issues this past month. I wound up going to a chiropractor and boy it really helped. I’m now back at the gym again. I hurt mine by coughing. What was really funny was the pain was in the lower part of my back which my kids call the coolie. So each time I went to the doctor they said, “mommy, are we going to the coolie doctor again?” Aren’t they cute? Hope you feel better.

  42. 51
    Toni says

    So enjoying being at least, this little bit organised 😀

  43. 52
    Jennifer says

    I totally need pictures with recipes. It’s often the pictures that make me try new ones. Happy birthday to your daughter!

  44. 53
    Deena says

    Another vote for Pioneer Woman!

  45. 54
    Rona says

    Sorry to read about your sciatica. I’ve been suffering for 9 years with various pain issues.
    You’re definitely not alone.
    You have a Happy Easter!

  46. 55
    Kristna says

    You should definately try Great food and lots of humor. She combines her two loves, food and photography.

  47. 56
    The Roost says

    I love it that you do a special request for birthday dinners! Great tradition! 🙂

  48. 57
    Hollie says

    Hi Laura I wanted to know I included you on my list of Top 10 Canadian Blogs that Help you Save Money. Menu planning definitely does that!

  49. 59
    Jane says

    Laura, I am so sorry. I am new to this and somehow I posted the wrong post for Menu Plan Monday–and I did it twice!! Could you delete them for me please? It says Jane at Alltogether beautiful. I’ll try again, thanks!

  50. 60
    Kelly Strei says

    I LOVE food blogs. They are so much fun to visit and try recipes from. I actually visit several frequently, some of which have been mentioned here. A couple I recommend are:,,, and I’d love to see a complete list of everyone’s suggestions if you want to share it. Thanks.

  51. 61
    Renee says

    We made the Hearty Hashbrown Dinner and my husband loved it and I did too. I make it by baking it in the oven and use cream of mushroom soup instead of chicken. Turned out wonderfully! Thanks for posting the recipe. This is going to be a new family favorite and I love it because it’s so easy.

  52. 65
    Tammy-Lee says

    Hi I am very new at this Blog thing but I wanted to let you know some tips I have used to get organized. I don’t know if I did the mister Linky thing right so let me know if I messed up. The get organized link is the article I wanted you to read. I can’t wait till monday for Menu Monday! I have already started working on my menu. Tam

  53. 67
    Val C. says

    New reader here: excited to try this out with posting my menu and using Mr. Linky. Hopefully I did it right! Can’t wait to browse y’alls menus!

  54. 68
    Nicole says

    I know you’re way past this post, but I have one more food blog for you. Don’t look at it hungry. Don’t look at it full either, ’cause then you’ll be hungry. Well, maybe just don’t look at it. 🙂

  55. 69
    Robin says

    Hi Laura! I realize this post is a year old, so I’m not even sure you’ll see my message. I’m hoping you do! The no bake cherry cheesecake sounds great! Do you have that recipe, or what is the brand name if it’s a store-bought dessert?

    Hope you had a nice Easter with your family this year!



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