Menu Plan Monday ~ Feb 16th + giveaway!


Hey my gorgeous fellow menu planners.  I’ve got a great piece of advice for you today.  If you plan on making jello in a heart shaped cake pan for say something like Valentine’s Day and get so excited at how thrilled you know your family will be when they see it, I’m here to tell you, just don’t do it.  Because when you try to flip out the jello onto a pan thinking how easy it will be, because well you greased the pan and all, just be warned it will not work out and you will be left with something that more closely resembles canned dog food than a heart shaped anything.  I’m just saying.  I may or may not be talking from experience here 🙂

On a much brighter note, this pink Mother Goose Popcorn recipe that I got from Your Homebased Mom worked out beautifully and totally saved the day.  If you aren’t reading Leigh Anne’s blog you really must, her recipes are amazing with such beautiful pictures to go with them.  Delicious sugary, buttery pink tinted popcorn.  Yummy!


Okay you all know how much I love ya right and how I absolutely love that you menu plan with me and are so encouraging with one another and thoughtful sharing your recipes.  These are just some of the reasons I love to hold giveaways, related to menu planning, on the occasional Monday here.  Just for you, menu planners, new and old.  This week I am so excited to share a new to me site (and seriously how did I not know this site even existed until last week!) that is helping families everywhere with their menu planning service.  The site is called Relish! and the fact that they have an exclamation point behind their name just makes me giddy because you may or may not have noticed that I like to use! an! exclamation! point! on occasion!!!


Relish! offers weekly dinner menus customized to your taste.  Each week you are emailed a selection of about 15 different menus to choose five from plus one dessert.  The menu items offer a variety of recipes with something for everyone including vegetarian and kid friendly.  The recipes look delicious!  Once you have made your selections you are provided with a matching grocery list in pdf format to print out and take with you to the grocery store.   All this for $7.00 a month.  Also, and I couldn’t believe it when I saw it, Relish! offers a gluten-free menu planning service for $10 a month.  I’ve never seen anything like this offered before, very cool!

Today, Relish! has kindly offered to giveaway a TWELVE MONTH GIFT CERTIFICATE to one lucky Menu Plan Monday participant!   Imagine a full year of menu planning done for you, woohoo!!  All you have to do to be eligible is post your weekly menu plan and link up to Mr. Linky below by Tuesday, Feb 17th at 6:00 PST.   One winner will be selected at random from the Mr. Linky list (not the comments).  Good luck!

This is what my family will be eating this week:

Monday: Hearty Pasta Tomato Soup with whole wheat baguette

Tuesday: Yummy (un-fried) Chicken Legs @ The Happy Housewife

Wednesday: Crockpot Scalloped Potatoes and Ham @ Finding Joy in My Kitchen

Thursday: Leftover buffet

Friday: Mushroom and Ricotta Lasagna Noodles @ Relish!

Saturday: Hoison and Honey Pork Tenderloin @ Kitchen Parade

Simple Supper Sunday


Menu Plan Monday guidelines and banner selections found here.

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92 Responses to Menu Plan Monday ~ Feb 16th + giveaway!

  1. 1
    Rita says

    Gotta try the hearty pasta tomato soup – sounds great! Hope your week goes well.

  2. 2
    Homemaker Barbi says

    Thanks for the giveaway – that idea sounds fabulous. 12 months of convenience is a valuable thing! Have a great week!

    Danelle Ice / Homemaker Barbi

  3. 3
    Allie says

    Mmm, tomato soup! I’ve definitely been in a soup mood lately. I need to make some, myself. Have a great week!


  4. 4
    Eileen says

    Thanks for organizing this menu collection. I have often wished for something like this!

  5. 5
    Tamy~3Sides of Crazy says

    I love homemade tomato soup and that pork tenderloin sounds delish!

  6. 6
    sara says

    hope you enjoy the crockpot scalloped potatoes!!

  7. 7
    The Happy Housewife says

    Your jello story (not from experience of course) had me laughing. I once tried to make jello eggs for Easter and they were a complete disaster. I guess jello has never been my thing!

  8. 8
    Maggie says

    great giveaway!

  9. 9
    Jessica says

    I’m excited to look at your recipes this week!

  10. 10
    Tracey says

    Love the pink popcorn! I’ll have to remember that for Valentine’s Day next year. 🙂

  11. 11
    mjpuzzlemom says

    The Hoison and Honey Pork Tenderloin looks fabulous. Thanks for linking the recipe an dhosting the meme.

  12. 12
    Simply Frugal says

    Oooh great menu! Thanks for stopping by my site the other day! I couldn’t not put you on my list of helpful links! You are helpful! (And you’re a fellow Canadian.)

  13. 13
    purplemoose says

    Hey, that website sounds like a great thing!

  14. 14
    rainbowcreek says

    I tried a cranberry jello thing for Thanksgiving, not so much luck on that either. My chef in culinary classes used to say “you have to break a lot of eggs” and we don’t always get it perfect, but at least trying counts, lessons learned!

    Thanks again for hosting!

  15. 15
    JanMary, N Ireland says

    We tried jelly in heart shaped ice-cube tray for Valentines Day – same result. The kids just scooped it out with teaspoons to eat it. Pic on my blog.

  16. 16
    The Fat Dietitian says

    The hoison and honey pork and the unfried chicken look wonderful, I am crossing my fingers for the Relish giveaway… Have a good week!

  17. 17
    Jo says

    That’s funny about the jello! I made love heart waffles using my favourite blender-batter-baking recipe (whole brown rice in blender with liquids, blended into a batter, then soaked overnight, and other ingredients added next day… makes the lightest, crispiest waffles you ever tasted! (See my site for recipe!) Jo.

  18. 20
    Joelle Folian says

    What a yummy menu you have this week! Sorry to hear that the jello heart didn’t work out so well!

    Have a great week!

  19. 21
    Jenny says

    Ooh I need to go look up your pork tenderloin recipe, it calls to me. 🙂

  20. 23
    Bridget says

    You’ve got me hooked on the menu planning. I find it hard to do each Sunday but the week is a breeze after it’s done. This prize would be a dream come true for me 🙂

  21. 24
    Sarah H. says

    That colorful popcorn looks so much fun!

  22. 25
    dawn godek says

    The ham crockpot recipe sounds yummy! Thanks for all the meal planning ideas!

  23. 26
    grace says

    your giveaways are awesome (like your blog) now if only I could win one. Regardless, I’m gonna check Relish! out. Thanks for the tip!

  24. 27
    Amy says

    Next time you’re in the mood for heart-shaped (or any shaped) jello, set your mold in home hot water for about 30 seconds, then flip it out. Works great for me. 😉

  25. 28
    Amory says

    Yeah!! I needed a BOOST to get back in the swing of weekly menu planning!! THANKS!! 🙂

  26. 29
    Betty Adams says

    Thanks for your hard work.

  27. 31
    Gina says

    Thank you for the laugh about the Jell-O. Doesn’t that always happen when Mom is super-excited about something?

  28. 32
    Erica says

    That pork tenderloin looks delish!

  29. 33
    Tamara says

    I do menu planning every week. It is such a helpful tool! I already subscribe to but am always looking for more!

  30. 34
    Shawn says

    Tomato soup sounds FAB right now, especially since I’m sick!!

  31. 35
    Bethany says

    Happy President’s Day, all!

  32. 36
    Karen Brown Letarte says

    Well, I forgot to say, I’m NEW here! I didn’t have time to link from my menu post to the recipes, but will work on that as I post throughout the week. I need to read the interesting post about using del.ici.ous as a means of creating an online recipe file.

    Happy to meet you all!


  33. 37
    Wazz Mommy says

    Crockpot scalloped potatoes sounds wonderful! I will have to try that out.

  34. 38
    Abbey says

    That sounds like a great prize!

  35. 39
    Kristin says

    I’m so excited to find your site. I’m really looking forward to trying some new ideas 🙂

  36. 40
    Kamaile says

    oooh…that hoisin & honey pork tenderloin sounds fabulous!

  37. 41
    Lisa @ hopewell says

    This is almost overwhelming anymore! Maybe you could do Menu Plan Monday, Tues WEd and divide up the alphabet? I love this feature and often participate, but there’s so many I don’t look at very many any more!!

  38. 42
    Elaine H says

    Not sure what happened, I did my MPM this morning around 8am (Alaska time) and then posted it here, I thought it was #316 but when I came back just now to begin reading other plans I couldn’t find mine. So I have just now posted it and it is at #403. If for some reason it appears twice please take out the duplicate.

    Hopefully I’ll be able to remember to plan and post every week now.

  39. 43
    Krista says

    What a great giveaway!! Thanks again for the wonderful menu planning inspiration 🙂

  40. 44
    Janet says

    I’m going to have to try the chicken leg recipe.

  41. 45
    Lisa M says

    I’m definitely trying the pink popcorn 🙂
    I posted my menu too!

  42. 46
    donetta says

    Mercy! You are making such a difference here. Wow think of the motivation you have provoked. I just can’t get over it!

  43. 47
    Leigh Anne says


    So glad you enjoyed the popcorn!! I think next I’ll make green for St. Patrick’s Day!!

  44. 48
    Holli says

    I’m number 461, for pity’s sake. I ought to win something for being the latest participant! 🙂

    Holli T.

  45. 49
    Coco says

    OMG. I am sorry, but I left a wrong link title (with a correct link address). Is there any way I can go back and fix this mistake? BTW, I very much enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge.

  46. 50
    Mama Kalila says

    I may need some help if you’ve got any… Looking for a veggie to go w/ the beef shanks on Sunday… and any other fast simple meal suggestions in case I decide to change the leftovers meals (I think I’m stretching them a bit thin this week lol). Thanks!

  47. 51
    mindy says

    some great ideas and thanks for the giveaway


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