The Homebox Filing System


I’m intrigued by new products.  I’m intrigued by the possibility of new products.  I’m the type of girl that loves trade shows and being able to touch and feel new products without having to commit to buying them.  I like to hear the spiels and touch the packaging.

At the Professional Organizer’s Conference I attended in November one of the products I was introduced to was the Homebox Filing System.  I’d never heard of this product before but I saw a box on the table and so of course I had to know more :)

Basically the Homebox is a ready-made filing system.  The beautiful box comes with nine pre-printed heavy duty storage folders to organize everything from career and education to health and finances.  What I was immediately intrigued by was the file folders themselves.  They are gorgeous!  But oh by the way the folders don’t cascade up like that when you open the box.  I asked!  That would have been really cool but apparently it’s for demonstration purposes only.  Oh well.

Each folder provides a helpful list of what to keep inside.  I really liked that.  Even though this is a Canadian company, the folders are listed with pertinent information (resources, websites and tips) specific for each location depending on where you purchase from (US/Canada).  Very nice.  Apparently each folder holds up to 200 sheets of paper too!

In Canada we have a great show called the Dragon’s Den.  Have you heard of it?  A panel of investors are approached by entrepreneurs and each investor has to decide whether or not to invest with them.  So good!  When I was looking around YouTube the other day I was so surprised to see that Jodi with her Homebox Filing System was one of the guests.  It’s fun to watch and hear her story.  You can view it here if you are interested.

So in summing up here, I believe this box is intended to house the really important stuff and isn’t designed to replace your filing cabinet altogether.  Although I guess it could depending on how much paper you have.  Also I’m a tad concerned about the price at $40.00 US per box because I’m just not sure how affordable that is for the average person.  But it is well made and serves a great purpose of keeping all of your most important papers central in one location.  Just some things to consider.

The website lists the various places where the Homebox can be purchased either online or in store.

I have another filing system that I want to share with you tomorrow but only if you aren’t sick of me talking about filing systems yet.   Good grief, who knew there’d be so much to say about them :)


Note:  I call these product highlights and not reviews because I haven’t actually tried these products out.  They are just things that make me say “well now that’s a neat idea, I should share it with my readers!”.

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11 Responses to The Homebox Filing System

  1. 1
    Shannan a.k.a. Chubbie Chica says

    O.K. the thoughts of filing make me sick to my stomach. Why – because I really don’t know WHAT to keep. Everyone says keep the important papers but I don’t know what those are (past taxes). To me….everything is important. HELP!!

  2. 2
    Harmony says

    I LOVE Dragon’s Den! Thanks for passing on these great ideas!

  3. 3
    Alex Fayle | Someday Syndrome says

    I remember meeting Jodi when she was developing the HomeBox. I think it’s a great idea. Personally I went for a bunch of manila envelopes in a box from a dollar store, but for those who like to mix design with their organizing, it’s a great option.

  4. 5
    Niki says

    I have one of those. It is great, I keep most of my out of the way papers in it. I also have another binder system that keeps my day to day stuff in.

  5. 6
    Organising Queen says

    I think it’s gorgeous – for a paper minimalist like me, that would be PERFECT!

  6. 7
    Forgetfulone says

    I’m not sick of it yet! Keep talking. I wish I could get my husband to part with some of the stuff taking up our filing space. He seems to think we need to keep every paper that comes into the house. I did a major shredding about a month ago, though.

  7. 8
    Amy says

    I’m so excited to dive in to these great organizing tips you have on your site. My job is ending Friday and this is something I’ve wanted to get done for years…now I will have the time and some great tips from a pro! THANK YOU!

  8. 9
    Anne says

    You could buy the complete set of envelopes for $18 plus $3 shipping and save some money. FYI: The website says each envelope holds 100, not 200 sheets.

  9. 10
    Laura says

    Anne it was on the Dragon’s Den video where she said it would hold 200 sheets.

  10. 11
    Akil says

    Hi Laura,

    I am going through the same issue of getting organize as I have a lot (2 box of printed paperword) I need to get rid of as I have most of them in pdf format, and I am also organize the files on my pc as well because that needs to be organized as well. I couldn’t find a article on home files ie computer files organization tips or maybe I didnt look hard enough.

    I am looking to go paperless to a certain point well keep up the good work and will bookmark this site so that way I can get some more useful tips especially when it comes to moving house lol. That can be a nightmare in itself so the tips here will help me get better organized


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