My Entryway Closet revisited

Hey gals, so today I’ll show you the rest of my entrance way and how I keep it organized. Just for interest sake though let’s go back and take a look at a picture from last year:

And here it is today:

Okay so not that much different but it amuses me to see the basket shuffle in action 🙂 Who doesn’t love a good basket shuffle? It’s fun to try new configurations to see what can be improved on. I’ve been able to add some pretty wicker baskets this time (they became available from my son’s room when we took down his change table). Of course I’d love it if all the baskets in this closet were decorative ones because the doors are left open so often but that will have to be something that comes gradually over time. Believe me, a good wicker basket on sale is worth the wait! Finding them at the thrift store is even more sweet.

Let’s take a peak inside one of those baskets now. This is where I store entryway essentials like chapstick, hairspray for last minute touch-ups, tissues, change jar, etc..

The other wicker basket holds my purse.

The very top long shelf of the closet organizer holds our extra bags like our carry-ons for when we travel, that kind of thing.  Things we don’t use too often.  The top white basket in the first cubby holds all my hubbie’s ball caps, the next cubby basket is what I call my entrance way junk drawer (can we say catch all!) and the clear container under that holds all our sunglasses.

We try and leave the hanging space on the right free for our guest’s coats when they visit.

Here’s a better view of the entire entryway:

I got the little hat tree by the door through some mail order catalogue ages ago and it makes it so easy for the kids to throw their hats on when they come in the door. No more picking them up off the floor!

So that’s it folks, doors closed.

I hope you enjoyed your peek into my entrance way today. Now I’m off to see if any more of my baskets want to dance with me 🙂

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33 Responses to My Entryway Closet revisited

  1. 1
    Heidi Boos says

    What a great idea to have the “entry way essentials” somewhere close by and handy on your way out the door. I wish I had a space like this, especially when my little ones start school and get bigger=bigger things. One day it will happen…maybe we’ll have to get a new house just so I can have an entryway and make it look like this. And, I agree, wicker baskets are always worth the wait and even more fun when you can find them at a thrift store or garage sale.

  2. 2
    nicole beltane says

    we live in a barn that we have been owner building, and my DH works away; while he was home last week we moved the front door and window. Before my double front doors opened into the lounge / dinning area. Now they open next to the staircase and my DH also put a new wall up that i have started to put assorted hooks on. my sister also has kindly done a canvas for me to put on the wall. there is still space in front of the staircase to put a small bench or set of drawers im not sure what yet.. but im loving the ideas that you are sending in.. Nicole (perth western australia)

  3. 3
    Tina (mummifiedx5) says

    I love how organised your entranceway is.

    We don’t have an entryway/foyer so to speak. Our front door opens right into our living room.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on how to handle that type of situation. 🙂

  4. 4
    Kim says

    What’s it like to have an entryway lol? You walk in our front door and Wham! your in the living room lol. *sigh* Your yellow basket looks much better where it is now lol.

  5. 5
    Gina says

    We have a tiny entryway closet, so what I’ve done is put in a very large fabric shoe holder. Besides keeping shoes off the floor (making room for chalk, park toys, etc.), it holds sunscreen and bug spray, mitten and scarves in the winter, and anything else I can squeeze in there.

  6. 6
    Dawn says

    I have something similar…only this year we put a coat “rack” like you have on the wall behind the door…the kids just couldn’t be bothered haning their coat on a hanger…each kid has thier own shelf, with a basket for hat’s gloves, umbrella…so they “should” know where to go to get something…I am still working on it…but I too have a little basket with tissues, lip balm, wipes and other essenials…but it needs to be partitioned like yours…thanks for the ideas!!

  7. 7
    The Mommy says

    I am getting ready to redecorate my mudroom. Right now, the entrance to our home has the washer and dryer, WAY too many shoes that no one wears, a cabinet full of laundry stuff and animal care items (we have a small ranch/farm) and a large built-in tool box/storage bench filled with old paint and tools that go unused. It’s a mess usually, and not at all the impression I want to give when folks enter my home. Moreover, it’s in complete dissaray and not at all an organized way for my teens to leave for school or for the rest of us to store things we need when we leave the house. I’m really not sure where to begin to renovate this space, but feel strongly that it’s the first place I want to begin in my renovation of the house! Wish me luck…

  8. 8
    Thea @ I'm a Drama M says

    Can I tell you that “chapstick holder” out of an old cutlery holder from a dish rack is the best bit of repurposing I’ve seen in a long time.

    I can’t wait to see what our next house will hold for us!

  9. 9
    Rona says

    Beautiful job.

  10. 10
    Hope@Pinkadoodledoo says

    Okay, my entryway closet has been on the to-do list for several weeks now. I’m realizing my need to get the job done even more after seeing yours. I love the idea of a change jar. I wonder if I could get the husband to use it? 🙂

  11. 11
    Marcia "HDMac" McFar says

    I LOVED peeking at your entry. You are so clever! I have forwarded this link on to my daughter for her as I think she could get some ideas from it also. Thank you!!!

  12. 12
    The Frugal Momma says

    Love it! Maybe in our next house I’ll have a closet like that! Here is mine

  13. 13
    Alyssa says

    Oh no after looking at yours mine needs major help. I have an organizing question for you. Would love a blog post about it. My dining room table, which is in the dining/living area of my house (it’s all one room), is a catch all. I mean a major mess. RIght now it holds, 2 diaper bags, my purse, my bible, journal pen, some formula, scattered mail. How do I keep this from becoming a catch all?? SoLUTIONS?? Help!

    • 13.1
      Sharon says

      Alyssa, since your comment was from 2008, you might have already solved your dilemma. But just in case, here’s what I did. I put hooks up inside the closet door on the main floor of the house. One for my purse and one for the diaper bag. The hooks stick on the door (and can be removed without ruining the door) and were a couple of dollars at Walmart/Target. For my Bible and devotional, I tuck them under our couch since that’s where I use them. I deal with mail as soon as it comes in the house so it doesn’t lay around anywhere. I used to have a major mess on our kitchen table at all times. Now I don’t allow anything on the table, besides dishes/food when we are eating. And there is always a center piece on the table. That’s it. Once you put one thing on it, it seems to attract other things!

  14. 14
    Susanne says

    I really like the idea of the cubbies down one side! And the two tiers for hanging coats is a great idea for my dayhome. Maybe I’ll have to see where I can take that kind of idea in my closet!

  15. 15
    Tabitha says

    Fantastic, of course!! My closet is tiny and still a work in progress. It’ll get there–thanks for the inspiration!!

  16. 16
    KJ says

    I love your closet – baskets, dual rods, etc. A place for everything!

    We have NO closets on the first floor of our house. I don’t know what the originals owners/builders did for storage! We have one peg rack in the front hallway for my coats and guests’ coats. Dual peg racks behind the kitchen/back porch door – one low for our 4 kids, one high for dh. And a shoe shelf (like the one below your backpacks) with baskets on top to hold gloves/scarfs/winter hats. I would love a real entryway closet, but there just isn’t any place to build one. **sigh**

  17. 17
    Sarah says

    I LOVE looking at your organization photos! It thrills me, really it does!

    Sure wish that I had an entryway closet…I’m trying to come up with a good storage solution for shoes, hats, scarves, and all that good stuff somewhere in my front hallway.

    Fun post! 🙂

  18. 18
    Kaycee says

    Perfect!! That looks like my kind of organizing 🙂 I spent all weekend organizing things!! So much fun. I remind myself of Monica on Friends.

  19. 19
    The Roost says

    Awesome girl, just awesome! I love the basket for last minute touches. I so need that. My bathroom & bedroom are upstairs and I often need a quick fix downstairs! I am so doing this. Thanks :0)

  20. 21
    Andrea says

    My coat closet stinks cause it is over the basement stairs, so you know that space that is all slanted…yep, that is inside my closet. I would have so much room for shoes if it weren’t for that slant. Yours is lovely though.

  21. 22
    Lorelei says

    Wow! It looks so clean & clutter free! How can you manage to keep that top right part empty??? Empty space for me is just somewhere to put more stuff! Maybe I need to declutter…

    Here’s our playroom/office closet I organized earlier this summer. I sit and look at it now and somehow some toys have crept into there….Hmm, might need to revisit that one!

  22. 23
    Scratchin' the Surfa says

    That is exactly what I need to do in our front closet – I swear I would not have thought of it without seeing it here. As usual, you had another great idea. thanks!

  23. 25
    Kate says

    Our entryway closet was been reborn as a closet for my 3 youngest (4, 3 & 1) as well as the off-season clothes holder for 2 of the kids, the gameboard shelf, and the bike helmet shelf. The floor of the closet is home to a 3-drawer sterilite unit and a 3-layered shelf that holds many of their toys. It works, but just barely. I would love to incorporate some of your tricks, especially the shelving and baskets. Thanks so much for sharing.

  24. 26
    Megan @ Disorder2Ord says

    I love a beautiful and organized entry! It actually does look different and so happy that it’s functional. It’s amazing what a good “shuffle” can do for someone!

    I love posts that are real life situations.

  25. 27
    Sarah says

    I do love a good basket shuffle, thanks for asking!

    The entryway essentials basket turned on a lightbulb for me. I don’t know why it never occured to me beforehand to keep a change jar, tissues, etc. in the entryway closet, since that’s the closest place to where they’ll be used. I’ll get on that one.

  26. 28
    Creative Triplet Mom says

    That’s so funny. Here I am looking at your first picture and then scrolling up and down to see the difference in the photos and yes I did notice your different baskets but everything else looked the same. I did my entry way a couple months ago but there are some things that just arent’ working like the kids shoes. somehow we are always miss placing them. The worst is when you are rushing out the door and you are missing a shoe. It drives me crazy!

  27. 29
    Arcadia says

    Wow! Just, wow! I wish my entry way was as organised as that.. I’m not a mom yet, so I have less stuff to store, which is one saving grace I suppose! But what a brilliant idea to keep essentials close to hand by the doorway! I can never find an umbrella or some wet wipes when I need them. You’ve inspired me to go organise things! x

  28. 30
    Sharon says

    I love the idea of a basket to hold your purse. I recently put hooks up on the inside of our hall closet so I could hang the diaper bag and my purse on them. The diaper bag is still hanging there, but the purse was a cheap-o Dollar store one (but I love it!) and all the weight of it hanging on the hook led to one of the straps breaking! So, I used a diaper pin to “fix” it and have been shoving it in my desk drawer. But, I’d rather have it in the closet. In a basket. Where my toddler can’t get into it.
    LOVE IT!


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