It’s time to round-up the bathrooms!

Hi gang, since I’m going to be away this week I’m posting this here round-up a little early. No worries though if you aren’t quite done yet because you’ll have all week to link up, until Sunday, August 3rd at 4:00 pst in fact. Whether you complete a drawer or a cabinet in your bathroom or the whole thing be sure to link up below to a post on your site that shows us both your before and after pictures. Please be kind and link up directly to your round-up post and not to your homepage.

Oh and in case you were worried about what was going to happen to our prize for these last two months now that Organize Magazine is no longer, never fear because Joyce Dorny, the Editor and Founder of Organize Magazine, has kindly offered to giveaway a compilation of the last four back issues of the magazine to one winner (selected at random) from the list of participants in June and July.

So now get cracking my little organizing bunnies and I’ll see you when I get back!

PS: Hopefully there won’t be any problems with Mr. Linky cause I won’t be here to fix them 🙂

PPS: Want to see what we’ll be rounding up next? Check it out here.

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12 Responses to It’s time to round-up the bathrooms!

  1. 1
    Jennifer Niksich says

    I had two posts for two different bathrooms so I have linked both of the posts. Thank you so much for baving the Monthly Round Up. I am working on things that get put to the back burner usually. Thank you again.

  2. 2
    Jill Scott says

    Thank you again for organizing these monthly challenges. It’s really what I needed to put a timetable on my decluttering goal.

  3. 3
    Mom is Broke says

    I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you over on my site. I enjoy reading your blog, and wanted to share you with my readers too. Click over to if you would like to participate too.

  4. 4
    MyNutVillage says

    This has really simplified my morning routine. Thanks!

  5. 6
    TheBargainbabe says

    No pics to show, but I organized the cabinet drawers. One of our doors broke off and has been off for like 6 months (how embarassing). DH finally got the glue and is getting it back together now. Currently it is clamped together.

    As soon as the glue is dry we will re-install, and my bathroom will be back to normal! 🙂

  6. 7
    Heidi Boos says

    I’m so glad I found you!! Thanks for getting us motivated and having a place where we can show off all of our hard work. This was my first Round-Up I participated in and it was really fun!! I’ll be back for more…

  7. 8
    Elaine says

    It is amazing how motivating the before/after photos are! And having a deadline of Sunday afternoon helped, too. Thanks for giving me the nudge I needed.

  8. 9
    shelley amstutz says

    Hopefully I am not too late to participate! I guess better late than never though. I love this roundup you are helping me make my home more functional and look soooo much better! thank you


  9. 10
    Amanda says

    I’m a little late but added mine 🙂


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