Menu Plan Monday ~ Merry Christmas!

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Hello! Merry Christmas my friends, hard to believe how quickly time flies when you are having fun isn’t it. Believe it or not I still haven’t gotten all my wrapping finished but I have big plans for it tonight (Sun) as my parents are out visiting with friends. It’s been fun having them here. Our fondue night was so much fun and such a blessing to spend it with such great friends and family. We had three oil fondue pots going and two cheese. The chocolate fondue for dessert though is always my favorite, so yummy! And I’ve discovered gummie bears dipped in chocolate are delicious, you’ve got to try it sometime!


I want to take this opportunity to thank ALL of you that come by here week after week to keep me company in my menu planning adventure. Thank you for joining in and for working so hard to bless your families with your wonderfully planned menus. I just want you to know that even though I don’t always get a chance to comment on each of your blogs that I do appreciate each and every one of you. You guys are the best!

So before I get any more emotional on ya here is what’s going on in our house this week :)

Monday: Beef Stew (using up the fondue leftovers!)

Tuesday: Christmas Dinner!!

Wednesday: Turkey Tetrazzini

Thursday: Yankee Doodle Roast

Friday: Leftover buffet

Saturday: Spaghetti


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23 Responses to Menu Plan Monday ~ Merry Christmas!

  1. 2
    Michelle says

    Laura Thank you for hosting every week.I so appreciate it..:-)
    I’ll look back later when HRH is asleep and we’re not making cookies:)

  2. 3
    Natalie says

    That fondue looks yummy!

  3. 4
    Vickie says

    Thanks for taking the time to host this during a very busy week. I am glad that I took time to really think about it.

    This has been such a huge blessing to me the past few weeks. It forces me to plan ahead and I am so thankful!

    May your Christmas be very special and blessed!

  4. 5
    Kim says

    Meal Plan Monday has helped me stay organized. Thanks and have a Merry Christmas!

  5. 6
    Candi says

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!

    Mmmmm….dessert fondue is my favorite!!

  6. 7
    Darkfaith says

    Merry Christmas Laura and family,

    I’m finally going to try the 40 clove chicken since I got a slow cooker as an early chrissie present.

    You have done an amazing job with menu plan monday and the rst of your site. I love reading your blog and look forward to reading it next year as well.

    Have a safe holiday!!

  7. 8
    Lisa D. says

    Merry Christmas! Thank you for hosting each week!

  8. 10
    jen says

    Merry Christmas to you too Laura. Once again I have enjoyed yet another year with you. Enjoy time spent with family. Talk to you soon gal.

  9. 11
    Jessica says

    Thanks so much for doing this, I’m finally coming aboard! Merry Christmas!

  10. 12
    Ornery's Wife says

    I was afraid it would be just you and me, friend! I was glad to see so many had joined this week. You were right, we do have to eat, even when we’re busy and it is so much easier to eat well when we plan ahead. Such a wise woman you are!

    Thanks for hosting this each week. I have found some wonderful friends and great ideas through those who post, and it introduced me to all those gluten free gals who have helped me explore wheat free options I didn’t know existed!

    Merry Christmas, and we’ll see you next year!

  11. 13
    Sandra says

    Your menu looks yummy Laura :) Thank you for hosting this especially today.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  12. 14
    Sandra says

    Your menu looks yummy Laura :) Thank you for hosting this especially today.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  13. 15
    Gwen says

    Merry Christmas!

  14. 16
    JoAnn says

    Hey, I think you live just a few hours north of me. Next time you have fondue can I come over?

  15. 17
    Leeann says

    Thanks for always hosting this! I like the new winter MPM logo too. I’ll be using that!
    Have a very merry Christmas!


  16. 18
    Amber says

    Thank you for hosting each week. God bless you and your family this Christmas and into the new year!

  17. 19
    mjpuzzlemom says

    Merry Christmas! Thanks for taking the time to host, especially this week.

    Your menu looks wonderful!


  18. 20
    gloria says

    that fondue sounds fun!!
    i think i have a cheese fondue recipe
    somewhere…now i’m curious to try it!!

  19. 21
    Angel says

    Thanks for posting! Come and visit sometime! Lots of ideas for kitchens on a budget!

  20. 22
    Twisted Cinderella says

    I just wanted to drop by and say that I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I made Turkey Tetrazzini yesterday. I didn’t do my menu plan this week with all the holiday craziness but I will next week.

  21. 23
    Leeann says

    Shoot, I’m sorry, I just posted this week’s menu (New Year’s) thinking this was a new MPM. So if you do MPM this week I will just post it again. If I had known I was gonna post it twice, I would have made it spectacular! lol

    I hope you and yours had the merriest of Christmases. Thank you for hosting this MPM. It has been a lifesaver for me!



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