The end is near….do you need a kick in the you know what?

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You have three days left! Friday is the season finale around here of the 30 Day Organizational Challenge! Here is a poem I wrote for last season’s challenge. I hope it gives you that little extra motivation you just might need as we near the end of this competition. Can you tell the finale of DWTS has got me all revved up!

The Big Push

From this junkie to you
Please don’t be blue
When I cut to the chase
And get into your face

Listen to my urging
It’s time to get purging
You have too much stuff
Way more than enough

It’s taking over your life
And causing too much strife
Remember you are the boss
Time to kick out the chaos

Think about a buying freeze
Please, please, please
No more, no more
Coming in the door

What’s holding you back
Don’t give me any flack
Stop your muttering
And get decluttering

I want you to see
What doesn’t have to be
It’s time to be aware
Of the clutter everywhere

You don’t have to have a fit
About getting rid of it
You only have so much space
To put everything in place

Don’t quit on me now
And don’t have a cow
All you have to fear
Is my kick in your rear

Peace and harmony
Is how it should be
Isn’t that the key
To a happy family

This challenge you’re on
Is just about gone
The end is almost near
You’d better get it in gear

Try to have some fun
While getting it all done
Happy organizing today
That’s all I have to say!

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11 Responses to The end is near….do you need a kick in the you know what?

  1. 2
    dawn rowe says

    You posted this at 4:52 am! Do you ever sleep? Keep up the good work

    Dawn in Sac

  2. 3
    Org Junkie says

    LOL, actually I wrote it at about 9:00 at night but the auto time is messed up…oops.

  3. 4
    butterflygail says

    You can edit your post, then on the bottom right of the screen is the time stamp area. Just manually change it and save the post and it should fix the time for you.

  4. 5
    Melanie says

    I had a strong start and I slowed down…better get going again. :D

  5. 6
    Need A Nap2 says

    I am so not ready! Thank you for the push and encouragement.

  6. 7
    ter says

    I’m getting there. I don’t think my basement will really be “done” but it is getting decluttered. We decided to wait til spring to call the hauler because there’s too much snow, and we have a bunch of things out in the shed (left behind by previous owners grr) that needs to go too and in other rooms of the house, but I have alot of stuff ready to go to the charity and alot has been thrown out. :)Well, I will post about it later this week!

  7. 8
    Twisted Cinderella says

    Cute poem!

    I am actually doing so well that I am thinking of adding the one room in the house I didn’t do this month! I love how organized my house got this month and it is all due to your challenge. I took it a step further and organized a LOT! Thank you!

  8. 9
    Samantha says

    Being as I just recently found this blog, I missed this challenge, but I look foward to the next one :)

  9. 10
    Dawn says

    I can’t believe I am almost done. All the major stuff is done, I just need to go shopping tomorrow and buy a couple of hooks and maybe a basket or two. I already feel a huge weight lifted off of me having this room done.

  10. 11
    It Coulda Been Worse says

    I too look forward to the next one. I’ve started to tackle my homeschooling storage/workspace situation. It isn’t pretty.

    Holy smokes, though. A brand new IKEA just opened one short hour away from me. Be still my heart. And hide the credit card.


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