Organizing clothes for the seasons….

The weather here is getting cold. So cold in fact that my kids are already wearing their winter coats to school. You know what that means don’t you? Time for the seasonal clothes change out! Now I don’t know about you but I hate being annoyed and over stuffed closets ANNOY me. A LOT! The only way to solve that problem is to store away the clothes I’m not wearing. The other day my girlfriend kindly pointed out to me that not everyone does this. Huh? Come again? I don’t comprehend? How does anyone cope with staring at sweaters and turtlenecks in the middle of the summer. No thanks! Or even worse tank tops in the dead of winter. How depressing! Besides if I didn’t do the change out my daughter would try to get away with wearing her flip flops even in the middle of winter. She’s a strange girl that daughter of mine, hmmm I wonder where she gets it from?

My system is simple really, nothing to it. As always I don’t ever want you to think that what I’m sharing is the only way to do things, it just happens to be the way I do it and I share it in case it might also work for someone else.

I have three shelves in the middle of my closet that act as seasonal storage switch out locations. First thing I do is take out all the shorts and tank tops that are being stored there and pile them up at the foot of the bed. I also include any capri pants or tank tops that are hanging up. Basically anything I would definitely not wear during the winter gets put away.

But FIRST and this is the important part for me, any piece of clothing I haven’t worn during the past summer (winter) I get rid of. I figure if I didn’t wear it all summer there is a reason for it and the chances of me wearing it next summer are more than likely slim to none. I don’t wait till next season to sort them because by then I won’t be able to remember what I wore and didn’t wear. I do my sort right then and there and get ‘er done!

My summer pile:

My now three empty shelves. The top shelf holds purses and the other two below that hold sweatshirts which I tend to wear year round so they don’t get switched out.

I then pull out my under the bed storage totes and switch out the summer for the winter. All I need are these two totes. Winter stuff includes long sleeve shirts, cords, turtlenecks and fleece pants. Definitely things I would never wear during the summer and so don’t need ready access to.

Winter stuff is put away onto the three shelves or hung up on the right hand side there. Pants are all on the bottom right hand side. Clothes on the left hand side are my dressy clothes and these don’t get changed out as they tend to be worn during all seasons.

My quirk in the closet is that even though I don’t have to have all the same hangers I do have to have them (and the clothes) all facing the same direction. I like my closet to welcome me with uniformity when I open the doors 🙂 Anyone else like that?

You’ll notice I didn’t mention my sweaters. That’s because I keep my sweaters tucked away in a wardrobe here:

The right hand side of the wardrobe is just for my sweaters and flannel jammies. In the summer I have no reason to open this side at all if I don’t want to. As you can see it’s full and since this is the only space I designate for sweaters if I buy a new one I have to get rid of one.

I told you it was pretty simple. I really don’t believe organizing has to be complicated. Items of clothing that are currently being worn should be given prime closet space. You should be able to see and reach what you have easily. Hanging “like with like” also helps. It just makes sense!

So what do you say, are you ready to put your closet on rotation?
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