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Have you seen this beautiful tote put out by Rubbermaid that holds hanging file folders? It is basically a portable filing cabinet with a lid (see picture below). For years I’ve kept all of our manuals/ warranties in one tote just all in a jumbled mess. It took me forever to find anything but I couldn’t come up with a better system……until now. This works perfectly! Manuals (with the receipt attached) are filed alphabetically so it is quick to grab whatever I need and it doesn’t take up much space.

Orginially published July 16, 2006

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    Kara says

    Good idea. My manuals are stuffed into 2 folders and it’s just overflowing and hard to find things. I know I have a collapsible file folder somewhere, I need to pull it out and use it, that would make things much easier! I also need to get rid of ones I don’t need, seriously who needs the manual for a cheap blender that is obvious how to use?

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    Munchkin Land says

    Oh yes, I’m very familiar with those containers. I may hate organizing at home but at work is another story. I think I have at least three of those containers under my desk. They’re very handy…

  3. 3
    Proverbs31 says

    I’ve been wanting to get some of those!! =)

  4. 4
    Sally Bradley says

    Oh, cool! I’ve done the manuals, etc., in one big file, and every now and then I must dig through it. This takes a good idea even further. Thank you!

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    queenbusick says

    ohhh I have one of those coming free with the purchase of our filing cabinet and I was wondering what to do with it. Perfect idea for warranty info! Thanks!

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    Susanne says

    I’m off to look for one. Right now I’ve got files in a brown office box. If it ever gets wet, I’m toast!

  7. 7
    ChupieandJ'smama says

    My manuals are in 3 ring binders. I so need that tote :)

  8. 8
    PersonalCloset says

    I use those tote for whatever want fit in my “Personal Closet” – Love it…


  9. 9
    C says

    I like the big tubs like this for filing stuff.

  10. 10
    Fiddledeedee (It Coulda' Been Worse) says

    Oh, I do this too.

    You are my people!

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    Blessed Beyond Measure says

    Mine was in two huge notebooks and they were just cumbersome to deal with. I just put them in a rubbermaid thing much like this. I just had to pull out a manual yesterday morning and found it within minutes. xoxoox

  12. 12
    HomeSchool Mommy says

    Great idea!

  13. 13
    Erna says

    Ahh, we hope to get some of these when we build our basement. No more big gray filing cabinet for us. this is right up our alley. :0) The manuals in our filing cabinet are kind of piled together but it is wise to file them alphabetically. Great idea!

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    Amy says

    Genius! We just moved and have piles and pile of manuals all over the house. I can’t wait to organize them in one for these great bins :)

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    stephanie says

    What do you do about manuals that also have recipe books in them? Some of the products I have are instructions/recipes all in one.

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    Shannon Stump says

    Posted January 9, 2009 at 11:29 am | Permalink
    What do you do about manuals that also have recipe books in them? Some of the products I have are instructions/recipes all in one

    I Have file drawer, with all manuals/warrantys. I included a three ring binder, just for kitchen appliances, that may or may not include recipes.Catagorized under Kitchen ( I keep my major appliances there as well) So, when I need to know how to care for a product or know I want to make a recipe I just grab the binder. Then if I decide to I can keep it in the kitchen for a while (Like around Christmas or Thanksgiving)It keeps my kitchen clutter free. We move often so I like to have a permanent place for it. (Which is why I dont always have it in the kitchen) The things that dont move with us (stove, refridgerator, etc.) is then pulled for new owners. I also keep other user manuals for things we still have but know how to use as a quick inventory guide or for when we donate, sell, or have a garage sale. Since we move every few years. I organize what stays and what goes a few months beforehand and purge those items. It makes moving into our new home way easier.

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    Lucia says

    Hi, I have just found your blog and I’m liking what I am reading! I love to organize but have a hard time keeping things that way…
    Anyway, my question: you said your manuals are filed alphabetically. Can you go into that further? Like, say, you have a Samsung HDTV. Would that be filed under “S” or “T”? Do you file by product name or brand name or generic name? Or say, my camera, a Canon Digital Rebel.
    I have my manuals *filed* in 3 ring binders (about 5 I think). They are grouped by like items (appliances, small electronics, audio/video, computer, etc.)

    Thanks for all of the tips!

  18. 18
    Betty says

    I would say file by the item name, not brand. Example. Instead of Sansung; I would file it in fold labeled TV. A file for Camera; not Cannon. Makes more sense to me than filing anything by brand name.

  19. 19
    Linda N says

    I like your idea of keeping manuals in one place. I decided to store mine close to where I need them. I bought a few plastic magazine organizers. One is kept in the kitchen for large and small kitchen appliances. Two are on the shelf in the laundry room (near the garage) for the washer, dryer, water heater, garage door opener and anything else stored in the garage. I also have three in a bookcase in my home office for TVs, electronics, watches, vacuums, etc. I’m leaning towards consolidating them like you did since I don’t have to access them often. Thanks for all the great tips!


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