Another recipe system for you…..

Thanks to Menu Plan Monday I’ve found myself printing off quite a few recipes to try out in the very near future. Most of the time I’ll just save the recipes to my recipe folder on my computer but the recipes I’m pretty sure I’ll want to try soon I print out to have on hand when I go to make my menu up for the week. So I needed some place to put these recipe pages until I was ready for them. I really really hate paper out anywhere so I needed to come up with a system that would allow me to quickly file them, keep them accessible and at the same time contained and not cluttered.

Remember no boundaries = no limits!

This is what I came up with. I simply use a clear two sided type plastic folder that has two half pockets inside. Once I print the recipe out I now have somewhere to quickly place these recipes until I need them (I keep it alongside all my recipe magazines)…..this I can do because it doesn’t require any hole punching or anything and the pages just slip right in. Once I’ve tried the recipe and like it (if I don’t like it the page gets tossed, no use keeping recipes that are no good), I will make a notation on the bottom of the recipe that says when I made it and what changes I would make the next time and then it gets filed back into the folder until I find time to file them as keepers.

My self imposed limit here is that once my folder gets full I simply can’t start another folder…. how I see it is I have two choices. I either MUST get rid of some recipes that I’ve been holding on to and have never tried (if I haven’t made it in the last 6 months chances are pretty good I never will) and/or file the tried and true ones into one of two three ring binders that I keep for this purpose. One is divided for main dishes, salads, dips, soup, appetizers and drinks and the other is for pies, cakes, muffins and cookies. At the end of the day all I’m left with are two binders that contain only our family favorite recipes. Again this is another limit I have set for myself because I only have the space for two binders…once these two binders are full, I either need to toss some or stop trying new recipes!

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10 Responses to Another recipe system for you…..

  1. 1
    The Lazy Organizer says

    Great system! I have two binders for recipes organized exactly like you do! Well, my headings are a little different.

    I made my menu plan last week and didn’t make half the recipes. What is my problem!!! I really need professional help. Can you get me straightened out?

  2. 2
    Marcia says

    Laura, we are indeed kindred spirits.

    I have a similar system – I have 4 sheets for new recipes and they must be tried before I put a new one in, or else one of the existing recipes must go.

    But you’ve further inspired me – I should go through my recipe file again and throw out those I never intend to make.

  3. 3
    Amy says

    I posted my recipe organizing system for WFMW this week, too! Your system sounds like it works great. Mine is pretty similar, but I probably keep more untried pages than you do. :)

  4. 4
    annie says

    I’ve been thinking I am going to have to develop a system for all these menus and meals. I am thinking about printing my menus to rotate… and I have my recipes all bookmarked, not printed… so my laptop goes with me into the kitchen when it is time to cook (not necessarily a good thing). I need to print all the keepers out and then assemble a notebook. Thanks for the ideas and little push you always seem to give me :)

  5. 5
    ShariJoy says

    Hey Laura I couldn’t bookmark all the recipes I was coming across that I wanted to try DOUG WOULD KILL ME!!!! So I went to Canadian Living site and they have an online recipe box (free) that I put in my links it automatically logs you in when you go there so I just copy over the recipes that interest me and refer to them on MPM if I don’t like it Delete is what I push but I find it sooooooooo easy just keep it open in another tab when I’m surfing all the MPM sites for new recipes. I also got Doug to hook up our kitchen TV to the computer so when I’m cooking I can get the recipe from the computer to the tv instead of printing it out. Sometimes I do like Annie and bring my lap top in the kitchen. I just don’t have the space for all the mags and stuff… still working on reno’ing the kitchen!!

  6. 6
    Sandy says

    Another brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing.
    I have a new way of menu planning. I go to the store and see what meat is on sale, some home and write on a piece of paper the kind of meat and “use by” date. Then I freeze some, and keep some out, hop on the computer and pull up my recipes for the week.
    Kinda a backwards approach but it works for me!

  7. 7
    Honey says

    Ooops-I just read this post after todays and see my “great idea” is something you already sort of do. Ha ha! :) I really like this reminder not to hang onto endless amounts of recipes to try someday. I had the tendency to do that until our last move and want to remember not to start that again.

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  9. 10
    Queen B says

    Thanks!!! This is just what I was looking for!!


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