WFMW – Labelling Spice Lids

Yesterday I organized my “lazy susan” cupboard in my kitchen. That post is here. I store my spices on the top shelf as I don’t like to have them out cluttering up my counter and since my lazy susan cupboard is right beside the stove I just keep them there. Anyway after seeing my pictures yesterday The Wooden Porch left me a comment (thank you!) about labeling the top of the spice jars so that when I’m looking down on them in my cupboard I can see what I have and can quickly grad what I need. I loved this idea so I immediately pulled out my P-Touch and went to work. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner but it works brilliantly. I’d have alphabetized them like someone else had suggested but then they wouldn’t be sorted according to their lid color….freak here remember 🙂 So really my WFMW is someone else’s but because it works so well for me I’m sharing it with you…lol.

Here is a picture of the final product:

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  1. 1
    Anonymous says

    I was just over at Rocks and saw what you had put up on her linky and I had to laugh. You wasted no time! My MIL would be very proud of you and I would show her your post, if she knew I blogged. (I still think the internet keeps my blog top-secret and nobody will ever find it.)

    Your spice cabinet looks amazing! I’m glad it works for you. 🙂

  2. 2
    Anonymous says

    Great idea!

  3. 3
    Anonymous says

    Very clever! I will have to use this.

    I like how all the colors are together 🙂 !!

  4. 4
    Pam says

    What a great idea! Thanks! I have been trying to keep mine alphabetized, but it just isn’t working for me cause I use some spices way more than others and they need to be in the front!

  5. 5
    Barbara H. says

    Great idea! Mine are stored above eye level, but I have them in two places. The ones for baking are alphabetized on a lazy susan in a cabinet with brown sugar, etc., and the flour and such in a cabinet underneath, so I have kind of a baking center in one corner. The others I use for main dishes are alphabetized on a lazy susan in a cabinet neat the stove so they are right there handy when I am making spaghetti or whatever.

  6. 6
    Anonymous says

    That really is a great idea! And I had to giggle about sorting according to lid color – I think I’d prefer lid color to alphabetizing as well…it just looks prettier. 🙂

  7. 7
    Overwhelmed! says

    Great idea! Thankfully, I have a spice rack built in to one of my kitchen walls so I see the names on the front of each jar of spices.

    Thanks for taking the time to stop by and check out my WFMW calendar labels post. I do appreciate it!

  8. 8
    Sarah says

    That is a great idea — and WOW about yesterday’s tackle! My baking cabinet could sure use that!

  9. 9
    Anonymous says

    I need to do this today!!

  10. 10
    Anonymous says

    Lid color sorting. I’d of never thought of that. :v)

    I wish I had a lazy susan because you’re so right, it would unclutter the countertop.

  11. 11
    Anonymous says

    Great idea! I really need to do that, I have to pull them all out to find the one I’m looking for. (And I also sort by bottle type/lid color lol)

  12. 12
    Anonymous says

    That is such a great idea, but then I wouldn’t expect anything less from you OH MIGHTY ORGANIZER LOL I just love you, you always give me such neat ideas 🙂

  13. 14
    Anonymous says

    That’s a great idea, Laura! My spices are in a high cupboard, so I end up pulling half of them down when I need something…guess it’s time to re-organize them!

  14. 15
    Anonymous says

    Brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing this. I’m headed to the kitchen to do the same.

  15. 16
    Anonymous says

    Love this!

    I can’t stand my seasoning cupboard because everything is so disporagnized and I can’t seem to FIND anything. Not to mention the 3 bottles of spices that fall out each time I open it. Clearly it’s time for a change. Thanks for the tip!

  16. 17
    Anonymous says

    That is excellant I need to do this…..

  17. 18
    janet says

    i have read you enough to know about you and your love for bins. I never thought to put my spices in a bin. I think my spice cabinet will look so much better thanks to your photo. THanks!

  18. 19
    Anonymous says

    I love the way your lids are by color, I can’t believe I haven’t sorted mine by color yet. I definitely need to label some of mine like that though, thanks for the idea! =)

  19. 20
    Anonymous says

    That is so smart!!

  20. 21
    Kristen says

    This is such a genius idea that requires minimal effort! Thanks for sharing it.

  21. 22
    nwscrapmom says

    LOVE it!

  22. 23
    Fiona says

    Hi! New commenter here… I just had to laugh because the last time I spent an hour or so carefully labelling my spice jar lids (which I kept in a drawer of just the right size) was the night my second child was born. I needed to kill some time at 3am before getting my husband out of bed to drive me to the hospital! Ah, memories!
    Love your stuff, very inspirational.

  23. 24
    Pam Jones says

    Hi – Just found your site while looking for ideas to use the 2 lazy Susan corner cabinets I have. Great idea – I will be doing this tomorrow.

    One question I do have…my spices are in clear refillable jars that came with paper sticky labels to write on and put on the lids. I find these lids and labels are impossible to clean – paper comes off and glue stays on! Any suggestions for labeling the lids – they are white plastic?


    • 24.1
      Laura says

      You can buy round sticky Avery labels that you would print off yourself on your home printer. You can get regular or removable and they work well.


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