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Honey from over at Lips Like Honey asked me what to do about storing her daughter’s collection of books. In my book meme I mentioned that I LOVE books. What I love even more is encouraging my children to LOVE books as much as I do. I do that by purchasing books that interest them and since they each have completely different interests our book collection has swelled to enormous quantities. I rarely buy books new though. I make weekly trips to the thrift stores as well as garage sales and lets not forget Ebay. So as you can imagine trying to find somewhere to keep all these books has been my challenge. What I’ve come up with for my daughter that seems to be working for us at the moment is a closet library. Closets are such under utilized space….rarely do kids have clothes long enough to fill the bottom half of the closet so why not use this floor space for storage. In our case it is a closet library with bookshelves for my daughter BUT I am also a big fan of moving dressers into closets as well to free up space in a bedroom. I’m so happy to say that both my older two are constantly reading and enjoying their books although neither of them love to smell them like I do…go figure!

Here is a picture of my daughter’s closet….remember these are just my daughter’s books. My son has almost just as many in his room and we may soon have to move them into his closet!

Have a happy day!


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  1. 1
    Mom2fur says

    That’s a great idea! The books look so neat–and they are easy for your daughter to get to!

  2. 2
    Jenny says

    We are a family of book lovers as well. My 2 older boys share a bedroom and I just rearranged it a month ago and moved the bookshelf from the TV room into their room. I can’t wait til we redo the basement. What I want is a big built in corner desk unit and lots of built in bookshelves. We’ll have to wait a couple of years though. It’ll be a costly renovation!!

  3. 3
    mom of 2 says

    I love that!! Emily is such a book lover and keeps accumulating more and more books. We make regular trips to the library to try to cut down on buying so many books. She loves to go garage saling and spends her own allowance money on more books!! That is a great idea…I’m going to have to do that!!

  4. 4
    Tess says

    that is a wonderful habit to build in your family’s life.

  5. 5
    Honey says

    Oh Thank you! You are so thoughtful, and yes, I can use this idea! We have outgrown clothes in my 3 yr old’s closet that is going down to my toddler; so once I empty that out, it will be a perfect empty place for books. 🙂 Thanks for taking time to do a whole post on my “?”. Now I feel special. 🙂 (grin).

  6. 6
    sister sarah says

    Laura what do you do if your current home has no closet space to speak of? Is it okay to find a new house to fit all the books…scrapbooks that I love?

  7. 7
    Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) says

    WOW – those are the tidiest, nicest bookshelves ever!! good idea about the closet – but I am always trying to use all the storage space I can find!

  8. 8
    Sandra says

    That is such a great idea, I have TONS of books and bookshelves and am constantly running out of room….this is just perfect 🙂


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