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New Year’s Organizing Revolution ~ Week One: Office/Desk

Welcome to week #1 of our New Year’s Organizing Revolution Challenge!!  You can read all the details and see the entire prize list here.  Are you ready to get some areas of your home organized?  Now is the time!  You can do this!  Remember to follow my PROCESS step by step for ultimate success.  It’s going to be great.  Just think in a months time how fantastic you are going to feel.  Whoot!  There will be a new area to organize assigned each week for a total of 4 weeks. We encourage you to join every weekly challenge in order to be entered into the grand prize drawing at the end of the 4 weeks!

The Challenge:

This week we are organizing the home office or desk area in your house or essentially any area of your home that collects paper that piles for miles :)

To motivate you to get started this week, here is my organized office.

  office after

office after 1

office after 2

To see the before pictures and the steps I took to organize my above office space visit my office post here.

To see all my office posts visit here.

The Rules:

To join our week 1 challenge, follow these 4 easy steps:

1. ORGANIZE YOUR DESK OR OFFICE space even if it’s just a drawer or a surface space.  It’s all good!

2. TAKE PICTURES of your organized space.

3. LINK UP to the challenge from your blog or Pinterest (by Thursday night).  If you need help linking up from Pinterest visit this post.  Each of the seven blogger hosts will display the same linky so please only link up at ONE of our sites.

4. VOTE for your favorite space of the week (Friday-Sunday) on the same linky here.

organizing revolution

The Prizes:

Below are the fantastic prizes for the winners of the week 1 challenge!!

First Place Prize:

PRIZE – NeatReceipts Scanner$199.95 Value

Neat® is the developer of several cloud-based Digital Filing System solutions, designed to manage personal information with ease and simplicity in order to save time and increase productivity. NeatReceipts® is a portable scanner and Digital Filing System, weighing less than a pound, making on-the-go organization a cinch. NeatReceipts also includes Neat’s unique software that identifies and extracts the important information from receipts, business cards, and documents to automatically organize it for you. All scanned and imported documents can be searched by keyword in Neat’s software so that you can find exactly what you need. Now, users have seamless access to their information from anytime, anywhere via NeatCloud and NeatMobile. We welcome you to visit our social media sites… and Twitter feed – @NeatCompany.

Second Place Prize:

PRIZE – $100 Gift Certificate to A Time For Everything Etsy Shop

I am passionate about people living within their means and getting out of debt, but I don’t believe a cash system of budgeting has to mean tattered paper envelopes reinforced with packing tape! I offer a variety of lovely cash envelope system wallets with the hope that each of my customers can find a product that fits her budget, appeals to her personal taste, and functionally suits her needs. My wallets and accessories are handmade by me using designer laminated cotton which is lightweight yet very durable, CPSIA compliant, and free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates. Live within your means with style!

Third Place Prize:


PRIZE – Clever Container: Sophisticated File Box

Is it a file box? Is it a handbag? It’s both! Sophisticated, practical and handy! This beautiful PVC tote comes with 4 coordinated standard letter-sized hanging file folders to fit the 26” file rods which are embedded in the core. The three interior pockets hold keys, phone, and accessories. (11½ x 14 x 6½)

Clever Container is an organizing product direct sales company committed to providing top quality, unique products and solutions to reduce the stress of an organizational task. We have products for kitchens, crafts, closets, drawers, children, storage, offices, and more. Clever Container Consultants provide organizing tips, techniques, and products to help simplify your life in a fun, relaxed setting. Consultants demonstrate the products, provide multiple uses, and share organizing tips which you can use as soon as you get home. Our motto is “It’s not just the product, it’s the process.” As a professional organizer striving to give people the most efficient and effective home, personal lives, and businesses possible, Ashley Meyer of DBL Designs Lifestyle & Small Business Consulting found the perfect partnership with Clever Container. Through Clever Container, she brings quality, affordable organizing products to her professional organizing clients.

Your Hosts:

Be sure to stop by each of the blogs below to see how they organize their offices.

Don’t forget to follow us all on Facebook and Pinterest for lots of great organizing tips to help you along the way!




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31 Responses to “New Year’s Organizing Revolution ~ Week One: Office/Desk”
  1. 1
    Sara Westhead says:

    Personally working on my craft desk in our family room – the computer desk is hubby’s, so I really need to leave the organizing of that to him. Started yesterday and doing a major overhaul, super cleaning and getting rid of stuff I don’t want or won’t use. Even posted a few things on the our local version of Craigslist!

  2. 2

    This is fun!!! Thanks so much for hosting it!

  3. 3
    Amber says:

    Glad you are doing the office. After I get my house back in order from Christmas and all the Chirstmas decorations put up that is my first project for 2013. Our office is a disaster area. I do have a new empty filling cabinet that I am ready to fill up. I am ready to get organize in 2013.

  4. 4
    Heather says:

    As someone who is on the Pacific coast, approx what “time” on Thursday evening will be the cutoff? Would say 11pm PST be too late?

    • 4.1
      Laura says:

      Great question! You’ll actually have until the voting begins at 6:00 am Friday morning PST to link up….so technically that would be 5:59 am PST on Friday so you can organize all night if you like but sleep is good too :)

  5. 5
    LB says:

    Just saw this today! going to see what I can do with the office space tomorrow! Love this idea!

  6. 6

    So love this challenge! I’m enjoying checking in to see everyone’s organized spaces and looking forward to voting. Really excited about how my space is functioning.

    Quite a few folks have hopped over to follow the blog after my post on Office 2.0 ~ Cozy. Simple. Organized. Thanks to those of you who have visited for all the nice comments and feedback!

    Happy new year,

  7. 7

    Phew! Just snuck in with my lovely clean desk in my craft room/office/study. I’m feeling so much happier about my space now too. Thanks for the motivation!

  8. 8
    Kathy Hollmann says:

    This challenge really motivated me to work like a crazy person on my least favorite areas to organize. Because of your efforts and mine, I am starting out the new year feeling quite empowered and ready. Thank you!

  9. 9
    Sica says:

    Did I miss something?

    I posted my sight last night and I don’t see mine here to vote for. Not that I planned to vote for myself, but I wanted to see what picture got posted here.

    Let me know

    Thank you

  10. 10
    Katherine says:

    This challenge has motivated me to do so much organizing! It’s so true that one small organizing success leads to wanting to do more. I had a smaller challenge for this first week (I’m number 48 above), but I’ve already started working on each of the 4 weeks, and I’m super excited about the progress I’ve made already, and the plans I have for the rest.

    I’ve really enjoyed coming back and looking at everyone’s linked-up posts. Wow, there are a lot! So much organizing inspiration! Anyways, thanks for hosting this challenge. It’s a lot of fun!

  11. 11
    Dana says:

    For some reason I am not able to vote? Do I need to do something extra?

    • 11.1
      Laura says:

      Hi Dana, underneath each thumbnail picture you’ll see a start with the word vote. Click on that for the one you want to vote on. It’ll only let you vote once so if you are seeing numbers it means you’ve already voted. Hope that helps.

  12. 12
    EA Bussey says:

    So sad…somehow I missed the cut-off time for voting :(

    Just wanted to say GREAT job to everyone! I looked at every single site. Many I was unable to comment on, but kudos to all. I for one am very happy with my new organized office and I’m looking forward to soon having an organized kitchen. Way to Go!

    And remember….

    It’s not about the votes, it’s about feeling great about your organized spaces.


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