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Menu Plan Monday ~ Thanksgiving Edition Oct 10/11

Yep that’s right it’s Canadian Thanksgiving today…happy Thanksgiving Canadians!!  Hope you had a terrific long weekend!  We celebrated over at friends with a big turkey dinner on Saturday so I won’t be cooking a turkey myself.  Instead I’m going to do a ham and homemade mac and cheese.  Yum!

Well as you know I went to New York for the first time last week and I can’t wait to tell you all about it sometime this week.  It was absolutely amazing!  Can you guess what my highlight might have been from this picture?  Whee!!!!

Okay so last week’s winner of the $75.00 gift card provided by the menu planning resource, Ziplist, is #77 Denise from Shopper Strategy!!  Congratulations Denise!!


Plan a menu quick with these MPM resources:

Recipe Index Round-Up

My Family Favorite Recipes

Mega menu planning resources list

My menu this week:

Monday:  Slow Cooker Maple Ham served with Homemade Macaroni and Cheese (both family favorites!)

Tuesday:  Corn Chowder in the Slow Cooker (using leftover ham) served with Bread Machine Garlic Bread

Wednesday:  Potatoes and Sausage

Thursday:  Leftover Buffet

Friday:  Mini Deep Dish Pizzas (thxs to Scattered Thoughts for the recipe link)

Saturday:  Whole Wheat Chicken Parmesan

Sunday:  Picking Night!!


Menu Plan Monday guidelines and banner selections are here.

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31 Responses to “Menu Plan Monday ~ Thanksgiving Edition Oct 10/11”
  1. 1

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    I use ZipLIst and LOVE it! Thanks for hosting Laura!
    ~Liz@HoosierHomemade & Pocket Change Gourmet

  2. 2
    Patty says:

    We’Re both serving corn chowder this week. Your recipe is considerably easier than mine… May be giving yours a go instead. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  3. 3

    I love ham in the slow cooker. Thanks for the reminder! We have a turkey roast in ours right now, simmering away for dinner tonight.

  4. 4
    Betty says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! And thank you for hosting this linky each week. I find some of the best menu and recipe ideas here every week! Thank you!!

  5. 5
    Ryder says:

    Hey Laura, I love your site. I saw someone else sharing their menu in the comments last week, so I thought I would share this week. Enjoy!

    Sunday: Rotisserie chicken, crowder peas, steamed broccoli

    Monday: Whole wheat blueberry pancakes, scrambled eggs, fruit salad

    Tuesday: Chicken Parmesan, pasta w/ garlic and oil, salad

    Wednesday: Lentil soup, cornbread

    Thursday: Leftovers

    Friday: Black eyed peas (crockpot), collard greens, leftover cornbread

    Saturday: Leftovers

  6. 6

    Yum…corn chowder!!! :)

    P.S. I wish there was a Blogger plugin for Ziplist!

  7. 7
    Chrissy says:

    I love corn chowder. I have never tried it in the slow cooker. Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. 8
    Denise says:

    Thanks so much Laura! I’m thrilled to have been last week’s winner :)

  9. 9
    April says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Laura! Oh, I cant wait till Thanksgiving gets here in the US. I’m using my crock pot today too, I have a beef roast simmering now. Thanks for hosting and have a great week! :)

  10. 10
    Gretchen says:

    Thanks again for hosting and Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  11. 11
    Meyser says:

    Great dishes! I’m really having troubles linking up though. Image won’t come, and then it stops altogether. Has the system changed? It used to work without problems.

    • 11.1
      Laura says:

      Hmm, no I’m still using the same system…and I see all the other links there. That is so strange, so sorry you are having trouble :(

      • 11.1.1
        Meyser says:

        I figured out! It’s with those new dynamic views in blogger. I love it, but apparently, it’s not really compatible with everything. Next time, I’ll put my blog for a moment in the old template, link up, and then change again That way it does work. Thanks for thinking along!

  12. 12
    Janet says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! The ham recipe sounds amazing. And I love the idea of cooking it in a slow cooker.

  13. 13
    Martha (MM) says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Laura and as always thanks for hosting!

  14. 14

    Laura thank you so much for linking to my chicken parm!! You seriously rock!

    I am working on my menu plan right now. A little behind because we were gone this weekend.

  15. 15
    Tammy says:

    Hi, Laura. Happy Thanksgiving!!!
    Have I told you that I am so OCD about your site! lol I have to check it every day until I can view all (or almost all) of the menu plans!

    Oct. 9th – Salad and crudités available at every meal
    Sun. – Crock pot gyros, sauce (finally made it) DH & I liked it. The boys just ate the meat.
    Mon. – Stuffed bell peppers (cooked on Sun.)
    Tues. – Vegetable beef (in freezer) soup, grilled cheese
    Wed. – Red beans & rice
    Thurs. – Chicken (grilled in freezer) quesadillas
    Fri. – Baked ravioli (Martha Stewart’s yummy recipe)
    Sat. – out or grill
    School lunch (with watered down organic juice)
    M – Pizza, string cheese, fruit strip, Nilla wafers
    T – Tofurky sandwich, carrots, string cheese, raspberries, snack
    W – Spaghettios and meatballs, string cheese, fruit strip, snack
    Th – Pizza pasta, string cheese, snack
    F – Tofurky sandwich, string cheese, fruit strip, snack

  16. 16

    Oh the corn chowder sounds yummy! Will have to give it a go!
    Glad you enjoyed your holiday, and can’t wait to read more about New York!
    10 steps to clean your house FAST!

  17. 17
    LB says:

    is not a menu.. not even any recipes :(

  18. 18
    Marie says:

    The corn chowder was a hit at my house. Thanks for sharing!!