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Menu Plan Monday ~ March 10th


Hello my lovely menu planners! I must admit that I’ve been staring at recipes for awhile tonight and really not anything is jumping out at me. Some weeks are just harder than others but not doing a menu plan is not an option for me so I finally just had to pick something and go with it.

So I know many of you ladies are trying to save some money on your grocery bill, myself included. I’ve come across a new site that is trying to help us do just that. It’s called BeCentsAble and they are encouraging people to plan their menus around sale items by having a grocery gathering each week. Every week they will post a new “gathering” of deals from the ads that start the day prior (Monday is for the Sunday ads/Thursday for the Wednesday ads). Each post will include links to the stores being hosted as well as a link to miscellaneous coupons and freebies. Sounds like it might be a real helpful tool providing all sorts of valuable information at one stop.

Okay so on to my menu:

Monday: Grilled cheese and tomato soup

Tuesday: Cheesy Broccoli Rigatoni

Wednesday: Baked Chicken Teriyaki served with rice and carrots

Thursday: Better-Than-Ever Beef Enchiladas

Friday: Homemade pizza

Saturday: Spaghetti and meatballs

Have a great week!


Menu Plan Monday guidelines are here.


64 Responses to “Menu Plan Monday ~ March 10th”
  1. 1
    Candi says:

    That chicken teriyaki sounds yummy!!

    I know what you mean about nothing really sounding good. I planned out 30+ meals based on the meat in my freezer and still had a tough time planning this week!!

  2. 2

    I like the idea of a “grocery gathering”. I will have to search around and see if there is an Australian equivalent.

  3. 3

    Wow! Can’t believe I’m the first one on the list this week. Guess it pays to stay up until MIDNIGHT (CST).

    That Cheesy Broccoli Rigatoni sounds really good. I just printed it out to give it a try in the coming weeks. Thanks again for hosting – hope you have a great week!

  4. 4

    Everything sounds so yummy, great menu!

    Have a great week

    Rachel xxx

  5. 5
    Michelle says:

    Hi Laura ;-) The Cheesy Broccoli Rigatoni sounds yum-oh.Thank you for hosting every week.thanks for the link of that site ;=) off to check it out!!!have a great week.. I imagine your Mum is Hating the weather right now!?!

  6. 6
    Madelein says:

    Sounds nice- Have a great week!!

  7. 7
    Kiy says:

    Yuuuum, Chicken Teriyaki. A fav for sure, that looks like a great recipe, going to have to try that one.

    Cheers, Kiy

  8. 8

    Mmmm. That grilled cheese and tomato soup sounds delicious! Too bad my family doesn’t like it. Boo :(

    (May have to make some just for myself!)

  9. 9
    Vivi says:

    I know what you mean – it took me an hour to do this week’s list, and I’ll be out of town for three days! lol

    Thanks as always, have a great week!

  10. 10
    mjpuzzlemom says:

    Looks like a good week. Thanks for the link to BeCentsAble. Thabnks for hosting MPM.

    MJ – What A Crock!

  11. 11
    Kim says:

    I was struggling this week to make my menu too! Maybe it’s just an uninspiring week *L*

    I try to plan my menus around what’s going to be on sale that week. I can check the ads online on Sundays and then do my groceries for the week when the shops open on Monday morning. I’m not always successful because some weeks there just isn’t anything that catches my fancy, but on good weeks I do manage to save a bit!

  12. 12
    Renee' says:

    Your menu plan sounds wonderful! have a agreat week and thanks for hosting this!

  13. 13

    I’m snooping around for ideas, nearly finished!

  14. 14

    Have a great week, everybody.

  15. 15

    Great menu- from the looks of things around the web, Friday night must be pizza night!

  16. 16
    Jodi says:

    Your menu sounds yummy! Have a great week!

  17. 17

    My husband asked for beef enchiladas this week, too. He’s such a goofball when it comes to menu planning. I’ll sit down with the sales flyer, pen, and paper asking him what he would like, it’s always “Whatever you decide is fine.” Then randomly during the week he’ll say, “You never make _______ anymore.”
    Well, if he’d ask, I’d make it.

  18. 18
    Andrea says:

    Your meals sound yummy! Thank you for the link to BeCentsAble. I had a hard time planning my list this week too.

    Thank you so much for hosting this – it is a great incentive for me!


  19. 19
    Wendy says:

    I had to laugh a little when I saw your menu. We’re having teriyaki tonight; homemade pizza and spaghetti and meatballs at the end of the week. I hope that means you’re starting to get into my subconscious and soon I’ll be seeing my organizing efforts pay off!! :) Have a great week and thanks for hosting us!

  20. 20
    Debi says:

    Mmmm…but you’ve got a yummy week planned! I just bookmarked that rigatoni recipe…it sounds like a real winner!

    Have a great week, Laura!

  21. 21

    After reading your menu plan, I added grilled cheese and tomato soup to mine. It’s so yummy and quick to make! :)

  22. 22
    Tamy says:

    There’s just something about grilled cheese and tomato soup – they’re like peanut butter and jelly – they just go together.

  23. 23
    Sharon says:

    Thank you for posting that link. :)
    While I’m good at planning meals in advance, I rarely do it with the store ads guiding me.

    Your menu looks great (as always!). Thanks for sharing and hosting!

  24. 24

    Good morning, Laura.

    I know what you mean about the ho-hum of coming up with recipes each week. My husband made me a recipe chart in Excel and though that certainly comes in handy when it comes time to make my grocery list, it can get old after a while. Hence the reason I love your Menu Plan Monday; it gives me an opportunity to browse all sorts of recipes without taking a lot of time. Trust me, my family thanks you. *smile*

    Here’s one my MIL came up with, it’s not terribly unique, but it might be something different for you, Flying Saucers

    Have a wonderful week!

  25. 25

    The baked chicken teriyaki sounds yummy!

    I’m trying to use less meat this week to teach my kids how to eat frugally. One day they’ll be starving students and I still want them to eat well!

    I really touted menu planning in my book To Love, Honor and Vacuum, so I’m so glad I can join the ride!

    Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum soon!

  26. 26
    Avlor says:

    My husband will be thrilled to see enchiladas on the menu (he’s a Mexican food fanatic). I’m just going to snitch the recipe, Laura.

  27. 27
    JJ - Lady Di says:

    Checking out that website now, thanks!

    Last week, I used up some meats that I had in my freezer, and chicken legs and thighs that were on sale and made up some freezer meals. I’m pulling some of those out for this week. I’m replacing those meals with ones using the lean ground beef that’s on sale this week. I hope this helps! I can’t believe how much the prices have increased, not to mention the gas prices too! I must admit this is the only time that I don’t enjoy living in the country!

  28. 28
    Sarah says:

    Oh, my dh loves grilled cheese and tomato soup; I think he’d eat it every single day! (It’s so easy, maybe I should make it for him every day . . . hmmm *thinking*)

  29. 29

    The Better-Than-Ever Beef Enchiladas sound pretty good. I like the addition of the can of black beans. I’ll have to try that one, kraft always has such good recipes. :)

  30. 30
    kat says:

    Last week was fun thanks for putting this together!

  31. 31
    Krista says:

    Your menu looks fabulous! I am going to try to the Chicken Rigatoni & the Chicken Teriyaki soon.

  32. 32
    Genni says:

    Ha! Great minds must think alike. (Actually, if you’re thinking like me, you might be in trouble.)

  33. 33
    Lora says:

    Mmmmm…I’ve got to try that chicken teryaki! All of your recipes really look delicious though.
    Hve a great week!

  34. 34
    Laura says:

    This site sure keeps me accountable to get my menu planning done each week! Thanks!

  35. 35
    Jamie says:

    I’m new to the blogging world and I posted my first menu. I love seeing all the great ideas.


  36. 36
    Jeanette says:

    Thanks for the link! And thanks for hosting this each week. I’ve been planning menus for years but it is fun to post it and to get ideas for new menus from everyone else!

  37. 37
    Vampy Lady says:

    First comment & first menu plan Monday for me.
    Been lurking the site for a few months now though, even have it linked on my blog.

  38. 38
    Heather says:

    I had to get creative because I didn’t want to stock up on food before heading out of town. All I need from the store this week is bread (my homemade bread isn’t up to snuff for sandwiches or toast), cheese, and fruit.

    Thanks for motivating me to get this done!

  39. 39
    Catherine says:

    I’ve posted for this week but if you call at my site you will see just how “problematic” my plan is for this week! LOL!!

  40. 40
    Michele says:

    Hi Laura – thanks as always for hosting. It gives an added incentive to menu plan. If it’s possible to fix it, can you please add the word “vegan” in parenthesis to mine – I’m number 206. Thanks much and have a great week.

  41. 41
    andi says:

    This week I really didn’t feel like figuring out what to make, so I asked the kids. We’ll see if they are happy with what they chose.
    Your menu sounds yummy. Maybe one week I will just try new recipes from everyone elses menus. :) have a great week.

  42. 42
    Sandra says:

    Sounds great Laura :)

    I’ve fallen off the menu plan wagon because of the move, but I’ll be back next week for sure :)

  43. 43
    sherry says:

    Your menu this week looks delish! My son (who is just over pneumonia) asked me the other night to make enchiladas! (He’s never had them before) I told him once I thought his stomach would handle it! So they will probably be on my menu next week!


  44. 44
    Peg Graham says:

    Great Menu! Mine is on my blog!

  45. 45

    That teriyaki chicken looks delish! I’ll be adding that to next weeks dinner menu at our house. Thanks for sharing!!

  46. 46
    Sifted Heart says:

    I love finding new ways to do things. Thanks ladies.

  47. 47
    Paloma says:

    I, too had a heck of a time this week with the menu. Mine is ridiculously vague. The weather is so nice out…we’ll see how good I do (yes the weather changes things).

  48. 48
    Angela says:

    Thanks for the savings tip! I will check it out.

  49. 49
    Jessica says:

    obsessed with your blog, good to know there are so many out there as anal as me! I blogged this entry in my weekend roundup, it was too good not to share!


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