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Planning for a Summer to Remember

Hi everyone, I’m super excited to welcome our newest contributor.  Sharon, from Momof6, is going to be a regular contributor here twice a month.  Many of you will remember Sharon from when we worked together on the Great Garage Clean-Out Challenge last year.  We had such a good time and got some serious organizing done […]

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6 Smart Steps to Getting Things Done

Please welcome my guest today, Carolynn from My Little Bit of Life. Carolynn is here to share some great strategies she has learned through her own experiences on how to get things done. 1.  Have a Routine I was raised on a routine, going to school to be a teacher, they emphasized routines, and we […]

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52 Weeks: #39 Fighting Procrastination

If you are new to 52 Weeks of Organizing, catch up here! Do you procrastinate? I’ve noticed that the things I procrastinate the most are those that I think I’ll fail at. For instance, I don’t think of myself as a writer and even after five years with this blog, writing posts is still not […]

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Does saying NO mean you are lazy?

Does saying no mean you are lazy? I get asked a lot of questions around here but one question I’m proud to rarely get asked is “how do you do it all?”.  I never want to come across on this blog like I’m superwoman because I can assure you I’m most definitely not.  What I […]

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Managing your time with your iPhone

The thing I love most about organizing is that there are literally hundreds of various ways to organize your time, space and life. Being organized is not a one size fits all routine for everyone. What works for one may not necessarily work for another and that’s the beauty of it. Now I’m an old […]

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