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My Recipe Organization ~ Part Two

Well I got it done!  If you missed part one it is here.  I have discovered more and more over the last little while that I’m more likely to use something if it’s not only functional but fabulous as well.  My old recipe binders were not exciting for me.  In fact they were old and falling […]

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My Recipe Organization ~ Part One

Today I’m working on organizing my recipes.  I’ve been going over my system to decide if changes are needed or not.  I’m paying attention to the following: a)  can I find the recipes I need  and   b) can I find them in less than 2 minutes And the answer to that, despite my lack […]

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Organizing Recipes

Recipes are everywhere and so many look so good that we bookmark, we rip, we email, we save, we print and we write in order to collect and keep them organized in some sort of orderly fashion.  Ideally we’d like to be able to find them again when we need to without having to waste […]

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