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Small Organized Spaces: Organizing & Decluttering DVDs

Okay so we tackled the books not long ago and now it’s time to think about organizing and decluttering DVDs. It’s hard for people to part with books and I know for many it’s hard to part with DVDs as well. Decluttering DVDs is hard for me, as you will see below, I totally get […]

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Small Organized Changes in My Living Room

Hey y’all, today’s post is all about more small organized changes I’ve been making. My husband recently bought me some new living room furniture for our 23rd wedding anniversary. We’ve actually been looking for awhile, ever since we painted our living room last year. Of course it took us awhile to find the right one […]

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Small Organized Spaces: Purging Books to Make Room for Other Things

Hi friends, I’m back this week with another small organized spaces post. I am not planning these out ahead of time by the way. These are spaces I’m actually organizing in my own home. What I decide to tackle each week is usually a result of needing to find space for something or to solve […]

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Small Organized Spaces: Linen Cupboard

You may have noticed that this year on the blog I’m trying to get back to sharing the small spaces in my home that I’m organizing each week. I’m not staging my photos and just keeping it real. However it can be so hard not to compare ourselves to the beautifully decorated homes we see […]

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I broke my own organizing rule and here’s what happened

Hey friends, so I made a very rookie mistake the other day. You see my closet has been driving me batty for quite some time now. I just felt it wasn’t working for me but with the busyness of the holidays I didn’t take the time to pinpoint why. Instead I was just annoyed and […]

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