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Sponsor Spotlight ~ September 2015

7 Days to Better Productivity & Time Management

Howdy friends!  It’s the end of September and I’m excited to celebrate my son’s 16th birthday tomorrow, yay!  I’ve been a busy girl these last few days switching my clothes out for the season.  I shared my process of how I do that on the blog yesterday so if you haven’t checked that out you […]

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Sponsor Spotlight ~ August 2015

Organizing is Really Just One Big Game of Tetris

Today is the day before school starts for us.  I’m so sad and not ready to say goodbye to summer yet.  BUT whether we are ready or not, a new season is beginning.  As we figure out new routines and schedules, now is a fantastic time to get ourselves organized at the same time.  I […]

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Sponsor Spotlight ~ July 2015


So here we are at the end of July and while I originally thought that July was going to be slower paced than June, I was oh so wrong. With holidays, operation switch rooms around and visiting company, we’ve been on the go, go, go.  Here’s hoping August is our month of rest :)  How […]

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Sponsor Spotlight ~ June 2015

find the joy in simplicity

Yay to the end of June!  June was such a busy month that I’m looking forward to the slower days of July now that the kids finished school last week.  I’m also excited to get some organizing and painting projects done as we switch some rooms around in the house.  My middle son is taking […]

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Sponsor Spotlight ~ May 2015

The Less Stuff You Have The More You Appreciate

Hello lovely people!  It’s the end of May already and time for my monthly sponsor spotlight post.  I love sharing these companies with you that are as passionate as I am about helping people get organized in some way.  They are awesome as you’ll see below! If you would like some extra help on your […]

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Sponsor Spotlight ~ April 2015

Sponsor Spotlight

Here we are at the end of the month again.  Gosh I love flipping over the calendar to a fresh clean page.  Such a great feeling!  This past month we’ve been talking quite a bit about purging our stuff.  Specifically about not saving all your purging for once or twice a year but rather do […]

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