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How to Create Labels Using PicMonkey


The following is a guest post from regular contributor, Sharon at Mom of 6. Tell me if you agree…. if it’s worth organizing, and putting into pretty containers, well then…. certainly its worth labeling, right? If by chance, you happened to catch my post over at Momof6 on how I am dealing with my storage-challenged […]

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Office Organizing ~ Starting with the Photo Albums

Like many people I have a whole pile of photo albums in my office closet taking up a whole pile of space.  Before digital cameras, I was diligent about getting my film developed and filed into albums (now I create Photobooks to enjoy my pictures which take up next to no space which I LOVE).  […]

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How prepared are you for an emergency?

Those of you that have read my blog for sometime know I like to be prepared.  Sometimes annoyingly so.  For instance, I’m not a light packer. I continually over pack because I want to be prepared for whatever might come my way.  You need it I’ve got it.  Take a hike with me and need […]

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How to Organize Your Photos

Please welcome my guest today, Cassie from Mrs. January, a Canadian site about saving money to live a better life.  One of the areas of organization that sadly gets neglected in my life are photos.  I have them on my computer sorted by date and year but I tend to procrastinate what I do with […]

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Picture Hanging Solutions

Have I told you how much I hate being annoyed?  Yep I do so I try not to dwell in that spot too long and instead try and figure out a solution to the problem instead.  Thankfully my two little annoyances below were easily fixed with a little help from Command Brand. Problem #1 Frames […]

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Picture My Memories ~ The Blue Boots

Several years ago when I was in Ontario visiting my sister we spent some time reorganizing some of her closets.  That’s when we came across the boots.  The big bad bright blue boots.  She didn’t wear them any longer but they held special memories for her from another time.  A time when she was young […]

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