Friday Favorites – Subscription Options, How to Declutter Free Printable + more!

Org Junkie's Organizing Favorites for July 29/16 - subscription options, how to declutter your home free printable + more!

Hi friends, many of you that get my daily blog post emails have been asking me about a week in review email instead to cut down on the number of emails you get. Guess what? I finally have some subscription options figured out for you, whoot! The next time you get an email from me, scroll down to the very bottom and you’ll see a preferences tab. Click on that and you’ll see three options listed.

Subscription Options:

Daily blog post updates – each time I publish a new post, you’ll get an email from me the following morning.

Week in review – you’ll receive all my blog posts from the previous week in one email on Saturday mornings.

Org Junkie Extras – since the other two are automated emails this one is more for my personal notes to you, free printables (to come!) and exclusive subscriber extras as they come up.

Check or un-check the boxes to customize exactly what arrives in your inbox! You can subscribe to one, two or even all three if you really want to be really wild and crazy! :)  Hope that helps y’all! Oh and if you aren’t currently already a subscriber, go right HERE to get signed up so you don’t miss a thing. Mwah!

Summer Holidays:

Of course my recent vacation ranks right up there as a favorite. We just got back from an amazing week on lovely Prince Edward Island. If you missed that post you can get all caught up HERE. Such a beautiful province!

Prince Edward Island Vacation 2016

Packing Cubes:

A favorite packing tool from our trip were packing cubes. I blogged about these particular ones a couple of months ago when I used two different colored cube sets with my boys.

Packing Cubes

Well this trip my husband and I used the cubes in one suitcase so we’d only had to pay for one checked bag. Want to know what the best part about using packing cubes was? He couldn’t give me the gears about packing more stuff then him because we had exactly the same number of cubes, ha!  Although I’m definitely sure I managed to squeeze more in mine with my mad packing skills. I like to be prepared for all the things of course :)


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Guest Room Essentials

Guest Room 1-pinnable

The following is a guest post from regular contributor, Yuni at Love Your Abode. Recently, I gave my guest room a big makeover. You have to see the before photo to really appreciate the full transformation. Since the makeover, we’ve already housed a handful of guests. For the final touch, I wanted to put together an […]

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Pro Tips for Organized Travel with Electronic Devices

Image 1

The following is a guest post from organizing expert, Donna Smallin Kuper at Whether you’re traveling across town or to the other side of the world, you’re not going anywhere without your phone and other favorite electronic devices. What can you do to ensure that you pack everything you need and leave nothing behind? […]

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Teaching Your Children to Organize: Stop Tossing Their Stuff!

Stop Tossing Your Kids Stuff

If there is one thing I’m most passionate about when it comes to organizing is the importance of teaching kids’ how to organize when they are young. But the problem I see over and over again is that parents wait until their kids aren’t home to go into their rooms and start tossing things out. […]

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