How to Find Time for Self-Care

The following is a guest post about self-care from regular contributor, Morgan from Morganize with Me. 

I’m putting down my label maker today, and I’m going to talk with you all about self-care. In other words, yes you should get that massage.

Self-care is something I’ve been guilty of not doing nearly enough, even though I know it’s incredibly important. I know that when I find time for it, I am more naturally able live my life intentionally, and dare I say, organized?

How to Find Time for Self-Care at I'm an Organizing Junkie blog

Often what keeps me from living intentionally, is the reality that I’m are trying to “do life” on an empty tank. I’m living with too little margin in my day-to-day and I don’t have anything left to give. Can you relate?

Life for all of us, can tend to get chaotic. Which is exactly why carving out time for self-care is extremely important.

So, how do you find time for self-care?


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Organized Solutions for Easily Managing Daily School Papers

Organized Solutions for easily managing daily school papers short

Hey friends, for years and years I have used an awesome product on my fridge to organize all those school papers my kids bring home. I’m not talking about the file and forget papers that you want to keep forever. Those are more for long term storage and I’ve already blogged my solution for organizing […]

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Menu Plan Monday ~ Aug 22/16

Menu Plan Monday 1

Hi everyone! It’s that time again to sit down with a pen and paper and maybe your favorite cookbooks or Pinterest and plan your menu plan for the week. It’s definitely well worth the investment in time that is for sure! This week my middle son (16) had some minor foot surgery and now has […]

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Bathroom Organizing with an Ikea RASKOG Cart


The following is a guest post from regular contributor, Rachel at Useful Beautiful Home. One quick Google search and you can find dozens of ways to use the 3-tiered Ikea RASKOG utility cart. This popular piece has been known to stylishly organize almost anything; from kitchen supplies to diaper changing stations. I happen to have […]

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Menu Plan Monday ~ Aug 15/16

Menu Plan Monday for the week of

Hi everyone!¬† If your menu plan didn’t go exactly as planned last week, don’t you worry because today is the start of a brand new week. Take a moment today to plan out 3-5 days of easy meals. Check out my Quick and Easy Recipes Pinterest board if you need some ideas. Don’t make it […]

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Menu Plan Monday ~ Aug 8/16

Penticton Peaches

Hi everyone! Have you had a chance to put together a menu plan yet for the week? I know many of you in the US have kiddos going to back to school pretty quick so having a menu plan in place is a very good way to keep on top of the after school chaos […]

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