15 Essentials for a Really Cozy Guest Room & Free Welcome Printables

In the past whenever we had guests come to visit, my daughter was usually the one to give up her room for them. It was quite a process getting her room organized and ready to be used as a cozy guest room each time that is for sure. Now that she no longer lives at home I now have a dedicated guest room ready and waiting which makes things a little easier. Since all of our family lives away from us I’m always wishing they’d come more often to visit. I like to make guests feel as comfortable as possible when they do come so they won’t hesitate to return. Although some of you might be trying to avoid that, ha!

15 Essentials for a Really Cozy Guest Room with free printables at I'm an Organizing Junkie blog

In addition to the basics like comfy pillows and sheets, here are a few other necessities that I think all guest rooms should have for a comfortable stay. I wrote a similar post five years ago but I thought it was time for an update :) The brass bed is an antique that has been in my family for many many years. It doesn’t polish up so good anymore though sadly. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix that please let me know. The quilt was made for me by my Aunt and Granny as a wedding present 22 years ago. It’s very special to me.


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