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About 5 years ago I started a journey towards organization and simplicity. In my new book, now in stores, I share some of the organizing, decluttering and simplifying tips I’ve learned along the way. 101 tips to be exact! Many of the tips included I’ve shared here on my blog at one point or another but they are scattered over 5 years of worth of blog posts, a little too labor intensive for anyone to have to go through.

I’m so excited to finally be able to offer the best of the best to you consolidated all in one place. One book with a ton of information to help you along in your own organizational journey. I’m very proud of the final product and I think the way it is organized and the layout and pictures are perfectly arranged for easy reading in small amounts of time. I was very careful about that because I know that finding large chunks of reading time isn’t always possible. Since my book is written in tip format and not in any particular order it takes the pressure off of having to read it like a novel.

I’m hoping that by the time you finish reading my book you’ll be well on your way to becoming an organizing junkie too! It’s all part of my grand plan to get others “hooked” along with me, yay!

Now in stores! Also available through, or Chapters.


My free gift to you: click here to download a Clutter Rehab Bookmark to help you stay on top of the PROCESS. Just print it double sided onto card stock and cut it out. It opens huge in pdf, just reduce the zoom to 100%.

To read more about how this book came to be please visit this post.


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