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Toy storage I’m NOT a fan of……

My son had this toy storage container in his room. I actually didn’t mind it when he was a baby because well his toys were smaller then. Now that he is a toddler you can maybe fit one of his trucks, trains or balls into one of those teeny tiny buckets. It just doesn’t justify […]

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Menu Plan Monday – October 22nd

Hello all you lovely menu planning gals! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and is ready to get their menus organized and posted. I’m still working on getting my weekly grocery bill down, I’m feeling inspired by Crystal’s $35.00 menu plan. I enjoy reading Crystal’s two blogs (Biblical Womanhood and Money Saving Mom), she is […]

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Let’s hope my passion will speak for itself…..

I’m completely pre-occupied with procrastination. In a moment of weakness I somehow agreed to give my first organizing workshop next Friday. How that happened I’ll never know. The very fact that I’ve not prepared at all for this event is leaving me to think that maybe I just imagined the whole thing. But oh no, […]

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Fall 2007 ~ 30 Day Organizational Challenge coming soon!

Okay ladies, I’ve reviewed all your lovely comments, took them all into consideration and then promptly decided that I didn’t want to alleinate anyone from participating. In fact I want this to be an opportunity for everyone to get a space or room organized in your home without having too many limitations or parameters. So […]

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