Small Organized Spaces: Organizing & Decluttering DVDs

Okay so we tackled the books not long ago and now it’s time to think about organizing and decluttering DVDs. It’s hard for people to part with books and I know for many it’s hard to part with DVDs as well. Decluttering DVDs is hard for me, as you will see below, I totally get it. So many memories can be attached to movies and TV shows. They can bring you right back to a time or a place in an instant. This past month I managed to purge and donate 40 DVDs though. Here’s how I did it!

Small Organized Spaces: Organizing & Decluttering DVDs at I'm an Organizing Junkie blog


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February 2018 Organizing Resources Spotlight

Okay so before I get into my February 2018 organizing resources there is something I’ve got to know. Are you someone who lives where spring is upon you? I’ve heard people say that they can’t believe that it’s already the end of February. Well I feel like time is slow crawling. I am totally done […]

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My Daily Must Do Morning Cleaning Task

A couple of weeks ago my awesome contributor, Kristin, shared her daily required organizing task that she does every single day without fail. It always sets her up for a productive organized day. That got me thinking about my own daily required cleaning task. Mine is different from Kristin’s though which is to make her […]

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