Join Me Next Week for the Eat at Home Dinner Challenge

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Join Me Next Week for the Eat at Home Dinner Challenge

Many of you are already back into the thick of the chaos that is back to school. Oh my, there is so much to keep track of and do! Getting dinner on the table, as you know, is one of the harder parts of the day. At least it is for me! That’s why menu planning has been so key for me. It’s crucial for getting me in and out of the kitchen fast. I’m also aware though that not everyone has the time to sit down and create menu plans each week for their family. Next week I’m going to run an Eat at Home Challenge but for those short on time, I’ve found a super easy for you to participate too!

The challenge, should you accept it, is to eat at home at least 5 times next week. I’m going to do it too! Want to join me?

In order to make it super simple, I’m going to be using the Eat at Home Meal Plans.

You don’t have to use the same plans I’m using, but I’m so excited to have someone else do the menu planning for me for a change. And the recipes sound soooo good!

Join Me Next Week for the Eat at Home Dinner Challenge

And the good news is, you can pick up these plans on sale right now!

Use the code YES at checkout to save 30%. Basically, for the price of one dinner out you can pay to have all your dinners planned and grocery lists made for the whole year! Now that’s what I call a deal 🙂

Join Me Next Week for the Eat at Home Dinner Challenge at I'm an Organizing Junkie blog

If you struggle with dinner – especially when school first starts and getting back into routine is hard – then these plans are for you. They will simplify everything for you.

Choose from one of the FOUR plans members have access to:

 -Traditional, Wholesome, Slow Cooker or the No Flour/No Sugar.

 -Shop with the color-coded grocery list.

 -Cook the simple recipes.

Click HERE if you are interested in grabbing these plans at the sale price. Come back on Monday to see more details about the challenge on my weekly Menu Plan Monday post.

  • *You will find affiliate links included in this post. I do make a small commission (at no extra cost to you) should you purchase product using these links. As always, any and all opinions are genuinely my own – or the author, in the case of posts by my guest contributors. Thank you!*
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