Quick Organizing Tip: Vehicle Garbage Bag Solution to Make Life Easier

Hey there! Today’s post is all about the simplest of tips but it’s such an important one. Every vehicle needs a garbage bag or two yet so many don’t have one. What?! Say it isn’t so?! I feel it’s my personal mission here on earth to save one vehicle at a time from garbage disaster. It’s good for a girl to have goals and all. Am I right? Ha! Especially when it comes to an awesome life changing vehicle garbage bag solution. Umm forgive me if I’m stretching this a wee bit too far. But I needed to get your attention so I can get on with my mission.

Quick Organizing Tip: Easy Vehicle Garbage Bag Solution

So tell me dear friends, how many of you don’t have a garbage bag or can of some kind in your car? This post is for YOU because today, right now, we are going to change that in an easy way. A way that doesn’t require you to purchase a fancy garbage bag holder for your car either. You can if you want but it’s certainly not necessary. I have used those fancy holders in the past but I really dislike how messy they get and I’m too lazy I didn’t like taking the time to clean them.

You need somewhere to toss all the trash that comes into your car. Tissues, wrappers, receipts, take-out, you know what I’m talking about. So much garbage that without a trash bag would end up all over the floor that someone will eventually have to clean. And that someone will most likely be YOU. Why make more work for yourself? It’s so much easier to just toss a garbage bag.

Here’s what I do. You know all those small bags with handles that you get from the dentist, the vet or stores when purchasing small items? Keep them. These type of bags are perfect for reusing in your vehicle to collect garbage. Then when your are done with them you can just toss them away. Usually when I’m getting gas I check the garbage bags. Quick and easy, done.

vehicle garbage bag solution

I didn’t have anywhere in my current vehicle to loop the handle around so instead I used a 3M Command Hook (affiliate link). This works really well because I can attach it anywhere out of the way. Here’s where I have mine.

Quick Organizing Tip: Vehicle Garbage Bag Solution

That garbage bag above came from my vets office. They are everywhere!

The last time I posted about this there was some concern that the Command Hook wouldn’t hold up in really hot temperatures. I’ve never had a problem with mine coming off in really hot or cold temperatures.

I keep a small pouch in my glove compartment to collect all the little bags that I come across. This way they are handy and easy to grab when I need a new one.

Quick Organizing Tip: Vehicle Garbage Bag Solution

Quick Organizing Tip: Vehicle Garbage Bag Solution

I recommend you keep a garbage bag in the front and back of your vehicle. Make sure you have one within easy reach of where the kids sit because kids are messy! Of course like anything it will take practice to build the habit. You may need to remind them a time or hundred two. Eventually they get it I promise. And less work for momma is always a win, whoot!

If you’d like more of these easy organizing tips, please let me know!


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3 Responses to Quick Organizing Tip: Vehicle Garbage Bag Solution to Make Life Easier

  1. 1
    Barb says

    I try I save those bags to use for garbage but never thought of the command hook. You’re so smart!

  2. 2
    Verena Hepting says

    Yup, smart idea about the command hooks! thanx


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