Toddler Bib Storage

The following is a guest post from regular contributor, Rachel at Useful Beautiful Home.

A creative way to store toddler's bibs in between meals!

Not long ago my daughter was in the “toddler bib” stage. You know; the messy eating stage when the plastic bibs with a built-in pocket are helpful during the learning curves of self feeding. I call them a “catch-all” for fallen spaghetti and squished vegetables.

How to organize pocket style toddler bibs

Usually this bib style has a hook-and-loop closure system like pictured below.

Organizing toddler bibs

I never really had a good storage place to keep that style of bib. In the teething stage, I kept a pile of drool catchers in a drawer but that was no longer necessary. Instead, I used the toddler bib only during the messy meals but had no convenient place to keep them near the table.

For a while I used a kitchen drawer but the location wasn’t really practical. Then, I saw a brilliant idea online of one mother who stuck a Command Hook on the back of her child’s high chair and hung the bib right in the line of duty – seriously brilliant!

However, that still didn’t work for me because my daughter was in a booster seat and our dining chairs weren’t wide enough to display a command hook. You can see below how the hook would stick up above the chair frame and that didn’t work for my liking.

Command Hook too big for this chair

Even a smaller sized hook stuck up above the chair and was always catching on things like my belt loop while I was wiping up the table.

Even a small Command Hook will not fit this style of dining chair

In the end, a good friend of mine had the perfect solution. In fact, I asked if she would let me share her brilliant idea because I knew other Mama’s would find this useful. Thankfully she agreed, so I bring you the Velcro bib hanging method…

Stick-back VELCRO for household organization

You know how I love using Velcro when it comes to children and organization (like HERE and HERE) because it’s relatively safe and usually not too permanent. For this quick fix, grab a piece of sticky-back Velcro or other hook-and-loop product (sold at Walmart, craft stores, or order it HERE online). I prefer to use the “hook” side for this project because it leaves the bib front facing out to air dry.

Use Sticky Back VELCRO for toddler bib organization

Cut to the desired length…

Sticky-back Velcro easy to cut for organizing toddler bibs

Affix it to the chair back…

Use a sticky back Velcro piece to easily organize your toddler bib for meal time

And you have a really simple storage solution with the bib’s own “loop” side of it’s Velcro that sticks to the “hook” piece located on the chair…

Check out this easy tip for keeping toddler bibs close for meal times!

What I love about this is the convenience of the bib hanging near the table for meal time. No more jumping up to fetch the bib from the kitchen before spaghetti plops in her lap. I also love that this can be a clean-up responsibility easy enough for a toddler or preschooler to accomplish after meal-time. Little hands would love to stick their bib on the chair when all finished eating! Technically this can be another addition to the Organizing Concepts for Kids Series in teaching beginner skills.

If you don’t like the idea of a bib hanging off the back of your dining chairs, I have another suggestion. This is actually what my friend did in her home and what I thought was worth sharing. She stuck a piece of sticky-back Velcro inside one of her kitchen cabinets.

Using stick-back Velcro in unusual ways

Using the same technique, the bib Velcro matches up with the cabinet piece like so…

How to organize your toddler's bibs out-of-sight

Quick & easy storage! Depending on the cabinet door size, you can hang multiple bibs for multiple kids.

How to organize toddler bibs behind closed doors using Velcro!

It’s such a creative way to store a toddler bib out-of-sight while air drying after a meal.

Out-of-sight toddler bib storage

I was so excited about this hidden toddler bib storage, I found myself wonder how many other things I could hook-and-loop to the inside of my kitchen cabinets. 🙂 What about you? Do you have any unique uses for sticky-back Velcro?


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4 Responses to Toddler Bib Storage

  1. 1
    LB says

    I guess this is a sponsored post for Velcro? I wouldn’t want to use anything that permanent. I stored my son’s bibs in a 4 drawer clear rolling cart in his bedroom – socks in the first drawer, bibs in the second, and storage in the bottom 2 (deeper than the top 2). We kept a couple on the table to use. You could only hang one or two bibs up using your method anyway.

    I actually did just use Velcro to keep his black out curtains closed. I don’t care about it not being able to be removed from the curtains (cheapie ones from walmart). On the wall, I put the other side of Velcro onto a piece of painter’s tape – that way the wall won’t get ruined 🙂 It works really well!

    • 1.1
      Laura says

      Hi there, just wanted to let you know that this is not a sponsored post at all. What works for one person may not work for the next which is why I love to showcase a variety of solutions to one problem. It’s also the reason I love having contributors as they are able to provide solutions that I might not even have thought of such as this one.

      Thanks for stopping by,
      Laura 🙂

  2. 2
    CC says

    I get the convenience of having the bib at/near the chair but you really don’t need the velcro on most dining chairs (including the one in your picture). Just fasten the bib around the top of the chair. You have basically the same result without attaching anything to the chair.


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