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Hi everyone, welcome to another Menu Plan Monday!  I hope you all had a nice weekend and Father’s Day.  My hubby worked all day which was a bummer but the kids and I went out to a church picnic and had a great time.  I brought to the potluck a fun and easy dessert that looked so pretty in the pan.  I whipped up a batch of brownies, cut them up and then put them on to skewers with some strawberries and marshmallows.  Brownies Kabobs…it just doesn’t get much easier than that and they are perfect for a picnic.

brownie kabobs for a church picnic at


brownie kebobs close

For Father’s Day one of the gifts we got my husband was some Dad’s root beer and attached a fun printable to it.  It got us all talking about how we call it pop here in Canada but in some parts of the US it’s called soda.  So we’d love to know what you call it in your area?

happy father's day pop

Recipe Highlight:

Last week my favorite recipe was the Zippy BLT’s because really anything with bacon in it is a favorite of mine lol.  What made them even more special was I finally found a great gluten free wrap substitute.  I made my own!  I purchased a tortilla press from Bed Bath and Beyond and used Maseca flour (corn) to create delicious wraps and they were so good.  I was so happy.

maseca tortillas

I’m a big girl now:

I am almost 42 (next week is my birthday) and I just had my very first coffee drink last week!  Can you believe it?  I’m not a coffee drinker but last week I had to drive to the city by myself and knew I’d need a little kick to help me stay awake.  Starbucks coffee it was!  Oh my word, my light nonfat Mocha Cookie Crumble (with no whip) frap was absolutely delicious!!  I loved it!!  Why didn’t anyone tell me???  Ha!


My Weekly Menu Plan:

Monday:  Catalina Taco Salad

Tuesday:  Sticky Chicken Wings served with fries and broccoli

Wednesday:  Baked Pizza Spaghetti

Thursday:  Leftover Buffet

Friday:  BLT Chicken Salad Sandwiches served with spinach salad

Saturday:  Sausage Potato Casserole

Sunday:  Picking night!!

Have a great week!


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53 Responses to Menu Plan Monday ~ June 17/13

  1. 2
    Janet @ Frugal & Focused says

    Oh my goodness, those brownie kebobs are such a great idea! So fun! I’m almost 43 and I just started drinking coffee a couple of years ago. It’s really good once you get used to it. 😉

  2. 3
    Tammy @ Skinny Moms Kitchen says

    Uh oh you have now drank the starbucks koolaid!!! hahahahaha I love starbucks and can not imagine life without it 🙂

    Those brownie Kabobs look so tasty and super cute too.

    Have a great week.


  3. 5
    orneryswife says

    After a few years hiatus I am back with the menu planning! I have missed it–and YOU! Your little shish-ka-bobs look delickity! We had some regular ka bobs on the grill yesterday and MAN those were tasty!

    • 5.1
      Laura says

      Welcome back!!

  4. 6
    s says

    Have to share what will be my go to recipe this summer – vegetable pie recipe in the July Redbook magazine article on Trisha Yearwood – delish and easy. We didn’t have water chestnuts but it was great without them.

    • 6.1
      s says

      Oops wrong magazine …Better Homes and Gardens. July

  5. 7
    Andrea S. says

    I love Tim Hortons iced Capp made with milk. I’m not a coffee drinker and didn’t have one until I was about 39. It’s the only coffee flavour thing I will eat except for maybe Coffee Crisp

  6. 8
    kimmie says

    I pinned almost all of those ideas!!!! They all sound sooooo good!

  7. 9
    Erin says

    Those brownie kabobs are so cute! Those are on my menu for our 4th of July party, they look easy to make!

  8. 10
    Nikki H says

    Those brownie kabobs look yummy! Here in Texas, we call all soda “Coke”. 🙂 And the conversations usually go like this:
    “I’m going to Sonic. Anyone want a coke?”
    “Yes, I do!”
    “What kind?”
    “Dr. Pepper.” (or whatever)
    “Diet cherry limeade.”

    You get the picture. All carbonated beverages are called “coke”. 🙂

    • 10.1
      Laura says

      That is so funny to me!!

  9. 11
    Jean says

    Look out, you’ll find yourself craving that Starbucks stuff! 🙂 When I was growing up, my dad called it “soda pop” so I find myself calling it either one depending on my mood but mostly, I think I call it pop.

  10. 13
    Shannon says

    Grew up in AZ so call it pop! Now live in GA and get weird looks. Luckily there are people here from MI and CO who also call it pop. 🙂

  11. 14
    Julie says

    I’m going to have to make those brownie kebobs but with winter fruit
    Here in New Zealand we call carbonated drinks fizzy. But I don’t speak for all New Zealanders, im sure there are other names as well

  12. 15
    CraftyHope says

    Oh man, if I liked marshmallows those skewers would be gobbled up. What a fabulous and easy idea. I’m totally going to have to keep that in mind!
    Oh, and those sticky wings sound awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  13. 16
    Karen Mitchell says

    Those kebabs look yum, I’d put them with some raspberry dipping sauce…delish! Here in Australia we call most carbonated beverages “soft drinks” or fizzy drinks and Father’s Day is in September. I’m getting lots of ideas for later, lol.

  14. 17
    Sarah Alway says

    Eeeeee I am an organizing junkie, too, so I am so excited to have discovered your blog! Yay.

    • 17.1
      Laura says

      Welcome Sarah!!

  15. 18
    Pat @ Elegantly, Gluten-Free says

    I was admiring your Brownie Kabobs as my husband happened to look at my screen — he REALLY likes them! I’ll have to make some soon for us 🙂

  16. 19
    Kayla says

    Today is my birthday and I wanted taco salad for supper, so that is what we had tonight, too!! Great minds must think alike!

  17. 20
    Kerry says

    Oh no you didn’t!!!! Starbucks? I love your blog and that you have been going gluten free. Then I was so disappointed to see you get a Starbucks coffee. It’s definitely not a good option! Sorry to be such a downer about your exper Youience, but it is very likely contaminated with gluten. Here is one article to help explain:

    And I won’t lecture you about the sugar or caffeine and how that plays havoc on our bodies and metabolism. Just please please please don’t do Starbucks again! I am 35 years old and never had it and don’t feel deprived 🙂

    • 20.1
      Laura says

      I know, I know and yes I knew it had gluten in it at the time and it was probably not the best choice I could have made. But I figured if I was going to cheat, I’d go big 🙂 I’m not Celiac or anything, I just avoid gluten to help with some other issues is all. It was my first time having coffee and it definitely kept me awake. I won’t be getting into that habit though don’t worry.

  18. 21
    Elizabeth says

    I will make those brownie k-bobs for sure! They look delish! Cute idea with the Dad’s Root Beer, too! Out in the western states they do call it “pop” and some in the south do, too…we call it “pop” in our family and we live in Georgia after moving here from South Carolina.(we used to live in Utah)…..sometimes I have even heard it as “soda pop” here in the south! When I lived in New Jersey we called it soda…New England and the eastern states call it soda…in Ohio where I was raised we called our Coke “pop”. I have even met people who call it “soft drink”! It just depends how formal your upbringing was and where you live…
    I like the history of food and soda or pop, or whatever you call it has a fascinating story to it…good topic of conversation!

  19. 23
    Dianna says

    I see you have joined the masses that make their own corn tortillas. LOL Once you have had them, you won’t want any others. You can bake them, fry them, just eat them. Use them the same as you would a flour tortilla. Also, if you are diabetic, the corn tortillas have fewer carbs and you can have two per serving as opposed to one per serving of flour tortillas.

    • 23.1
      Laura says

      Oh they were so good and a lot easier to make than I thought they would be. Yum!

    • 24.1
      Laura says

      It was soooooo good!! 🙂

  20. 25
    matcha says

    Oh very nice. All of your food plan is really so nice. I like to your food plan. It’s really so nice.

  21. 26
    Lisa @ CheapThrills says

    LOVE the brownies kabobs! I see this in our immediate future. 😉 As always, thanks for blogging.

  22. 27
    Becah says

    When you made your own wraps-was there a recipe on the bag you followed?

    • 27.1
      Laura says

      Yes I just used the recipe off the bag.


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