When Your Will to Resist is Weak

Okay it’s time for another Org Junkie confessional.  And for those that are new here “Org Junkie” is my alter ego who I blame all my organizing crazy quirks on 🙂

So first let me see if any of you can relate.  Have you ever bought something imagining that it will solve all your problems only to find out that the actual product doesn’t live up to its hype or promises.  So then you buy a similar product maybe by a different brand believing that this time it will be different.  This time you are definitely convinced that your life will be forever changed with this new product.  This is it.

Only it isn’t.

But you try so hard to resist the urge to buy anymore of this product because for goodness sake you have two half used items all ready taking up space.  But the pull is strong, the promises out of this world, so you succumb to the temptation that THIS TIME IT WILL DEFINITELY BE DIFFERENT.

Only it isn’t.

And the cycle continues on and on until you are left wondering how in the world you ended up with EIGHT of the exact same product by different brands sitting on your counter.  How did it come to this you might wonder.

Today it occurred to me that I might have a teeny tiny little problem.

Let me introduce you to the one product in my life that continues to get the better of me.  Every.Single.Time.

hairspray collection

Clearly I am weak.

Years ago I had a favorite hairspray that I loved so much called Thermasilk Flexible Hold Hairspray.  It was the best there ever was and it’s no longer available in stores.  Four years later I am still pining away trying to find another hairspray BFF.  As you can see it is apparently not happening.  None of the hairsprays above are doing it for me and so my collection grows because I can’t make a decision on which one I’m going to stick with.  I don’t want give up the dream!  I wrote more about this dream concept here, you got to read it to know what I mean.  Eventually I’ll use all these silly hairsprays up but in the meantime I will be one miserable girl with really flat hair.

So you see these things happen.  Maybe it’s books for you, or craft supplies, pretty scarves or nail polish.  Whatever it is I think we all have our downfalls where we sometimes get stuck on the promises.

Thankfully I do have a little trick up my sleeve and I’ve talked about it many times here on the blog.

Use containers to establish some limits and boundaries and follow the one in and one out rule to go along with it. It works every time!

And as a side note, this even works if you also happen to have a teeny tiny obsession with containers.  I’m just saying…ahem.

What product do you have trouble resisting, even though you might already have plenty of it, simply because of the “dream” it holds for you?  Come on, fess up!

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40 Responses to When Your Will to Resist is Weak

  1. 2
    Sally says

    Being the organizer you are, maybe you can thin out your collection of hairspray by donating the fuller ones to your local women’s shelter….they are always looking for things like that…BTW, I get all mine at the salon and really like the Big Sexy line or the Vavoom line….

  2. 3
    Kimberley says

    Mine is facial cleansers……..keep trying to find that one miracle cleanser that will solve all of my problems but they are so expensive I can’t make myself throw out the ones I don’t use!!

  3. 4
    Abbigail says

    I fell in love with Aveda’s Air Control hairspray about a year ago. It is light, but gets the job done AND smells wonderful! It’s expensive, but I have been using the same container for an entire year.

  4. 5
    Angela says

    Mascara. I’ve tried a bunch of the new ones, but usually will finish the tube before I buy a new one. I have a few favorites but none of them really work well until they’re a little old. Weird. I don’t judge you on your hairspray addiction. 🙂 It’s normal for every women to buy excessive amounts of a particular product.

    • 5.1
      Dana says

      I have the same issue with mascara. They never really live up to the hype. I, however, rarely use the whole tube before I buy the next “best ever” mascara. I also think the one’s I don’t love but can live with are better after they are a little old just thought I was crazy. I think as long as I keep it under control is a problem one I can live with:) Though it would be solved if I found the mascara that worked as well as the advertisement states!

  5. 6
    Keri says

    For me it’s got to be yarn. And fabric. I can never really have too much of either (especially if I find it on sale) because who knows what projects I might need it for in the future?? I have a small 3-drawer cabinet of yarn and a freestanding pantry for fabric. The “problem” is that everyone knows how much I love both, so they give it to me as a gift!

    • 6.1
      Mary says

      This used to be my weakness too! I still have a bunch, but not near as much as I used to, lol

  6. 7
    Mary says

    Notebooks. I’m a little obsessive about having a perfectly new, clean, smooth beautiful notebook. I’m not picky on if it’s a composition note book, spiral bound or a pack of loose leaf paper. If it’s crisp and clean looking I’m in love and more enticed to write. Then it gets used, wrinkled or the spiral gets smushed and I’m no longer in love, so I need to get a new one…or five. It’s a good thing we homeschool because we’re always in need of paper, LOL

    • 7.1
      Lisa Coan says

      I, too, have a thing for notebooks and for that matter, other office supplies, like cool pens, etc…

  7. 8
    Kristie says

    Mine would be mascara–I use the green and pink Mascara–but then I see others that promise thick gorgeous lashes and I try them and they either flake or leave black under my eyes or clump together making a huge mess and I go back to my green and pink tube!!!—–another is volume products for my hair–I have the flat hair problems too!!!!

  8. 9
    Carol says

    First I confess that I read your blog all the time hoping one day I will do something about my house. But you hit on topic today that I can relate to – hair care products – also things like curling irons, blow dryers that I hope will improve my hair. BUT I have come up with a great thing that doesn’t make me feel so bad trying new things – if it doesn’t work for me – it might work for someone else. So I take them to the local women’s shelter or recovery program near my house so they just don’t collect in my bathroom closet. Those women usually arrive at this programs with nothing and they love beautiful hair too. So DONATE what you don’t like even if you used a little of the product. Have a great day – I’ll keep reading and hoping.

  9. 10
    Kerrye says

    Women’s Shave Gel. I just use body wash when I shave my legs. But I feel like a loser for not using a product specifically for shaving a girl’s legs. The shave will be closer, smoother, my legs will look SO much better. There’s a coupon and it’s on sale! The can is pink! Surely, this time I will use it. But I never do. And another pink can ends up in the back of my cabinet…

  10. 11
    Lalieohlala says

    Haha ! I do that too with make up sponges -_-‘ nowadays when I see something that works but is hard to get I stock up on it, especially if its a special deal. I found that great hair product from Pantene pro V in a dollar store for 2€ instead of 14 in stores, bought 10 bottles lol I have so far never found it elsewhere as well I guess it’s discontinued ^^

  11. 12
    Vicki K says

    Mmmm…I just bought two (for $35) Cans of Magic Hairspray…completely justified because I’m sharing with my Mother…ahem…hairspray has not been a problem before now…thanks for the warning.

    I have been majorly clearing out my sewing room – finally am getting the idea that this room is my boundary for all my supplies. In the past, I have had little craft cupboard annexes all over the house. No more. During this project I am seeing that I have been a collector of bins, buckets, baskets, boxes, tubs and containers…eeg. However, they ARE useful in gathering up the extras and toting them off to Goodwill.

    Loved Clutter Rehab!!

  12. 13
    vickie says

    try Ojon..a little pricey but the best hair care products on the planet

  13. 14
    Jill Robson says

    Sorry i never use hairspray. I would have to say it was frizz control, but that was solved when I started using Morrocan Oil from my hairdresser, it’s the only one i use now.

    • 14.1
      Carrie says

      I LOVE Morrocan Oil! I got it from my hairdresser too until Avon started selling it. MUCH cheaper and works just as good! 🙂

  14. 15
    Robyn says

    Lipstick for me.. I can NEVER a color I like and so I have MANY MANY lipsticks… Ive even bought duplicates without realizing it…. Have you tried any of the Suave hair sprays? I dont like stick either and the Suave line works well for me…

  15. 16
    Linda says

    I have the same problem with personal care products because I have VERY sensitive skin and many products cause a rash. Luckily my sister has normal skin, so when I have something that bothers my skin, I put it in a box for her. She’s thrilled and doesn’t mind using something I’ve opened. It helps me avoid the guilt of throwing away something I paid good money for. Win-win!

  16. 17
    Ashton says

    Try Kenra Volume 25 or Suave Professionals in the pink bottle… I love them both!!

  17. 18
    Deana says

    Oh my goodness! So glad it’s not just me:) I fall victim to the dreams/claims that skin care promises me! I try to make myself use everything up before I move onto a new system, but most of the time (okay…all of the time) I don’t run out of the cleanser and moisturizer at the same time. Thanks for touching on this topic, Laura:) It’s so relatable…no matter where we are on our organizing journey:)

  18. 19
    lizt says

    I have thin, wavy hair – not curly – wavy. I like Sammy Fat Hair Hairspray. It also comes in a travel size so if you want to try it, you’re not committed to a big bottle. You only need a little bit – so you can lift your hair with the pick end of your comb and spray a little. This will give you a little more lift.

    I have also found that not using any cream rinse or conditioner helps my hair look its best.

    I know this isn’t the purpose of your post, but thought this might help.

  19. 20
    Nicole says

    I went through something similar 3 years ago when I couldn’t find my favorite hairspray locally anymore – and then finally located a supplier online. It’s more expensive, but in stock. I’ve made my peace with it.

    Now I’m in the same position again – but for conditioner. I’ve used the same product for over a decade, at least, but now they’ve discontinued it. I’ve got wavy/curly, but very fine hair that’s past my shoulders – so it needs TLC to look good. It took years to find something that would keep the curls looking good, but not weigh them down.

    I feel your pain. 🙁

  20. 21
    Carrie says

    Not so much a product as it is a store! Bath and Body Works! I have SO MUCH of all kinds of products they sell, but can never resist the new fragrances they come out with! I really shouldn’t have to buy shower gels, lotions or body sprays (not to mention the wallflowers – scents and plug ins) for years but I keep going back! However they do make great last minute gifts! 🙂

  21. 22
    Becky L says

    Mine would be nail polish. I used to wear it then I like to wear it but never have time to put it on cuz I wind up polishing nails in the late evening and usually gets messed up in bed. sigh! I have 3 colors right now. That’s it. Even though I drool over colors in the Avon catalog I don’t buy them. I like a specific brand as well and they still make it. Sally Hansen hard as nails works the best for me. And that’s what I bought on sale awhile back, clearance, actually. One is deep purple, a fav color of mine! I feel your pain, though. I don’t like it when something I use isn’t made any more. I found a fav facial cleanser at Trader Joes a couple years ago and they discontinued it due to slow sales. I was buying it and so did my daughter. Isn’t that good enough….haha! Have a great day!

  22. 23
    Amy Tilson says

    Mops! The reality is I hate cleaning the floors and nothing will make that job go away.

  23. 24
    Theresa Finnigin says

    I think EVERY woman can relate. If it’s not hairspray it’s another beauty product. For me it’s been body lotion with spf. So hard to find a good one that doesn’t smell like yucky sunscreen. The one in one out rule is a keeper 🙂

  24. 25
    Catherine Brown says

    Planners. They are always too big, too small, to thin, too fat, don’t hold enough, wrong dimensions, not enough organizing slots, get too jammed if there are enough organizing slots, etc.

  25. 26
    Lisa says

    Oh, jeez, I hate to admit this, but I’m that way with journals and purses. I have yet to find a purse I am happy with for more than a few months and with journals, I always think if I really like how it looks, it’ll motivate me to keep a journal… haha! I have 5 of them, all very pretty, but I have yet to put down a single word in any of them… yes, lesson learned!

  26. 27
    Lei C says

    My weakness has to be any craft item. No matter how many containers I seem too fill with all of my scrapbook paper,adhesives, jewelry finding, bead, ribbon, I just can’t get enough! I keep telling myself that I am surely going to need EVERYTHING.

  27. 28
    Lisa Coan says

    I have a weakness for eye shadow. Ugh! I keep seeing all these pretty color shades and think, ooooh, I LOVE that! Then, because I don’t actually wear makeup THAT often, I will find myself in a hurry and go back to the old stand-by collection that I usually use! So there sits multitudes of different eye shadows, both individual and beautiful collections with maybe only a couple of colors used or not used at all.

  28. 29
    Elizabeth says

    Face creams…don’t like sny thing ‘heavy’..and, most oddly, cream and sugar sets. And I drink my coffee black!

  29. 30
    Susan says

    My weakness is notebooks. I have a shelf full of notebooks, all in which are either empty or barely used. I guess I better stop myself from buying any more 😉

  30. 31
    Meg says

    I know this comment is super belated, but you seriously need to try Bed Head Masterpiece Hairspray. That stuff changed my life. Amazingly, I too used to use your beloved Thermasilk hairspray and this hairspray is better. My hair is notorious for falling out within minutes of being styled. A perm literally lasted a whole week in my hair, but this hairspray tackles the challenge with ease. It’s often on sale at Ulta, I bought 3 bottles of this stuff (normally $18.99/bottle) for $16.00. Just watch the sales, you’ll get it cheap. The thing I love most about this spray is it not only does the flexible hold like our Thermasilk did, you can also do the superhold by applying more product for the “ain’t gonna budge, even in a hurricane” hold. Give it a try. You won’t regret it!


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