Menu Plan Monday ~ Feb 25/13


Hi friends, how was your week?  I have zero, zilcho food pictures to share with you this week.  I seriously give it up to all you food bloggers out there who can cook up a yummy dinner each night AND take great pictures of it all.  I obviously don’t know the secret lol.  By the time dinner is ready I’m so hungry I’m gobbling it up right away.  Not to mention the horrible lighting in the evenings.  Sigh.

I’ve really been enjoying going through the MPM links each week.  I’ve seen a lot of new faces as well and just want to give a big welcome to you all.  Thank you everyone for sharing what you’re eating each week and by doing so helping others put together a menu plan for their families.  It’s just one big love fest isn’t it?

Menu Planning Resources:

Despite my lack of pictures, I do have two amazing resources to tell you about.  First up is this awesome collection of 5 ebooks for $7.40.  Serving your family “real food” is important, but how do you do it without breaking the budget or sacrificing taste? This week’s bundle includes the resources you need to eat delicious, whole foods on a budget. Packed full of recipes and tips, it’s sure to be a go-to resource in your kitchen. And this week only, get all 5 ebooks for just $7.40 (a savings of almost 90%)!, 5 eBooks for $7.40!

With your purchase, you’ll get all five of the following ebooks:

Get yours today!, 5 eBooks for $7.40!

Next, keeping in line with the real food theme, my friend Laura from Heavenly Homemakers just released an online eCourse, all about creating a real food kitchen.  I’ve checked it out and thought it was great, not to mention nicely organized 🙂  Laura has broken down everything you need to know to get started, and put it into a simple, step-by-step eCourse to guide you along in the journey.

This eCourse is online, but can be printed if you choose.  Work through the eCourse at your own pace, at any time of the day or night!  Once you purchase, you will have unlimited access to all of the pages, recipes, worksheets, printables, videos and information- forever!  That way you can go back and review information and regroup as needed.  Cost for this eCourse, which includes five thorough lessons is only $5.00.  Click on the banner below to check it out.


Hope you have a terrific week!

My Weekly Menu Plan:

Monday:  Tortellini with Mushrooms, Spinach and Italian Sausage (missed from last week)

Tuesday:  Dinner out!

Wednesday:  Chicken & Roasted Red Potatoes served with mixed veggies


Thursday:  Turkey Meatloaf served with rice and broccoli

Friday:  Leftover buffet

Saturday:  Black Been & Beef Tortilla Pie

Sunday:  Picking night (anything goes!)


Menu Plan Guidelines, banner selections and recipe helpers are here.

More family favorite recipes here.

Don’t forget to join the growing Menu Plan Monday Facebook Page!!

One of my favorite menu planning resources:

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

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15 Responses to Menu Plan Monday ~ Feb 25/13

  1. 1
    Angela says

    Thanks for hosting this link up every week! I love looking through all the different menus. Have a great week!

  2. 2
    SnoWhite @ Finding Joy in My Kitchen says

    Yes, lighting at night is no fun! But, you do what you can, right? Your work in hosting each week is appreciated!! We love that tortellini dish; hope you do too.

  3. 3
    Jessica @ Nutritioulicious says

    I hear you about the photos – I find it challenging to cook and snap pics at the same time. Need to spend some more time looking through everyone’s MPM b/c I’m running out of ideas, as I mention in this week’s MPM post!

  4. 4
    Robyn says

    I hear ya on the photos.. Everytime I make something I always forget to take photos until it’s almost all gone.. by then? Whats the use? LOL.. Love this menu plan.. I’ve been trying to plan dinners for the month as we live on a fixed income so when I find good recipes I make more than one and freeze some for the future.. Thank you for posting these! 🙂

  5. 5
    Becki says

    Everything looks so yummy! I always feel like my five-year-old could just about tell you our menu plan…

  6. 6
    Jean says

    Thanks for hosting each week! I love all the food pictures in the links and sometimes find things I want to try based on the pictures alone but I am rather horrible at taking the food pictures myself. My family also tends to give me rather strange looks when I do remember to take pictures.

  7. 7
    Janet @ Frugal & Focused says

    You shared some great resources. Thanks for hosting as always. Have a great week!

  8. 8
    Tiffany @ DontWastetheCrumbs says

    The chicken and potatoes dish looks delish! I’d eat it now for breakfast, lol!

    I shared a two-week meal plan, along with how to coordinate healthy eating with sales. Thanks for hosting each week!

  9. 9
    Brianne says

    The Chicken and Potatoes look so yummy!!

  10. 11
    SusieQTpies says

    Thank you for hosting this each week! I’m back to see what everyone linked up after me! Have a super week!!! xoxo SusieQTpies

  11. 12
    Juls Owings says

    Sunday:BBQ pulled pork sandwiches,mac and cheese, corn and snickerdoodle bars.( a lot of yellow in that meal)

    Monday : pork loin with parsnips and pears, baked potatoes, and sunshine salad(shredded carrots in orange jello) on bib lettuce, snickerdoodle bars

    Tuesday: veggie loaded pasta bake,spinach salad with apricots, deviled eggs, and hot bread

    Wednesday Lentil and sausage bake, California blend veggies(made at home not frozen) cottage cheese and applesauce and pickled beets.

    Thursday Beef stew with butternut squash served on couscous,jellied Waldorf salad on top of mixed greens and hot bread

    Friday: fish, paprika potatoes, peas, cottage cheese, applesauce and pickled beets

    Saturday: fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, cranberry -apple jello mold, hot bread, apple pie

    Sunday: soup, sandwich and salad. Hubby will choose what soup that day.

  12. 13
    Learning the Frugal Life says

    Thanks for hosting. I am using up some leftovers from the freezer this week. Always look forward to getting some dinner inspiration from the participants! Have a great week.

  13. 14
    Meegan says

    It’s been a long time since I’ve linked up with you! Thanks for hosting this, as always!

  14. 15
    Jane Babich says

    Hello, just purchased your offer… thank you. And thanks for telling me what I am gettting, but also what it is NOT! That is great. When it comes to “help” we think it is going to be what we feel we are in need of or looking for.
    I have just begun the journey of learning to eat healthy. Sounds good huh? I have realized I first need to understand for me, what “healthy” means.
    I look forward to the books.
    Also, I checked out the website and it is now on my “come back” listing, just as yours is.
    Keep the joy, fun and true information coming. Blessings to you.


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