Work-At-Home eBook Bundle of the Week, 5 eBooks for $7.40!

A couple of weeks ago I told you about a great new site featuring weekly ebook bundles.  This week’s bundle from is packed full of work-at-home resources, including both work-at-home opportunities and tips for juggling work and home life, available for just $7.40 (a savings of over 75%!) for one week only., 5 eBooks for $7.40!

Here are the individual ebooks you will receive in this bundle:

Work Shift by Anne Bogel
If you have a passion to pursue (or a budget to balance) AND you want to be there for your family, Work Shift: How to Create a Better Blend of Work, Life and Family is the ebook for you. Anne Bogel explores the trends in work life: where we’ve been as a culture, where we’re headed, and why. At the heart of this ebook are the personal stories of nearly 30 women–from college students to moms of teens, from IT specialists to Etsy shop owners– who are making their work work for them–and their families. explores the trends in work life: where we’ve been as a culture and where we’re headed.

Smalltopia by Tammy Strobel
Smalltopia: A Practical Guide for Working for Yourself is for anyone who is interested in leaving a traditional 9-5 job or starting a home business. It’s full of tips, tools and strategies that will help you create personal freedom through a very small business, including the fundamentals of getting a small business off the ground and rethinking the nature of how, where and when we do work.

How to Be a Work-at-Home Mom by Prerna Malik
How to be a Work at Home Mom is a practical guide written by a work-at-home mom who’s been successfully juggling home, baby and husband for over 4 years now. Packed full of business ideas, resources and tips for avoiding scams, this ebook is the go-to guide for mothers who want to work at home but aren’t sure where to start.

The Bootstrap VA by Lisa Morosky
The Bootstrap VA: The Go-Getter’s Guide to Becoming a Virtual Assistant, Getting and Keeping Clients, and More! is a 154-page guide to building, growing, downsizing, and repositioning a virtual assistant business of your own. Lisa walks you through every aspect of creating a VA business in easy-to-follow steps without sugar-coating the hard work involved.

How to Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too by Mandi Ehman
How to Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too is a handbook for every work-at-home mom who is trying to juggle their responsibilities with intentionality rather than living under the burden of mommy guilt. In this ebook, you’ll find encouragement that pursuing your passion is worth the hard work and effort it takes as well as practical ideas to make your juggling act a little easier!

The Work-at-Home bundle is only available through 8am EST on Monday, 1/21. Get yours today:

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  1. 3
    Crystal says

    Great set of ebooks! Thanks for sharing!

  2. 4
    Charles Franklin says

    Thanks for this list! I added Smalltopia and The Bootstrap VA to my “want to read”: list!


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