Organizing Christmas Ornaments + Giveaway! (closed)

This giveaway is now closed. The winner is #81 Alishia!!

We have a special Christmas tradition in our house that we started way back when my kids were little.  Each year I buy them a new Christmas tree ornament based on something that was memorable to them during the past year.  Whether it’s soccer, ponies, Star Wars, or Lego my tree as you can imagine, over 15 years and three kids, now looks like a tree straight from a Hallmark store 🙂  Each year my kids love pulling out their ornaments and putting them on the tree.  They are the first ones to go on and the trip down memory lane is always a huge hit.

After so many years though, those ornaments started to take up an awful lot of room.  I originally intended to keep all the original boxes however I couldn’t afford the space.  Then I did away with the boxes they came in and moved them all to storage boxes, sorted by kid, wrapped in tissue but I still always worried that one would get broken stacked on top of one other like that.

Then SpaceSavers helped me find the PERFECT product for such a task as this.  They sent me one to check out and I can already tell it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.  It’s a Snapware Snap ‘N Stack Christmas Ornament Storage Box.

Three rows + three kids = awesome!  Plus each row is divided with cardboard dividers to keep each of the ornaments separated and safe in 16 equal sections.  I will still have to double up a couple of spaces but otherwise this is ideal for my needs.  Or if I want to I can easily add another row because they all just snap together.  I really love Snapware, some of you may even remember its also how my son stores his Pokemon collection 🙂

Obviously I can’t show you it full of ornaments because they are all on my tree, but you get the idea.


To win a Snapware Snap ‘N Stack Christmas Ornament Storage Box from SpaceSavers of your very own, please leave a comment on this post, prior to Sunday, December 16th at 4:00 pm PST, telling me one of your favorite holiday traditions. Open to US and Canadian residents and winner will be selected using


You can also find SpaceSavers on Facebook and Twitter.

Good luck everyone!

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377 Responses to Organizing Christmas Ornaments + Giveaway! (closed)

  1. 1
    sara says

    My favorite tradition is unpacking all of the NYC themed ornaments that my sister has given me over the years.

  2. 2
    Desiree says

    My favorite christmas tradition is baking goodies with my family.

  3. 3
    Lyndsay says

    My family makes eggrolls every Christmas Eve together. We all cook and eat together. I love it!

  4. 4
    Martha W says

    My tradition is somewhat similar but we send the 3 grandchildren ornaments each year. Their momma has not complained and they do hang these special ornaments on the trees in their rooms but if I won this I would have to send it up to my daughter in law to help her out. Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. 5
    MelanieL says

    I deal with those Hallmark boxes too:) One of my favorite traditions is going to my grandparents house on Christmas Eve. My husband and kids join now and it’s 4 generations of making memories!

  6. 6
    Ann Marie says

    My favorite Christmas tradition is reading a Christmas story each night by the Christmas tree and also getting out my Willow nativity set and displaying that. I also do the same thing for my kids and getting them an ornament that relates to them each year. This container would be perfect! I love it! Thank you for the chance to win!

  7. 7
    Lacey G. says

    My favorite holiday tradition is watching “A Christmas Story” after opening all the gifts Christmas morning.

  8. 8
    Jill says

    My favorite tradition is decorating the tree! I love having so many memories connected to our ornaments.

  9. 9
    Kristin says

    One of our favorite holiday traditions is making cookies together.

  10. 10
    Chrisula says

    My favorite Holiday Tradition is spending time with friends and family – oh I also love going around the neighborhood to look at all of the Christmas Lights

  11. 11
    Colleen says

    Every year we get up on Christmas morning and enjoy hot chocolate or coffee until everyone is awake. Then we sit down and pass out all the presents under the tree. Starting with the youngest person we each open a gift. The next person does not start until the person before them is done. This helps us to appreciate all the presents and enjoy the day together. At about 10am we stop to eat breakfast pizza which my dad and grandma make every year. It is SO yummy! After eating we return to the presents. When everyone has opened we clean up the wrapping paper and boxes to prepare for games. We spend the rest of the day relaxing and playing games together. It is my favorite holiday of the year. I love spending this quality time with my family.

  12. 12
    Elaine says

    Our favorite tradition is a common one. We love packing the kids into the car and spending the evening driving around looking at the pretty lights.

  13. 13
    Diann says

    One of our favorite Christmas traditions is baking cookies together. Although we already started last week there is one family recipe that requires “all hands on deck”. It takes all day long to make dozens of these homemade goodies. It is such a great family tradition that involves all age groups!

  14. 14
    maggie says

    My favorite tradition is baking Christmas cookies! Yum!!

  15. 15
    Caitlyn says

    My favorite family traditions growing up were eating cinnamon rolls for breakfast and reading the Christmas story from Luke before opening presents. My husband and I have been married for over two years now, so we are beginning to start our own traditions. I am excited to see what my favorite will be ten years from now.

  16. 16
    Katie J says

    My favorite holiday tradition would be decorating the tree with my 18 month old daughter, though this year she spent most of the time taking off the ornaments right after I put them on!

  17. 17
    Tina C says

    One of my favourite holiday traditions is to spend a nice quiet Christmas Eve with my hubby. We have a glass of wine, some fun or fancy snacks and watch Christmas movies. It’s a nice way to relax before the busy (loud mayhem) of Christmas day spent with his giant family.

  18. 18
    Deanna E. says

    We do an advent calendar with our kids with a fun Christmas activity every day and we all look forward to it!

  19. 19
    Allyson says

    My favorite holiday tradition is gathering around my Mom’s dining room table for Christmas dinner and our having our tradition roast beef, mashed potatoes, broccoli with cheese sauce dinner and laughing away with my brother, sisters and now all my nieces and nephews. 🙂

  20. 20
    Suzanne M. says

    One of my favorite holiday traditions is opening gifts with all the family. Complete chaos, everyone opening together, paper flying. Love it!

  21. 22
    Sara says

    I love watching the kids unpack the ornaments and decorate the tree.

  22. 23
    Amanda S says

    Since my son is young (8) his belief in Santa hasn’t diminished…yet. Every year he has gifts before Christmas from me & on Christmas he gets the ones from ‘Santa’. The way he can tell the ones from Santa (besides the increase in number of gifts) is they are wrapped in Santa wrapping paper of course! Every year I take pangs to choose new Santa paper, wrap the gifts the night before & get rid of the evidence so he can’t make the, “Hey! Santa uses mom’s wrapping paper-oohhh…” connection. LOL! So far so good!

  23. 24
    Elise G. says

    One of my favorite family traditions is watching “A christmas story” as many times as we can on Christmas Day since it plays 24 hours that day! Of course we never watch it for all 24 hours, but its still fun seeing how often we are able to catch it 🙂

  24. 25
    Sarah P. says

    My family makes Swedish spice cookies — Pepper Kakor. Day one of baking is makaing the dough and putting it in the fridge to chill overnight. Day two is the fun part — rolling it out and using all the cookie cutters! The 1″ gingerbread boy cutter makes the best cookies — just the right balance of chewie and crispiness.

  25. 26
    Meghan L says

    Such a great idea!! Hope I win!

  26. 27
    Amanda says

    I love decorating the Christmas tree with the kids! My other special tradition is to make peppernuts, a special type of cookie. The recipe has been handed down through many generations!

  27. 28
    Joy says

    I love going to my grandparents home on Christmas day. We have been doing this since I was a small child and it is great that my kids are getting to spend time with thier great grandparents!

  28. 29
    Jami says

    I would love to win this! We havent really started this tradition yet, but I love the book of Christmas stories to read on a nightly basis!

  29. 30
    Ellen says

    My favourite tradition is baking cookies for gifts 🙂 Since having my son a few years ago, it’s so much fun finding new traditions! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  30. 31
    Melissa B. says

    One of my favorite holiday traditions is staying up Christmas Eve night and having grasshoppers with my family. And then waking up Christmas morning and eating my mom’s homemade bubble coffee cake!

  31. 32
    s says

    Love many traditions especially decorating the tree, making cookies, and reading our Advent book, but one that the kids and I look forward to is grabbing fast food for them and driving through neighborhoods that go all out decorating – we love seeing what they have added each year!

  32. 33
    amybee says

    Making holiday desserts with my kid.

  33. 34
    Katherine says

    We have something similar, although it’s completely packed and I need another one!

    One of my favorite traditions is having an appetizer feast on Christmas Eve, where each family member picks a special food they would like to have. It’s delicious!

  34. 35
    Maggie says

    My favorite holiday tradition is that our family has fondue on christmas eve, and then we use the broth to make soup on boxing day!

  35. 36
    Rose says

    Each year we go out nearly every night to drive around looking at lights. Living in a large developement you could go out every night and still not see every house 🙂 my kids love those lights!

  36. 37
    Angie chae says

    I love to play Christmas themed “minute to win it” games. For example: put a cookie on your forehead and try to get it into your mouth without using your hands. This game is hilarious !

  37. 38
    Amber C says

    I love the tradition of the whole family putting ornaments on the tree since we have collected them from trips and from milestones in our lives. It is a wonderful way to talk about the memories most important to us!

  38. 39
    Liz says

    On Christmas Eve, the kids all get to open one present (new pajamas) and a new card game for us to play together. They will open the pajamas and rush to go put them on, so that we can play the new game. It is so much fun and lets us spend time together. We also sing Happy Birthday to Jesus on Christmas morning before any presents are opened.

  39. 40
    veronica says

    I am an organized freak when it comes to Christmas ornaments. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  40. 41
    Muriel says

    This looks awesome. We could totally use this. Last year several of our ornaments got broken in the flimpsy box we use now.

  41. 42
    Erin says

    A Catholic Mass on Christmas Eve. I am not Catholic, but my brother and father are and every year we headed to church on Christmas Eve as to not interfere with Christmas Day lounging. Now that I have moved away from my family, I still find a Mass so I can go and enjoy the solemnity and beauty of the season.

  42. 43
    TaraO says

    We love to drive to a neighborhood where all of the houses are decorated with beautiful lights and displays. Seeing the wonder and excitement on my daughter’s face is the best!

  43. 44
    Gabby says

    I am Hispanic and my mom does her Posada every year on the 24th of December, which is where we sing and pray to baby Jesus, we do a rosary and then we invite our neighbors and have tamales and hot chocolate.

  44. 45
    Jill says

    My favorite holiday tradition is participating in our local events such as Christmas in a Railroad Town and Victorian Walking Tour.

  45. 46
    Rene Leeper says

    Every year I give my nieces and nephew and son an ornament with either their name on it or having to do with something that happened to them in the previous months. When they finally leave home and need to decorate their own tree, they will have a nice start with their own ornaments.

  46. 47
    aprila says

    going to Hallmark every year and let the kids pick out an ornament

  47. 48
    Mel H says

    My family are all at home in Australia and so I talk to them on Christmas Eve here in the US, it just makes me so jealous because it is nice and warm down there and it’s always snowy and cold on Christmas Day here!

  48. 49
    Jenny says

    Reading Twas the night before Christmas on Christmas Eve.

  49. 50
    Joanna Bell says

    I am Jewish & my Husband is Christian so my favorite Holiday tradition is integrating out Holidays with a new tradition each year that celebrates both Holidays!

  50. 51
    Christine M. says

    One of my favorite Holiday traditions is walking the holiday stroll in our little town and stopping in at the local candy shop where they offer free hot chocolate with homemade peppermint whipped cream. They even offer the adults a little spiked Hot Chocolate if they prefer. Yum!!

  51. 52
    Erin says

    Our family has tons of traditions that I have listed on a cute graphic as a checklist. It’s framed and sitting on the counter. Each time we complete a task or participate in an event on the list, it gets checked off with a dry erase marker. The kids enjoy looking over the list to see what we still have planned for the season. This list has become it’s own tradition now :o)

  52. 53
    Leslie says

    The find the pickle game is one of my favorite holiday traditions!

  53. 55
    Heather says

    Other than putting the tree up the day after Thanksgiving, we haven’t had much traditions around here. Our son is 3.5 and this is the first year he’s really known that Christmas is coming. So I started a tradition this year of creating a “Christmas Bucket List”. I keep it on our fridge and I’m trying to do something, even if it’s small, everyday. This year bucket list includes: cornstarch clay ornaments, popcorn string, ninjabread men, make pizzelle’s, decorate a sugarcone “gingerbread” tree, make a string of thumbprint lights, build a lego tree, go ice skating, build a snowman and make snow angels.

  54. 56
    Yvette Heredia says

    My favorite tradition is decorating the tree with the little one. Love watching their expressions for each special ornament they put up on the tree.

  55. 57
    Pip says

    This is neat! I’d love o try it!

  56. 58
    angela says

    My favorite Christmas tradition is getting together with friends and making ornaments and candy and doing crafts to give as gifts. Fun times!

  57. 59
    Amy a. says

    We just started a new one this year, making a popcorn strand for the tree!! My kids love it!!

  58. 60
    Gretta says

    My favourite tradition is going to my Son’s home Chrstmas morning where my family gather and I get to see my grandson’s wee face when he opens his presents

  59. 61
    Lori M says

    An advent study is a favorite tradition. This year we are reading Jotham’s Journey as a family read aloud each night. The cliff hangers at the end of each day keep us excited for the next day’s reading. And also the movie Elf! Btw, LOVE snapware!

  60. 62
    Stacye McCain says

    To many traditions to count 🙂 Of course decorating our tree is the first! I was commenting on Saturday how I need a special box for each of my children with their ornaments. I would love to have this for that purpose! I already have one filled with my ornaments.

  61. 63
    Mindy H says

    We have the same holiday tradition, buying a new ornament each year. Another of my favorite traditions is opening one present on Christmas Eve that’s normally a new game to play and then we can play it that night!

  62. 64
    Mckenzie says

    My favorite holiday tradition involves food–every year my little sister makes deviled eggs. She HATES making them, but our dinner buffet isn’t complete without them. The tradition part, however, is trying to see how many the family can snatch off the table while she’s in the process of making them. It’s turned into quite a game, and there are years when they’re all gone before she’s even finished. 🙂

  63. 65
    Phyllis says

    Every year since my son was born, 35 years ago,I hang an ornament that we bought for his first Christmas on the tree first. It’s Rudolph with a red nose & it has my son’s name on it.

  64. 66
    Leah says

    My favorite Christmas tradition is Christmas breakfast. My parents and my brother come over and watch the kids open all of their gifts, and I cook everyone yummy food.

  65. 67
    Kelly Osmond says

    A movie and Chinese food on Christmas everyone with family!

  66. 68
    Nadine Ursuliak says

    One of our favourite holiday traditions is getting my kids and I together with my mom and grandma to do Christmas baking.

  67. 69
    Devonne says

    Watching “It’s a wonderful life” the day after Thanksgiving to kick of the Christmas season. Decorating the tree, driving around and looking at Christmas lights and the Christmas Eve service at our church.

  68. 70
    Tina says

    I love to get up early Christmas morning, turn on music and all the Christmas lights, get cinnamon rolls in the oven and then sit and enjoy a moment of peace before everyone else gets up.

  69. 71
    Elizabeth says

    I love this tradition! May have to start it with my kids this year!

  70. 72
    Valeri Baye says

    My favorite tradition is putting up the tree on my mom’s birthday. This is something we did growing up and now that she is gone I continue the tradition with my kids as a remembrance of her.

  71. 73
    Liz Chesebro says

    They should make a storage system for mason jars!!!

  72. 74
    Renee says

    I love these! I need more! My ornament collection is growing!

  73. 75
    sheila v. says

    of course, putting up the Christmas tree!

  74. 76
    Anna says

    I have SO many favorite Christmas traditions, but since we are talking trees here, I’d say I love the day after Thanksgiving when we go get our tree, decorate it together and then put lights up on the house. One day it’s Thanksgiving and the next we are decked out for Christmas! I love it!


  75. 77
    Anna M says

    I love going to my mom’s house and baking and making candy with my mom , niece and now husband and kids…that means Christmas to me.

  76. 78
    Emily says

    Our family has always had clam chowder on Christmas Eve– I don’t even really like it, except for during that special meal!!!

  77. 79
    The Chatty Housewife says

    One of my favorite holiday traditions is getting together with family on Christmas and relaxing!

  78. 80
    Melinda says

    My favorite tradition is making ornaments with the kids for them to give to their grandparents! We always have a blast and the gifts are treasured forever!

  79. 81
    Alishia says

    My favorite holiday tradition is carols and communion at church on Christmas eve, appetizers and christmas movies that night and getting to open new pajamas on christmas eve!

  80. 82
    Mary says

    I enjoy driving around town seeing all of the Christmas lights.

  81. 83
    tampapunkin says

    I always loved that the gifts under the tree from Santa were unwrapped. If you look at traditional pictures of Santa Claus, you can see all the unwrapped toys in his big red sack. He just pulls them out of the sack and puts them under the tree.

  82. 84
    Jenn says

    One of my favorite traditions is something we just started last year…we make homemade ornaments from applesauce and cinnamon, bake them then let the kids paint them! Also, we order Chinese take out for dinner Christmas Eve 😀

  83. 85
    Renee Staab says

    My favorite traditon of all is having the entire family together at the same time and all going to Christmas Eve Mass.

  84. 86
    DomesticDork says

    One of my favorite traditions is pizza and a movie with the family on Christmas eve. It’s such a low-key tradition, so it’s easy to keep year after year. But it’s also great bonding time snuggled on the couch with my favorite people.

  85. 87
    Kelley says

    Packing the kids in the car and looking at Christmas lights!

  86. 88
    ShannonMers says

    This website is fabulous!!! Love me some organizing 🙂

  87. 89
    Kiy says

    Something that we’ve just started this year, that has been such a hit we will continue is the Countdown to Christmas Basket (similar to an Advent Calendar). Tiny little gifts to be opened on specific dates up until the 24th. When our little gal opens the last one, she knows that night (finally! that! night!) Santa will come.

    We also do the traditional pj’s on Christmas Eve, but we also put a new Christmas story book in the box too. We read that one, and then all the others from years past. I can’t wait for Christmas!

  88. 90
    Cynthia T. says

    The kids have an ornament that is a frame with their picture. It’s been such a joy to place these ornaments on the tree each year.

  89. 91
    The Linz says

    Our family tradition involves food and lots of it! Every Christmas Eve I help my dad prepare an amazing Italian feast of homemade lasagna for our huge family. We will always have a ridiculous spread of appetizers (usually meats, cheeses, and breads) before dinner, and then it’s lasagna and present time.

  90. 92
    Jennifer O says

    We play card games when we get together for holidays.

  91. 93
    Anne c. says

    My favorite Christmas tradition is hosting a Danish Christmas dinner and then going to church Christmas Eve. Smuggling under the blankets with the whole family and drinking cocoa…..ok maybe I have a lot of favorites!! But really!! How do you choose just one???? 🙂

  92. 94
    Stephanie L. says

    I love picking up each year’s new Swarovski snowflake ornament for our tree & I need a new ornament storage box to store them all in!

  93. 95
    Amber says

    Would love this!!! Our Christmas tradition is taking a wagon out to our Christmas tree farm and chosing our tree

  94. 96
    Jackie says

    My favorite family tradition is opening our box of Christmas PJs and acting surprised!

  95. 97
    Tracey says

    Wow, those look awesome! We do a similar thing but every year we add a new hallmark Grinch or Dr. Seuss ornament.

  96. 98
    Kim Valent says

    We have so many wonderful traditions from decorating the tree together, seeing Santa, going on the Polar Express train ride,, family meals etc., but my favorite is being in our house every Christmas morning. Once we had our first child, my husband said that we needed to wake up every Christmas morning at our house. No hotels, no family houses, just our comfortable, loving house. I love the tradition it brings to our kids and they love always waking up to Santa’s presents under their tree. 🙂

  97. 99
    Taylor H says

    One of my favorite traditions is similar to yours: putting up ornaments. Many years ago our new dog ate through several boxes of ornaments, and since then I have bought my mom a new ornament every year that represents something from that year. She opens the new one on Christmas Eve before we go out to do the big family party.

  98. 100
    Rochelle says

    My favorite tradition is we have polar express tickets for our kiddos, they’re in their jammies, we load up the car with Christmas music, hot chocolate, powdered donuts, and candy canes. We go look at the Christmas lights, stop at great grandma’s for more treats, and then stop at grandma’s for a Christmas story and songs.

  99. 101
    hatrick316 says

    My favorite Christmas tradition is driving around looking at neighborhood lights.

  100. 102
    Ashlee de Baritault says

    My family always has the “Christmas fairy”. We have a Christmas eve fairy that brings us pj’s, and on Christmas morning the “table fairy” brings us small presents placed on the table next to our big family breakfast.
    Also last year my immediate family started a white elephant gift on Christmas Eve. We get silly gifts from the dollar store and pass them around. It’s been so fun seeing the silly gifts each of us got.
    (We also do Christmas ornaments but I’ll keep our traditions to a minimum.)
    I would love to win this! I definitely need it!

  101. 103
    Liene says

    We make piparkukas, the Latvian Christmas cookie, every year. Some for the neighbors, some for the grandparents, some for the boys 🙂

  102. 104
    Jen B. says

    My favorite tradition is making cookies with our girls.

  103. 105
    Amatul says

    We love spending time with the whole family and play games and do everything together!!!

  104. 106
    Kim Gustin says

    We just moved and a lot of my ornaments were broken or bent in the move! As we are military,, this would be great to protect my remaining ornaments! 🙂

  105. 107
    jessica w says

    celebrating Christmas on the evening of the 24th

  106. 108
    Jean says

    Every year our boys get a new pair of Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve. They get to wear them to bed that night (and it makes for great Christmas morning pictures!).

  107. 109
    Paula says

    I enjoy baking cookies with my children before Christmas but my favorite time is hanging out with my family on Christmas through New Year’s. It is a time for us to do some relaxing, special projects/day trips, playing games, etc.

  108. 110
    Elizabeth says

    We have an advent calendar made of little books. The books tell the story of the Nutcracker Ballet. Our tradition is to read the books each evening in the 24 days before Christmas before bed, until the whole story is told.

  109. 111
    Cherie says

    Hi, I have this organizer! Four of them! I love them! I did take a bit of time to put squares of the small bubble sheets to fit in the bottom of each square; if you put it on the whole bottom, then the cardboard organizers are too tall and the lid doesn’t fit. I even keep a smallish piece of tissue in each square to gently wrap the very delicate ornies. I use a couple of them with only 3-4 separations for larger items. I love them because they keep everything organized and in one spot. Now to find something to fit those giant ornies…

  110. 112
    Amy M says

    We have the same tradition of buying ornaments for each kids, ordering take out Chinese on tree decorating night, driving over an hour from home to visit the same Santa every year, and the kids exchange Christmas PJ’s as the first gift every Christmas Eve.

  111. 113
    Jennifer Henson says

    One of my favorite traditions is going with my husband’s family to cut our tree. 14 of us go, meet for coffee, go pick the trees and then do lunch. We head home separately where we decorate it to Christmas music. 🙂

  112. 114
    karen says

    Every year we go to christmas eve service with my inlaws. We return and eat dinner together and open presents.

  113. 115
    Katrina V. says

    We make cookies for Santa every Christmas Eve, which is one of our fun traditions.

  114. 116
    Evelyn R says

    My favorite holiday tradition is baking cookies for Santa with my girls

  115. 117
    Glyn says

    One of my favorite traditions is baking and snacking (fudge, chex mix, punch) while finishing up wrapping on Christmas Eve, then getting to open one present that night, and the rest Christmas morning.

  116. 118
    Sonya says

    My favorite tradition is decorating!

  117. 119
    Kim says

    I love going to our local zoo to see the christmas light show. My family and I always look forward to it.

  118. 120
    Nicole W says

    I love to decorate the tree the best. It’s so much fun unwrapping all of the ornaments and figuring out where to put them!

  119. 121
    Ilona t says

    Baking cookies!

  120. 122
    Valerie says

    Every Christmas season I take one day and have a movie marathon of the same four movies. Curled up on the sofa, a blanket over my legs, cat snuggled up next to me and a bowl of popcorn to snack on. It’s a very peaceful day, one I look forward to every year.

  121. 123
    Sara D. says

    We do the same tradition of ornaments! I have ornaments from when I was a kid and then my kids have an ornament that they get every years. So we usually have way too many ornaments and have to leave some in the box. So I make sure we change them around every year. I was glad when I moved out to have all my ornaments but I do get sad that my husband has only 3 that he had as a child. He doesn’t know where any of the others went (his parents divorced). 🙁 So he now is the process of getting an ornament every year. 🙂

  122. 124
    nova c. says

    All four of my kids have gotten an ornament every year. They all get something that is like their siblings, but yet different. They like to look at them & remember when they got them. My youngest has a Mario ornament from years ago & it’s the first one on the tree!

  123. 125
    Joanne says

    I love decorating the tree with the ornaments we get each year and making christmas cookies.
    the recipes i made when i was a child with my mom now i get to pass down to my own daughter.

  124. 126
    Hilda says

    My parents gave my brothers and I new ornaments each year too and I loved my first tree on my own when I moved out because it was full of all my ornaments! We’re doing the same for my kids now. This would be an amazing way to store them 🙂 Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!

  125. 127
    Barbie says

    Each year when we decorate our tree, we bake fresh cookies and watch a Christmas movie. I love decorating the tree with my children. I can truly see the history of Christmas past in all of the ornaments.

  126. 128
    Amanda Paige says

    Besides being with family my favorite tradition is looking at lights!

  127. 129
    Maureen says

    my siblings and I would come home after the Christmas Eve mass and make a fresh warm batch of chocolate chip cookies for Santa. As we got older we would use this time to catch up and now we have brought this same tradition to our own families since we are married.

  128. 130
    marian says

    We have several traditions that have been important to the kids to continue every year. One they particularly like to do is assemble the gingerbread house with their dad ( I think cause he lets them eat more candy than they put on the house). The other tradition that we cant do without is each year we make one ornament for each kid (I have 4). I saw these boxes and loved them, it would be a great way to preserve their memories and creatively and could take it with them when they are adults.

  129. 131
    Ashley K says

    On Christmas eve we fill the thermos with hot cocoa and walk around the block looking at all the lights 🙂 It’s a great peaceful time

  130. 132
    Leanne Holliman says

    We love getting family together and enjoying good food and company.

  131. 133
    Meghan says

    Our favorite Christmas tradition is watching “White Christmas” on tv while wrapping gifts!

  132. 134
    Bernice J says

    When our children were young, we devised a way to slow down the process of everyone madly opening presents within the first five minutes. We each took turns tossing a dice and the person had to wait until they rolled the exact number that corresponded with each present (I put a number on each one beforehand). This proved to be a lot of fun and still today we each go around the circle and are allowed to open one present only when a six is rolled on the dice.

  133. 135
    Stacy Smith says

    One of my favorite traditions is looking at all the ornaments from previous years with my kids and talking about when they made them or what they were into when we bought them- a trip down memory lane with my kiddos

  134. 136
    Christine Jordan says

    My favorite christmas tradition is visiting nursing homes to sing christmas carols to the residents

  135. 137
    Debbie R says

    Favorite tradition is opening the stockings before any of the gifts. We still do this parents in their 80’s. Much laughter watching what everyone gets.

  136. 138
    Ashley says

    One of my favorite holiday traditions is going out to look at lights with my husband.

  137. 139
    Suzanne says

    My mom starting giving each of her grandchildren an ornament each year many years ago. Often she would make them, but she sometimes bought them. Each ornament is labeled with the child’s name and the year. Mama died on Christmas Day seven years ago, but I’ve continued the tradition for my children. The kids love seeing these ornaments each year; every one is special to them.

  138. 140
    Megan says

    We also do an ornament a year! Its so fun to look over!

  139. 141
    Kim Z says

    I love holiday baking, and I do a lot of it. I also love drinking Glogg (mulled wine). I have to wash the cookies down with something!

  140. 142
    Beth Bennett says

    Every year I get my husband a ‘vehicle’ ornament (getting hard to find different ones!) and my daughter gets one with moons and stars, like we had in her nursery many years ago. When we put up the tree it’s fun to take a trip down memory lane looking at all the ornaments.

  141. 143
    Kim says

    Our favorite tradition is Christmas morning breakfast.

  142. 144
    Trish Macomber says

    My favorite tradition is Christmas Eve, when we make egg nog and cocoa and sit around with our pillows on the floor and watch old Christmas movies.

  143. 145
    Jenna says

    My favorite holiday tradition is playing Pente at my mom’s house every Christmas! Everyone gets pretty competitive. It’s an awesome time!

  144. 146
    Shirley Williams says

    We always get together with my mom on Christmas Eve. She and I have shrimp and wine for appetizers together.

  145. 147
    Monique says

    our favorite holiday tradition is going to the tree farm the day after Thanksgiving and cutting our Christmas tree down, we decorate it over the weekend admiring the ornaments we have collected over the last 20 years. When we travel or vacation we try to get an ornament so we have many memories to talk and laugh about.

    I would love to win the Snapware ornament storage for all my ornaments too!

  146. 148
    Kelly C says

    On the day we decorate our tree we always have hot cocoa and eggnog with Christmas music playing while work. Then it’s warm cinnamon buns while we open gifts and a glass of wine in the tree lit room at the end of Christmas night 🙂

  147. 149
    Kathy Henry says

    My favorite is opening presents Christmas morning.

  148. 150
    Sallie says

    I love wrapping Christmas presents. I normally wind up wrapping for other people, too 🙂

  149. 151
    Elizabeth says

    This looks fabulous! One of my favorite traditions is decorating gingerbread houses with my children!

  150. 152
    Erin says

    This looks awesome – the tissue route led to a couple broken ones this year.. Would love an alternative!

  151. 153
    Kristi says

    My favorite traditions include driving around to look at Christmas light displays and crafting Christmas decorations and gifts.

  152. 154
    Amanda S says

    My favorite holiday traditions are watching movies like “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’ and “The Grinch who stole Christmas”. My little girl is now 1.5yr old and I’m working on figuring out how to make things special for her.

  153. 155
    Amy P says

    We also do new ornament each year for our family members. My mom did this my sister and I and gave us the ornaments when we each got married.

  154. 156
    Carrie says

    My favorite holiday tradition is giving my daughter one brand new or handmade ornament every year. When she is an adult, she’ll have a whole set of ornaments to decorate her own Christmas tree.

  155. 157
    Jen says

    I have a few traditions that I love doing…
    1. Decorating the tree with my kids
    2. Baking cookies with my mom, giving them to the neighbors and delivering them to my Aunts & Uncles on Christmas Eve
    3. Going to a movie on Christmas day with my kids and mom.

  156. 158
    Heather says

    Baking goodies.

  157. 159
    megs says

    We have a special ornament that we play hide and seek with every year – and we have since we were kids. Now that we’re all grown with grown kids, my brothers, sister and I will play the game still.

  158. 160
    Mary says

    My families favorite Christmas tradition is gathering their old, cowboy boots to place under 1 of our many Christmas trees. It is the Cowboy Tree and boots from the time they started to walk on up to current age go under . They gather their buckles to hang and numbers from the backs of cowboys to add on the tree also. Merry Christmas! I look forward to putting their individual ornaments into a container like this. Our tree in our dining room has all the ornaments that each child gets every year.

  159. 161
    Stephanie says

    Driving around and looking at tacky lights

  160. 162
    Elizabeth @ HobbyLobbyist says

    Maybe it doesn’t sound sentimental, but I love going to the movies with my family on Christmas! We go after we’ve opened all the gifts and stuffed our faces with breakfast.

  161. 163
    Rachel @ says

    Our favorite tradition is our advent activity calendar – we do a fun Christmas activity every day from Dec 1 to Christmas!!

  162. 164
    Vicky says

    Oh my when I feel guilty for not following through on Jesse Tree and Advent, I realize we have quite a few special traditions. We get our girls a couple new ornaments every year that have a special meaning to them (from vacation, a sport they participated in) and they place them on their own small tree they keep in their bedrooms. They get a new special pair of jammies they open on Christmas Eve so I know they will not be wearing something ratty on Christmas morning. And we have the same menu on Christmas Eve – homemade lasagna made with Dad and Christmas morning Mom makes a special strata, easy cinnamon rolls & ambrosia.

  163. 165
    Amy says

    I started working at Hallmark as a teenager and began buying ornaments each year for the tree. When I had children I would let them each pick out one every year so that when they move out they’ll have a tree full of ornaments. So my favorite tradition is taking my kids to pick their ornaments but also, looking at and remembering each of the old ornaments.

  164. 166
    meghann says

    advent calendars!

  165. 167
    Stacey says

    Every Christmas and New Year’s Day we have Mimosas (champage and orange juice).

  166. 168
    Lisa Summerhays says

    My MIL comes out to build a snowman with my kids. They love it and look forward to it and I love seeing them so excited.

  167. 169
    Amanda says

    My son was born on Dec 4. The first Saturday of every December, the whole family (my side and my husband’s side) comes to my house to celebrate. We have cake and presents and then we all put up the Christmas tree and listen to Christmas music. My favorite day of the year! 🙂

  168. 170
    SalBug says

    Making donuts Christmas morning.

  169. 171
    Terri says

    Baking cookies with my children!

  170. 172
    Christy Ziesmer says

    Our family tradition is to get a Christmas Tree the day or two after Thanksgiving & decorate the house for Christmas. This year we discovered the joys of a Christmas Tree Farm…so I think a new tradition has begun!

  171. 173
    LISA HOEME says

    Making lasagna for Christmas dinner.

  172. 174
    Pat Palmer says

    My favorite tradition started when the kids were little (30 and 25 now!). We always baked a birthday cake for Jesus, but it would get lost among all the other cakes and pies. So to make it stand out we started doing this: We bake a white layer cake (signifies purity of Christ). Right before popping the cake into the oven I take one red hot and drop it into the batter, making sure it completely submerges. We say a prayer over the cake then bake it. Then it is finished as normal, using white frosting. Here’s where the fun comes in. Christmas day, everybody gets to pick which piece of cake they want. You don’t have to cut it in the normal, ‘in order’ fashion. You can take you piece from one side and I can have mine from the other side. Whoever gets the piece with the red hot (the shed blood of Christ) will have extra blessings all year! Now everybody wants a piece of the white Jesus’ birthday cake and the other deserts get slighted. Our grown kids are enjoying passing on the tradition now.

  173. 176
    Danielle says

    I have the same ornament tradition! I’ll be buying one of these even if I don’t win one 😉

  174. 177
    rondah says

    my favorite tradition is baking cookies

  175. 178
    Chelse says

    My favorite tradition is decorating the Christmas tree…and making Christmas goodies of course 🙂

  176. 179
    Joann says

    We set up the nativity scene with the help of the 2 granddaughters as we tell the Christmas story from the Bible..

  177. 180
    Jean says

    Baking cookies and giving them to neighbors.

  178. 181
    Gina says

    One of my favorite holiday traditions is decorating the tree with the kids.

  179. 182
    Amy says

    My favorite holiday tradition is putting up the tree and hanging the decorations with my parents. Never gets old!

  180. 183
    Angela says

    My favorite tradition is wrapping the presents while watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and eating chocolates.

  181. 184
    Kelly D says

    My favorite tradition is going to my husband’s relatives on Christmas Eve for a seafood dinner.

  182. 185
    Janelle says

    Our favorite tradition is letting the kids decorate the tree all by themselves! It’s not as “pretty” as I would do it, but they have so much fun it’s worth it. =)

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  183. 186
    debb says

    Christmas Eve church service is my favorite tradition.

  184. 187
    Michelle Doss says

    I need this!! I still have all those boxes and I need a better system!

  185. 188
    Julie Mills says

    We take the kids to Polar Express at the Norfolk Botanical Arden’s. they eat cookies and hot chocolate, make a craft, listen to thePolar Express story and then take a ride on a tram through the garden of lights.

  186. 189
    Abbhi says

    Love to cozy up with a warm hot chocolate and watch old movies!

  187. 190
    Kathi says

    My Favorite Holiday Tradition is Christmas morning having Hot chocolate and cinnamon buns with My Daughter and My 3 Beautiful Grandchildren, 🙂

  188. 191
    Teresa Kinder says

    So many traditions at Christmas at our house. I suppose my favorite is the reading of Luke regarding Christ’s birth on Christmas eve. My father did that before he passed away, and my husband has done it since then.

  189. 192
    Jill says

    My favourite tradition is spending Christmas Eve with my family. We go to the early church service, meet at my house after (only since I’ve owned a house) and eat, drink, and enjoy each other’s company. This includes everyone opening one gift, which is now the gift sent from my youngerto brother who lives in NWT and does t make it home for Christmas. Every Christmas Eve has a memorable moment I can recall each year. This year will be difficult as my mom, who always put so much into the holidays, died recently and we’ll be figuring out our first Christmas without her. It makes it easier knowingmy family will be together Christmas Eve. 🙂

  190. 193
    tammy d. says

    We have a few but I think my favorite is when we make sugar cookies together. It’s a great big mess and oh so fun!

  191. 194
    Diana B says

    I actually started the same tradition, but with my husband when we were first married. It was even more fun once we started having kids to continue the tradition.

  192. 195
    Diane says

    Growing up, my favorite was opening one gift on Christmas Eve. My son is now 2 1/2 and I hope to continue this tradition with him.

  193. 196
    Jackie says

    My favorite traditions with my family for the holidays are the games we play on Christmas Eve and the movies we watch on Christmas day. We like to have a little fun and do a little relaxing!

  194. 197
    Josh from Uncle Bob's Self Storage says

    Love this idea AND the Star Wars ornament is an added bonus!

    I have to ask, do you have room for any other ornaments besides the kids’ ornaments?

  195. 198
    Katie K says

    In our family the first to yell out “Christmas Eve Gift” on Christmas Eve gets a gift early. It’s really fun! 😀

  196. 199
    Heidi says

    My favorite tradition is decorating the Christmas Tree with carols playing and hot cocoa to sip.

  197. 200
    Kimberly B. says

    My in-laws come to my house for Christmas breakfast. This is fairly new tradition, but it’s one I’m enjoying more every year.

  198. 201
    Dana Taft says

    Our favorite Christmas tradition happens on Christmas day. We have the luxury of being able to stay home all day. Our kids are adults now but they still come home first thing in the morning. We open gifts and enjoy our time together looking at each others gifts and then I fix a light breakfast. We “play” with some of our gifts and usually someone has gotten a new movie or game. So the rest of the day we play games and watch movies. I make special snacks/appetizers that we don’t get the rest of the year. These snacks are special and are only made on Christmas day. We stay in our pj’s all day and spend the whole day hanging out and really spending time together. 🙂 Does this Momma’s heart good to have her family all together, under one roof spending quality time together!!!!

  199. 202
    Lauren says

    My relatives and I live in the NY/NJ area so we always see a Broadway show a few days before Christmas together and eat at Carmine’s! This year we’re seeing the Lion King.

  200. 203
    Jenny says

    I love sending and receiving holiday cards!

  201. 204
    Cory says

    I love baking and decorating cookies together, and we always open a new set of pajamas on christmas eve!

  202. 205
    Lindsey says

    We read the story of the birth of Christ from Matthew every Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning (depends on what we’re doing Christmas Eve). It reminds us of where our focus should be and that Christmas is not about how many presents you get or whether you got what you wanted, but of the Gift that was given to us. I love refocusing after all of the hussle and bussle of the days before

  203. 206
    Jessica H. says

    my favorite christmas tradition is putting on the christmas music and decorating our tree! i really love the way it looks every year. we bake cookies while decorating too so the house smells wonderful!

  204. 207
    Susanne says

    OOOOO, I neeeeeed this box. I have the same tradition and my kids are now 22, 20 and 18 so you can imagine how many ornaments I need to find space for. And the moved away child has not yet taken her ornaments with her because she hasn’t room for a bigger tree. So far they’ve just had their own shoebox and as you can imagine those shoeboxes have now basically become boot boxes. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Now, my favorite Christmas tradition is wrapping the kids gifts in their own individual wrapping paper. Nothing is labeled and they have to look for a well hidden envelope Christmas morning that has shredded pieces of their paper in it. This gives hubby and I time to have a coffee before the gift giving begins. I’ve asked them if they want to discontinue this tradition now that they are “grown” but they answered with a resounding NO!

  205. 208
    Mary Beth says

    I put up several trees and have a tradition of putting my pieces of sterling on a tree in our dining room. I don’t use pieces that we’ll use for Christmas dinner, but use a few seldom used pieces that I’ve inherited from my grandmothers and aunts.

    It always makes me happy!

  206. 209
    Marcie M. says

    We began this with the “baby’s first Christmas” ornaments that were given to my kids by their grandmother’s friend. We took over after that. They are the first ornaments the kids put on every year! So fun!

  207. 210
    AudraG says

    We love loading up in the van wearing our pjs to drive around town looking at the Christmas lights. On the way home we stop for donuts and hot chocolate.

  208. 211
    leah says

    We have the same tradition of getting a new ornament for the kids each year (but mine are only 4 and 1 so it’s only a few so far)
    My favorite tradition though is making christmas cookies starting on Black Friday. Instead of shopping I stay at home and bake all day with the kids. Unless I freeze the cookies right away they are all gone before christmas but it’s still a wonderful day. Full of laughs and yumminess!

  209. 212
    Brandy E. says

    We buy a new ornament each year too. We travel a lot though so it tends to be one we bought on our major trip of the year. We have ones from Waterford, Ireland and San Gimingano, Italy that are the current favorites. I would be devestated if those got broken.

  210. 213
    Lacee says

    Putting the Christmas lights on the house! I always did this with my Dad on Black Friday, but ever since I got married we haven’t been able to do it together. Now, My husband and I started the same tradition!

  211. 214
    Jenny C. says

    I have the same tradition as you – purchase an ornament for my son that is memorable to him. So far we have a baby’s first Christmas ornament, Mickey Mouse, Buzz and Woody from Toy Story, and this year is Curious George! I would love a system like this to keep them all organized and safe.

  212. 215
    Cassandra D. says

    My favorite holiday tradition is going to Christmas Eve mass and driving around looking at lights.

  213. 216
    Loretta says

    There are so many things I wish we had done to make Christmas time extra special for our kids. Now that we have grand children, we have a Santa Box. The grandchildren (with help from mom and dad) write what they would like Santa to bring them. The kids color and decorate their page any way they like. Their lists go into the Santa Box, next to the Christmas tree, so “Santa” can remember what all seven grandchildren wanted for Christmas! And, we’ve discovered that the bigger kids sneak their Christmas lists inside as well, so it’s never too late to start a family tradition.

  214. 217
    Phyllis says

    Each year I host a Holiday Project Party. It’s an Open House when friends bring projects to work on – addressing cards, wrapping presents, hand sewing, etc. I provide the food and drinks and get to visit with friends I might only see once a year

  215. 218
    Staci A says

    We have an elf who visits for the 12 days of Christmas, leaving gifts behind for the kids. My oldest is in awe every morning and runs through the house to find his gift.

  216. 219
    Melissa says

    Ooo that is awesome! I didn’t realize it was the snap together things holding the pokemon. I think i NEED this. Pick me!

  217. 220
    Sue says

    We always watch A Muppet Christmas Carol [kids are 19 and 21 now] and eat lots of finger foods for a casual night!

  218. 221
    Dawn says

    I look forward to doing our “Adornaments” devotional each night and putting the corresponding ornament on the tree we have just for these ornaments.

  219. 222
    Amanda says

    Our Christmas tradition is to choose a “mystery tree” each year. We go to the local hardware store and choose a tree that is still wrapped up in the strings used for shipping. We can tell if it has a good straight trunk and a nice top for the star, but the rest is a surprise! It might be fantastic and full, or it might be a Charlie Brown tree!

  220. 223
    Shawna McCoy says

    I can relate to your trips down memory lane! Every time we go on vacation, we collect an ornament to put on our Christmas tree. My kids love to put them on the tree and reminisce.

  221. 224
    Alison says

    My Uncle Jack started giving my brother and I “B.C’s” (before Christmas gifts) when we were little. They were usually cheap little plastic toys from the dollar store, but we each got four or five and were able to open one each night during the days before Christmas.

    Thanks for the chance to win – I’ve been eyeing these containers for a while now.


  222. 225
    Maria Matter says

    great give away, thank you!
    We have a tradition of watching the Muppet’s Christmas Carol every year to start off our holiday! Even with the kids getting older, we all still enjoy it!

  223. 226
    Laura says

    We have the same tradition ~ I buy the kids an ornament every year and they get to open them on the weekend after Thanksgiving when we put the tree up. With six kids ages 16-24, we have LOTS of ornaments!!

  224. 227
    Miranda says

    I love drinking hot cocoa while decorating the tree

  225. 228
    mary says

    This is fantastic, I was heartbroken when I opened my box of ornaments that were carefully wrapped and stored in a double thick box….. hmmm yea 4 ornaments are broken,
    Two of which came from my dad who recently passed. I felt like a big baby crying.
    anyway, if I dont win this…. let me know where i can buy it please!!!!

  226. 229
    Verena says

    Is opening our gifts Christmas Eve one at a time, so that we can all enjoy the moment together.

  227. 230
    Christy says

    We got married 6 days before Christmas. Each year on our anniversary, we drive to the church where we were married and have our picture taken in front. It’s fun to look back at the pictures and see how we’ve changed over the years.

    • 230.1
      Christina says

      That is such a cool idea!

  228. 231
    Melissa says

    We have the same “special ornament” each year tradition. I love the suggestion for storage. I was just outgrowing our current cardboard box!

  229. 232
    Linda Kline says

    After losing my son this year, we decided as we decorate the tree, and a smaller tree for a new memorial ornament for him, we light candles one blown out because he has passed and the other in his memory which remains lit. We all share something about him that we remember the most.

  230. 233
    Kim says

    We love watching ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ ( both versions) on Christmas Eve.

  231. 234
    Amy R says

    Since Christmas day is my older brother’s birthday, he would come into my room very early in the morning and jump on my bed to wake me up. We would then go get my parents up, go downstairs, and see what Santa left us. We would celebrate birthdays separately later in the day since my Dad’s birthday is also Christmas day. I always remember being woken up Christmas morning with my brother standing over me jumping up and down.

  232. 235
    Tami R says

    When we were growing up, our family gathered on Christmas Eve. We had fun together breaking a pinata that our mother had made of paper mache. The evening started with a dinner of soup and home made rolls followed by caroling and christmas cookie eating. As the evening wound down we would read the Christmas story from the Bible, hang our stockings, and then head to bed. The next morning the stockings were full and the smiles were fuller!

  233. 236
    jenny says

    We do advent calendars every December with our kids, I play Christmas music through the whole month of December in our kitchen, and force my husband to dance with me to it at least once a week. HA HA. 🙂

  234. 237
    Kerry says

    I too have three children, but they are young. I have a little 3 foot tree in each of their bedrooms on which they hang their ornaments that they have collected or made over the years. I too make them an ornament for them to add to their tree year after year. This tradition started with my childhood. My family tree is filled with ornaments that my mom had made me as a child.

  235. 238
    Diane H says

    making Christmas candy with the grandkids!

  236. 239
    JEAN PORTER says

    We go to a neighborhood called “Winterhaven” and take a hayride to look at Christmas lights.

  237. 240
    Christina says

    Oh my goodness! I just helped my friend decorate her tree and she had this and I was so jealous! My favorite holiday tradition is singing holiday songs while decorating the tree!!! 🙂

  238. 241
    Carly says

    My favorite tradition is dinner with my in-laws on Christmas Eve and exchanging ornaments with my family on Christmas.

  239. 242
    April Mack says

    I love singing Christmas carols with the family on Christmas Eve. It’s always such a magical night!!

  240. 243
    Becky says

    My favorite Christmas tradition? Making my hubby’s favorite candies from scratch for him. It’s one of his special gifts every year and he really looks forward to it. Plus, I get to be all messy and gross in the kitchen, so it’s fun!

  241. 244
    KATIE A. says

    We have a blended family with 6 kids, so I just started some new traditions, but there are still some old ones I hold on to. The kids decorate the tree and we are building up quite a collection of ornaments. On Christmas day the kids get pancakes and they have to wait till after pancakes to open gifts. (This is an “evil plot” on my part to allow grandparents and other family to make it over.) After 2 years they seem to look forward to the pancakes. We also have enough kids that each one gets to help make a dish for the big family dinner, we rotate each holiday so every one gets to help with something different, and they really love that. I love your ideas on meal planning and organizing. It has really helped me stay sane. LOL. thanks and Merry Christmas

  242. 245
    Jackie Osmond says

    My favourite christmas tradition is new PJ’s along with a small gift for each child that’s opened on christmas eve. My parents did it with me and my siblings and I do it now with my children.

  243. 246
    Karen says

    One of my favorite traditions is baking and decorating cookies to give as gifts to my coworkers and extended family members as gifts :o)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  244. 247
    Ann Cluck says

    I married into a very large blended family. My new tradition is just getting as many of them together as possible, taking lots of pictures and sharing ornaments from the past and everyone adding a new one.

  245. 248
    Jessica says

    This is our second married Christmas, so we’re still establishing traditions. I do love buying a few new special decorations each year!

  246. 249
    Elise says

    Just pulled out all my ornaments – I collect ornaments from all my travels and it’s fun to remember all the places I’ve traveled to and the memories associated with each, I think about 20 were added this year from moving across the country, traveling with my husband and getting married… Decorating the tree will be fun, but I need some good storage for them for all my future military moves, don’t want to lose these

    My favorite Tradition is baking cookies with my Mom, sisters, and family friends… We spend about 3 days baking up a storm in my parents kitchen, yielding about 20-30 different batches of cookies for us to enjoy and give out as gifts to neighbors, friends, and teachers

  247. 250
    Rikki says

    I have had the same tradition for my now adult, married kids. Now they have ornaments to start off their own trees!

  248. 251
    Amber says

    My favorite Christmas tradition is going to my grandmother’s house every Christmas morning after we opened presents at our house.

  249. 252
    Rebecca P says

    I enjoy making arrangements out of fresh greenery and putting around throughout the house and on the porch.

  250. 253
    Keely says

    Our favorite tradition is a girls tip to Minnesota to visit my moms side of the family. All the females n the area get together for lunch and an annual ornament exchange. It’s a fantastic weekend and so important to have my girls see their cousins. There are around 40 of us that meet up.

  251. 254
    Lani says

    I LOVE the Darth VAder ornament, wherever did you find that! I give my kids an ornament, too, but not quite as creatively as you have! However, those stackers would be sensational!! (and the Star Wars stuff!)

  252. 255
    Lisa R says

    The timing of this post is crazy because I was just having this conversation with myself last night (yes, talking to myself is “normal” this time of year LOL). Thanks for finishing the conversation for me today!

  253. 256
    Jessica says

    My family is young, so we don’t have many traditions yet, but I love decorating the Christmas tree. Most of the ornaments were gifts and/or have special meaning.

  254. 257
    Cindy B says

    When we moved to Montana a few years ago we were able to start going out into the woods to find and cut our Christmas tree. It’s now my favorite tradition!

  255. 258
    Faith says

    I love decorating the tree and house while listening to Christmas music.

  256. 259
    Faith says

    Updated email.

  257. 260
    Kyra @ RACKS and Mooby says

    One of the holiday traditions I started when my girls were born was to buy them each an ornament each year that represented something special from that year. I write their initials and the year on the bottom of the ornament in case we can’t remember whose is whose or what year it was from. Eventually (ie- when they move out or get married) I’ll package up all of their respective ornaments and give them to them for their own trees. If I can part with them, of course! 😉

  258. 261
    Melissa W says

    What a great giveaway … I would love this for my 4 year old … he has been getting ornaments from us, his grandparents, and great grandparents since he was born … it would be great to have his ornaments seperate for when he is on his own and also so he knew which ones he need to help put on the tree.

  259. 262
    Katie says

    My chrildren are little so we are still in the process of making traditions, however we like to go to Christmas eve chrildrens mass then out to eat at a nice restraunt then come home open one gift which is always pj’s. Get into our pj’s and make hot coco and watch It’s a Wonderful Life ( the Frank Capra version) Or Miracle on 34thst. ( the old one)! Merry CHRISTmas to all!!

  260. 263
    Lisa Muniz says

    My favorite tradition growing up, or at least until I was around 10, before my grandfather passed away, was to head over to my grandparents on Christmas Eve and celebrate with my dad’s side of the family. We’d go home, wake up Christmas morning, open our gifts, them head back to ‘Mom & Pop’s’ for the day. As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what my kids do every year. Only we’d spend the night at hubby’s parents, open gifts, then head to my parents to spend the day and them home to have our own Christmas. We’ve lived down the street for about 4 Christmases so honey and I walk home to sleep in our own beds and then head back over to grandma’s for the morning festivities. My dad passed 3 years ago so my mom comes to us now. We head home mid day for our family Christmas. Love family time.

    Sorry that was so long. {blushing}

  261. 264
    Groff's Girl says

    We do the same tradition! I was just saying this weekend how the ornament boxes take up so much space. I have ornaments from when I was a baby and onward!! The other tradition is that I get a pair of Jammies from my dad every Christmas. I make sure to open them Christmas Eve and wear them that night!! We are in Germany with the military and after being overseas for 7 years, that is a heartwarming tradition when my family is so far away!

  262. 265
    Suzanne says

    I have the same ornament tradition with my daughters – when they are off on their own, they’ll have a wonderful start to a beautifully decorated tree full of memories! Many of the ornaments are handmade, others store-bought, but each with a story. This looks like a great way to safely store those ornaments!

  263. 266
    Chelsea Mitchell says

    My mom and I always make all of our Christmas candies together and then put up the Christmas tree. One of these would be great for all of the random ornaments my mom has collected over the years!

  264. 267
    Adrianne Kincade says

    My favorite holiday tradition with my kids is doing our advent wreath. My kids beg to do it and that means so much to me!! They can now both read and love to trade off reading the scripture and lighting the candles!

  265. 268
    Kathy Cervantes says

    Our favorite tradition is decorating the Xmas tree together.

  266. 269
    Toni Wiegand says

    I started buying personalized Nutcrackers for my grandchildren every year that depicts something that occurred or was of interest to them that year. Can’t wait to see them on their mantles as adults!

  267. 270
    Lisa Davisson says

    decorating the tree as a family and talking about when we got each ornament

  268. 271
    Jane says

    For nearly 30 years now, I’ve started off my holiday season by buying, wrapping and mailing a box of presents to a non-profit organization I worked for many years ago in upstate New York. This organization provides gifts to people who might otherwise be forgotten.

  269. 272
    Sarah says

    My favorite tradition growing up was setting up the nativity scene. We had this old cardboard version (based on the pictures on the box, it had to be from the 1950’s!), and I loved putting it together. My brother was never allowed to help! Now we’re all in our own places, every Christmas is different, and we have yet to figure out ‘new’ traditions for this new stage in life. 🙂

  270. 273
    Myra says

    Wow…this is a great idea for storage. My tradition is to buy new tree decorations after Christmas, pack them away with the rest when the tree comes down. The following Christmas i am always in a hurry to unpack and start decorating, knowing there are a few new items to hang and look at.

  271. 274
    DeAnna Sheets says

    One family tradition that my kiddo loves is each year I pull out all of our Christmas books and we wrap up 25 of them and put them under the tree. Starting the 1st day of Dec she can pick out one book from under the Christmas tree and we read it. She loves the surprise of which book she opens and it she gets to unwrap something. Merry Christmas!

  272. 275
    Dana h says

    My favorite holiday tradition is making Italian pizelle cookies with my mom.

  273. 276
    Angel says

    lighting the candles on our advent wreath and making christmas candy and cookies

  274. 277
    Kristie says

    My favorite Christmas tradition is making Christmas goodies with the family!

  275. 278
    Amanda J. says

    My favorite tradition is baking cookies the first weekend of every December!

  276. 279
    Lindsay Powell says

    My favorite holiday tradition is making hot cocoa from scratch and opening a present on Christmas Eve!

  277. 281
    Jennifer L. says

    My favorite holiday tradition is the elf on the shelf. My daughter is nine and can’t wait for him to arrive on the day after Thanksgiving.

  278. 282
    Linda Wray says

    I also started the same tradition and started buying an ornament for each of my 3 children based on something different they did that year, sometimes it has been a challenge finding that perfect ornament but it is well worth the effort.

  279. 283
    Maribel says

    One favorite tradition is decorating the tree. I unpack and the kids put their personalized ornaments on the tree. My favorites are the ones they made in preschool. Love when I see the pics of their little faces.

  280. 284
    Jolynda says

    One of my favorite holiday traditions is going to my mother-in-law’s for breakfast on Christmas morning. The whole family is there! Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, In-Laws, Friends, about 50 people all eating breakfast together! It is amazing!

  281. 285
    Mary S says

    Our favorite Christmas tradition is the making of the Christmas fudge that we give to the teachers,neighbors,sanitation guys and our mail lady.Of course we have to sample each batch to make sure it’s good before giving it away.

  282. 286
    Laure says

    Favorite tradition — hiding the pickle ornament in the tree. Finder gets a prize!

  283. 287
    Jody says

    I give each of my grandkids an ornaments each year also.
    This tradition started with my mother giving MY children an ornament each year until they were 18. Then they would have all those ornaments for their tree for when they moved out.
    I also did away with the packaging and put them all in one container.
    I also made a cute cover sheet to store on top of the ornaments in the container. It had the year listed on the left and which ornament they received that year. The year is also marked on the ornament somehow.
    This tradition has been so wonderful to go back in time and discuss the memories each year we put up our tree.

  284. 288
    Amy Campo says

    this looks much better for organizing the special ornaments than the cardboard box I am currently using.

  285. 289
    Amy Parrish says

    One of my favorite Christmas activities is decorating our house with all the treasures we have collected over the years. After the lights go on the tree, there is a special Hallmark ornament that has to be the first one hung up. Love this time of year!

  286. 290
    Carol G says

    We love putting up the ornaments that we purchase from our trips/vacation and enjoying good memories.

  287. 291
    Ryan Roth says

    Our tradition is similar to yours. But I let my kiddos pick out their ornament themselves. They have such a hard time choosing and they make sure they pick the right ornament that is perfect for them. thanks for the great giveaway! Good luck everyone!

  288. 292
    Joyce M says

    We actually did start the tradition of picking out an ornament for each kid each Christmas, so this would be perfect for us. 🙂

  289. 293
    hsmominmo says

    The first Friday of December each year, hubbie takes the children and treks out to cut down a fresh tree at a nearby tree farm. Our 19yo son and I put all the lights on it and the kids decorate the tree with their own ornaments, each has a collection from years gone by, much like you do Laura.
    Merry Christmas!

  290. 294
    Tyna says

    We also get the children (and me!) a new ornament each year. My 10 foot tree is full!!! Could use some nifty storage!

  291. 295
    Elizabeth Clark says

    I’m 61 years old and have ornaments that all the way back to my first Christmas. I wish the Snapware Snap ‘n STack wasn’t out of stock…it would be great to have some to use as the tree is taken down.

  292. 296
    KL says

    We go to our Grandma’s neighborhood and they have a sleigh ride through the neighborhood and everyone sings. So lovely.

  293. 297
    Kim K says

    One of our favorite traditions is giving gifts to charity in honor of family members. For example a donation to the homeless shelter for my parents who are passionate about that cause.

  294. 298
    Cheryl says

    Hmm how can you pick just one?! I guess my favorite tradition had to be decorating a gingerbread house with my family. All of us working in such a small object is a great way to get us all close and thinking together.

  295. 299
    Betty says

    My favorite tradition is baking cookies and making candy.

  296. 300
    Farm Mom Corinne says

    Although we don’t do it every year, we love to visit Disneyland at Christmas time. 😉

  297. 301
    Amber says

    My favorite holiday tradition is making homemade christmas candy with my mom every year.

  298. 302
    Amanda P says

    My favorite tradition is a pair of new Jammies and reading “The Night Before Christmas” on Christmas Eve. I’m so excited that I will have two kids to read it to this year.

  299. 303
    Dreena Tischler says

    Christmas Eve begins with church, then a big feast, then the Christmas story by the tree and opening one gift — always PJs. I love Christmas Eve as much as Santa’s surprises because it’s focused on us being together!

    I love the snapware boxes — I have 4 and have 2 more on my list for this year. We have 2 trees and a lot of ornaments.

  300. 304
    Heather says

    I love watching movies in new pajamas on Christmas Eve. It is my favorite time of year!

  301. 305
    Anita Beagle says

    This would be a perfect solution to my storage problem for my Christmas ornaments. I have way too many huge boxes that take up too much of my space.

  302. 306
    Renee G says

    One of our favorite traditions is making homemade raviolis for Christmas Eve and inviting all of the family over to enjoy these.
    [email protected](DOT)com

  303. 307
    oneshabbychick says

    Cool! I could use one of those. I’ve been enjoying getting out the ornaments and decking our tree. My kids love to hang their ornaments on the tree!

  304. 308
    Cathy says

    One of my favorite traditions is attending midnight mass with my whole family.

  305. 309
    Denise G. says

    One of our favorite traditions is being “Secret Friends” to a family. We start 12 days before Christmas, leave them one piece of the nativity, a poem or story, and a small gift each night. It is all done anonymously. We have done it for about 8 years now and I don’t think we have been caught yet.

  306. 310
    Jana says

    Our favorite Christmas tradition is reading the Christmas story from the Bible before we open gifts on Christmas morning.

  307. 311
    Carrie says

    We have so many traditions that it’s hard to pick just one! If you ask our kids though, they would say getting new Christmas pj’s on Christmas Eve.

  308. 312
    Liane Robinson says

    Buying a special ornament each year that represents our family

  309. 313
    Ginny says

    Our favorite holiday tradition is baking & decorating cookies!

  310. 314
    Jamie says

    My favorite tradition is spending Christmas Eve at home with my husband and kids. We spend the day playing, reading, crafting and making cookies for Santa. We end the day with a family movie night. It’s nice to enjoy the quiet day with our own little family before we have to travel to several parties on Christmas day.

  311. 315
    Linda Kish says

    My favorite is the holiday baking.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  312. 316
    Jill Welter says

    We have the same tradition and I love it! My parents actually did it when I was a kid, so my kids now love looking at my childhood ornaments like Big Bird, Smurfette, and Strawberry Shortcake 🙂

  313. 317
    Rose T. says

    I want one of these! If I don’t win I plan on picking one up during the after Christmas sales.

  314. 318
    Brooke says

    Driving through the park to look at the light display!

  315. 319
    Lynne B says

    Every Sunday my husband fixes his Dad’s stollen recipe for Sunday brunch throughout Advent and the 12 Days of Christmas. It is looked forward to by the children all year long. Now my son has taken up cutting the fruit joining his father in this family tradition.

  316. 320
    jenni says

    My favorite tradition is church and Chinese food on Christmas eve.

    This started one year when both my parents were sick and didn’t feel up for cooking. Our family only eats out a few times a year, so it was a big treat. My sisters and I begged our parents to do it again, so it became our tradition.

  317. 321
    Crystal says

    On Thanksgiving evening, we watch White Christmas while sipping hot chocolate to welcome in the Christmas season.

  318. 322
    Sharon says

    We have the same tradition except that it is with each of my 10 grandchildren ranging in age from 5 months to 18 years. We started with the first grandchild, 18 years ago! Yes, I am in desperate need of a creative way to store all of the ornaments. Thanks so much for this post!

  319. 323
    Jessica says

    Making sugar cookies with our 4 kids and also decorating our graham cracker houses!

  320. 324
    Katya says

    We love to decorate our tree with ornaments we’ve collected on our past trips!

  321. 325
    Robin says

    We always have everyone over for dinner and then open gifts together…

  322. 326
    Kathleen T says

    When my kids were little, they got to open one present on Christmas Eve, afternoon albeit a gift to each other, or a gift sent from an out of town relative. Just something to calm the pending excitement of the family gathering later that night. Well, that still continues with THEIR kids!

  323. 327
    ariana M says

    one of my favorite holiday traditions are the family dinners during the holiday weeks. Regardless of all the other changes that seem to happen each year, there are always family dinners and catching up and visiting with those we love!!

  324. 328
    Kathrine says

    We do an activity each night for the 24 days before Christmas.

  325. 329
    vicki says

    I love to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” while putting up the christmas tree.

  326. 330
    Ellie says

    Today is St. Lucia Day., an important day in our home. My dad’s family is Swedish and growing up we always celebrated this day. The oldest daughter wore a crown of candles, a white dress with red sash, and sang Christmas carols as she woke up everyone in the household. We then would eat ‘Pepparkakor’, (ginger snap cookies), that we had made earlier in the week. For our family, it was the beginning of the Christmas festivities. I’ve incorporated this tradition into my family by having us deliver our Christmas cookie trays to neighbors, friends, teachers, and others. I’m so blessed that my grandparents immigrated to this country, assimiliated into the culture but still kept some traditions from the “old country”.

    I would love to have the ornament storage for my granddaughter’s special ornaments given yearly to represent her activities/interests for that year.

    Thank you!

  327. 331
    Denise Stufflebeam says

    My favorite part of Christmas is just having the family together.

  328. 332
    Julie says

    My favorite tradition is hot cider on Christmas Eve!

  329. 333
    Stephanie Hicks says

    My favorite Christmas tradition is gathering with my family on Christmas Eve for dinner and gifts…later all our friends stop by and we continue the party into the wee hours!

  330. 334
    Connie C. says

    I do the same thing with giving my boys ornaments each year – it’s so much fun to look back on them each year!

  331. 335
    Rita says

    My favorite tradition is waking up on Christmas morning and having breakfast with the family. Then my sister and i pass out gifts and we all sit around the tree and open gifts amd hang out all day 🙂

  332. 336
    Kelly says

    every year the day after thanksgiving we turn on the christmas music and put up our tree. It is so much fun to watch my little ones dance to the music and ask about each and every ornament. Now that my daughter is older she loves reminding me who gave her what ornament and why. it broke my heart this year that the one ornament that was my grandmothers ended up broken when we moved and I could not fix it. My grandmother was very special to me but i will always keep the ornament I will just no longer be able to put it on my tree.

  333. 337
    Becky B says

    My favorite Christmas tradition is sitting around the newly decorated Christmas tree, turning off all the lights except for the ones on the tree, and sharing favorite Christmas memories.

  334. 338
    MomOfFour says

    On Christmas eve we bring out our Adornaments with and read the different names for Christ and their meanings as we each add one to the tree.

  335. 339
    Allie Dunn says

    One of my favorite holiday traditions is getting together with my entire family to make Christmas candy. We all have a wonderful time making sweet treats together.

  336. 340
    Angel Girl says

    Christmas Eve church service is my favourite tradition. It’s so peaceful and comforting before all the Christmas Day craziness!

  337. 341
    Marnie Miller says

    Our families must think alike. Forty plus years ago my mom started the tradition although back then it wasn’t quite so much something my sister and I but she did make a point to get us an annual ornament,

    But then when our lives got interesting, so did our ornaments. For example, when I turned 16 and got my driver’s license, I got an acrylic key with the year painted on it. Over the years, my parents have received ornaments as well to remember their year by. I’m afraid to say we have more broken arms and legs than any one family should have – but don’t worry, no dolls were harmed in the making of the ornaments.

    I think one of my favorite ornaments was the one they gave to my husband the year we got engaged. They gave HIM the gigantic fake engagement ring, not me. It was only his second Christmas with our family and he knew then to watch for future ornaments!

  338. 342
    Shannon Roughgarden says

    My favorite holiday tradition is watching my kids and husband decorate the tree together while I relax and take some pictures of them. It’s nice to step back from the action once in a while and observe the beauty of family 🙂 Thanks!

  339. 343
    Nora says

    I would love to win, I enjoyed reading your blog!

  340. 344
    DINAH says

    One of my favourite Christmas traditions is when we put up our tree and decorate it together as a family. We always have Christmas music on and and we all hang our own ornaments. Lastly, each year we have a different son (I have three) put the star on the top. They are always so excited when it is their year.

  341. 345
    Anna says

    Tree up day after thanksgiving! I can’t wait longer than that!

  342. 346
    Judi says

    On Christmas Eve our family always makes a snack for Santa and his hungry reindeer! Dad usually eats the cookies and the local wild rabbits eat the reindeer food so it appears that the jolly man & his helpers were actually here. The kids love it! Happy Holidays everyone.

  343. 347
    Becah says

    We also do the ornament thing-one for each child, plus an ornament for whatever big thing we did as a family, plus sometimes we find sppecial ornaments for mom or dad. But another favorite tradition is one I started with my kids, and thats that we each open a brand new pair of jammies on Christmas Eve. One year I managed to find a pair with penguins for each family member. This year we’re going to my parents house in Kansas so I already mailed a wrapped pair of jammies to my mom’s house for my two brothers, my mom and dad, my sister-in-law, my two boys, my hubby, myself AND my Grandmother! Each set of jammies in individualized according to the persons interest; cats for my mother, rubber ducks for my sis-in-law, etc.

  344. 348
    Ellen C. says

    Every Christmas Eve everyone goes to my parents’ house for a family party. Thanks for the chance.

  345. 349
    Jody H says

    Our favorite holiday tradition is having the kids open a gift on Christmas eve – it’s always a new pair of jammies.

  346. 350
    Becky L. says

    We did the ornament thing for the kids every year. Now my son has his on their tree at their house. Also we have cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Christmas. Used to buy them from a restaurant here in town then they closed so started making my own.

  347. 351
    Nicole says

    This would be so much better than the madarin orange boxes I use.

    Favourite tradition: pulling out the Christmas themed books. We have a collection of about 40 ranging from “Kitten’s First Christmas” board book up to antique adult books.

  348. 352
    Alison says

    One of my favorite traditions is going Boxing Day shopping with my mom and my sister. We get up and wait in line for the department store to open. We each have our assignment and we take on the shoppers at full force. Mom gets the Swarvoski crystal star of the year, I head for the Wallace silver bell and my sister stakes out a spot near the cash register ready to hold our stash while Mom and I head back out to browse the deals.

  349. 353
    Kathy E says

    I love christmas and have just cleaned out some of our older, not-so-pretty-anymore items. Would love the organizer for keeping my decorations nice!

  350. 354
    Michelle says

    I love singing Christmas carols

  351. 355
    Theresa Houck says

    I use snapware for my scrapbooking supplies also. Love the product line

  352. 356
    Michelle says

    Definitely getting the tree & decorations put up. I love seeing the kids take out ornaments and remember making them.

  353. 357
    Lauren says

    My favorite Christmas tradition is making cinnamon buns on Christmas morning.

  354. 358
    Theresa N says

    My favorite tradition is going to see the grandchildren open their presents Christmas morning.

  355. 359
    Dawnette Thomas says

    The first night the tree is decorated we enjoy having a picnic by “tree light.” It is truly a fun experience.

  356. 360
    Gwen Templeman says

    Love, Love the great storage box for the Christmas ornaments. I have a old cardboard box that has gotten wet and seen better days. Would love to be the winner……. Happy Holidays to all!

  357. 361
    Mary Meyer says

    When I was a child, my dad, all of his siblings, all of the families, the kids would get together on a December Saturday night at the house of one of the siblings. My dad was 1 of 10 kids so when we all got together we were quite a motley crew. It was so much fun spending time with my cousins.

  358. 362
    Lauren says

    Our favourite Christmas tradition is a new ornament for everyone each year. I usually get Hallmark ones that mean something to each person. My hubby always seems to get a motorcycle. I usually getting a knitting or baking one. The kids get whatever they’re into that year. It’s exciting to see everyone’s faces when they open them and get to hang them on the tree Christmas morning.

  359. 363
    Jennifer Madigan says

    The day after Thanksgiving we wake up and start decorating for Christmas. That’s how we did it when I was a kid and I kept that going for my kids.

  360. 364
    cemwebster says

    Uncle Manford’s gifts! When we were kids, they were always something fun, if you were young, and something funny, if you were “all grown up” (a.k.a. teens).
    Now that we are adults, he gives our children the gifts. We look forward to giving him the funny gifts, or at least something he can enjoy with the children.

  361. 365
    Karen says

    I like making Christmas cookies.

  362. 366
    Lori says

    We enjoy hot chocolate, cookies, and Christmas music while decorating to tree. We also travel down memory lane as each ornament is unwrapped and hung.

  363. 367
    Jan says

    Buying a special ornament for grandchildren each year.

  364. 368
    Tracy Stone says

    The Elf on a Shelf has become one of our favorite traditions.

  365. 369
    Nicole Mendez says

    One of our family’s favorites is Advent; for the last several years we’ve been using Thriving Family’s Advent booklet and we also do the Lego Advent Calendar. Our family loves Legos. So, this is a big treat. Thanks for the giveaway and for sharing all of your organizing tips…your tips help keep our family organized…and sane!

  366. 370
    Jamie says

    My family does Olly Elf. Olly Elf is the candy elf in the North Pole. As a family we get in a circle and bang a pot and call for Olly Elf to come and leave candy for us somewhere in the home. The kids love it and it really keeps the Christmas spirit alive. My mom is going to write a book about it. So fun!

  367. 371
    Kirsten H. says

    Don’t have a big tradition, just sitting in front of the fire with a cup of cocoa or hot apple cider. 🙂

  368. 372
    Lisa says

    Driving around looking at Christmas lights.

  369. 373
    Gianna says

    Making christmas cookies.

  370. 374
    domestic diva says

    We like making gingerbread cookies.

  371. 375
    Cassandra says

    I love picking out different kinds of candy canes to put on the tree.


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