Order Out Of Chaos Student Academic Planner Giveaway (closed)

This giveaway is now closed. The winner is #72 Melissa!!

Trying to help teenagers manage their time is no easy feat that is for sure.  As a mom to a 15 year old girl and an almost 13 year old son, I am fully aware how inadequate the planners they get at school can be.  I’ve found them to be too small with not enough space to write all her assignments and they usually don’t include space for after school commitments which never made any sense to me.  Without the after school space, how do kids gauge when they have time available for homework especially with most teens having so many additional activities outside of school.

Then one day I was cruising around youtube (procrastination anyone?) and stumbled across this video below from Professional Organizer, Leslie Josel.  Leslie took matters into her own hands when she too became frustrated with school planners available for her son and created her own.  They have become so popular that she now sells them to others.  Watch this short video to see why I was so impressed and immediately sent Leslie an email after I watched it.

Here is part of that email to her:

Hi Leslie, I just watched your youtube video with regards to your academic planner.  It is brilliant!!!  Your planner makes so much sense and there is such a need for this.  The agendas that kids get at school aren’t maintained because they are too much work and not visual enough.

Leslie sent me a copy of the student academic planner to checkout and review with my daughter.  Neither of us were disappointed.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • A unique vertical index page at the beginning of the planner enables students to record their class subjects only once.  Eliminates forgetfulness and frustration. (this is one of my favorite features!)
  • Weekly planner pages line up with the index on a subject-by-subject basis, creating an easy and natural method for students to record and review their weekly schedules.
  • Days of the week are listed horizontally across the planner, making recording of assignments and due dates simple and visual.  This format creates continuity and allows students to quickly see assignments and due dates.
  • Only academic planner on the market to include space to enter after-school activities and weekend commitments.  These accurate visual cues of available time allow students to plan their weekly workload and, as a result, feel more in control of their schedules. (such a great idea!)
  • The unique grid system quickly reveals both scheduled and available blocks of time, facilitating weekly time management and planning strategies.
  • Five cover designs to choose from.
  • Large format pages – the overall size of the planner is 8.5 x 11″ and the interior pages are 7 x 11″.
  • Made of durable plastic covers and high quality paper stock
  • The sturdy spiral binding lays flat when open
  • Based on school calendar (August to August)

Price: $18.00 available for purchase on Leslie’s site here.

You can also find Leslie on Twitter and Facebook.


Leslie is giving away a copy of her academic planner to one lucky commenter.  Simply leave a comment on this post, prior to Tuesday, August 21, 2012 at 4:00 pm PST, telling me one of the areas you find most difficult about back to school.  This giveaway is open to everyone and winner will be able to select their choice of cover design.

Good luck!

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145 Responses to Order Out Of Chaos Student Academic Planner Giveaway (closed)

  1. 2
    Vicki says

    Wow, I would love to have one of these!! My son starts middle school this year and struggles with organization. He’s a procrastinator (comes by it naturally I’m afraid) and I’d love to start him off on the right foot.
    My favorite part of this is the subject on the left hand side!! Brilliant!!!
    I would LOVE to win one of these!!
    Thanks so much for the chance!! :)

  2. 3
    Stephanie says

    This is a brilliant idea. The most difficult thing about back to school in my house is homework. Some days it’s like pulling teeth to get her to do it, whether she doesn’t want to do it or has forgotten about some home. This would work beautifully to keep her organized.

  3. 4
    Teri says

    My son and I have desperately trying to find a planner that will work for him. This looks awesome! He really struggles with getting organized.

  4. 5
    Anessa says

    I have been looking for a great planner to help my daughter with her increasing responsibilities. This one looks like it sets the student up for success. Thanks for sharing

  5. 6
    Aubrey M. says

    We start off really good with fresh new shoes and an organized calendar. However, it’s hard to keep it up and we often get lazy and forget to add things to the calendar and then is all turns into a chaotic mess. This planner would be a great tool to keep everyone on task throughout the entire year!

  6. 7
    Tia Brown says

    The most difficult thing about back to school in my house is knowing what is due when, and exactly what’s going on because my two older ‘bonus’ children live with their mom part-time. Having one place for the 12 & 14 year old to write down their school/sport activities, homework and social calendar to carry with them always would help tremendously to both sets of parents!

  7. 8
    Amanda says

    My son remembering what homework he has due will be the hardest part of this year. :(

  8. 9
    valerie says

    Ohhh, I would LOVE to win one of these! My daughter is starting 7th grade, and has struggled her entire life with organization, focus, and concentration. I think this planner would be a wonderful tool to help her organize all the different activities she has going on and help curb some of the frustration for both of us!

  9. 10
    Adrienne says

    My biggest school organization problem is to get my kids on the same bandwagon as me. Also, trying to get my son to write down his homework and not try to “remember it in his head”.

  10. 11
    Jill Robson says

    WOW Sent an email to Leslie right away, her opening statement could have been me talking about my son who has ADD OCD and trouble with written output. He has a laptop at school but at home we are always looking for new way for him to take responsibility for his homework. He is going into Grade 6 this year, but it would be a great preparation for high school. Thanks again Laura for bringing great information to your site.

  11. 12
    Sherri says

    This a great planner! What a smart idea to include a place for the after school activities. Organization at its best. Thanks for posting it on your blog.

  12. 13
    Kristi says

    Organizing all the supplies needed.

  13. 14
    Laura says

    With four college students and two high school students, it’s hard to find a good system that works for each of them to help them stay organized and on track. They are each so different!!

  14. 15
    Beth says

    I’m a teacher… so the hardest part is transitioning back into the swing of things. I LOVE the idea of the layout shown here!

  15. 16
    vicki says

    I work full time and transitioning my kids back to getting themselves up and out the door so they don’t miss their bus.

  16. 17
    Marsha Jerome says

    BRILLIANT! Loved the video…want the planner for my unorganized 8th grader. The index to record courses just once is a fabulous idea and bring able to see available blocks of time is wonderful. School isn’t done when the final bell rings.

  17. 18
    TwoDiffSocks says

    this is perfect! up til 6th grade our elementary schools gave the kids a FREE planner every year. in middle school–nope. so of course my daughter forgot her homework several times. thank the gods for texting….otherwise she’d be in trouble. This worked the other way too, when her classmates forgot theirs & texted her ;)

  18. 19
    Jennifer Hall says

    Forgotten homework assignments or forgotten books are a major issue for my daughter. I think something like this would help her immensely so that she could see what she needs to bring home written down.

  19. 20
    Karen Pendleton says

    I find my hardest struggles are:

    1. getting back into that ridged routine
    2. having meals prepared & ready for said routine


  20. 21
    Nicole E. says

    Our toughest struggles revolve around adjusting to the new sleeping routine and getting up our youngest child (11) in order to get our oldest child (13) to school on time and ensuring everyone has had a healthy breakfast amongst this chaos. (No one eats cereal and I have spoiled them with hot breakfasts over the years.) Yikes!

    With two in middle school, one of these planners would be dreamy to help them stay on track!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. 22
    Teal says

    This is a wonderful planner and I appreciate the opportunity to win one. I like that it has the subjects listed vertically so the student can see what’s coming up later in the week for studying purposes. Back to School is tough here in the South since it’s still so H-O-T!!!

  22. 23
    Melissa says

    For me – it would just be the transition to no routine back into routine. It’s hard to go from no wake up or bed time to a strict bedtime and wake up time.

  23. 24
    Margaret says

    Wish I had seen this about 2 weeks ago…may still spring for it if I don’t win!

  24. 25
    Tyna Begley says

    Very cool planner!! Haven’t used one with my daughter yet, looking forward to seeing how much easier school is this year.

  25. 26
    Stacie says

    Awesome, my older daughter would love this planner! Band takes up a lot of time during the school year, and we are constantly having to sort out her conflicting schedule.

  26. 27
    Margaret says

    Dang! I didn’t read the instructions…one of the areas hardest about back to school is reestablishing a consistent bed time. That was made harder this year as my daughter is in a play. Last performance is Sunday matinee. I think her week will seem easier after that. LOVE the after school blocks.

  27. 28
    Suzie says

    Difficulty getting my youngest to realize that when you get an assignment & have commitments during the week that sometimes the only time to get it done is the day it’s assigned. Praying for a year that he finally “gets” organized!

  28. 29
    Amy says

    Desparate for organization in all areas of my life. Please help.

  29. 30
    Jessica @ Simply a Mom says

    We homeschool so the hardest part about going back to school is simply getting organized and know what I need to teach and when. This would be amazing for my kiddos and myself!

  30. 31
    Sarah says

    The hardest part for me is getting everyone back on routine! With 2 kids and 5 step-kids all on different schedules and times it takes months to get them all back on track. We usually start the process in the beginning of August.

    Great planner! I would love to get all the kids one if my budget allowed!

  31. 32
    Julie R says

    Our hardest part is just trying to get back on a before/after school routine.

  32. 33
    Michelle says

    One of the hardest things for me is allowing my son to take some responsibility with his time management pertaining to his school work and keeping all the subjects organized for the next day.

    From all of the descriptions and the picture of this planner, it looks so well thought out! Great job Leslie!! I homeschool my 11 yr. old son and will soon begin starting my 4 yr. old on preschool. This planner would definitely help both myself and my oldest to stay on track and on the same page (no pun intended) for all of his subjects and would also help eliminate stress for both of us.

    Thank you for including me in this giveaway and good luck everyone!

  33. 34
    sandee says

    The hardest thing about “back to school” for my family is the first evening when they send home TONS of paperwork to be filled out, and the teachers all want it back by the next day! And then it’s also hard the next morning when usually one of my kids forgot they needed a supply for that day and we have to run to the store and make it to school on time :)
    Just a little chaotic that first week around our house!

  34. 35
    Shannon Wirth says

    This planner is awesome! My high schooler could really use this! The hardest part of going back to school for me, is packing the lunches! I pack the night before, but at the end of the day I’m done with food and it becomes such a chore………..

  35. 36
    Misty says

    This year I would like to start off organized. That is the hardest thing for me and my son. I would like to use this planner not only to keep up with his activities and appointments. We always start out with good intentions but fail to follow them through.

  36. 37
    Julia Reffner says

    The most difficult part of back to school is organization and planning.

  37. 38
    Michelle says

    My son is in the HS band – keeping up with his school work and band practice/games etc can get very difficult

  38. 39
    Teresa Kinder says

    the planning ahead for study time for tests is probably the most challenging

  39. 40
    KL says

    Getting all three kids back into the idea of going to bed early again!!

  40. 41
    Kara says

    I don’t have a problem with my kids being back in school, but I also am in school. Organizing my college classes and all the assignments and tests can get overwhelming. And finding time to study between taking care of the kids, housework, appointments, etc. So this type of planner would be helpful to me.

  41. 42
    Elana says

    Getting the kids back in the morning routine, which usually means being hyper-organized at night. Need to have clothes picked out, backpacks packed and lunches made (if not assembled).

  42. 43
    Shirley Sander says

    This is awesome! My son starts middle school in another week and could desperately use one of these! He struggled all last year with organizing his homework in the planner I purchased from the PTA. It just didn’t work for him. This would really help him stay organized! The hardest part of school starting is getting back into getting up and out so early in the morning. We haven’t even been eating breakfast till 8:30 and now we will be eating at 6 am–yikes!

  43. 44
    april v says

    The most difficult for me is getting back into a routine!

  44. 45
    hsmominmo says

    I think this would be a terrific tool for my son who is a college freshman this year.

  45. 46
    BJ says

    It is always difficult to get back on schedule. Too used to the summer schedule!

  46. 47
    Leslie Josel says

    Love reading the review and love the comments. Sounds like I have hit a nerve. You know what they say. If one mother can’t find what she is looking for, it usually means other mothers can’t either. I wish everyone a easy and manageable back-to-school. And of course, if I can answer any questions, please let me know! thanks again for a great review and insightful comments. i learn so much from all of you!

  47. 48
    Krista says

    My high schooler is a procrastinator and very disorganized. We’ve tried the big desk blotter calendar, but haven’t been successful. It makes me crazy when he has to text his classmates and check Facebook for assignments.

  48. 49
    Teresa says

    My daughter is going into JH from elementary. I know the classes will be more separated now and she’s suffering as it is trying to keep track of assignments from 1 class…I can imagine her frustration when she starts JH. I think the biggest issue we have is that she can’t seem to “plan ahead” for projects that are due in the future…they creep up way too fast on us.

  49. 50
    Tracey says

    My oldest is an 8th grader this year and she consistently struggles with staying on top of her assignments. This calendar would be helpful for her to plan out her days and weeks so she doesn’t have 5 hours of homework on Thursday when she had relatively light days M through W. :)

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  50. 51
    Leslie Dawn Neagle says

    The most difficult thing about back to school is not being the mom who can home-school him perfectly/diligently. And knowing the teaching is not the best in public school. I’m 56 y.o. and we have five sons at home & our daughter has been in a coma five years at home. She’s on a tube feeding. I will be doing only part time home-school. But I know that God can do it all & doesn’t need me. He has His people even in the public school. BTW, your planner sounds like a gift from God?

    • 51.1
      Leslie Dawn Neagle says

      Ooops– typo- meant ! not ? :-)

  51. 52
    Jessica W says

    The toughest thing for me is staying patient and positive when the kids start whining about all the work they have to do!

  52. 53
    Tiffany says

    My oldest son could use one of these. He tries to keep it all in his mind, which doesn’t work very well.

  53. 54
    Tammy W says

    Both my kids would really benefit from this excellent planner! My son needs organizational help, while my daughter needs good reminders. This does both! Would love to have,

  54. 55
    Angela says

    Love this planner. My daughter is 13 and this would be so handy for her. The hardest part of Back to School for us is just trying to establish some sort of routine. I have 2 little ones at home and with the added tasks of transporting to and from extra activities, it’s hard for us to maintain a routine!

  55. 56
    Patricia says

    Can I say everything? For my daughter, a senior this year, everything from waking up on time to going to sleep at a reasonable hour.

    She’s always been organizationally challenged, and her grades have reflected that, of course. She has difficulty remembering assignments, finding work that she *had* done to turn in on time, remembering when tests and quizzes are so that she can begin to review early, breaking down long-term projects into manageable parts . . .

    We’ve been talking about this, and she seems amenable to the idea of using some kind of calendar or planner. This looks like an excellent choice!

    Thank you for making us aware of it!

  56. 57
    Jennifer Barker says

    I find the most difficult thing is managing all the various forms and flyers that are sent at the beginning of the school year (for each student!). I just bought some wall mount file holders that I am going to hang near the desk/kitchen for each one of my kids to keep all these forms in. I would love to win this planner for my son who will be heading off to college in September and will need the help of keeping his schedule on his own!

  57. 58
    Sarah says

    For me, a college student, the hardest part of going back to school is all the packing I have to do! This planner would be excellent because of the space for after school activities.

  58. 59
    Patty says

    The most frustrating part of back-to-school? Keeping track of it ALL. Not just assignments, but also the extra stuff…appointments, athletics, friends… That’s a lot. Times five kids is just plain interesting!

  59. 60
    Ginny says

    Getting up early with the kids & then the homework battles

  60. 61
    Laura says

    I have four children that I need to keep track of. The hardest thing is making sure the correct paperwork goes in each backpack…and that the homework has actually been completed. Then we have to organize after school activites, so that nothing overlaps!

  61. 62
    ??? Louis ??? says

    definitely finding a planner what is functional and has enough space to memorize everything and (as mom of 2 girls) have to consider the cuteness factor as well

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  62. 63
    Sandra says

    Love the layout! Coordinating three school calendars and 4 kids’ schedules is tricky at best.

  63. 64
    Pam Moser says

    It is so difficult for us to get back into routine & school year habits. Thanks so much for this oppportunity!

  64. 65
    Jennifer Madigan says

    For me it’s the routine difference. The kids need to be in bed earlier but it’s hard to get them in bed while it’s still light out. We are working harder at that one this year.

  65. 66
    Mindy says

    I have a tough time keeping up with everything – love the idea of this organizer!

  66. 67
    Adriana says

    This looks awesome!
    Being a mom with ADD and having 2 sons with their own unique issues this house is often chaos in the evenings trying to juggle everything. I’ve been worried about my older son’s first year in middle school. This could not have been posted at a better time.

  67. 68
    Margaret F says

    This is a great looking planner. The hardest part of back to school for us is juggling the homework with the out of school activities.

  68. 69
    Camille says

    I really miss the time with my kids. I wish they would just stop making summer go by so fast ;)

  69. 70
    Maya says

    Getting back into a routine is the most challenging part of back to school.

  70. 71
    Kelley Stoneking says

    As a teacher of high school special education, I see my students struggle with staying organized every single day. I try to help and have begged, borrowed, and stolen to get them planners in the past. (Ok. I didn’t really steal.) This year, I created my own version, which I will send off to xerox and have them put into their 3-ring binders on the first day of school. BUT it would be SUPER COOL to have one that I won to give to a lucky, lucky student! Hmmmm….maybe I’ll make it a prize for the one who brings his/her materials to class the entire first week. :)

  71. 72
    Melissa says

    Not having a supply list from the teacher in advance drives me up the wall. I want to be able to shop around for best deals.

  72. 73
    Kim says

    The most frustrating part of back to school for me is coordinating family dinners (really important to me!) around after school activities, sports, and homework. Fall seems to be the worst for us.

  73. 74
    Irina says

    wow this planner is really awesome. The most difficult thing about going back to school is managing every subject and to see where you have free time to learn. I’m thinking of doing my own temporary planner in the meantime. Ah so exciting!

  74. 75
    Kathi says

    Wow! What an awesome planner! That would be perfect for my daughter. I love the after school grid to block out activities vs study time. That’s perfect for kids with multiple activities!

  75. 76
    Elizabeth says

    The getting into a routine part…we seem to love the more relaxed, slower days of summer much more! Then September hits With a bang….

  76. 77
    brooke p says

    hardest things about back to school? well.. i’m the mom of 5 and a full time teacher — over the summer we lose all aspects of a schedule and routine! i go back 2 weeks before my own kids – so i’m trying to get back in the swing of things and they are fighting for the end of summer! takes us till september before things are running smoothly — using a bazillion ideas on this site to get us better prepared!!!

  77. 78
    Lisa DeCourcey says

    This planner would be wonderful for keeping track of homeschool assignments, as well as extracurricular activities.. That is one of my most difficult areas–keeping track of not only the school work, but also the other demands of family life.

  78. 79
    Amy says

    The hardest part of school is organizing my 4 kids school papers and homework. They bring home so many papers that it gets overwhelming. It is also hard to get my kids to be organized too.

  79. 80
    Dawn G. says

    This planner looks amazing!! The thing I found hardest this year is that there was no unified school supply list – each teacher had their own list. I have a 14 year old daughter who just started high school this year, and maybe that’s just how high school is, but it was hard to know what to buy before school!!

    This planner would be GREAT for her!

  80. 81
    Christina says

    The hardest part of back to school for us is getting schedules adjusted. We are a family of night owls and bedtime is struggle for everyone (included mom/dad) making the morning a disaster waiting to happen.

  81. 82
    Sarah Waller Norman says

    The most difficult part of going back to school for us is getting up in the morning and getting moving! After being lazy all summer, getting up and going at 6 a.m. is hard on all of us!

    This organizer looks so helpful!

  82. 83
    Amy Judlick says

    I have an ADHD 14 year old (sophomore) she has a terrible time getting homework recorded. Classrooms are just too overstimulating that she can’t get it all done. Even when she has it recorded getting it done, done properly and turned in are issues as well.

  83. 84
    Dawnette Thomas says

    I find getting all the curriculum together and readjusting our evening schedule as the most difficult things of going back to school.

  84. 85
    Michelle says

    I have 4 kids that will be in school this year ranging in age from PreSchool to Freshman in High School. I am finding that keeping track of everyones schedule is my newest challenge. We have 4 different schools this year and 3 buses. Added to that, my oldest has Aspergers and has his own organizational challenges when it comes to school. This planner would help him immensely.

  85. 86
    Jodi Flynn says

    My son was just diagnosed with ADD. This looks like it would really help him keep up with his classes. It has always been a struggle for him to keep track of assignments and extra curricular activities (he’s in band). What a great little planner!!!

  86. 87
    Valerie says

    One of the most difficult things about going back to school is getting back into an efficient routine.

  87. 88
    Michelle J. says

    It’s difficult having so many deadlines!

  88. 89
    Amy says

    I have 3 kids and all are disorganized this would help any of them.

  89. 90
    Tracy Stone says

    Our most difficult thing is getting back into the bedtime/getting up routine! Somehow it always moves before the summer’s over and we have to force it back into the right times. Ugh!

  90. 91
    Denise G. says

    The hardest thing is keeping track of all the paperwork for each class.

  91. 92
    Sallie says

    I think the hardest things is getting back on schedule. Once the routine is set, it’s not so bad, but it’s always difficult at the beginning!

  92. 93
    Beth says

    Well since I homeschool, it’s quite the challenge to keep track of what lesson we are on: this subject we are on lesson 6 but this subject we are on lesson 4 and this subject……………………well you get the point. This would be a wonderful way to keep them all straight. Much better than post it notes everywhere.

  93. 94
    Lynette says

    We homeschool, but most of our friends are in school, so there are fewer times when we can arrange to get together. I’ll miss that once summer is over.

  94. 95
    Amber says

    Keeping organized in general is tricky, but the absolute worst thing is that I am TERRIBLE with dates! :P

  95. 96
    Lois says

    We can start with a routine that is realistic but it gets hard when something unexpected, no matter how little, pops up and throws everything off.

  96. 97
    Rebekah says

    My high schooler’s back-to-school challange this year has been coordinating marching band, orchestra, church functions, and social activities while leaving time for studying/homework and the extra sleep that she craves. This planner would be the perfect time management tool. It looks clear, concise and something my daughter could manage.

  97. 98
    Melissa says

    This will be my first year with a Middle Schooler. The most difficult part about that for me is helping her adjust to having not just multiple subjects (all with one teacher) but multiple classes that she has to keep track of each individual assignments and due dates. In the past I have just used a folder that has enough slots for each of my five children so when they got an assignment they just put the instructions and due date in that folder. Something like this calendar for my daughter would really help her to see the bigger picture and set goals. Plus then I could look at it with her on a regular basis so we are on the same page. Might be worth purchasing even if I don’t win. :)

  98. 99
    Maria W says

    I’d love to win one of these. I surely need it. Thanks!

  99. 100
    kesha says

    Our toughest struggle is trying to get back on a regular schedule! Thank you for the giveaway!

  100. 101
    s says

    the hardest thing about going back to school is just plain adjusting to the earlier bedtime, the need for routine (both good and bad after a pretty loose summer schedule!!) and getting everyone fed, the kitchen clean, while helping with homework and getting the kids to their activities, without losing my cool!

  101. 102
    Mariah Ashbacher says

    As a busy homeschooling mom, who is also a full-time college student, this organizer would be a dream!

  102. 103
    Barbara says

    The hardest part for me is to help my son schedule his tech school projects and his high school projects. This looks like just the perfect organized for him.

  103. 104
    Alissa A says

    The most difficult part of back to school is balancing all of the responsibilities. captainliss40(at)gmail(dot)com

  104. 105
    Denise says

    Such an awesome planner! Looking at the whole week is the way to go! How can kids accomplish assignments if they have to try and remember all the after school commitments on their own! You know things will slip through the cracks and “night before” stress is the result.

  105. 106
    Amber says

    I have ADHD and I am in college. The toughest thing about going back to school is trying to get in the swing of things. Also, trying to remember when my assignments are due. This is an area I really struggle with.

  106. 107
    Michelle says

    This year my son will start middle school- so the hardest thing for me is trying to figure out the easiest way for him to be organized with the different classes, different homework assignments which may all be due on different days…

  107. 108
    Tina says

    Would love one for my son

  108. 109
    Teresa Eskew says

    Everything!!! My husband and I are gaining custody of his 8 and 11 year old cousins. We do not have any children so, school planning is brand new. I need all the help I can get

  109. 110
    Andrea says

    What a great tool. Thank you so much for the chance to win it. The hardest thing about back to school for me is getting my youngest daughter back into the homework mode.

  110. 111
    Tracy says

    The hardest part about back to school for me is keeping up with everyone’s individual schedules, activities and appointments. Thanks for the giveaway!

  111. 112
    Leah says

    I bought my three kids and myself academic planners earlier this summer. I thought it was a good one for a number of reasons.

    It will work for me and perhaps for my older two children, but after watching the video, I see why it probably will not work well for my youngest daughter, who has a difficult time organizing herself. She needs the Order Out of Chaos Academic Planner!

    I would love to win one. If I do not win one, I will probably buy one for her. She is entering high school and is involved in sports for her school, too, and if she doesn’t learn how to remember her assignments and plan for study time, I am afraid she will not do well in school.

    Thank you!

  112. 113
    Leah says

    Darn! I didn’t read the directions. I’ll try again.

    One of the areas that I find most difficult about back to school time is meal planning! I always come here for meal planning inspiration and I really need to get back into the discipline of doing it.

    The challenge for me is finding a dinner time when the kids are involved in various after school activities. Because that can be a challenge, I sometimes get overwhelmed at that point and don’t plan anything. I need to change that mentality. “If you make it, they will eat,” (adapted from “Field of Dreams”). :-)

  113. 114
    Alison Shoepe says

    Our biggest back to school hurdle is getting our youngest organized and on track! He’s lacking a bit in the orgazational department, so trying to teach him time management and planning is a challenge! Would love to win one of these to see if it would help him!

  114. 115
    Cindy says

    We struggle with organization and getting on a good schedule.

  115. 116
    Toni W. says

    The areas I find most difficult about back to school are trying to get my son to stay organized and on track. Also trying to get on a new schedule, with homeschooling all 3 kids along with being in school FT myself is a lot to juggle.

  116. 117
    Michele Rivard says

    The most difficult thing for me is keeping up with all of my son’s activities and plans. He has a nasty habit of not telling me the important things and then I’m caught off guard at the last minute. This year is his senior year and I’m hoping he can manage better during this last year of high school.

  117. 118
    Leslie says

    The hardest thing for me with back to school is that for me is trying to stay on top of everything. This would be great for my son who is a freshmen this year.
    I would love this.

  118. 119
    Leya says

    HELP!! We have one son going into first grade and 2 kindergarten girls starting this fall. This is my first year in 7 that I will have some time to breathe, I just don’t want to miss anything and want to use our time appropriately!!! The planner looks like it would be an excellent home planning central!!!! Getting out the door was our hardest hurdle last year, but we didn’t have 3 under 7 that all had homework, so we’ll see how that goes!!! Thanks!

  119. 120
    Jacqui Baptiste says

    My 15 year old is going to public school for the first time, so the more organized she can be the better.

  120. 121
    Lori says

    I would love to give this planner to my daughter who is in graduate school! What I remember being difficult is not knowing when a big project was due. It was very frustrating finding out the night before that a major project was due the next day!

  121. 122
    Barbie Holt says

    I have two kids in high school and their schedules are hectic with work and school and all the other activities. THey need these!

  122. 123
    Kim says

    We homeschool so I find getting organized to be one of the most difficult things for us in beginning our school years.

  123. 124
    Jodie says

    I would LOVE to try one of these. I’m at uni and I’m just about to go into my 3rd year and have just started a part time job as well. I’ve been using the Palgrave student planner for the past 2 years but there are so many sections I don’t use and there’s not a lot of space to write. I wasn’t planning on buying a planner this year because I just can’t find one that does what I want. The hardest thing about the new school year for me is and always has been that I’m so scared of forgetting stuff my planners are normally full of post its with rooms and times and things I have to pick up or do before the class or appointment.

  124. 125
    Melanie Calloway says

    Just getting the schedule set up is hard for me!

  125. 126
    Verena says

    Our foster child really needs this!!!!!

  126. 127
    Sarah R. says

    My 13 yr old son has major issues with organization! Everything from time management to just putting things back from where he got them, I’m constantly struggling to help him get things done! Last year he nearly failed a class and I got a call from a teacher 2 weeks prior to report cards to tell me he’d never handed in an assignment because he said he’d lost all his work, including the original project outline she’d given him! Luckily she allowed him to re-do it and with my help he got it in on time and he passed his class. At the end of the year the state of his locker was absolutly appalling! No wonder he couldn’t find his work! I’m going to do everything I can to teach him how to stay organized over the year….thanks to you!

  127. 128
    Lynn says

    For me, it’s staying organized when we have so many activities (sports, organizations, clubs) to keep up with on top of school.

  128. 129
    Kaycee says

    The hardest part of back to school for me is helping my daughter (she is a HUGE time waster!) get organized and keep up with everything! This is very difficult for me because I am organizationally challenged myself! Help!!

  129. 130
    megan says

    Its difficult to get into a routine, but I love when it happens

  130. 131
    Heather A says

    We struggle with the earlier bedtime in my house.

  131. 132
    Pamela says

    Hardest part–Getting adjusted to new teachers and classes.

  132. 133
    Katy says

    The hardest part for me (as we homeschool) is just making sure I have everything completely ready how I want it for our new year. :) We are starting on Monday though and looking forward to it! :)

  133. 134
    Christy says

    I always feel so out-of-the-loop when it comes to knowing what is going on at school with regard to assignments and what my kids are learning on a daily basis. It’s a struggle to get them to say they did anything besides “nothing.” I would love to have this organizer/planner for my 5th grader. I wish the teachers had more time to teach the kids how to plan and organize. These skills do not come naturally. Thanks for the great resource!

  134. 135
    Diane Rigsby says

    We homeschool so back to school means getting back on schedule. This is a big challenge. Having a planner to set the schedule for the day would be helpful.

  135. 136
    Tony says

    Great idea. My girls are lost without their agendas. They starting using agenda 2 years ago. Now can’t operate without one. Some agendas are really weak. Most frustrating for us was the lack of space in most models for
    sports and extracurriculars. My girls are in at least 2 sports each year and take piano lessons (and have church activities) so having some space for those entries is huge.

  136. 137
    Linda says

    Although it’s not academic, I think the most difficult thing about going back to school is getting reacquainted with school sleep patterns. My kids are used to staying up later and rising later during the summer and having set sleeping and waking times can be difficult. Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  137. 138
    Nicole Ryan says

    This would be perfect for one of my students as a giveaway! The most difficult thing seems to be getting them started on the right organizational track – then getting them to stay on it after the first week or two of school!

  138. 139
    Pat Acker says

    I would love to win this for my grandson that is starting high school this year. This would help him to much with his organization of classes and work.

  139. 140
    Kara says

    Would so love this academic planner for my Freshman son to give him some help, he needs all that he can get!!!!

  140. 141
    Lisa says

    Getting into a good routine.

  141. 142
    Leah says

    Did you give away the planner? :-)

  142. 143
    Zach says

    I think this planner will help me get better grades because it will be easier to write down all my assignments by class so I can keep better track of things.


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