Menu Plan Monday ~ July 16/12 + giveaway!!! (closed)

This giveaway is now closed. The winner is #57 Sophia!

Hi everyone!  I made it to Ontario!!  Of course in typical travel fashion for me it wasn’t completely without incident. If you’ve been here for any length of time you know that whenever I travel something ALWAYS goes wrong.  It just doesn’t matter how organized I am, things happen that I don’t anticipate.  This year my darling 12 yr old food allergic child who never goes anywhere without his Epi-pen/Benedryl pouch, forgot said pouch in the car and didn’t realize until we were through security.  Anyone with a food allergic child will understand the level of anxiety I went through upon finding this out.  I immediately jumped into problem-solver mode and scoured the airport stores for some Benedryl to take with us.  Of course none was to be found but I did find out the airplane had some on board which made me feel better.   I also wiped his entire seat down on the plane and didn’t let him eat anything except what we brought.  We made it through with no problems but gosh I’m not sure I breathed the entire way.  We have since been to the clinic and gotten two more Epi-pens so all is well again.  I have never once had a smooth trip anywhere without any hassles no matter how prepared I think I am.  Sigh.   You see being organized doesn’t mean I’m perfect that is for sure.

This view from our rented vacation cottage has allowed the relaxing to commence.  So peaceful!


So this week I’ve got another giveaway for you.  This one will be open to everyone and you just have to submit a comment on this post to enter.  Easy peasey.  Have you heard of the menu planning service, Food on the Table?  Food on the Table is an online budget meal planning service designed to help families eat better and save money.  Their meal planner template combines weekly sales from your local grocery store with your family’s food preferences.  What this gives you is a meal planning template that is ideal for creating a family-friendly and healthy meal plan based on kid-friendly recipes hand-picked by their chefs. Then, they send you to the store with a printable grocery list that can also be viewed on your smartphone.

How it works:

First, you select your local grocery store. Then, you tap off your food preferences, even including dietary restrictions like Gluten Free, Low Carb, and Low Fat. Then, they recommend recipes based on those preferences and the sales at your store. Add those meals to your plan and the items go to the grocery list, showing you exactly what’s on sale. There is also a tab dedicated to all the sales in the grocery store.

Food on the Table is free to plan three meals per week. If you want to plan more, you will need to upgrade to premium. Today, we’re giving away a year of premium for free, plus a $25 gift card at your favorite grocery store.  Simply leave a comment on this post, prior to July 20, 2012 at 6:00 pm PST, to enter for your chance to win.  Open to everyone however please know the stores won’t be applicable to your area if you are outside the US.  They do hope to expand internationally in the next few years.

Also find Food on the Table on Facebook.

Here’s what we’ll be eating this week:

Monday:  Spaghetti, garlic bread and salad

Tuesday:  Fuss Free Ravioli and Cheese Bake and salad

Wednesday:  Pork Chops, rice and veggies

Thursday:  Steak, chicken, baked potatoes and veggies

Friday:  Cheesy Ham & Pasta Bake

Saturday:  Pepperoni Pizza Pie

Sunday:  Leftover Extravaganza


Menu Plan Guidelines, banner selections and recipe helpers are here.

More family favorite recipes here.


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130 Responses to Menu Plan Monday ~ July 16/12 + giveaway!!! (closed)

  1. 2
    Angela says

    Things are hopping this morning – tough getting on the site! 😉 Thanks for all you do- MPM really helps keep me on track.

  2. 3
    April @ Angel's Homestead says

    I had to pause a moment when I saw your menu, we’re having spaghetti tonight too. : ) I hope the rest of your vacation goes smoothly. Enjoy, and have a great week Laura. : )

  3. 4
    Angela says

    Oh no! As an epi pen girl myself, I can imagine how stressful that was for you. I am glad you all arrived safe and sound and I hope the rest of the trip goes without a hitch. The view is worth it! 🙂

    The planning service sounds great. I love that they have GF options and use local sales. How smart!

  4. 5
    Miz Helen says

    Good Morning Laura,
    Your vacation spot looks beautiful, hope you have a fabulous vacation and thanks for hosting!
    Miz Helen

  5. 6
    SnoWhite @ Finding Joy in My Kitchen says

    Sheesh! What a trip. As an allergic-one myself, I can only imagine the stress. I’m so glad that you made it without incident; and hope that scenery induces calm and quiet!

  6. 7
    Melissa says

    Very interesting site. I think that could actually be useful for us, we’re terrible at meal planning and wish we did more, but this might help keep us on track. Thanks!

  7. 8
    Brenda Mendoza says

    I will be looking forward to trying this site to see of it works for us. Thanks!

  8. 9
    Jessica says

    Just found your blog and love it! Plus, meal planning support is right up our alley. Thanks!

  9. 12
    erica says

    would love to win!! 🙂

  10. 13
    Marsha says

    Wow…that app looks too good to be true. I like that you can try it out 3 days a week for free, that it is healthy, that it can customize to your local grocery store. Looking it up now.

  11. 15
    Jami @ An Oregon Cottage says

    Oh dear- glad everything worked out and now you’re able to enjoy that wonderful view! We’ve got a week until our vacation at a lake with a similar dock and view of water. So peaceful… 🙂

  12. 17
    Clever Colleen says

    I’m familiar with Food on the Table already – and it would be AWESOME to have a paid subscription! 🙂 Thanks Laura!

  13. 18
    Cookie S. says

    Awesome giveaway!! I am a firm believer in meal planning and this site sounds great. I have never heard of it before. I always look for the sales and then make my menu. This sounds like it will do it all for me. AWESOME!!!

  14. 19
    Dusti says

    Thanks for the new app! I had not heard of this one yet. I am a firm believer of scheduling the meals for the week. It gives us so much more family time! Thanks again!

  15. 20
    dawn says

    sounds like a great app! sorry to hear about your plane ride stress.

  16. 21
    Michelle says

    Love the app idea! Have a great trip!

  17. 22
    Ayisha says

    I will be vacationing the last weekend in July. We are going to Orlando. I am soo excited. Hope your trip goes better than the travel. We have a timeshare and I plan all our meals when we vacation and it saves us tons, and I also try to do at least one fun recipe for the kids to try. This food planning site sounds great.

  18. 23
    Janie says

    Would love to win! Just found your blog and I’m sure I will become a regular reader. Enjoy your vacation!

  19. 24
    Adrienne says

    This sounds like a great site and can’t wait to try it. Have a great trip!

  20. 25
    Sheila says

    Love the app – will have to try it!

  21. 26
    Rachel says

    Just downloaded the app – sounds like perfection to me! Meal planning gets difficult!

  22. 27
    Jacqueline says

    This is such a fantastic idea. I love planning menus for the week but hate the hassle of seeing what is on sale where. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  23. 28
    Janet @ Frugal & Focused says

    Sorry about the plane ride stress. Glad you made it fine. Looks like a wonderful place to relax!

  24. 29
    Pat Havener says

    I love Menu Plan Monday! Thanks for the application, will definitely try it out! So much easier than searching the fliers.

  25. 30
    Sharon Ficker says

    Thanks for this app. I am struggling with a gluten/grain free,dairy free diet and this sounds like it’s made for me. It literally takes me 2 days to plan and put together a meal plan for the week. Especially one that does not break the bank. Maybe this will take some the the “stress and frustration” out – thus making my dh’s life easier.

  26. 32
    AnnMarie says

    ummm….you’re on vacation, so you should be relaxing with your family, not adding to your blog especially with a really cool tool for all of us. Relax, we will be here when you get back and refreshed!

  27. 33
    Amber says

    Wow! I want to be on that lake! And…take a break already! 😉

  28. 34
    Beth says

    Love the idea of getting some help with food planning! I’ve lost 70 lbs and have 30 more to go. I am looking forward to using the site to help with the rest of the weight.

  29. 35
    Suzi says

    I LOVE LOVE this meal planning site. Have been using the 3free but would really like to win the upgrade. Suzi [email protected]

  30. 36
    Katherine says

    Love Menu Plan Monday! I do mine a few weeks at a time, so this week’s has been planned for a week and a half already. 🙂

  31. 37
    Shannon M. says

    I’ve gotten better about meal planning, but I love the thought of someone doing it for me! I’ve looked at Food on the Table before, and it does look interesting. Thanks for the giveaway, and for the link party every week!

  32. 38
    K Quinn says

    Food on the Table is such a great idea for keeping costs down.

  33. 39
    Janet S says

    Just downloaded the free app. Can’t wait to try it. I have been looking for something like this. Thank you sooo much!

  34. 40
    Rachel says

    I would LOVE this!! I do a lot of my shopping in the US, so I could definitely use this prize 🙂

  35. 41
    Gemma says

    Would love to win this!

  36. 42
    Betty Dunn says

    Love the idea. Always looking for new things the feed the “animals”

  37. 43
    Betty Dunn says

    Looks like a good idea….I’m always looking for new things to feed the kids. They have their favorites, but the adults get tired of the same things.

  38. 44
    Ryder says

    Wow, I bet that was scary. I am glad that it all went okay and all is well now. Enjoy your vacation. Thanks for hosting such a great give-a-way.

  39. 45
    Jenny says

    Food on the Table sounds like a great resource! Enjoy your vacation.

  40. 46
    Jane says

    Looks like a great app!

  41. 47
    Stephanie says

    I found this very helpful since I need to plan ahead more and since my kid has dietary restrictions this is what I needed and more. Thanks so much.

  42. 48
    Katy says

    Hi! I would love this app! it would be perfect for us we just got married and this is the app I’ve been looking for to be thrifty! Please please please! It would make our life so much easier and would make us really happy too! Thank you!!!!

  43. 49
    Kristel from Healthy Frugalista says

    I left a post that doesn’t exactly fit the menu theme and I hope that’s ok. My link is Weed Free Garden Tip #145. Since it’s info about efficient gardening I thought your site would be a good place to post it. It makes me sad when people forego vegetable gardening because of all the weeding and watering work. I hope to show readers that gardening can be relatively carefree once the garden is planted.

  44. 50
    Lisa @ CheapThrillsInOmaha says

    I am incredibly amazed by that view. It’s like being on vacation just to look at it. Aaaaah! Now, back to our regularly-scheduled day.

  45. 51
    adrienne says

    yay for help with menu planning 🙂

  46. 52
    Beth says

    This looks interesting. Thanks for the giveaway, I’d love to win.

  47. 53
    Heather says

    I just found you through Pinterest, your website is going to help me get things in order quickly!! This would be a great help for my family of 6 on a budget. Thank you for the giveaway and enjoy your vacation! 🙂

  48. 54
    Maige says

    Sounds wonderful! Your blog is entertaining as well as helpful! 😀

  49. 55
    Molly says

    I love your site and have been using it to help keep my fam and I on track!

  50. 56
    Cindi says

    This service looks super fab. I am def going to try this out!

  51. 57
    sophia says

    Great… thanks!

  52. 58
    Barbie says

    I really need to get back to meal planning. Winning this would be awesome!

  53. 59
    Crystal says

    I have been trying to start menu planning…in fact I’m trying this week…again. I would love to have a chance to win!!

  54. 60
    LB says

    Thanks for the giveaway and the linkie 🙂

  55. 61
    Emily Hill says

    I am going to try this free version. I am constently on the interent searching for healthy “clean” foods for my family. This healthy eating is new to me so it has been somewhat of a challenge. I am 23 weeks pregnant with baby #3 and it has hit me hard how important healthy meal planning is. Thanks for the info!

  56. 62
    Jen Peifer says

    What a great app!!! I old love something to do the planning for me!

  57. 63
    Stacey says

    I’ve tried the website and love it, but would love to upgrade to the premium membership and who wouldn’t love extra grocery money! Thanks!

  58. 64
    Sarah says

    Sounds like a great app! Would love to try the premium membership.

  59. 66
    Cc says

    Would love to win !!!!!!!!!

  60. 67
    Sarah says

    Enjoy your trip! We too can’t seem to go on any trip without some snag in the plans a well.

  61. 68
    Brenda S. says

    What a wonderful idea! Can’t wait to try it.

  62. 69
    Beth says

    Wow! Sounds great!

  63. 70
    Jay Pinson says

    I would love to be at your vacation spot – it looks perfect!
    I would love to win the menu planning – have a house of 4 adults and one child and it is getting harder to find something that everyone likes.

  64. 71
    Sarah K. (The Mama Pirate) says

    Thanks for hosting this link up and the giveaway of course! Menu planning is such a huge help to me. I love reading what other people make too.

  65. 72
    Brandy says

    I could really use this!!

  66. 73
    LISA DAVIS says

    It does look like a wonderful place to go to and relax for a vacation

  67. 74
    s says

    I need to get back to menu planning and stop this summer slide!

  68. 75
    Dannica says

    The app looks great!

  69. 76
    Mary Treace says

    Glad to hear you were able to get another Epi-pen with no problem and with the view from your cabin, you should be relaxing in no time!! Hope to win the Premium Food On The Table!!

  70. 77
    Lorii Abela says

    The app really looks great. Enjoy your vacation!

  71. 78
    Jennifer says

    App looks interesting. I am going to have to check it out. I HATE planning meals!!

  72. 79
    Debbie Forgue says

    Enjoy your trip and the meal planning service sounds great!

  73. 80
    Lisa says

    I recently found Food on the Table, and I love it! I only have the trial version, but the recipes are great and it’s very user friendly. I love that it makes my shopping list for me as I go along. Anyway, I hope you enjoy that gorgeous view as you recover from the airport mishap!

  74. 81
    Samantha Byrd says

    I have been trying to actually start planning meals for my family. This app/website sounds like it would make it so much easier.

  75. 82
    shannon says

    That meal planning app sounds fabulous! I hope it has lactose free options as well! That’s my biggest dilemma.

  76. 83
    Food on the Table says

    We’re excited to be participating in the giveaway! We can’t wait to meet the winner.

  77. 84
    Lauri says

    I love this app! So much easier than looking at grocery store flyers

  78. 85
    sara says

    I use this site and would love the upgrade!

  79. 86
    Susan says

    thanks for the chance to win! Enjoy your vacation!

  80. 87
    Sarah says

    Menu planning would simplify my week! Fingers crossed!

  81. 88
    Barbara says

    Thanks for the opportunity! I am really struggling with being a new diabetic and trying to figure it all out – thanks again.

  82. 89
    Lorraine Crespo says

    I never have incident free traveling either. I can’t wait to check out the app. Sounds great.

  83. 90
    Cherish Cook says

    Def need this meal planning site in my life!!!

  84. 91
    Samantha Gettler says

    I never heard of food on the table before but it looks awesome!

  85. 92
    Gail says

    I love the recipes on Food on the table.

  86. 93
    Teresa Eskew says

    With that beautiful view you can put all hassles behind you. Have a glorious time and I will pray you have no more mishaps large or small.
    Thank you for this great blog.

    The Food on the table app is very professional. I will subscribe to the free service for now to check it out. Thanks.


  87. 94
    Carey says

    I’ve looked into Food on the Table a couple of times. I’ll have to look into them with some more detail. Thanks for the giveaway!

  88. 95
    Michelle says

    Food on the Table looks like a great tool to have. I’ll have to look into more deeply. Thanks for sharing

  89. 96
    Genie says

    What a great idea. I am going to have to check this out!

  90. 97
    kat says

    have a terrific vacation, and what a great planner!

  91. 98
    Becky Aamodt says

    This is my first time to your site but I have a feeling I will be back. I love the little bit I have seen!

  92. 99
    Amanda B. says

    Wow…love that this meal planning site actually has my grocery store that I use! Gonna try this out for sure!

  93. 100
    Acmommy says

    Wow, so glad your travel went well! Hoping to get some menu ideas cause this week my mind is blank. 🙂 had grilled chicken and a taco casserole so far.

  94. 101
    Theresa Finnigin says

    Glad you made it safely. The menu planning app sounds great. Would love to try it out! Always looking for great apps to simplify and organize my life 🙂

  95. 102
    Lynn Neinast says

    Can’t wait to try the free version! Glad your trip ended better than it started. Thanks for sharing your great meal ideas!

  96. 103
    Jodie A says

    Going to try the free version right now!!

  97. 104
    Shelly says

    Look handy am going to try the free version !

  98. 105
    amber says

    Cool thanks!!! Looking up ASAP!

  99. 106
    Beth Ann says

    I have been looking for something to compliment my Weight Watchers meal planning…this may be the right fit!!

  100. 107
    Stephanie says

    What a cool idea for an app!!!

  101. 108
    domonique says

    what a great idea! i’m constantly going between written lists and iphone notes at the store. can’t wait to try this app.

  102. 109
    Julie says

    What an awesome site! I’ll have to try it out!

  103. 110
    Kelley says

    That would be awesome to try!

  104. 111
    Sarah Fearing says

    That app sounds amazing! Wish I would have known about it before but definitely going to check it out now. I’m a stay at home mother with a 9 month old so any penny we can save is great. Thanks for the tips and recipe ideas. Have fun on your trip!

  105. 112
    Angalie Smith says

    Looks like a great app! I would love to win!!

  106. 113
    Christina in NO KY says

    I need a menu planning helper. I can spend $150 at the store and have nothing to make a meal out of. This site looks awesome for us visual types.

  107. 114
    Susan Schilp says

    First time here and I already LOVE your ideas. Menu planning is hard for me… three picky children and I always feel like I’m making more than one meal at dinner time… Thanks for the great advice! Going to give it a try!

  108. 115
    Randi says

    I love that is has a dietary restriction area for the planning of meals. I am excited to try this out.

  109. 116
    DeDe says

    I had never heard of “Food on the Table” loved it. Easy recipes, great layout.

  110. 117
    Tammy says

    I so want to get back to planning my dinner menus! I was doing this regularly, then life circumstances and health interrupted and I’ve been out of the practice for far too long. I can tell such a differnce – much more chaotic to not have any idea what’s for dinner!

  111. 118
    Susanne says

    Have a wonderful, relaxing holiday, Laura! Yikes to the forgotten epi-pen. Glad everything went okay without it.

  112. 119
    Carol Martin says

    I had never heard of this menu planning site before, but it sounds awesome and I would live to use it

  113. 120
    Judy Miller says

    I’ve never heard of this menu planning service. It sounds awesome. Who doesn’t need help with meal planning. I’m heading over to the site right now. Thanks for sharing. What an awesome prize to win!

  114. 121
    Melissa P says

    Gah- meal planning! What I always say I’m going to start doing and never manage to tackle. :/ this looks like an awesome service and a great giveaway!

  115. 122
    Janae says

    So excited to try this service just did a meal plan for the first time today! Excited to explore your site too!! Thanks

  116. 123
    Bobbie says

    Thanks for having such an great site!

  117. 124
    Meeling says

    Wow! So cool. I have the Epicurious App which I love, but this sounds amazing!!

    So glad you made it through without incident. As a mom, I can totally relate! 🙂

  118. 125
    Lesley says

    Thanks for posting about Food on the Table. I’ve been researching meal planning sites tonight, trying to knock down our grocery budget a bit more and came across your post!!!

    Enjoy your vacation!

  119. 126
    Lisa Bowdon says

    Just came upon this site looking for ways to curb spending. Lots of wonderful ideas, thank you!

  120. 127
    Lindsay brown says

    I love this blog! Such great ideas especially the meal planning! 🙂

  121. 128
    Linda says

    My husband and I work hard to plan weekly menus and shop accordingly; however, I don’t do well incorporating sales from my grocery store. I would love to access the features of Food on the Table to do this. Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  122. 129
    Rebekah says

    Ive been needing help with meal planning and trying to save money… just what I needed! Im a brand new farmers wife and this drought is making me a little worried for the year to come so time to start penny pinching!

  123. 130
    Meagan says

    What a neat idea, I would love to try this out! I think it would help us save money and be organized!


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