Oliver’s Labels Giveaway! (closed)

This giveaway is now closed.  The winner is #124 Lynne!!!

Today I’d like to introduce you to a Canadian label company called Oliver’s Labels that makes all sorts of labels for kids and households.  I had a chance to test their Date Labels recently and was really pleased with the quality of them.  These Date Labels are designed to be fridge/freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe and are reusable. They are made from a high performance vinyl with super-strong adhesive.  Each set of labels come with a wax pencil to write on the surface.  To remove the writing simply use a damp cloth.

As you can see above you can order these labels with your child’s name on them if you wanted to use them for your child’s lunch kit or for marking baby food for the fridge or freezer.

I simply ordered mine without a name so I could use them as generic freezer labels over and over again.  Look how pretty! :)

There are actually many many different styles and colors to choose from.

Oliver’s Labels product line also includes photo labels, mini bag tags, safety wristbands, awesome room decals and much much more!


Today I’ve got a set of Date Labels to giveaway PLUS the winner will also get to select either a set of Original Labels or Stick-eez Clothing Labels!!

Original Labels:

Stick-eez Clothing Labels:

To enter simply leave a comment on this post prior to Monday, April 16 at 6:00 pm PST.  Winner will be selected at random from the comments left.

Also find Oliver’s Labels on Facebook and Twitter.

Good luck!

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191 Responses to Oliver’s Labels Giveaway! (closed)

  1. 1
    Marlene says

    Those labels are cute and look like they would be durable and fun to use.

    • 1.1
      Pam says

      I have never seen clothing labels like that. I can think of several ways to use them.

    • 1.2
      Christi says

      Very cute! I love them…

    • 1.3
      Andra says

      I love the labels! I use the labels! It truly made my life easier by being organized and two kids in school. Their names have to be on EVERYTHING!!

  2. 2
    Martine says

    Love love love labels! helps keep my household oganized!

  3. 3
    JaynEryn says

    Labels labels labels!!! Please please please!!! :D

  4. 4
    Hayley says

    Oh wow! They look fantastic! We love labels in this house.

  5. 5
    Jenny says

    What a great way to label things that go to school!

  6. 7
    Cherie Dale says

    Great idea !!! Would also help with Instructions
    when you lose a box – like 400′ for 40 minutes

  7. 8
    Lorilee says

    These labels look fantastic! I could use these for sure on my organizing journey!

  8. 9
    Krista Williams says

    I love these labels. I starte decluttering my house in January and would love these labels for the kitchen!!

  9. 10
    Elizabeth says

    These labels look amazing!!

  10. 11
    Joyce M says

    I’ve been putting off buying some of these even though we’ve been wanting to get them. Thanks for the giveaway.

  11. 12
    Jovy says

    I have a labelmaker but they’re so boring. These are really pretty and functional–an unbeatable combo!

  12. 13
    Pauline says

    Cute, durable, and re-usable – can’t beat that!!!

  13. 14
    Joy says

    Labels rule my world! These are cute!

  14. 15
    Niki says

    Those labels would be great for the meals I get for my family during my chemo!!

  15. 16
    heidi says

    Exactly what we’ve been looking for to organize our booster club concession stand! Can’t wait to try them out!

  16. 17
    Casey brooks says

    This would be a great way to organize the freezer!

  17. 18
    Gwenn says

    I’ve got a little one heading to Pre-school in the fall. These sure would save me a lot of time!

  18. 19
    Lisa DeCourcey says

    I love to label things so this is right up my alley! Would love to win!

  19. 20
    Cara Barry says

    Wow, I love the idea of write-on labels! I had regular name labels for my youngest when he was an infant in daycare, but daycare requires you to date the bottles, so I still had to deal with that every day. Write on labels would definitely make that easier!

  20. 21
    Nancy Clark says

    Reusable labels! Someone is thinking out there. The list of ways to use these labels just keeps growing in my mind!

    (I haven’t seen a grease pencil like this since I was in high school art class. I had forgotten about them and how well they work! On a bad day I would just keep unwinding the casing. I wonder why my art teacher never asked to see all of the work I was doing with those pencils.)

  21. 22
    Elana says

    these look great! we’re always looking for ways to help us find things in our freezer!

  22. 23
    raydell says

    I have been looking for something to use for the freezer. My friend and I want to start freezing cooking. Anything I can use that is cute as heck is awesome!

  23. 24
    Firesparx says

    These labels sure beat the post-its-held-on-with-an-eleastic-bands technique I’ve got going on here!

  24. 25
    Brandy says

    I love labels. Could really use them for the freezer.

  25. 26
    Nancy in NC says

    I’d love to have some of the date labels. I have a terrible time of keeping track of how long leftovers have been in the fridge.

  26. 27
    Erin says

    I love this – for freezer meals you could totally write the date and the heating instructions (I’m always attaching index cards to my freezer meals, but they sometimes fall off).

  27. 28
    Jennifer J says

    Cool labels. I can think of a lot of uses for these!

  28. 29
    carey says

    I’ve been on the lookout for label deals now that we’ve moved up to the “big kid room” at school and seem to be more interested in tossing our clothes/shoes off during the day. the date labels will also be great for keeping my freezer in better shape…as long as i’m good about labeling everything! thanks for the giveaway!!

  29. 30
    jen says

    cute cute!! i’m always sticking tape on containers with the dates. would love something cute to use!

  30. 31
    Teresa says

    UFO’s (unidentified freezer objects) are my worst nightmare. These look like they would help ward off any UFO’s.

  31. 32
    Kristin M says

    What cute labels! I have so many things that I would put these on. : )

  32. 33
    Jaime O says

    These labels are adorable! They would sure help with the plethora of leftovers in my fridge!

  33. 35
    Stacy Gahlman-Schroeder says

    Going back to college in the fall and sharing a apartment with other women, I will be labeling all my food in the fridge. These labels are a much better way to do it than a piece of masking tape!

  34. 36
    Sonya says

    My twins are 4 months old and I’m getting ready to start making/freezing baby food..these would be GREAT!

  35. 37
    Lisa Cole says

    I love labels! Thank you for the giveaway!

  36. 38
    Mandy W says

    Very cute labels! I’m all about some labels.

  37. 39
    Mellisse says

    Love these labels !!!

  38. 40
    Sacha says

    A Canadian company and labels! Can’t get much better than that :) Thanks for the chance to win.

  39. 41
    Kelli says

    Love that these are re-usable!

  40. 42
    Maggie Dougherty says

    Those labels are so pretty – love them!!

  41. 43
    Lori Siegel says

    Would love to use these for my daughter’s camp stuff!

  42. 44

    i sure would like to try these for my child…to help them writing letters of thank you.

  43. 45
    Janessa says

    I would love the date labels! I try to make a lot of things ahead of time for the week and these would be so helpful! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  44. 46
    Nadine Ursuliak says

    Great promotion of a Canadian company!

  45. 47
    Melissa says

    Pick me! Pick me! Although, i’m not sure I’m organized enough for these.

  46. 48
    Brianne H. says

    I LOVE those! I have been looking for something like that to label my freezer meals and also leftovers in the fridge! I would love to win some. :)

  47. 49
    Caroline says

    I love using labels! I would love to win and try these ones.

  48. 50
    Momelina says

    I would use these to label freezer items – I always forget to pull them out in time to defrost for the day’s meal!

  49. 51
    Candy says

    I <3 these labels!

  50. 52
    Cori says

    I LOVE labels!

  51. 53
    Rebecca says

    I love those labels! I would love to win!

  52. 54
    Larissa says

    These are so cute!! They would be perfect for labelling the items we send with her to daycare!

  53. 55
    Cindy says

    I’ve used both of these labels for my grandsons’ child care and really need a few more. They’re very durable and nice to look at and great to use! Even if you don’t win, BUY THEM; they’re great!!!

  54. 56
    Mona says

    I love these labels!! I already can think of a ton of ways I’d use them!

  55. 57
    Sandy Magar-Speed says

    Dishwashersafe and reuseable? I LOVE it! I could sticker my entire house with these!

  56. 58
    Nancy says

    Those are so cute! I live that you can write and then erase and reuse the label again. Another great tip

  57. 59
    Rachel says

    Oh wow, what a great giveaway, and those are so cool looking! Hope I win!

  58. 60
    Allison says

    So cute! I love sending my little girl to daycare with pretty labels on her things.

  59. 61
    Tracy Carvalho says

    Love these!

  60. 62
    Rachel says

    These are so adorable. I am always labeling my son’s sippy cups and such for the stuff he takes to daycare so they would be perfect.

    I hope I win!

  61. 63
    Nancy says

    Love to label everything…the cuter, the better. Thanks!

  62. 64
    Sally S. says

    Cute labels – I am in the midst of organizing so cute labels would work great!

  63. 65
    Karen says

    Love the labels! Wish i had them recently when i relabeled everything in my cupboards. i label everything! Would love to have these!

  64. 66
    Lauren Rothstein says

    I have been using masking tape, but these labels are much nicer. Please enter me in the giveaway.

  65. 67
    Miranda says

    These look super handy!

  66. 68
    Libby Owens says

    I would put these adorable labels to good use. Thanks for the giveaway.

  67. 69
    Pennie W says

    Hi Laura! I love those labels! Since your organizing challenge, I have dedicated much of my time to labeling and could find a fantastic use for these because my garage is my next big project and labels are much needed.

  68. 70
    donna says

    Would love to have these. Can never remember how long anything has been in the fridge!

  69. 71
    Erin says

    I love these labels-would be great for baby bottles at my daycare!

  70. 72
    Andrea Scoville says

    All of those labels look fantastic! Thanks for the chance to win and all of the organizational inspiration you always give us!

  71. 73
    Teal Lockard says

    what a great idea! Thanks for including me!

  72. 74
    Michelle says

    Thank you for giving us the chance to win those adorable labels. I’m quite positive I would just go label crazy on everything if I was given the chance! :)

  73. 75
    Sara Westerfeld says

    Love the demask designs ~ very cool. Nice idea to lable my freezer items and still seem sexy !

  74. 76
    Jody H. says

    These look great! Thanks for the giveaway.

  75. 77
    Amy says

    What a great giveaway! I love how you’ve used them for labeling items in the freezer.

  76. 78
    amy monteiro says

    baby #3 is due soon and I’d love to have stickers to label the homemade baby food!

  77. 79
    Dynamics says

    I love that the labels are re-usable.

  78. 80
    Fran Wender says

    Pretty please with sugar on it! May I win? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE ;-)

  79. 81
    kristen marie says

    LOOOVE all the options of designs, esp the girly tredny ones! :)

  80. 82
    Miranda says

    Ohhh ! Love the idea of write on labels! I have too many U.F.M’s (unidentified frozen meals) in my freezer!!

  81. 83
    Linda says

    GREAT STUFF! These would be great to label my lunch in the fridge at work. ( and keeping others from eating my food!)

  82. 84
    Debbi Does Dinner Healthy says

    I am famous for tearing pieces of paper off and taping them to the top of my plastic containers. I so would love these! Thanks!

  83. 85
    Jane says

    I would love these for labeling food for the freezer. Much better than finding frozen lumps of “mystery meat” months later.

  84. 86
    Marcia says

    Love the labels….just cleaned out the fridge and for the life of me don’t know what’s in 4 special jars and 3 freezer bags….This could be the solution.

  85. 87
    SalBug says

    I’ve been looking for a good freezer-safe label. Maybe this is the one!

  86. 88
    Sarah Eckert says

    Getting ready to do some freezer cooking! These would be great to label my meals!

  87. 89
    Lynn Gleason says

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to try to win a set of these great labels!

  88. 90
    Julie R says

    Love these! I have so many uses for labels.

  89. 91
    Kelley says

    These look really cute. i’d love to use them!

  90. 92
    Samantha Kittrell says

    So glad i signed up for your emails!!

  91. 93
    Rita says

    I love these! I could really use them in my kitchen.

  92. 94
    Monica says

    I could really use that kind of thing for the containers in the freezer.

  93. 95
    Tamaira says

    Cute and reusable! My kind of product :) Thank you!

  94. 96
    Kim says

    I just love labels! These are so cleverly designed, durable, re-usable, etc. I love it! Thanks for this great giveaway! :)

  95. 97
    Frances says

    These labels look great!

  96. 98
    Susan M. says

    Practical and adorable–that’s my kind of combination! Thanks for this giveaway!

  97. 99
    Monica says

    Oooh…my freezer will be just one more place for pretty labels…great giveaway :)

  98. 100
    Annette M. says

    Fabulous prints and great that they are reusable.

  99. 101
    Teresa says

    Those labels are awesome

  100. 102
    Laure says

    Just the prompting I need to be better about labeling/dating the food I put in the freezer! Thanks for the giveaway.

  101. 103
    Michelle Brown says

    I have never seen labels like these ones. I really like the fact that you can essentially re-use them, simply by wiping off the info. Great idea!

  102. 104
    Suzi says

    Hope I win them for my daughter to keep up with my granddaughter’s things! Suzi pblapere@att.net

  103. 105
    Sandra says

    I love using labels – these ones would be a lot better than the white ones I usually use!

  104. 106
    Liz Tucker says

    I’d love to enter to win labels – how cool you all put this together for us!

  105. 107
    Linda Wray says

    These look really cute and easy to use. Would love the chance to try them!

  106. 108
    ema says

    Laaaabels! Oh, how much I love them! If I could, I would label my daughter! I mean, technically, I can, but I know that society won’t approve of it, so I resist the urge…
    Thank you so much for this give-a-way, the products look great!

  107. 109
    ToDoList Mom Ashley says

    Woohoo!!! These would so help me organize my freezer and help me with my meal planning! Crossing my fingers and toes :)

  108. 110
    Daria says

    I’m organization phobic, but I think I could really try with these labels, they look so much fun! Thanks for all the great tips!

  109. 111
    Crystal says

    Love the labels!! Great way to keep stuff organized!!

  110. 112
    Heather A says

    I would love some labels to help keep me organized! Thanks!!!

  111. 113
    Ann Odle says

    These are so neat! I’d love to win some–I’ll have to bookmark the site to order my own too!

  112. 114
    Sheena says

    Looks pretty cool!

  113. 115
    Patricia Crowley says

    I’d love to win…I can think of SO many uses for these!

  114. 116
    Jodi says

    Reusable freezer labels would be great as I have my dedicated freezer only bins. Thanks for the opportunity!

  115. 117
    Jill says

    These labels look so nice. Pretty and reusable.

  116. 118
    Ellie says

    These labels look like they’d be great to help me organize for my boys!

  117. 119
    melissa call says

    Would like to use these in my fridge they are adorable

  118. 120
    Kelly L says

    So cute. Would love to win some. Thanks!

  119. 121
    Jenn says

    Love that they are from a fellow Canadian!!! Would love these to help keep my family organized!

  120. 122
    Kimberly R. says

    thanks for the giveaway, the stick eze ones are nice!

  121. 123
    Alison says

    I would love to have some labels for my house!

  122. 124
    Lynne B says

    My label maker tape is getting harder and harder to find. Those would be great on our Tupperware.

  123. 125
    Kathy Cervantes says

    I would love to win these labels.

  124. 126
    Raelene says

    Wow, these label look amazing, thanks for the chance to win some.

  125. 127
    Jennifer says

    I know it says that they are reusable, but how many times can you reuse them without them losing their stickyness? Regardless, thank you for the opportunity to win a set!


  126. 128
    Sara Smith says

    Love the labels!

  127. 129
    Veronica says

    These stickers look very practical and cute too!

  128. 130
    Carol Mc says

    Love the design on the labels. I know exactly where I could put those labels to work.

  129. 131
    Liz says

    I love Oliver’s Labels! We have used other brands and these are FAR superior in quality. They stay put on clothing and can be used for tupperware too. Must have a supply for each kid at all times

  130. 132
    Sara--Mac Kid Chicago says

    Would love these to label all of my son’s things that go to and from preschool.

  131. 133
    Shana says

    I could sure use labels for the organizing project I’m trying to do of my craft supplies.

  132. 134
    Denny says

    Date labels! These look great! Thanks for the giveaway.

  133. 135
    Tracy Stone says

    These are fun! I could use these to kick my organizing up a notch.

  134. 136
    Brandi says

    I would love win some labels to help me in getting organized!

  135. 137
    Lori says

    Love these labels! We put them on everything my preschooler takes with her to school! I’d love to win more!

  136. 138
    S. Davis says

    yes, please!

  137. 139
    Verena says

    Other labels leave a mess on my Tupperware. Would love to try them.

  138. 140
    april v says

    Great giveaway! Would love to win!

  139. 141
    Muriel says

    I can think of so many uses for these.

  140. 142
    anna says

    I love this labels!!!!! They’re so pretty – and useful too ;)

  141. 143
    Kristy says

    Oh, I would have so many uses for these!

  142. 144
    Tonnie says

    What lovely labels…and very versatile!

  143. 145
    Amber D. says

    Love the design you chose for yours!!!

  144. 146
    April says

    Those are so cute! And they would come in handy!

  145. 147
    Sarah says

    Great idea to order labels without a name to make them multi-purpose. I love the pattern you chose.

  146. 148
    Beth says

    Love these labels! I hate how regular labels get yucky when they go through the dishwasher and ruin my little Rubbermaid dishes I use for my son’s lunch. I’d love to win!


  147. 149
    erica says

    I love a great giveaway-especially one to help me get organized!

  148. 150
    Amy Carter says

    I would LOVE to try these labels! Just one more thing to help me organize my life! :-)

  149. 151
    Cathey Eastman says

    I have a granddaughter with Celiac Disease. These labels would be perfect to label her special snacks, treats, etc.!!

  150. 152
    Shiela says

    I could use some labels

  151. 153
    alejandra says

    love the labels!!!!! =)

  152. 154
    Candy says

    Super cute!!

  153. 155
    Lisa says

    These would be fabulous!

  154. 156
    Donyell says

    I adore the clothing labels!!

  155. 157
    caroline says

    this look awesome- i have a few for clothes but i had no idea there were wipeable/reusable out there!

  156. 158
    Michelle says

    These look great and super useful.

  157. 159
    Jill says

    I used these labels for my infant for all his paraphernalia. Would love to try the freezer ones.

  158. 160
    AnneSATX says

    I love the labels that you ordered — very pretty. Would love to try any of these labels out. Thanks!

  159. 161
    Carolyn Bennett says

    I would love these! I’ve used iron-on labels for camp but would love to see how the stick ons work!

  160. 162
    Jennifer says

    These labels look awesome!

  161. 163
    Lisa says

    How adorable! I would love these. Thanks!

  162. 164
    Bitts says

    My oldest will be starting school this fall, and I think I’m going to have a need for some LABELS!!

  163. 165
    HollyG says


  164. 166
    Amber Rae says

    Love Them!! Glad I made the cutoff in time :)

  165. 167
    hsmominmo says

    You are getting me hooked on labels, Laura! And these look wonderful.

  166. 168
    Tricia Naples says

    I luv any kind of labels. These are so cute!

  167. 169
    Kristina says

    I love these reusable labels… Please enter my name to win! Thank you!

  168. 170
    JennGB says

    I’ve tried Mabel’s Labels, but not Oliver’s. Would love to give them a try!

  169. 171
    Natalie says

    I would love to have these labels then my home would be covered top to bottom with these labels, and the clothing labels perfect for my 3 children. I would love to have these!!!!

  170. 172
    april says

    with the youngest starting kindergarten in the fall, those would come in handy!

  171. 173
    Laura says

    These are great! I love that they are reusable!

  172. 174
    Jamie says

    Love these labels!

  173. 175
    brooke says

    What a fantastic give away! I am always looking for great and sturdy labels for things that go to school and constantly seem to get lost! Thanks for turning my head towards this company!!!

  174. 176
    Jessica says

    The labels are so cute and functional!

  175. 177
    Mer says

    Love them! Would be so useful with three kids!

  176. 178
    Dipti Thakkar says

    These are great labels!!!

  177. 179
    Aubree says

    I would love those labels! They are so neat. I am just starting to make baby food, so they would be so helpful! Thanks!

  178. 180
    Heidi says

    One of those you-don’t-really-know-what-I-mean-unless-you’re-a-mom-too sayings: “One never has enough labels.” Reusable labels, you say? Well that would just be pure label bliss… :)

  179. 181
    Karen says

    I love labels! I immediately thought of all the sports equipment and water bottles that my boys have and the labels would be perfect! Also, freezing and canning and…. So many ideas!

  180. 182
    Sallie E. says

    Pick me. Please. :)

  181. 183
    s says

    the clothing labels would be perfect!

  182. 184
    Dee Dee says

    Thanks for another great giveaway! … Labels are so key to my (future) organizing success. :-) Great ideas!

  183. 185
    Christen says

    I would love to try these! Thanks for the giveaway!

  184. 186
    Elizabeth Torres says

    These are amazing! It will definitely help the horrible issue of leftovers getting trashed. The cuteness is a plus!!

  185. 187
    Sinea says

    Aren’t labels just the best! Love ’em. These are particularly nice. Thanks for sharing!

  186. 188
    Jacqueline says

    Labels are good. The trick would be actually using them and not just let the sit in a drawer somewhere…


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