Travel Jewelry Case Giveaway (closed)

This giveaway is now closed. The winner is #220 Joni!!

Today’s giveaway is for a Travel Jewelry Case from Clos-ette Too.

Features of this travel jewelry case include:

  • It is discreet in its packaging; only you will know what valuables you have stowed.
  • The snap-on individual pages are ideal for traveling light. Insert additional pages when you need extra jewelry storage.
  • All pages fit into 8.5”x11” drawers for storage outside the case.
  • Delicate faux-suede interior pages are divided into 2×2 and 4×4 pockets ideal for all types of jewelry.
  • The case also features a ring holder and an earring holder.
  • Each page is covered in plastic with an individual zipper for careful handling.
  • Each page attaches and detaches to its sister pages for keeping things together.
  • Three page inserts are included in your purchase.
  • Each page has different combinations on it so that you can carry a complete jewelry wardrobe in your case if needed.

Winner will have their choice of selecting either an orange or green case.

To enter this giveaway for a Clos-ette Too Travel Jewelry Case simply leave a comment on this post prior to Monday, January 23, 2012 at 6:00 pm PST.  Winner will be selected at random.  Open to US residents only.

For more information about Clos-ette Too and their other organizational products you can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Please note that this is not a review as I have not personally used this product myself.

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298 Responses to Travel Jewelry Case Giveaway (closed)

  1. 1
    Lori says

    That. Is. AWESOME! I have looked and looked for a case like that!

  2. 2
    Alison says

    This looks like a wonderful travel case!

  3. 3
    Martha says

    Great idea! I hate when my jewelry gets all tangled during travel – I’ve just been using a pouch!

  4. 4
    Julie says

    I’d love this, but just one word of caution. When you travel, do not leave this in your check in luggage. :-/ I had a similar jewelry case that was cleaned out in La Guardia AFTER my luggage was checked in. Keep it with you in your carry on!

  5. 6
    Jeanie says

    That looks very handy….I sure could use something like that. :-)

  6. 7
    Pip says

    At first I thought I would pick the orange, but I think the green will help me not lose it! lol
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  7. 8
    Kathy says

    I may just have to go someplace if I had something like this..

  8. 9
    Adrienne says

    Love it….I hope I win!!!

  9. 10
    Meg says

    This would be a great improvement to my current ziploc baggie arrangement…

  10. 11
    Fern says

    I have my first overseas trip planned and this would be wonderful!

  11. 12
    Beth McClitnock says

    Love this and would be perfect for my upcoming NYC trip!

  12. 13
    Lisa DeCourcey says

    What a versatile travel case! Looks like it would hold a lot of jewelry! I’d love to win it!

  13. 14
    Andrea Southworth says

    This is a fabulous case!! Perfect for our summer vacation packing needs!

  14. 15
    Sharon says

    Great, practical item! I’d use it even if I wasn’t travelling.

  15. 16
    Beth says

    Wow! I’ve been looking something like this but nothing seemed right. This seems perfect! Our friends and family are all over the country so we travel a lot, and I try to make packing as easy and organized as possible b/c I pretty much hate having to do it. This would be awesome!

  16. 17
    Jessica says

    Need something like this for travel and at home.

  17. 18
    MsCaroline says

    Just got back from two back-to-back international trips and spent a lot of frustrating time de-tangling jewelry…wish I’d found this before!

  18. 19
    paloma says

    JUST what I have been looking for for EVER!! yay!

  19. 20
    sylvia says

    very cute!

  20. 21
    HereWeGoAJen says

    My mother in law would love this.

  21. 22
    Melinda says

    Love this and would benefit by having a travel case like this. Thanks!

  22. 23
    Fonda says

    This is one of my biggest challenges when traveling. I always end up with something missing or in a knot!

  23. 24
    Joanna Price says

    Looks fabulous!!!

  24. 25
    Mallory says

    I’ve been looking for something like this forever!

  25. 26
    Melissa R says

    What a fun travel case! This would make a great gift for my BF!

  26. 27
    Rachel says

    I would LOVE one of these! So cute!

  27. 28
    Chelsea says

    This is a really cute carrying case! I would love to have one!! :)

  28. 29
    Amy A. says

    All of the jewelry cases I’ve owned have never worked. This looks great!

  29. 30
    Jenna says

    I’ve been looking for a way to organize my jewelry, and this looks compact and well-organized.

  30. 31
    Lesley says

    What a great solution for traveling with jewelry. This case would be a great improvement over my cobbled together mess that gets thrown in my suitcase.

  31. 32
    Rhonda says

    Always thought there should be some way to travel with necklaces without them getting tangled…Just what I’m needing!!

  32. 33
    Natasha says

    I would love to have this!!!

  33. 34
    Sara Henley says

    Thanks for sharing this post. Your site was the first to come up when looking up prize giveaways!!

  34. 35
    Sarah! says

    I have been looking for a great jewelry case for SO long!! I thought I had checked every possible store that sold them, apparently not. This is so awesome! I am so relieved, I hate the tangled mess everything ends up in by the time I get to point B. Thank you SO much for sharing!
    Sarah : )

  35. 36
    Sandy says

    I so need one travel case. My jewelery gets so messy in my little bags, i almost broke a necklace the other day. This one looks perfect to me! And love the colors!

  36. 37
    Sandy says

    I so need one travel case. My jewelry gets so messy in my little bags, i almost broke a necklace the other day. This one looks perfect to me! And love the colors!

  37. 38
    lindsy says

    would love to win!!

  38. 39
    Jen says

    Awesome… I have a trip coming up!

  39. 40
    Jeannine says

    OOOH I have been wanting one of these for so long – I hope I win. I will be so excited if I do.

  40. 41
    Sarah says

    Wow – now that is a neat idea! That looks like the ideal way to pack jewellry when you’re taking more than just a couple pieces.

  41. 42
    Christina says

    I love the color and size…it’s perfect because you can see everything and there is lots of room for more than just a few items!

  42. 43
    Heather Ishikawa says

    I really like the usefulness of this travel jewelry case.

  43. 44
    Julie says

    How cute are these!

  44. 45
    Aymee says

    Would like to win it for my mom

  45. 46
    maria says

    awesome giveaway

  46. 47
    Jenny@ADropintheBucket says

    This would be awesome; I have always looked for something like this!

  47. 48
    Denise McNeill says

    I didn’t even know this type of organizer existed….and now I MUST have one!!!

  48. 49
    Ann says

    LOVE it!!! I could use it daily at home too!

  49. 51
    Cori says

    that is so cool! I love compartments :)

  50. 52
    Rita says

    I love it! I definetely need something like this!

  51. 53
    Sherri says

    Would be perfect for my trip to FL

  52. 54
    Sherri says

    Would be perfect for my trip to FL

  53. 55
    The Mommy says

    I used to have a tiny travel jewelry case that I received as a gift from my elderly aunt (she tended to clean out her closets and give stuff away as Christmas gifts every year. very resourceful!). I miss it! This would be a great (OK, MUCH BETTER!) replacement!

  54. 56
    april v says

    I love it!! Could definitely use it!!

  55. 57
    Sara says

    I love this! I travel all the time for work, this would be perfect.

  56. 58
    Sunshine's Fashion says

    Wowwww I want to winn!
    finger crossed!

  57. 59
    Megan says

    I have been untangling my mess of jewelry from my trip over the holidays for weeks:)

  58. 60
    Linda S. says

    Love this travel case!

  59. 61
    Julia says

    This looks so awesome! I searched so long for something like that! :)

  60. 62
    Tracy says

    What a great case!!! It certainly beats the ziplock back I used on my last trip lol.

  61. 63
    Anita says

    Now that is the best travelling jewelry case I have ever seen! Please pick me, me, me!!!

  62. 65
    Amanda Andrus says

    I love this giveaway! I love how the necklaces are kept so they don’t tangle. I also love how they have a ring section.

  63. 66
    Serena says

    FABULOUS and FUN! A girl has got to have her pretties!

  64. 67
    Holly says

    Looks like a great product and exactly what I need!

  65. 68
    Laura H says

    I love it!

  66. 69
    frany says

    Love these cases!

  67. 70
    krystie says

    oh, that is awesome – would make packing for my upcoming trip that much easier.

  68. 71
    Sara says

    I would store my jewelry in it all of the time

  69. 72
    Brenda Mendoza says

    So neat! This is perfect for traveling.

  70. 73
    Jenni says

    This is great! No more tangled necklaces and lost earrings.

  71. 74
    Maxime says

    That looks awesome!!!

  72. 75
    Sandi says

    Very cute. Looks like it would do a great job keeping necklaces from getting tangled.

  73. 76
    Diane says

    This is perfect for traveling! Just what I have been looking for.

  74. 77
    Diane says

    Love it!

  75. 78
    Norean says

    What a wonderful travel case – perfect!

  76. 79
    Marilyn says

    thanks for a wonderful giveaway! I would love to have this!

  77. 80
    EBR says

    I NEED this.

  78. 82
    Amanda says

    Super duper awesome jewlery case!

  79. 83
    Erinna says

    That is such a good idea… traveling with jewelry can be difficult… and untangling necklaces is my LEAST favorite thing to do.

  80. 84
    domestic diva says

    Lovely! THanks for the chance.

  81. 85
    Nichole says

    That is so cute! And a much better system than my current one of using a random pocket in my purse for traveling with jewelry

  82. 86
    Christine says

    Very nice! I like it alot and have never seen anything like it. thanks for the chance to win something so neat.

  83. 87
    Nancy Schiedermayer says

    What an amazing jewelry travel kit. Love the colors

  84. 88
    Lesley says

    L-O-V-E it! This is perfect!

  85. 89
    Abbey says

    Would be awesome to be able to be so organized on my travels.

  86. 90
    Ann says

    This would be amazing for trips and daily storage!!

  87. 91
    Desiree says

    Great giveaway!

  88. 92
    Channah says

    I love this for myself and for gifts…..

  89. 93
    Gina says

    i’ve been using small plastic jewelry bags when i travel and even though things are in one spot and not tangled its just not fun ;) totally loving this bag!

  90. 94
    LiLy says

    Great :D it’s really perfect for me :D

  91. 95
    Jo Ann says

    Love these cases – so practical and pretty too! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  92. 96
    Arlene O. says

    What a wonderful piece to own — would love something like this! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  93. 97
    Kristin Peterson says

    This case looks ingenious. I currently don’t have a travel case because they never worked that great for me. But this one with the snaps – YES!

  94. 98
    Jessica P. says

    I went on vacation last year, and literally looked everywhere for a travel jewelry case just like this one (in stores only – I have some issues with paying for shipping :) ). I ended up buying one with just zipper pockets, which did not really help with tangled necklaces.

  95. 99
    Laure says

    Very cool. Would love to win!

  96. 100
    Shelley says

    It would be hard not to be organized with something so practical!

  97. 101
    Allison C. says

    I love this bag!! What a wonderful thing to have at home and on the road!

  98. 102
    Stephanie G says

    This is awesome! My necklaces and such wouldn’t get all bunched up and tangled!

  99. 103
    janet says

    Love this case! Looks like it would hold everything I need!

  100. 104
    S. Davis says

    Would love to try this – thanks!

  101. 105
    Sarah T. says

    Looks awesome! I’m always trying to figure out good ways to travel with jewelry. Great giveaway!

  102. 106
    Kristi says

    This case is looks great! As someone who makes jewelry with a 13yr old daughter and neice..This case would be perfect!

  103. 107
    Sallie E. says

    Neat! This would be great!

  104. 108
    Tyna says

    I couldn’t help but laugh at this one. A jewelry case? There are people out there who actually travel with jewelry?! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!

  105. 109
    Kathy says

    That is a great way to travel with jewelry I always end up with tangled necklaces and get frustrated and end up never wearing anything.

  106. 110
    Candy M. says

    Wow, I could really use this! :) I would love to win…

  107. 111
    Melissa says

    This would probably be much better than throwing my earrings into my toiletries bag. :) pick me! pick me!

  108. 112
    Daly says

    Ooh..I’d love one. It’s on my wish list!

  109. 113
    Elizabeth L. says

    Cool case. I would love that for my mom who travels a lot.

  110. 114
    Lauri says

    Love this… I haven’t seen since a nice one before…

  111. 115
    Farm Mom Corinne says

    As one who lives on the road in this season of life, this would come in SOO handy!!

  112. 116
    Annette M. says

    This looks fabulous. Great idea would be very useful!

  113. 117
    Tina says

    This is an awesome organizer. But I think I would use it for something slightly different than what it was created for. I teach sewing & craft classes and have to keep many different types of supplies easily accessible. This looks like something that would work great for that since I have to bring my supplies to a classroom location away from my home.

  114. 118
    Jessica H says

    Love this!!! I need one for traveling .

  115. 119
    Madison L says

    That looks perfect. I actually never pack more than a couple of pieces of jewelry because I have no where to store them.

  116. 120
    Debbie JK says

    Love how much and how securely it holds! I’d love to try this one out! Great giveway!

  117. 121
    Margaret says

    This is very nice, compact yet looks like it holds a lot. I’m thinking if I dont win it, I will just have to buy it, thanks

  118. 122
    Becky says

    That’s pretty nifty!

  119. 123
    Amy Miracle says

    Looks like a perfect way to travel with multiple pieces of jewelry! Much better than my current system of several baggies stuffed into a larger bag. I spend too much time un-twisting, un-tangling and un-knotting various pieces of jewelry! Even if I don’t win the contest, I may have to purchase this set!!!

  120. 124
    Karen says

    Such a clever storage for jewelry. Ziplocks just don’t cut it!

  121. 125
    Jenn says

    Love this… fingers crossed I win! :)

  122. 126
    Kathy Cervantes says

    Awesome travel kit. Would love to win it.

  123. 127
    Doris says

    I would love to win it because it will keep me so much organized during road trips with my family.

  124. 128
    Terri Gossage says

    This is a very nice jewelery case and would be awesome to win!

  125. 129
    Eric says

    I would like to win it for my wife so she can put her stuff in for when we take a trip.

  126. 130
    Maria Welke says

    I love how organized it is! No more knotted chains tangled up in my earrings!

  127. 131
    Terese says

    This is neat! Haven’t seen one like it and would be nice to have. Good luck all!

  128. 132
    Julie R says

    This is so cool! I could really use one of these!

  129. 133
    Rhonda says

    This jewelry case has a plethora of cool features. I’ve never seen another that is as creative and useful. I would so love to have it!

  130. 134
    Bobbi Sue says

    CUTE!!!! Thanks for the giveaway! Love the bright green! Makes it easy to find!

  131. 135
    Anne Marie says

    This looks very cool! I would love to have one of these!!

  132. 136
    Cheryl says

    This looks awesome! I love the fact that you can change out the pages and use multiple pages if needed.

  133. 137
    Verena says

    Wow!! It would be so exciting to win that travel case.

  134. 138
    Natalie says

    This case looks awesome! It looks like it would keep your jewelry safe and tangle free while traveling! And it would be great to win :)!

  135. 139
    Monica says

    I use that for my trip in August to Alaska! Thanks for having a great give away!

  136. 140
    Jill z says

    Love it! Have been wanting one of these for traveling!

  137. 141
    Rachael says

    This looks awesome! I definitely could use this while traveling :)

  138. 142
    Melissa Ballweg says

    Oh my gosh, how stylish are these jewelry cases?! I sell lia sophia jewelry and would LOVE to use this to transport my jewelry to & from shows. They would also make a great repeat hostess giveaway!

  139. 143
    Kristi says

    Love this!!! I could so use something like this to keep everything nice and organized!

  140. 144
    Darla Maciel says

    Oh my goodness!! Could I please win this? My 17 year old, extremely accessorized daughter is going to Germany this summer on a foreign exchange. What will she do without this? She would love this…Blessings

  141. 145
    Jen K says

    Wait, are you suggesting there’s an alternative to tossing everything in to one bag, then never wearing any of it because it’s all hopelessly tangled? Awesome!

  142. 146
    Sarah says

    Love this!! The size is great.

  143. 147
    Jammie says

    Great solution for traveling with jewelry!

  144. 148
    Ana says

    This is great! I always put my jewerly in a pouch ;)

  145. 149
    Chris says

    This looks like a great solution for packing jewelry.
    ‘Would love to put it to use. I agree with those who
    advise against putting your jewelry in checked bags;
    keep it with you in a carry-on. Thanks.

    • 149.1
      Michelle says

      No more tangled jewelry when travelling. I love it!

  146. 150
    Francisca says

    This looks great! Seems like it would be very handy!

  147. 151
    Karen Fleming says

    Looks like a great travel item to own.

  148. 152
    Jennifer Bean says

    I love the compartments to add chunkier items in! It would be a wonderful item to take on my next adventure!

  149. 153
    Kristie says

    I love this!!!!

  150. 154
    Betty says

    This item looks great for travel.

  151. 155
    Jessica @ Acting Adult says

    What a great giveaway! Thanks for letting me know about this product – I’m excited to see if I win.

  152. 156
    KateH. says

    I love your blog and all the great ideas and categories your have! Thanks for the opportunity to enter this drawing and keep up the wonderful organizing inspirations!

  153. 157
    Sheila says

    This is great! Traveling with jewelry has always presented a problem.

  154. 158
    Dena says

    I travel a lot & love jewelry this would be great to have.

  155. 159
    Amber says

    I could really use this!

  156. 160
    Caroline says

    I love it – would love to win!!

  157. 161
    Julita K says

    Would love this! Thanks for the giveaway!! :0)

  158. 162
    Julie Mikalacki says

    Would love to win this! It would be amazing to take with me when I go to FL for spring break!

  159. 163
    Christina says

    I could totally use this right now. I was just packing my jewelry for a girls trip to Florida this weekend and was wishing I had bought one of these!

  160. 164
    Dee says

    That is way better than the one I have. I would love to win it!!!

  161. 165
    sheila carter says

    you have a lot of entries for this its very nice to have blue is my favorite color thanks for the giveaway

  162. 166
    MaryJane Higgins says

    I love this idea. Even though I don’t travel very much, this would be ideal for everyday jewelry storage. I’d love to have one of these cases.

  163. 167
    Maggie says

    This would be perfect to take on my honeymoon!

  164. 168
    lanabag says

    What a wonderful looking case

  165. 169
    Kathi says

    Oh Wow they are so Nice! I will be going to Florida in May and would Love to win one so I can bring my jewelry and it will be neatly organized!

  166. 170
    Dipti Thakkar says

    Love this Jewelry Case!!

  167. 171
    Ellie says

    Fantastic jewelry case. Thanks for having this giveaway.

  168. 172
    Alycia M says

    Oh, this would make a great gift for my daughter! Thanks for the chance to win one :)

  169. 173
    Kelley S says

    Really nice ….and practical.

  170. 174
    Kelley S says

    Really nice and practical…..

  171. 175
    amy says


  172. 176
    Desiree Dunbar says

    I love to be able to keep my jewelry organized when I travel.

  173. 177
    Mandy France says

    Love it!

  174. 178
    Mary says

    Great little bag, Could be used for so many different items.

  175. 179
    Jami says

    i’m a jewelry junkie, this would be great for my travels

  176. 180
    Jacqui Baptiste says

    Really nice; I carry my jewelry in a ziploc bag now.

  177. 181
    NGS says

    This would be great for storage even when I’m not traveling. I like the orange color a lot!
    cheatingpiggies at hotmail dot com

  178. 182
    Beth says

    This would be a fantastic way to pack my jewelry!

  179. 183
    Kayla Arrowood says

    Ohh I really need this. When we go on trips I always take my jewelry in plastic sandwich bags! LOL — kevinkaylaarrowood123 at yahoo dot com

  180. 184
    Stephanie says

    Wonderful idea for a giveaway!

  181. 185
    kimberly says

    wow! cool!

  182. 186
    Kathy S says

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  183. 187
    Suzanne says

    I travel frequently and this would make life so much simpler!

  184. 188
    DC GOP Girl says

    Ooo the pink one on their site is awesome. Such a cool product!

  185. 189
    Chantal says

    It would be so nice to have the jewely case as they don’t deliver to France. The jewelery case is SOOO CHIC.

  186. 190
    Amy K says

    Love, love, love. I’ve actually seen this amazing case online on the Clos-estate website but it has always been beyond budget. Thanks for offering it as a giveaway!

  187. 191
    Marilyn Morgan says

    I never thought of organizing jewelry that way — genius!

  188. 192
    Melissa P says

    What a cute idea!

  189. 193
    angie says

    This is a terrific way to keep jewerly organized.

  190. 194
    Chrissy says

    Sweet, I would LOVE a travel case for jewelry! I always hate it when my jewelry gets tangled and I have too much now for the little case I currently use…

  191. 195
    dawn says

    i love it hope i win

  192. 196
    Carolyn Richardson says

    Super way to keep everything organized. Great color choices. Perfect for travel and home!

  193. 197
    Amanda Talbert says

    Would love to win this. Thank you!

  194. 198
    Barbara says

    I would LOVE to have this. We’re going to Ireland with my in-laws this summer. We haven’t traveled in many, many years – before the kids were born. I don’t have anything to keep jewelry in and would love to take more than one pair with me. Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  195. 199
    Sarah Hirsch says

    looks great, I would love to win one for my travels

  196. 200
    Lori Hart says

    I totally need this! Thanks for the giveaway

  197. 201
    Claire McKeon says

    What a great prize! Thanks for the chance!

  198. 202
    Jody H. says

    What a great idea! Thanks for the giveaway.

  199. 203
    Amber says

    This would be great for my up coming vacation.

  200. 204
    Robin says

    What a lifesaver this would be when traveling…. I hope I win!!!!

  201. 205
    jessica gengler says

    looks great! Would love to win!

  202. 206
    Deborah Broockerd says

    I love these – would be such a fabulous traveling companion!

  203. 207
    Angela Winesburg says

    I would love to win this, thanks for the chance!

  204. 208
    Jennifer B says

    Oooh…. I so need one of these. I am an accessory queen!

  205. 209
    Lisa says

    Love it! Thanks for the giveaway.

  206. 210
    Jen says

    What a joy it would be not to wind up with bent jewelry all of the time!!!

  207. 211
    Marcy says

    My daughter and I are on our way to Disney in March, this would be so good to take with us! Thank you for the awesome give away! (I have been a subscriber since early summer and love your blog)

  208. 212
    Laura Church says

    This looks like a wonderful way to organize accessories :)

  209. 213
    Rubi says

    I like the green one. I would love one of these. :o)

  210. 214
    renee walters says

    This looks like a wonderful travel case! Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway!
    Renee Walters

  211. 215
    J Renee Harrington - Causey says

    I could also use one of these :-)

  212. 216
    Becca Gater says

    When ever I travel I always get frustrated that I don’t have a better way to pack my jewelry… This is awesome!

  213. 217
    AnneSATX says

    What a great product! And I would definitely pick the green! Thanks.

  214. 218
    monte says

    this would be great for trips

  215. 219
    Kathi says

    I would LOVEto win the jewelry organizer, I am traveling soon and this would. Be perfect for my jewelry!

  216. 220
    Joni says

    This looks great for traveling!

  217. 221
    Wendy says

    Awesome! Love that it has so many pages for storage!!

  218. 222
    Susan Rees says

    I love the jewelry travel case organizer. I never have enough room in the little ones and the jewelry still gets tangled up. I hope to win this one!

  219. 223
    Amanda Tulumalo says

    This is a great solution!!! My jewelry is always such a mess when I travel…this would make things so much easier!!

  220. 224
    Jane says

    Pick me!! Pick me!! :D

  221. 225
    Hoa Le says

    This is definitely a must have for traveling! Thanks for the giveaway!


  222. 226
    Amy says

    I travel a ton and in fact have a 3 month trip coming up. This could make a huge difference in my packing.

  223. 227
    Barb S says

    This would be perfect for my teenage daughter! (Even more so, since it comes in ORANGE!)

  224. 228
    Diane Baum says

    I went to the site and love the pink one.

  225. 229
    PJ Cornwell says

    Wow this is really neat! The jewelry pouch I have is small and falling apart and has no where near the compartments! Love it!!!!

  226. 230
    Jennifer says

    Great item! I’ve been looking for something to replace the little hand towel I usually use for my jewelry when traveling. This would be perfect!

  227. 231
    Lucy Schwartz says

    Tis gift sure beats the way my jewelry traveled in the past – in one box. It woudl get so frustrating ntangling the jewelry I would not wear any.

  228. 232
    Eileen says

    This looks fantastic. A lot of times when I travel, I don’t bring jewelry because I don’t have a good way to pack it with it getting all tangled. Thanks for the chance to win.

  229. 233
    Michelle says

    I would love to be entered to win. I don’t have a LOT of jewelry, but what I have deserves to be stored and cared for a lot better than the system I use now. I spend a lot of time untangling various necklaces from other trinkets. Thanks for the giveaway!

  230. 234
    Holly (2 Kids and Tired) says

    This is terrific. I don’t have lots of jewelry, but I hate how it gets tangled when I travel. I’d love to win this!

  231. 235
    Christine says

    perfect for travelling

  232. 236
    Tina Rath says

    We travel quite a bit and this would be ideal for keeping track of my jewelry in a compact case.

  233. 237
    Amanda says

    This is great… I have a few jewelry racks, but nothing like this for travel!

  234. 238
    nuri says

    this would be awesome for dance jewelry….

  235. 239
    Denise G. says

    This would be perfect for my daughter.

  236. 240
    Ginny says

    We travel a few times a year for dance comps, and I’ve been trying to find a decent jewelry case. This looks nice, would love to win one! Would really come in handy for both our jewelry & the girls dance jewelry!

  237. 241
    Vanessa says

    I love storage that is versatile. I would love one of these!

  238. 242
    muriel says

    looks like a useful travel case

  239. 243
    Kim says

    This would be perfect! I’m just starting a homebased jewelry business and I would love to have something cute like this to transport my pieces to people’s homes. The ziplock bags just aren’t cutting it. :) Thanks!

  240. 244
    April says

    What a great giveaway! We’re going to San Francisco this summer, and it would be perfect to pack my jewelry in :)

  241. 245
    Kristina Burke says

    Wow this is really neat… never thought of getting a case like this… my travel jewelry usually just gets thrown in with the toiletries and then my chains get all knotted!

  242. 246
    Holly C. says

    I have always been on the look for a travel jewlery case, this one looks super!

  243. 247
    Stephanie S. says

    Looks so much better than my current jewelry traveler!

  244. 248
    tracey johnson says


  245. 249
    kathy pease says

    Thank you for the great giveaway please count me in :)

  246. 250
    Marjean Bigelow says

    This looks great. Will be traveling in March and would love to have one.

  247. 251
    Amy P. says

    I love organizing things! This is awesome!

  248. 252
    Heather Garcia says

    This would be awesome to have when traveling!

  249. 253
    Christy says


  250. 254
    kim eddings says

    Looks like a good and useful prize.

  251. 255
    Karen Gonyea says

    Looks like a wonderful product !!!

  252. 256
    Dana says

    Looks so cool!

  253. 257
    melissa miller says

    this is a neat item :)

  254. 258
    Nicole Vosburgh says

    I need this! My jewelry always gets all tangled when I go anywhere!

  255. 259
    Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    I want to have a chance to win
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  256. 260
    Lisa L says

    This is a great idea!! I would really love to win this!!!

  257. 261
    christina moore says

    I love this, it would be great when I travel

  258. 262
    andie says

    I travel a lot for work and this would be so handy! GREAT idea!

  259. 263
    Michaela R says

    This would be amazing to have. Hope to win it!

  260. 264
    Leslie S. says

    I have never seen one of these but love it.Thanks!

  261. 265
    Tracey says

    I hate to admit this but I put my jewelry in separate small plastic bags which I then put inside a small cosmetics bag. This case is fabulous and a much better way to travel with my jewelry and it is a lot classier and more organized than the way I’m doing it now.

  262. 266
    Gianna says

    I’d love to win.. i’ve never seen one of these before.

  263. 267
    Robert Kahles says

    Hoping to win so I can give to my mom

  264. 268
    Dara Nix says

    I REALLY could have used this this weekend ! When I got back from my trip, all my jewelry was all tangled up (earrings, necklaces and bracelets) and it was a pain in the butt to separate them!

  265. 269
    Loralee says

    I finally untangled all my jewelry from my last trip over Christmas! This would be perfect for my next trip. Love it.

  266. 270
    Tonnia Williams says

    I love this pbretty organizer! The colors are so nice.

  267. 271
    Cheryl Miehl says

    I currently have a makeshift travel jewelry case that is a makeup bag with small organza pull string bags for each piece, and it is a mess sometimes when I get to my destination… this would be so much better!

  268. 272
    Lori L. says

    This looks great! And it’s so much better than my current zippered sandwich bag method of taking my jewelry when I travel. :)

  269. 273
    beth says

    would love to win

  270. 274
    Lora says

    I have worked in the jewelry industry and have never found another travel system that even comes close to this! Finally I can take the jewelry I need without having to worry about wrestling with it when I want to wear it! A dream come true – I would LOVE to own one for myself!!!

  271. 275
    Judianne Graham says

    This would be perfect for my Daughter’s gym and dance bags.

  272. 276
    Erika Cota says

    So neat! Would love to organize my jewelry with this!!!

  273. 277
    Reejen says

    I would love this for an upcoming trip we are taking. It looks very useful. reejen at comcast dot net

  274. 278
    Heather Poindexter says

    I love this travel case. I need a new one in the near future so hopefully I will win this.

  275. 279
    Maura says

    Might buy it if I don’t win it!

  276. 280
    Mattie says

    My sister just asked me how I organized my jewelry for traveling – now I would have an answer!

  277. 281
    Krysta says

    What a great idea!! Love this! Thanks for the giveaway!

  278. 282
    Lisa says

    What a great idea! Thanks for the chance!

  279. 283
    Annette says

    I was actually going to go buy a travel jewelry case, so this would be perfect instead.

  280. 284
    heather c says

    I would love this! If I love it, I might just get one for several relatives.

  281. 285
    Cachel says

    I would to win this awesome bag. My jewelry always gets tangled when I go somewhere.

  282. 286
    Johanna H. says

    This would be so handy while traveling!

  283. 287
    Happi Shopr says

    Perfect for mom who spends the weekdays taking care of my grandmother which is a few hours from her home.

  284. 288
    Deanna Baker says

    This is so cute!

  285. 289
    Barbara Hunt says

    Thanks for the great contest!

  286. 290
    Jessica says

    I’d love to have this for travel so my jewelry won’t get tangled.

  287. 291
    shirley pebbles says

    This looks like a really nice case. Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

  288. 292
    Charlene Kuser says

    I have never seen a nicer jewelry travel case. I love all the compartments.

  289. 293
    Roxana Ghiciu says

    Very neat

  290. 294
    Veronica Garrett says

    I love the beautiful colors.

  291. 295
    Kristy VanH says

    This would be so nice for travel!

  292. 296
    cassandra says

    I love this kit! Great way to organize.

  293. 297
    Angela Kunz says

    This is exactly what i have been looking for. This is perfect for traveling! I LOVE it.