15 Great Uses for Wicker Baskets

You know I love my baskets and wicker baskets are no exception.  The possibilities really are endless on the various ways to use them.  I got browsing on Shutterstock and just had to post some of the fun pictures I found :)

Basket of Blocks

Basket of Books

Basket of Flowers

Basket of Office Supplies

Toy Basket

Basket of Puppies (awwwww)

Basket of Jewelry

Gift Basket

Laundry Basket

Basket of Knitting

Picnic Basket

Bathroom Basket

Fruit Basket

Easter Basket

Beach Basket

What ways do you use wicker baskets around your home?

images credit: shutterstock

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39 Responses to 15 Great Uses for Wicker Baskets

  1. 1
    Becca says

    I have a mail basket that holds all of the new mail that hasn’t been dealt with yet. It even has a giant white bow on it (to counteract how full it is all the time, I tell myself). :)

  2. 2
    sue says

    Hey Laura, basket of this and that in the bedroom, small basket of camera instructions etc in the comp. room, basket of lotions, soaps, perfume, in the bathroom, basket in the dining room full of important papers, and other junk, living room baskets three under coffee table, kids toys, magazines, another basket full of catalogues, and magazines, and last but not least a basket full of yarn for my new found fun thing to do, knitting… so yes Laura baskets do come in handy… for sure..

  3. 3
    Mek says

    I use mine to hold Library books and DVD’s. The ones in my bedroom hold perfumes and my favorite books on my nightstand.

  4. 5
    tamara says

    Toilet rolls for me. My basket I use for this comes from China and was orignially designed for carrying rice.

  5. 6
    Suz says

    Basket of snacks on top of the fridge!
    Laura, I purchased your Clutter book as a “surprise” gift to myself for Christmas and each day I’ve been compelled to clean/organize a closet or room since. I love the book and am spreading the word about it! Thank you!

    • 6.1
      Laura says

      Thank YOU! You have no idea how happy that makes me…woohoo!

  6. 7
    Marci@OvercomingBusy says

    I love my baskets! I have one in the living room for magazines and one for holding all my wax bars for my Scentsy. One in the kitchen for pens and pencils. In the bathroom, baskets hold my lotions, bubble bath, hair brushes and hair ties. We have baby dolls in baskets, blankets in baskets, stuffed animals in baskets… Did I mention…I love baskets?!

    • 7.1
      Laura says

      You can never have too many!!

  7. 8
    becca says

    I use a basket for towels rolled up next to the kitchen sink, as well as ones for baby wipes and diapers, and magazines on the back of the toilet, and others for bread products in the kitchen. So many uses!

  8. 9
    Emily says

    I’ll be honest, I’m more of a plastic bin girl than a wicker basket girl. Or maybe it’s the fact that the boys in my house tend to destroy baskets…anyhow, I still enjoyed this post :-) I am wondering exactly how many puppies you have that you need to be “containerizing” them, though ;-)

    • 9.1
      Laura says

      Hi Emily, as much as I love wicker baskets plastic bins are what I have most of because it’s what I can afford. However I have really lucked out a few times with some great baskets at the thrift store (just snagged a few today!) or on 50% off sales.

      Aren’t those puppies cute…it makes me want to get some just so I can “containerize” them LOL

  9. 10
    Angella says

    I use baskets for everything! This post made me smile because I love them so. :)

  10. 11
    Trixie says

    I love baskets! I use them as my paperwork “in box” and to store magazines on the living room end table, and I have one in the bathroom on top of the toilet tank to store wash clothes. Note, if you have kids, you probably don’t want to store washclothes on top of the toilet tank; I’ve nearly dropped one in myself!

  11. 12
    Andrea says

    Beautiful pics.! Looovvvee wicker baskets.
    One holds library books, Wii remotes, magazines, colouring books, …so many more. I tend to prefer the dark wicker..but all just make your stuff just that much better in a basket! lol

  12. 13
    Lisa says

    You name it, I use a basket for it! LOVE baskets of any size, shape and color! From light to dark wicker… Even have a basket on top of the fridge to “hide” the dog and cat food cans/treats!

  13. 14
    Jessica says

    Lisa, I love your use of the basket for cat treats. I love baskets, but I don’t have very many of them! The ones I do have are definitely occupied…except this kind of ugly one. Starting today, it has a use thanks to you!

  14. 15
    luisa says

    I love baskets .When drawers seem to big , I use baskets to hold socks, belts ,winter gloves, winter hats etc. Just label the baskets and place in closet shelf .

  15. 16
    Jeanette says

    Basket on my kitchen counter that holds mail and other important papers; basket in the 1/2 bath for towels, tp and an occasional magazine; huge basket in the living room for magazines, basket in the closet for rags and a basket in the front hall closet for hats, gloves and scarves. Love using baskets!

  16. 17

    I have all sorts of baskets all over the house holding kids toys, a couple with toiletries in the bathroom, pine cones in my study, wool and knitting supplies in the living room, potatoes and onions in the pantry, a picnic basket … Love them! http://dondehogar.blogspot.com/

  17. 18
    se7en says

    You sure do love baskets!!! Happy holidays to you all!!!

    • 18.1
      Laura says

      LOL, I know it’s a sickness :)

  18. 19
    ctdaffodil says

    I’ve been organizing like CRAZY since finding this blog. shamefully with no pictures to prove it – but just this week alone I….
    * Cleaned out & relocated the tupperware to a better cabinet – my recycle bin runneth over from the butter and yogurt tubs I’ve saved and reused…not anymore Santa brought me matching rubbermaid tubs that needed a home – they all live in a white laundry basket in the cupboard – no longer roaming around free.
    * Cleaned out the kid’s playroom – on the ruthless side too – 3 big boxes of toys sent on to goodwill and womens shelter – Along with large white hefty bags of clothes that the youngest has outgrown and some he hasn’t yet but says no way will he wear sweatpants or shirts with stripes.

    Next week I tackle the linen closet, toys from the basement family room and hubby’s closet….

    Thanks for the awesome BLOG – you motivated me!

  19. 20
    Heather says

    Those are some great pictures/ideas!! I love the puppy one. :) I use baskets in my house to hold toilet paper in the bathroom, also also as magazine holders in my bookcase.

  20. 21
    Lynzie says

    Let’s see- we have a basket for sewing, a basket for coupons, a basket for winter gear, a basket for mismatched socks, a basket for the remotes, a basket for puppy toys, a basket for kitty toys, a basket for bathroom goodies, a basket for medicines… and probably more somewhere around here. I love baskets!

  21. 22
    Bethany says

    I have a large odd-shaped basket we got lots of Christmas goodies in. I took everything out and kept all of my wrapping supplies in it over Christmas and it worked GREAT!. Packs of tissue paper, folded boxes, tape, scissors, and everything else needed was right there together!

  22. 23
    Becky L. says

    I love baskets as well. I got a gift card to Trader Joes. Well, I found this really nice Hyacinath Water Basket for exchange with gift card. I know I’ll find a use for it! Right now it’s under the Christmas tree!

    Love the photos you found of baskets!
    Happy New Year!

  23. 24
    Elizabeth says

    I use baskets for many of these things. I like them so much more than decorative boxes, etc. They look and feel of a natural fiber is fabulous!

  24. 26
    susi says

    Aaaah, baskets! Couldn’t do without them – for our newborn alone, we have three in the livingroom: one for clothdiapers that she can lie on, spit on, spill on, one for bibs, diapers, lotion, spare clothes, and one for the dirty clothes that accumulate during the day.
    Your tips were great!

  25. 27
    Crystal says

    I LOVE baskets. We love to store our remotes/ Wii remotes and other items in a small basket in our Living Room. We also have a basket full of blankets/throws (not to mention many others). :) I’m thinking I like the idea of a basket on my fridge w/ snacks in it though (out of reach of little hands). LOVE your blog!

  26. 28
    Kathy says

    I had to laugh out loud at this post, because as of today we have a new use for baskets – a basket full of light sabers! My son is a Star Wars fan, and has many different Jedi light sabers. I was tired of tripping on them, and they didn’t stay on the shelf we assigned them, so I found a sturdy, rectangular basket to put them in. I even quoted you when I explained to my son that containers provide boundaries and keep things where they should be – like with like! I can’t believe how excited I am about this new basket on our shelf.

  27. 29
    Boo says

    LOVE baskets. My favorite use is one I use to combat stacking on the stairs. I leave a basket both at the base and top of the stairs. When I see something that needs to go on to the other floor I just toss it in the basket and take it all up (or down) stairs in one big organizing trip. Or if unexpected guests arrive, I have everything stashed, and I just need to stash the basket instead.

  28. 30
    Carlos says

    Nice baskets (I love them), but better pictures! the Basket of Puppies was just… incredible!
    Thanks for share!

  29. 31
    Howard@baskets wholesale says

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  30. 32
    Sharie says

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  31. 33
    emma williams says

    I LOVE BASKETS!!! Just found 6 in the dumpster behind thrift store that had just been put there…what a find. Big and small. At Christmas time I have made baskets painted white and write Joy in red or with large macaroni painted red and glued to side. Then I put in extra whatevers for guests to enjoy whether it be short term or overnight. They all love it and is cheap entertainment. Have seen some done this way for a “pricey” $40.00……Have fun and wonderful year! Oh and HAPPY EASTER!!!!

  32. 34
    Tracy says

    I love all the ideas and use most of them already, but I have a basket that is from my Mom’s funeral 33 years ago. It had flowers in it, but they have been taken out a long time ago! I would like an idea where I don’t have to worry about it being out for every day use. Any ideas for a decoration besides new flowers or old hankies?


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