Take Note ~ Links of Love

3 Tricks to take the WORK out of Housework ~ @ HowDoesShe?

Quit Apologizing ~ @ Nesting Place

Living Small Often Means Loving Large ~ @ To Love, Honor and Vacuum

Magazine Junkies, Avert Your Eyes ~ @ A Soft Place to Land

Putting the Life Back Into Your Years ~ @ The Creative Mama

11 Simple Tips to Effective Email Management ~ @ The Personal Excellence Blog

Chalkboard Labels ~ @ Less-Than-Perfect Life of BlissĀ  (so creative!)

The Morning High Five ~ @ Life as Mom

Holiday Gift List and Budget WorkSheet ~ @ Executive Homemaker

70 Excellent Blog Posts for your Stress Management Strategy ~ @ Nursing Schools

Organize the Pantry ~ @ Link Adventure

Such a moving story of motherhood via video ~ @ Inspired to Action

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13 Responses to Take Note ~ Links of Love

  1. 1
    Kat says

    Hi! I just stumbled across your blog this morning, and you have some great ideas up here! I’ve been blogging about attempting to cook 5 nights a week (I don’t have kids, just a husband and 3 critters lol) and a couple of your organizing sponsors will definitely help with that goal! I do my menu planning (and grocery shopping) every Sunday, which doesn’t sound as catchy as “Menu Plan Monday”, but the weekly menu plan DOES work! I’ll definitely be back for more tips and tricks!!

  2. 3
    Sharisse says

    Awesome!! I love when links are posted! My favs are the chalkboard labels, morning Hi Fives, holiday budget worksheet and the pantry organization. I can’t wait to get started on some of these ideas!

  3. 5
    Lisa says

    So much good stuff here!!!

  4. 6
    Sheila Gregoire says


    Thanks so much for the link love! I always get so much traffic everytime you link to me! You’re an awesome online friend, and I love your organization inspiration,
    Have a great day!

  5. 7
    Julie says

    Thanks so much for linking to my chalkboard labels!

  6. 8
    se7en says

    Oh I loved your links – thanks for a little break from reality!!!

  7. 9
    Marilyn Holeman says

    Laura, Thanks for these links. I found a couple of gems–including the chalk board labels from Julie. They are brilliant!

  8. 11
    Marci Zinn says

    Thanks so much for sharing the link to “Inspired to Action”. I soooo needed to hear “the story of motherhood” today! :) What a blessing.

    ? Marci

  9. 12
    Male Nurse says

    Ahhh organization, so hard to do but so nice to have! Keeping your things in order helps maintain a clear mind


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