The Fridge File helps you organize life!

You’ve got to check out this amazing picture of my girlfriend’s command center.  Talk about organized!

I was super excited to see that she incorporated the Fridge File into her center because that is by far one of my all time favorite organizing tools.  I love it so much and yet I can’t believe I haven’t talked about it in over a year, hello what’s with that?!  I seriously can’t sing the praises of this product enough.  It is awesome!!

For those that don’t know, the Fridge File is an inexpensive tool for organizing all those really important papers that you aren’t ready to file yet. It was designed by a busy mom who understands the necessity of organizing important information where it is readily available and convenient for the whole family to access.

This four pocket magnetic organizer makes for an amazing addition to any command center because it is so versatile in how it can be used. Sort your papers by child or by category, whatever works for your family. The Fridge File will hold up to 65-70 pieces of paper and also has a convenient white board on the front.

Also comes in white (as seen in the first picture).

I’ve labeled my own four pockets…events, planning, reference and schedules which addresses all the types of papers that might normally end up on my dining room table.  Others might choose a pocket for each child and that’s great too.  It’s whatever works best for you!

Guess what this amount of organization costs…just $13.00!  I love that!

*This giveaway is now closed*

So here’s the deal, how would you like to win $100 to spend on anything in my shop?  If 60 or more Fridge Files sell from my shop during this next week (prior to June 17th) I will randomly select one lucky winner, from the names of all those that purchased, to win a $100 Org Junkie Shop shopping spree!  Fun, fun, fun and I’ve got some great products to chose from!

If you are sick and tired of your really important papers going missing or piled up then let the Fridge File fix that for you and cross one more frustration off your list!  If you don’t love it as much as I do you can return it no problem, but once you get a taste of having a home for all these scattered papers I think you’ll be hooked 🙂

Note:  Due to some shipping complications Open Sky is unable to ship outside of the US at this time.  So sorry about that.

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31 Responses to The Fridge File helps you organize life!

  1. 1
    becky says

    where did you get those cool photo frame magnetic hooks? I must have them.

  2. 2
    kelly says

    Me too! the key holders are a must. we can never find our keys.

  3. 4
    Melinda says

    Where did she get the Responsiblity Charts? Desperately need organization in that area. Thanks!

  4. 5
    Sharisse says

    Awesome! My work computer doesn’t allow me to see your shop but anxiously waiting until I get home to be able to see it

  5. 6
    Sandy says

    I can’t see the shop either. I will be checking it out when I get home. I have been looking for something like this FOREVER! I bought the meal planning pockets hoping those would work, but they were too small for my kids’ school papers and info that I needed to keep handy.

  6. 7
    Rebecca says

    I’ve been wanting to get one of these but always forget. And now I’m hoping my new bank card gets here before the 17th! I could have fun in your shop with $100 😀

  7. 8
    Candice says

    I just had to say your friends command center is FANTASTIC!!!

  8. 9
    Heather says

    You are my life saver!! I have been looking for something like this for ages! Just bought the fridge file organizer! Can’t wait till it gets here!!

  9. 10
    Shawn says

    Oh that is awesome! LOVE it. I would love to have the chance to win this giveaway. I love to be organized and just the other day I looked at the fridge and was disguisted with how it looked. This would help A LOT

  10. 11
    linda says

    Love the command center. I would love to know where to find the picture magnets with the hooks. I love the fridge file organizer

  11. 12
    Janel says

    I’m so happy that I purchased the Fridge File from your store! I put “very important” papers that I just can’t loose in there…it’s just great! Thank you so much Laura for making this available to us!
    Janel in NJ

  12. 13
    Kelly says

    LOVE this!! With my third boy starting pre-school in Sept., I’m so excited to have a place for all of their papers. And there’s even one for my husband! SO hope I win the giveaway!

  13. 14
    Grocery Coupons List says

    Thank you for this useful information.. finally i find what i want to know.. thank you so much for this article…

  14. 15
    Lisa says

    We have a stainless steel fridge and nothing sticks to it [??] Our back door is our “fridge” since it’s steel I’d love one of those files, but we’re out of room!! I’d have to cover the window! Wonderful command center in that photo!

  15. 16
    Tamie says

    Love the picture! Thanks for sharing…

  16. 17
    Jen Wilson says

    I’ve been LOOKING for these!! Do you know when they’ll start shipping to Canada?

  17. 18
    cathy says

    Clipboards are one of my favorite things to organize all sorts of projects.
    Nice command center!

  18. 19
    Kelly H says

    Wow, I’m impressed with how organized that fridge is. Mine looks like a mess of randomly placed coupons, photos, and important notes.

  19. 20
    Jennifer says

    Wow, she is super-organized! I wish I could say the same. I am attempting to work on it in baby steps. I would love some cashola to spend in your store to help me get started. 🙂

  20. 21
    Hope says

    I have the fridge file (bought it from your Opensky shop when you first opened it) and I LOVE it! I use it all the time & it definitely helps keep things organized! I put the kids’ school papers, takeout menus, etc. in there in their appropriately labeled tab. Makes it sooooo much easier to keep track of things! I LOVE it!

  21. 22
    Christi says

    This looks like a great tool! I must find a way to organize a comand central here, and launch pads for the kids. With 3 kids fulltime and 2 part time, I’m not finding anywhere that’s working for us. I love the hanging clipboards for chores, great idea!

  22. 23
    Christine says

    Just ordered one….with my oldest starting kindergarten this year, and the youngest starting preschool, this will be perfect! Thanks.

  23. 24
    Angela says

    WOW her fridge looks so much better than mine. Mine is literally covered in magnets, and preschool callages that my child has brought home from school. There is so much paper on my fridge that I don’t even remember what my fridge color is.

  24. 25
    Kathy says

    Excellent resource! Thanks!


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