Welcome to the 28 Day Organizing Challenge!

Looking for Menu Plan Monday?  Find it here.

It’s here, time to start your organizing engines!   Participating is simple.  Just spend the month organizing a small space or a whole room (or even both!) and then come on back here at the end of the month and link up to a blog post (including before and after pictures!) on your organizing success.

We have some absolutely amazing prizes to offer you as motivation as well.  I’m just so excited to tell you about them.  These are some of the finest organizing services and products out there, all designed to help you live your best organized life possible.  Each winner will receive TWO prizes and there are prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in EACH category.  Thank you to all my most awesome sponsors who are all so passionate about helping others get organized.  If you are needing encouragement throughout this month please don’t hesitate to visit each of the following sites.  They hold a wealth of organizing information!

So here we go:

Whole Room Category

Whole Room First Place Prizes:

1.  A comprehensive 1 year Design Your Life program with Get Organized Wizard – valued at $468.00!

Design Your Life is a comprehensive self-improvement program that provides structure, motivation and accountability for creating the life you want.  It spans 12 life areas, so everything that matters is covered – like Health & Fitness, Business & Career, Home, Relationships, Money, Personal Presentation, Happiness, and Time Management.  Plus it’s structured so you don’t have to work out where to start.  And it’s broken down into easy chunks – so you make progress.  Quite simply, it’s the easiest and most practical way to design your ideal life – week by week, step by step, action by action.

2.  Cash prize from Lifeorganizers.com in the amount of $150.00!

LifeOrganizers.com is your one-stop destination for home and office organization. Hundreds of articles and tips give you fresh, easy ideas on how to rid clutter from every part of your life. From the garage to the kitchen, the home office to the spirit, learn how to organize anything and everything – today! It’s simple. By reading one article each day and putting suggestions into action, you can master the art of organization and bring order to a cluttered, chaotic world – or at least your corner of it.

Whole Room Second Place Prizes:

1.  One year Home Office Organizer VIP Membership: The Ultimate Home Office Maintenance Program – valued at $299.00!

As a VIP Member, you work with Brandie , The Home Office Organizer, once every month in group setting via teleconference and the rest of the month on the interactive Members Only Site. This helps you stay on task, organizing your office in small steps.  Spend your getting the important things done, rather than organizing and dealing with clutter.

2.  28 Day Declutter Happy Hour Premium e-course – valued at $127.00!

Declutter Happy Hour is a 28-day e-course from professional organizer Janine Adams and life coach Shannon Wilkinson that not only helps you clear your physical clutter but also helps you clear the emotional clutter that gets in the way of decluttering and getting organized. Its unique combination of practical advice and hypnotherapy and NLP techniques, presented in the form of daily emails and weekly audios allows you to make great strides in just a month.

Whole Room Third Place Prizes:

1.  Prize Package of Mabels Labels – valued at $100.00!

Developed by professional organizers, household labels will keep you as organized as your kids!  The Neat Freak Combo offers a huge selection of labels for storage, sundries and spices. The Crafter PackCord Control will help you store the scissors, brushes, paints you have amassed. Labels will give you just that: control over the mess of chargers and cords in your house. Curbsides will help your neighbours return your bins that have rolled down the street.

2.  One year subscription to Blis (Best Life Information System) – valued at $125.00!

Too busy to waste time looking for important documents? Have a hectic family schedule which makes it difficult to communicate and organize everything? BLIS: best life information system, can house all your household information in one central and organized location so that important information can be found quickly and conveniently. In addition, the web-based home-life management system simplifies day to day life by color coding multiple family members’ schedules and communicating events with detailed email reminders, pop up reminders, and to do list reminders so that even busy families can keep it together. From menu planning to home inventory documentation to warranty expiration tracking, BLIS organizes the fine details of life.

Small Space Category

Small Space First Place Prizes:

1.  A seat in Simplify 101’s Organize Your Paper Clutter online workshop – valued at $75.00!

Paper, paper everywhere! That paper mountain growing on your countertop represents a loss of freedom, a loss of control, and a nagging feeling in your gut that something important isn’t getting attended to. Your paper, and the feelings it creates, makes it hard to relax, focus or even have fun.  Here’s the good news: there is a better way! With the right paper organizing systems in place—those created with you, your paper, and your home in mind—you can free yourself from paper clutter and the stress that comes along with it. In Organize Your Paper Clutter, you’ll learn a step-by-step process on how to decide if you need a piece of paper (and for how long!) and how to organize it so you’ll find it again right when you need it! Your piles (and your stress!) will be replaced by organizing systems you love, and feelings of confidence, relief and peace of mind!

2.  One set of Clearly Organized Bags – valued at $35.00!

The organizing bags I absolutely love are back!  New owners Lynette and Holly have just opened up shop and are once again selling these bags online.  Your prize sample set will include 1 xsmall bag, 2 small bags, 2 medium bags, 2 large bags, and 1 xlarge bag.


Small Space Second Place Prizes:

1.  Organize Your Home in 12 Weeks e-course with Take Charge Solutions – valued at $47.00!

Marcia Francois offers support and encouragement as she walks you through the process of getting your home organized in just 12 weeks.  You’ll receive one email every week for 12 weeks with four separate 30 minute organizing projects, access to a members only website with tons of organizing forms to help you on your organizing journey, a 60 minute audio on How to Organize Any Space where she’ll teach you how to get organized and give you practical examples in the home and office, plus much more!

2.  The Clutter Code Six Step Organizing System DVD created by Organizing Connection – valued at $29.99!

In this instructional yet entertaining DVD you be will guided from start to finish through the Six Step Organizing System™, putting you back in the driver’s seat of your life. Included in this DVD is four distinct videos: Organizing The Kitchen, Organizing The Bedroom, Organizing the Entrance/Mudroom and The Organizing Paper Trail. As an added bonus you will have access to download the companion worksheets for each of these videos.


Small Space Third Place Prizes:

1.  Prize package from Organize It Mom! – valued at $30.00!

Organize It Mom! is THE place to find solutions to problems that drive moms crazy. The winner of this $30 gift prize will get to choose from the products on www.organizeitmom.com – from chore charts to toy labels, from routine cards to budget envelopes.


2.  One year download membership to List Plan It – valued at $30.00!

A Download Membership to ListPlanIt.com allows you to have instant, 24/7 access to the hundreds of lists & planning pages available. Find grocery lists and menu planners in Meal Planning, cleaning and project lists in Home Management, birthday and holiday planning pages in Holidays & Occasions, blog post planners and financial tracking pages in Business Planning, calendars and to do lists in Time Management, and so much more! Simply view the pages you want, type your own information right into them and save to your computer, and print whenever you would and as often as you would like.


Plus I’ll be giving away TWO random prizes as well and they are:

1.  Another prize package from Organize It Mom! – valued at $30.00!

“Organize It Mom! is THE place to find solutions to problems that drive moms crazy. The winner of this $30 gift prize will get to choose from the products on www.organizeitmom.com – from chore charts to toy labels, from routine cards to budget envelopes.”


2. The Household Helper’s Guide To Home Organization For Busy Moms – e-book valued at $8.97!

This guide teaches you great techniques on Home Organization. Some of the things you’ll learn from reading this e-book are what it means to get organized and how to get started, discover how to rid your life of clutter for good, how to stop kitchen chaos, how to quickly & easily get the family room under control, the A-B-C formula for tackling the bedroom & bathroom and discover the no lose way to organizing the home office, garage, car, and all those seasonal items too!  Also included is a bonus report “Organizing The Kids” as well as the recording and transcripts to a tele-seminar answering YOUR questions on how to get started organizing!


Whew!  Is that exciting or what?!  Over the next month, my friend and guest judge Tanna, of Complete Organizing Solutions, and I will be helping you along the way with support and encouragement as much as we can.  On challenge posts we’ll be answering questions in the comments and hope to be as interactive as possible.  I’ll post the judging criteria separately.

So for today if you are feeling brave (and why not!) please feel free to link up in the Mr. Linky below to a pre-post introducing us to the space you will be tackling along with giving us a snapshot of your before pictures.  You can totally do this!!  Remember the bigger the mess in the “before” the bigger the transformation 🙂

Updated:  If you are linking up please link directly to a challenge post.  To be fair to the other participants I will be deleting links that only link to a blog home page.

Of course it isn’t a requirement to show us your before pictures now (you will have to at then end though 🙂 ) but accountability goes a long way to getting the task done!  If you aren’t linking up to a challenge post, just let us know in the comments what space you’ll be doing and what you think your biggest challenge to getting it done will be.

Also if you’d like to let others know you’ll be participating, feel free to tweet that you’re joining in:

I’m participating in Org Junkie’s 28 Day Organizing Challenge with @orgjunkie during the month of Feb.  Wish me luck!  http://tiny.cc/KYtro

Good luck!!

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114 Responses to Welcome to the 28 Day Organizing Challenge!

  1. 1
    Joyce says

    I really need this. I have been stuck in a rut all January, but it is a new month and I am definitely ready for a challenge! I am in bed typing this on my phone so I don’t have photos to put on our blog yet. I know I’m crazy for choosing one of the bigger rooms in our house, but I really need to find out what’s really in that closet of ours, besides the trail of ants we found yesterday. It’s been raining like mad over here so the ants decided to find shelter in our home. But we quickly evicted them, and I’m ready to take back our space! I can’t wait to get started but I think I should be getting to bed now.

  2. 2
    Caroline says

    I’ve decided to organise our bedroom as I know I’ll want an organised retreat after bub is born (anytime in the next 14 days – yup I’m probably mad taking on an organising challenge now LOL)

    • 2.1
      Laura says

      Wow, congrats to you and I’m sure the nesting is in overdrive right about now LOL

  3. 3
    Wanda says

    I am currently working on my computer room – but not sure if I can count that with this contest as I started on Saturday with my computer desk – if its ok to continue with this room for the contest then please let me know – otherwise I will switch up to my bedroom which is also in dire need of some organizing. My blog link shows photos of other areas of my house that need it as well – I have photos of everything but the bedroom including my Saturday fun with the computer desk. FYI – the computer room is far far far from being finished. I still have a huge mess in there.

    • 3.1
      Laura says

      Yes Wanda you can totally do your computer room for the challenge especially since you remembered to take before pictures. Awesome!

  4. 4
    Alyson says

    I need major help. We were a clutter household before but with a new three year old, I haven’t done a thing to improve the situation. I need BIG help! I am jumping in with organizing my master bedroom first as it is the dumping ground for all messes that I don’t want in the rest of the house. How to do this and work full time and do the right thing with family (Hubby, kids and grandkids! Plus all the social visiting too).

    Alyzabeth’s Mommy

    • 4.1
      Laura says

      You definitely need a PLAN. I’ll be talking about this during the week.

  5. 6
    Elizabeth says

    I’ve decided to organize my bedroom. I already have a new comforter set and curtains (purchased two years ago) but have never gotten around to getting the room fixed. I said I would not put new stuff up until the clutter is gone. Well, it starts today. I will be spending lots of time recuperating in the next month, so I want a retreat to rest and relax. We don’t have much money to spend, but I really think I need lots of trash bags and and a little motivation. Looking forward to the challenge!

  6. 7
    Rana says

    I’m organizing our basement playroom. It has become our dumping ground and has needed a major fix since we moved in to our house 3 years ago. I’m looking forward to the challenge and to see how everyone else does with their spaces.

  7. 8
    Kim says

    I think I’m going to go for organizing my boys room! It’s just not working for me! LOL!
    The prizes are amazing and such a motivator! You are wonderful girlfriend.

    • 8.1
      Laura says

      Ahh, thanks!

  8. 9
    Sophie says

    I’m going to be organizing my kitchen! I need to find a better way to store all the gadgets my husband has accumulated! And get rid of some we don’t use!

    Thanks for the motivation!

  9. 11
    Tammy says

    I will be tacking the pink elephant in our room (I mean house)….the basement!! I’m almost embarrased to take pics but I will later on today. I have been meaning to do this for the longest time, all the while accumulating more piles to organize! I would like to free up this space for more shelving for my stockpiling, as well as to have an area set up for all my heavy crafting, such as sanding, painting, etc. My goal is to have a yard sale in the spring, and I would like to get all that organized and in space where it can easily be taken outside once the time comes. Wish me luck!

    • 11.1
      Laura says

      Good luck Tammy!

  10. 12
    Candi says

    You have inspired me to tackle my kitchen. I think my cabinets are pretty organized but my drawers are a nightmare! I just wanted to thank you for getting me motivated to get it done, one drawer at a time 🙂

    • 12.1
      Laura says

      You’re welcome!

  11. 13
    Peggy says

    I sure am hoping being a part of this will get some good habits flowing out of this unorganized lady! I know I can do this! I am tackling my work room.

  12. 14
    Anna says

    I’ll be tackling our third room. It’s supposed to be the office. But since we live in an apartment, it’s been more like a dumping ground for everything! I would really like to be able to at least make it functional and safe to walk into. The ultimate goal is that it will be a multipurpose storage area instead of an office. If I’m feeling brave, I’ll post some pictures too!

  13. 15
    Trudy says

    I have been tackling my basement based on the elephant theory (how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time)….hubby and I are in our 50’s and have kids that live outstate. If they are still there when we retire, chances are, we’ll be moving……so, I declutter quarterly and, since I just did a purge in the basement, I can’t use it for the challenge.

    But, I am going to work on my storage shelves. I realize that once I got everything into bins and labeled, I stopped going through them for clutter. My goal is to free up some of those bins so I can shift some of the things I wish to keep into them, and then, get the stuff off the floor.

    • 15.1
      Laura says

      Yes, yes, yes!!

  14. 16
    High On Craft says

    I’m super excited about participating in this challenge. I’m going to tackle my craft room. YIKES!!

  15. 17
    Molly says

    I’ve spent the past month decluttering my home, with the goal of getting rid of at least 500 pounds of stuff. I am just about to hit 300 pounds. I have been doing it bit by bit. Counter by counter, drawer by drawer. But it’s making a difference!

    Looking forward to seeing what you guys have in store!

    • 17.1
      Laura says

      So cool!

  16. 18
    Janet says

    I would love to attempt this challenge. I don’t quite have the enthusiasm and excitement the others on here have – in fact, I’m terrified. Maybe it’s the necessity that I open my eyes and actually see the way I’m living; or just the consideration that I may, for the first time in my over a half century life, actually have a piece of living space that I can actually “live” in. I don’t know which is more frightening. Sitting here as I type, there is not one place I can look in any direction that isn’t completely cluttered and neglected. Even in my sleep – I’m sharing my bed with a basket of clean, folded (now very wrinkled) laundry that should have been hung up and put away weeks ago. I deserve so much better than this. I deserve to BE so much better than this. I guess I just haven’t found a way yet to convince myself of that.

    I don’t have a website, therefore no URL. Is that a requirement for this challenge? That has me a little confused. Thanks for any help you can give me, and thank you so much for listening to my rant.


    • 18.1
      Laura says

      Oh Janet, I feel your anxiety and overwhelm just reading your comment and so wish I could be there to help you. What I can do though is encourage you to start small. Maybe start with the clothes on your bed and if you just get that one thing done today you’ve succeeded. Tomorrow pick one more thing and the day after that and the day after that and so on.

      This post of encouragement I wrote awhile ago might be helpful for you:


      One day at a time…

      Oh and yes this challenge is for those that have blogs. I am sorry about that but most definitely feel free to follow along with us for the support and encouragement.


  17. 19
    Mary Anna says

    I just took my before-and-after photos and then dove right in! So far, I’ve thrown out 23.4 pounds and boxed up 2 pounds of paper to recycle tomorrow at the boys’ school! Thanks for organizing this for us!!!

    • 19.1
      Laura says

      Oh how I love enthusiasm!!

  18. 20
    [email protected] Classy Woman says

    When I found out last month about your challenge, I wanted to participate. I also posted your button on my blog too. We have a double car port vs. a garage, so our decent sized laundry room is filled with a lot of stuff that shouldn’t be there due to lack of storage space elsewhere.

    Now that the weather is garage-sale worthy here in FL, I’m going to finally get rid of this stuff and create a much nicer laundry room on a dime. Can’t wait to show my pics when I’m done. The prizes all look wonderful-thanks for hosting this!

  19. 21
    Stephanie says

    I will be tackling my laundry room. I have a wonderful huge laundry room with lots of cabinets and drawer space. It even has a sink. However, I have never utilized it correctly in the 8 years I have had this house. Recently, during the purge of 2009, it became a dumping ground for everything I wanted to get rid of in the other rooms and I became so horribly behind on my laundry that I fear I will never catch up. It is also a bedroom to a dog and two cats at night. I want to create storage that is useful. To do that, I will need to decide what I will store out there and why and where. I also want to create a comfy place for the animals besides sleeping on the dirty laundry. This is going to be a hard challenge for me, but I am excited to take it on. Bring it!!

  20. 22
    Karen says

    I’m in!!!! And I may just be a little deranged since my Google calendar only has 4 empty spots! Is it March yet? No wait — I need all of this month to win this challenge!!! Looks like I’ve got some good competition, too! Got to uncover that treadmill and get training! Good luck everyone, and may the Junkie be with you!

  21. 23
    Word Designer says

    I just found you from Dusty Thorn Farm and I’m so glad I did.

    I love the challenge. I am curious about the question proposed by Janet about whether you have to have a website to enter the contest. Would really like to know the answer on that, if you don’t mind.

    I will be doing my office. I’ve worked hit and miss at it for awhile, but its still winning. Maybe this is just the motivation I need. Thanks for having the contest. I’m going to be working at improving my office and making it more workable, with the hope of winning first prize. I’ll be back. Thanks, again.

    Word Designer

    • 23.1
      Laura says

      Hi there, yes you do need to have a website to participate because at the end of the month you’ll need to link to your entry post with before and after pictures. Part of what makes challenges like this so successful is the motivation these before and afters provide to others. It’s very inspiring!

  22. 24
    Rhonda says

    I am in! I will be doing a post at the end. I will be tackling our office/laundry area. I’m tired of clothes on the floor, papers all over the desk. I cannot function well with all the clutter! I need the extra push!

    • 25.1
      Laura says

      Woohoo, progress is good!! 🙂

  23. 26
    Devon says

    I reaaaaaaaaaaally need to organize our bedroom and bedroom closet. It’s the only room in the house that doesn’t have a nurse in it (my son’s pretty medically fragile, so we have a person 7 days a week that I have to keep the rest of the house clean for…booo), and it is HORRIBLY messy. I can’t stand it anymore. So thanks for this challenge!!

    • 27.1
      Laura says

      Baby steps, you can do it!!

  24. 28
    Andi says

    I definitely need this challenge to get me going. This summer my grandmother passed away and I ended up with boxes of her things (mostly fabric and sewing supplies) which are currently piled in my sewing room with a bigger stack in the basement blocking the way to the washer and dryer. So I am going to tackle my sewing room, with the hopes of not only organzing it in a functional way, but also finding a home for some of the stuff in the basement. Is there help for those who have more stuff than space??? I don’t think I’m ready to part with any of this just yet…..

    • 28.1
      Laura says

      I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother’s passing and I know how hard it is to part with things that remind of us of our loved ones after they are gone. Perhaps you can narrow items down to one or two treasure boxes dedicated to her. With only so much storage space you’ll either have to get really creative with your storage space or maybe let some of it go. Pictures are a great way to preserve memories. Just a thought.

  25. 29
    Judy says

    I’m a new blogger. Coincidentally, my goal this month is organization. My bedroom looks like a holy terror, so that’s what I’m tackling as part of this challenge. I get the room clean and spotless. But before long, it ends up looking like chaos. My goal is not only to organize it once and for all, but find a way to keep it in reasonably the same condition once I’m finished. Thank goodness I have a month to get it all done!

    • 29.1
      Laura says

      Judy I’ll be discussing maintenance plans a little later in the month. Stay tuned!

      • Judy says

        Great! I’m looking forward to it!

  26. 30
    Joyce @ Keeping Up With The Moys says

    I still haven’t had a chance to post my before photos yet, since I commented last night (comment #1), but I decided to check back, and see how things are coming along. How excited am I to find out that a fellow Company Girl Melissa from Home Sanctuary who I have “Coffee” with every Friday will be doing the challenge too!!

  27. 31
    Debie says

    I think I am going to work on my office, It does need some reorganization and decluttering.

  28. 32
    Lexi says

    I SOOOOOOOOOOOO need this challenge. Good thing it is a short month, right???

  29. 33
    Donna says

    I’m going to tackle my youngest daughter’s room. Wish me luck…I may get lost under the piles of laundry!

  30. 34
    faith says

    We just moved into a new house, so in all honesty, our entire house needs help and I’m extremely motivated because I’m tired of living in the mess. Can I enter more than one space in the contest? Because if not, I would like to re-organize (and enter) my son’s bedroom, the home office, and a couple of closets since those items are next on my re-organizing agenda…and I am definitely an organizing junkie, so more chances to win one of those awesome prizes would be awesome! I haven’t posted on my blog yet, but I will and when I do, I will link up.

    • 34.1
      Laura says

      Yes Faith you can definitely enter more than one space into the challenge. To keep it organized though I’ll ask participants entering more than once to make each entry a a separate blog post.


      • faith says

        k cool….i can do that! =)

        • faith says

          I put them all in one post for the beginning of the month, but at the end of the month, I will post the before/after’s for each one individually. =)

  31. 35
    Kelly @ Wisdom Begun says

    I will be participating! I am not sure which room to focus on, however. They all need help! LOL

  32. 36
    Callipygian says

    I’m excited to get going on my sewing room, and just as excited to see everybody’s spaces.

  33. 37
    Christy says

    Woohoo, I’m ready to go!! My craft room is going to look soooo different when I get finished! 🙂

  34. 38
    Jill says

    I have already started organizing and de-cluttering my office, but I think it’s even more of a challenge now that there is something I could win! I own my own business as well as have a one year old and one on the way, so needless to say my office needs so MAJOR love! I’ve already done a post with “before” pictures and need to add some “in the process” pictures as well! Hoping I win, I sure could use those prizes!!

    God Bless!

  35. 39
    Angie says

    I’m sorry if I missed this, but can you enter a space that you started organizing BEFORE this month? (As long as you have before pics, of course.)

    • 39.1
      Laura says


  36. 40
    Sarah says

    After months & months of trying, we finally got an offer on our house so we’re moving! Even more incentive to get organized! 🙂

  37. 41
    Heather H. says

    I could seriously stand to organize EVERY room in my house. I am currently in a stronghold (for all you Beth Moore “Breaking Free” participants) of disorganization! I truly believe that! Laziness and monotony and (sadly) facebook has caused my house to no longer be a home to my family (2 kiddos, 4 and 19 months…and hubby of course!) but a dwelling place full of clutter and junk. I need HELP! And maybe this is just the kick in the pants I need! I’ll be tackling my bedroom, which is bordering on “Hoarders” status. Okay, it might not be THAT bad, but it’s pretty disgraceful.

    Pray for me, all of you, that I have the fortitude to get off my fanny and get. this. done.

    • 41.1
      Tanna @ Complete Organizing Solutions says

      Don’t be too hard on yourself, it is easy to fall into a rut. Just take one day at a time. It sounds like your heart is in the right place. If the internet/Facebook is taking a hold on you I highly suggest tracking your time for a few days or a week and get a good look at where you are spending the majority of your time. It is a huge wake up call to many. Look for a balance that will work for you and your family.

      • Heather H. says

        Thanks, Tanna! Just wanted to say I’ve been enjoying YOUR blog as well! 🙂

  38. 42
    Cinella says

    Hi there everyone! It’s been a long time coming. When this is all over we can park our cars in the GARAGE! Yeah! Thanks for being an inspiration and pushing us to get and stay organized.

  39. 43
    Marguerite Lattimore says

    I cant figure out how to sign up when I use the link it just brings me back to this page?

    • 43.1
      Laura says

      Hi Marguerite, do you have a blog? Participants who are adding their names to the Mr. Linky above are linking to their blog posts. You do need a blog to be eligible for prizes but if you don’t have one you are still more than welcome to participate along side us.

  40. 44
    Vonnie says

    I’m tackling my craft room/office. I’ve been wanting to do it for quite some time now, but I have a 4 yr old, a 2 yr old, and a 6 mth old who want my attention all day every day, but it needs to be done!! 😉 BEST OF LUCK TO ALL ‘CONTESTANTS’!!

  41. 45
    Melissa says

    I am going to organize my desk/office space. We have a built-in desk/drawers/cabinet area between our kitchen and formal dining room. My whole life, I have struggled with organization. However, I recently organized our kitchen, and so far, I have maintained it. This has given me the confidence to tackle our office space because, y’all, it is out of control! I am blushing just thinking about posting “before” pictures. I have lots to get rid of, and I need to make it a useful, functioning area for my part time photography business.

    • 45.1
      Tanna @ Complete Organizing Solutions says

      Melissa, great job on keeping up with the kitchen! I know having a desk in a high traffic area is a tough one to keep organized, you are not the only one with that issue, trust me, but it can be done! Use the questions that Laura posted, they really do help!

  42. 46
    LisainKC says

    I’m not sure how my house has gotten so bad! I am disabled and I know that I have a hard time keeping up with it but it is truly a problem now! I needed this little kick in the rear to give me a reason to get up and START somewhere!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I think I will start with my office because it will actually get more than my office done. It will help to clean two rooms!!! I have my office stuff spread out into my dining room too because of laziness 🙁 I will admit it! I haven’t gotten my office put together with an systems since I moved in and that was over a year and half ago!!! That’s just crazy! I really needed something to strive for and I thank you for giving me a reason to do something about this. It will be a difficult challenge for me because I live with a very high level of daily pain but I am willing to push through that to get something accomplished – I MUST! I can’t stand living like this any more!!

  43. 47
    LisainKC says

    btw – I don’t have a URL so I can’t use mr linky to add my name, so how does that work???

    • 47.1
      Laura says

      Hi Lisa, unfortunately you’ll need to have a blog to participate. It’s pretty easy to set one up through Blogger.com though. Only takes a matter of minutes actually. A great site for newbies is:


      Hope that helps!

  44. 48
    Rachel says

    I’m a new reader, but I WILL participate in your challenge. No pictures yet, but I’m going to focus on three small areas: my kitchen pantry, my son’s built in shelves, and one hall closet.
    Probably the biggest obstacle I’ll have is my two young children (4 and 2) and the third in my belly. They are always needing something–naturally. So in order to organize my spaces, I’ll need to organize my time as well.
    Thanks for the challenge. Now let’s getter done!

  45. 49
    MommyNeedsCake says

    I’m SO in! My three year old’s closet could actually be harboring monsters so I’m ready to jump in and tackle it finally. I’ve been avoiding it because it’s just overwhelming even looking into the closet. It became our dumping ground for all things “kid” when we moved last year so it’s piled high with who knows what. My biggest challenge will be just getting myself moving (and my son out of the way long enough to let me purge a few things!) Thanks for the challenge – I’m looking forward to it!

  46. 50
    Susan says

    I’m taking a deep breath and jumping in! My craft area is in desperate need of organizing. It’s a shared area with my pastor-husband, who has his study in this room. He deserves much better than my stash thrown all over the place, so I’m getting it cleaned up and put away – and hopefully keep it that way!

  47. 51
    Deanne says

    I am doing our family room for the challenge. Actually, I had written up my blog post and just made some minor edits to it tonight before throwing in a picture of the room at large. (*gasp* Did I really just post a picture of what this room looks like?!) 🙂 Anyhow, looking forward to the challenge! Thanks so much!

  48. 52
    LisainKC says

    I left a comment earlier and have decided to start blogging! So I have added my mr. linky information above and now am a ‘real’ participant LOL. I think I am going to really enjoy blogging and again – thanks for another push to do something I have wanted to do 🙂

  49. 53
    Dianna says

    I’ll be working on a shared bedroom of two of my children. I’m wondering if we can enter in both categories? I love this idea of a challenge, I think I’ll be more likely to follow through, in fact, I’ll be getting started here in just a few minutes. Need to remember to take those before pics, boy, I’ll really hate sharing them. But it will make the after pics look so much better.

    • 53.1
      Laura says

      Yes you can absolutely enter into both categories. You’ll just need to do each as a separate blog post at the end is all.

      Happy Organizing!!

  50. 54
    Nancy says

    Ok….I did it. Frequent lurker, first time participant. Looking forward to decluttering my space and seeing everyone else’s results!!!

  51. 55
    Amy says

    I’m a little late getting my link up but I’d like to be a part of the challenge! Thanks for the great motivation and tips!

  52. 56
    Danni R says

    I am really motivated to get moving on organizing and cleaning! I just uploaded my pictures and oh goodness its embarassing!!!! No judging please….I just really let my two rooms go.
    Laundry/bathroom (downstairs)
    Master bedroom (closet exploded and used from quick storage)

  53. 57
    Jamie says

    I hope this motivates me to get busy!

  54. 58
    Lady in a Smalltown says

    We are going to get my baby’s nursery together this month. He’s only 8 1/2 months old, maybe it is time!

  55. 59
    Becky says

    I am really excited to tackle our office – which has several other purposes, too. This has been the WORST room in our house during the 5 years we have lived here, and I am FINALLY ready to buckle down and make it a functional room for us. Our second baby is due in March, so it is “do or die” to get done in Feb. 🙂 I don’t have a blog, so I don’t know if I can link up my before pics – but I do have some….thanks for the motivation and deadline to get this done!

  56. 60
    Dorinda says

    We are tackling the basement and pretty much all the toys in the house! Thanks for the extra motivation to get it done before our moms of multiples yard sale in March 🙂

  57. 61
    jen says

    This is just what I needed to help me prepare my house for the upcoming wedding in April. Thanks for the impetus!

  58. 62
    Stephanie says

    I have tried 3 times to link to this to join this challenge. I know you are deleting me, but would you please email me and tell me why?? I did link directly to a challenge post. Please tell me what I am doing wrong. I want to be a part of this challenge.

    • 62.1
      Laura says

      Sorry Stephanie, I accidentally deleted you and then didn’t know how to track you down to tell you. Please forgive me. I’ve sent you a private email now as well. Thanks!

  59. 63
    Amber @ClassicHousewife says

    Finally wrote up a post about my challenge with some before pics. I’m going to work on our home office stuff. Ewwww. ;0)

  60. 64
    Jaime (countrymama) says

    I accidentally put my link on there twice…can you get rid of one for me?

  61. 65
    MemeGRL says

    I forgot to “register”–I’m in again this year! It was time to revisit our playroom/tv room, and I have a few small spaces I’m working on too. I took my photos and just didn’t get over here. Thanks for the inspiration–yet again!

  62. 66
    Kare says

    I’m excited about this! My girls room has been needing to be organized for a LONG time =)


  63. 67
    Stephanie's Mommy Brain says

    I’m in!! I’ve already done one small space – my daughter’s hair accessory drawer – and hope to get a couple of more small spaces done before the month’s over.

  64. 68
    Rie Brosco says

    Halfway through February and I am just joining the challenge! I had better get my ducks in a row! And soon.

  65. 69
    Katie says

    Okay…I was brave and told the world!

  66. 70
    Stacy says

    I did post this before but it seems to have disappeared.

  67. 71
    crystal says

    Small spaces and big spaces. I have a baby on the way too. I have some nesting motivation.


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