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Hello everyone!  I’ve got a fabulous new banner to bring in this Thanksgiving holiday season with for those living in the US.  As you know here in Canada we celebrated Thanksgiving last month but I wanted to honor all my friends on the other side of the border.  How this banner came to be has such a great story of giving behind it that I just have to share it with you.  A couple of weeks ago I was cruising around blogland and stumbled across a lovely blog called Good, True and Beautiful and this post titled 30 Days of Giving.  I discovered that Sharon is participating in Keeping the Kingdom First’s 30 Day Giving Challenge by giving away 30 blog buttons.  I quickly left a comment and waited to see if I had made the list and was thrilled when I did.  The result is the beautiful button above.   I absolutely love it and a big thanks goes out to Sharon for donating of her time so generously to bless others like that.

So now on to last week’s recipe highlight.  I just can’t recommend the Bake Chicken and Acorn Squash enough.  It has been a Family Favorite for awhile now and it is SO good!  I used all chicken thighs for mine.

chicken and acorn squash

The best part of any holiday meal for me is decorating the table.  I really enjoy doing it and I love that it totally distracts from the meal (in my case that can often be a good thing 🙂 )  I get most of my supplies from the dollar store and just get creative with it.  My Thanksgiving napkin rings this year were simply cardboard leaves (from the dollar store) hole punched with a pipe cleaner put through to secure around the napkin.  So easy but boy did they pop on the table.

leaf napkin rings

For more inspiration, here are some other great ideas for table decor:

Candy Cups for the Thanksgiving table ~ @ Makes and Takes

Free Thanksgiving placecard printable ~ @ WM[squared] Designs

More Thanksgiving free printables ~ @ Living Locurto

DIY Beautiful Napkin Rings and Ornaments ~ @ Ribbonwood Cottage

I can’t wait to try a few of those myself!

Here is our menu for the week:

Monday: Two-Meat Spaghetti Sauce (new)

Tuesday: Crockpot Chicken Thighs (new) with rice and broccoli

Wednesday: Teriyaki Tenderloin (new) served with french fries and carrots

Thursday: Leftover buffet

Friday: Homemade Pizza

Saturday: Potato Carrot Soup with Goldfish Croutons (new) served with fresh homemade bread (bread machine)

Simple Supper Sunday


Menu Plan Monday guidelines and banner selections are here.

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30 Responses to MPM ~ Nov 16th + Thanksgiving Table Decor

  1. 1
    CaseyDeuce says

    I’ll be trying the teryaki tenderloin and the crock pot thighs!! Everything looks great as always!!

  2. 2
    The Happy Housewife says

    The potato carrot soup sounds good. I make something similar, but the goldfish crotons is a cute idea!
    Great menu again this week!

  3. 3
    Rita says

    I love the new banner!

  4. 4
    [email protected] says

    The spaghetti sounds good! I bet my men would love it. Thanks for hosting!

  5. 5
    MemeGRL says

    Teriyaki tenderloin looks great and like something I’d always have the “stuff” for in the house. Do you really use just regular white sugar?

  6. 6
    Laura says

    MemeGRL, I do use regular sugar.

  7. 9
    purple moose says

    Baked chicken and acorn squash? Looks very interesting, and I did pick up an acorn squash at the store. I’ll have to try it next week! Thanks for the link.

  8. 10
    Aiming4Simple says

    Thanks for the lovely table ideas! We’re hosting relatives for American Thanksgiving next week. So far, my decorations are limited to my front door–I made a pumpkin wreath to accompany the once-fresh pumpkins on the steps. I haven’t figured out what the table will look like yet, but you’ve got my wheels turning. =)

  9. 11
    Clever Colleen says

    This is my first time participating in posting my Menu Plan Monday. I think it is a great idea, and it’ll keep me accountable to actually plan my week’s meals. 🙂 Love it! I hope I did everything alright. Thanks!

    Clever Colleen (

  10. 12
    Joyce says

    The casserole looks great!

  11. 13
    Susie's Homemade says

    Your table is so lovely!! This year, I am doing gourmet cookies as place cards. Very yummy:-)

  12. 14
    Connie says

    Everything looks just beautiful and sounds delicious!
    Many blessings!

  13. 15
    Cara says

    The baked chicken with acorn squash sounds yummy!

    I haven’t hosted Thanksgiving yet, but I really want to. Maybe next year! I’m already dreaming of table decorations, place settings, and all the wonderful little things I can do when it’s my turn to host.

  14. 16
    Dawn says

    The crockpot chicken thighs sound good – I’m curious to hear how they turn out. I love the new button – I used it on my post this morning as well. We won’t be hosting Thanksgiving this year but you shared some great ideas.

    And just curious….what does your Sunday Simple Supper usually consist of?

  15. 17
    Amy says

    Thanks for all the Thanksgiving ideas! I love acorn squash-baked chicken with that sounds super yummy. Have a great week. 🙂

  16. 18
    Lisa Gray says

    Thanks so much for hosting this! I am getting back in the swing of things and will be linking to your site each week!

  17. 19
    Amy @ Living Locurto says

    Thanks for linking to my freebies:-)

    I have been gone all weekend, so looking forward to finding a meal plan for this week here.

  18. 20
    Susanne says

    I never thought to use the napkin ring decorations as a distraction. You might really be onto something there. LOL.

  19. 21
    Colleen says

    Thanks for the links to the crafts! My preschooler’s hanging over my shoulder saying “Maybe I can make a turkey” so I’ll have to try one of them this morning.

  20. 22
    [email protected] says

    thnx for some great ideas!! the menu looks great! see ya around!! 🙂

  21. 23
    Judi says

    Love your blog and all the great Thanksgiving ideas that I will certainly use next year.

    Today is our first time participating in your ‘Menu Plan Mondays’. I hope I linked everything properly.

  22. 24
    Sam and Pastor B says

    This is my first MPM! Thanks, I hope I did it right.

  23. 25
    Hope says

    Thanks for the info and the links to those sites- I love your blog!!

  24. 26
    Bethany says

    Another busy week. I use your pizza dough recipe quite a bit, by the way. It’s amazing!

  25. 27
    Gudrun says

    wow, so late. Looking to cut back on cooking this week, in preparation for next week’s cooking extravaganza.

    Thanks for the TDay wishes!

  26. 28
    Tamara says

    We are coming into summer here and meals are easier to make using a lot more salads.

  27. 29
    Brooke says

    Thanks for hosting this! I’m looking forward to saving time and money by weekly meal planning.

  28. 30
    Anna says

    I like the decorating ideas! I am not a crafty person, but I’ve been enjoying making my home look pretty, and I always like simple, new ideas. 🙂


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